Sonic Generations 3DS Launch Trailer


The Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations was made available today in the US, with an Australian and European release to come later this week, and to mark the occasion, SEGA Europe has released the above launch trailer for the game. The video shows off a bit of everything you can expect, like the game’s stages, boss battles, multiplayer and more.

Source: Sonic Wrecks

Thanks to Thomas for the heads up!


      1. It’s Sammy’s opinion, and there’s nothing wrong with it. If you think otherwise, that’s cool, but there’s no need for posts like that against someone elses opinion.

      1. Probably will be just as painfully short, though.

        Although I wish Radical Highway was in the 360 version XP City Escape is still my favorite level out of all the available ones <3

  1. I’ll see if I can get this once it comes out ASAP, it looks okay I know DIMPS could of done a lot better but I’m still gonna try it out and see how it is….Awesome trailer πŸ™‚ hope all fans in the USA enjoy this.

  2. MAN! Righteous trailer! It made this game stand out completely… I won’t be getting this version, but from what I’ve seen it looks like a grand adventure! Not as grand as the console, but pretty grand! I’m sad to say that I will pass it up, it looks very good (again, nowhere near as good as the console version) but since I already have the console I’ll let it go. But I’ll reccomend it to those who need a good 3DS title, because this one looks like a keeper.

  3. I got it! It seems better than the console version for some reason, but I think it’s because so much was revealed with that version whereas this version was more hush hush. Btw, LOVE the Modern Tropical Resort remix XD

  4. For some reason, I’m glad this game is in 2D(mostly). Honestly, I wasn’t TOO fond of the 3D Modern Sonic sections(PS360 versions.) Boosting Modern Sonic doesn’t fit well in Open 3D Areas. I can’t see why SEGA cannot take the SA1 Sonic gameplay, and improve it? Oh well, that’s just me, lol. Anyway, I’m getting this game tomorrow! πŸ˜€ Whoo!

    1. you must have not like colors then since it was an improved unleashed formula. The 3DS version makes me happy, excited, and sad at the same time. Sad in the since that its being way too compared to its console counterpart and mostly Dimps hate. Excited cuz it brought some of my favorite levels. I will agree that some level design improvements could have been made to some of modern sonic levels and a delay might have helped but i will be looking forward to this when I get a 3ds.
      *Is sad that my pc and laptop are not compatibile to get Generations PC. My laptop has the right sound card, enough memory and space for it, the right OS (windows 7) but it has a different processor and graphics card. to anyone that has the pc verison would only changing the graphics card improve my chances of getting generations PC.

      1. I did enjoy Colors, but to this day, I would not play it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the 3D πŸ˜› Same here, I’m excited for the 3ds version, but I’m also sad about all the dimps hate and stupid, pointless comparisons to the console versions.

        Let’s be truthful here; sometimes it is good to see negative comments, and a lot of times its not. Some comments are reasonable, like “Why are the background graphics looking a bit bad?”

        However, others like “HOMING ATTACK ON CLASSIC SONIC, DIMPS SUCKS ASS!” Are just plain idiotic. Guess what Sonic fans? Sonic 4 was not meant to have the same physics, so deal with it. It is Modern Sonic, not Classic!

        I think you see where I’m trying to go at. πŸ˜‰

        1. your right about the negative reviews maybe this will make Sonic team be on DIMPS’s rear end more than what seems to have been for this verison(still think its great though) like I said before some level design decisions could have improvements, or maybe Sonic team can attempt their own handheld game.

  5. I have it, beat it, amazing! Part of me likes it more then the HD version, but yeah. Now…I must take hundreds of steps, so I can unlock all missions. Or…franticlly shake the 3DS for about 5 min…ha.

  6. oh great, 1st i watch the new footage online, then this makes me want the game again, well that’d be one more 3ds game i get for xmas (the 1st being Super Mario 3d land) πŸ™‚

  7. can somebody tell me if the sonic generations 3ds version can you put the voice in spanish or other languages like in the console version or just english

    1. I just checked my version, and I haven’t found an option anywhere to change the language. Mines from Canada btw.

  8. Wow, I honestly was not looking forward to this version very much until I saw this trailer. It looks amazing!

    1. Your brief comment makes me wonder what you’re talking about. Let’s go through the possibilities shall we?
      Graphics too bad? It was taken on a camera from a tiny screen. What did you expect?
      2D too old-fashoined? This game was made for nostalgia fans, of course it would be the same as the old games.
      Sonic and Tails only? They’ve been there longer than all the other characters.
      Gameplay too sh**ty? It’s a handheld. Sonic’s theme (epicly fast) doesn’t cope well with handheld CPUs.
      C Sonic has homing attack? WHO F**KING CARES?! It’s the handheld, not many people go for those. Nobody should really give a shit.
      I could go on but Shadzter might tell me off for rambling. Once again, too brief.

  9. i just don’t understand…why you get the chaos emeralds but then…CANNOT turn super sonic πŸ™ it makes no sense. i mean obviously you can in the final battle, but it would have been so easy to make him available during the stages πŸ™

    1. I know, it’s odd that the handheld games you can’t do this. I mean, in Colors Wii you can, but not Colors DS, same goes for Generations. I guess Dimps doesn’t like Super Sonic in levels?

    2. And nobody says a damn thing about Sonic Heroes, where you couldn’t turn into Super Sonic in stages but had to get the Chaos Emeralds to fight Metal Overlord?

  10. I saw this in my local game shop several days before its release date. I asked why he had it out and he said he just got it early, i checked again and it was 55eur and sitting next to a copy of super mario 3D land for 40eur, and i only had 40eur :/

  11. Have this game and it is as bad sonic 06 or black knight. Homing attack done half-way through, horrible level design, rival battle always races (you lose a life if you lose) AND they are required to do before beating bosses, bosses badly programmed, gimmics badly programed too, you need 5 play coins to buy a mission (Which seem to have a cap of 10 per day) …I wasn’t expecting much due to the 3ds being new, and most games being done half-way, but i am greatly dissapointed

  12. I do find it bizzare that people perfer this version. The almost half of the Classic sections are carbon copies, modern sections look more ‘on-rails’ than Unleashed. Classic has a homing attack (nothing against the homing attack) but that kinda defeats the purpose of Classic. The game will probably be really easy and while the 2-player looks good the content is this game is minimum.

    Its unfortunate that Sonic sells best on Nintendo consoles normally theres little content and stupidly easy gameplay. But it seems that is what people want, sigh?

  13. It’s funny how in SSMB, they defend the “this is a discussion forum, opinions are bound” thing, but if you remotely enjoy the 3DS version of Generations (which I call “Dimpserations” for the sake of simplification – not an insult BTW) you’ll be tortured in cold blood.

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