Sonic CD Xbox Live Achievements Revealed has released the Xbox Live Achievements list for the upcoming port of Sonic CD. The twelve tasks range from collecting rings and Time Stones to getting a hug from Amy Rose, all for a total of 200G.

You can view the full Achievements list below:



  1. Haha, these are some pretty interesting achievements, especially the statue one for Wacky Workbench!

      1. Really? How? It was SOOOO hard to judge jump distances in the original. If there’s one stage that needs the homing attack, it’s the CD special stage >.<

        1. Basically done all the achievements in the Sonic Gems version, which, since I have it on me and can still play it makes it doubtful I’ll get this latest version.

  2. I know something while collecting all the Time Stones the robot teleporters will self-destruct and most badnik will blow up automatically, however Metal Sonic holograms will not be destroy (only player can destroy it)

  3. All of these are extremely easy. Finding the Angel Statue, getting all Time Stones, destroying all Robot Teleporters, completing Time Attack mode in under 25 minutes, heck, even getting a hug from Amy! Maybe it’s just because I’m a major CD Fanboy, but these are just way too easy for me…=/ Meh. In the end, it’s not about the achievements/trophies, it’s about enjoying the game as a whole (Still glad we’re getting both US/JP soundtracks!)

    1. Yeah the achievements/trophies are really easy (I will get it on psn). Though I just want to play the game, stuff the trophies. This is looking like the best Sonic 2D game ever released (if Sonic CD isn’t already).

      Just received the Sonic 20th anniversary soundtrack CD which is excellent. I love the ‘little planet’ song.

      1. Not even going to lie, but I’m a bit surprised to see another CD fan like myself, and I also got my Sonic CD 20th Anniversary Soundtrack in the mail (where SEGA themselves mentioned me in their blog post), but I haven’t opened mines yet. I’ll probably keep it sealed since I have the soundtrack on my iPod. And I’m also getting Sonic CD from psn! =D

        1. What I like about Sonic CD is how detailed the levels are. Visually it is very pretty. The time travel option means plenty replay value. I preffer exploring to justracing through the levels.

          The level design is really good. Wacky Workbench was a really interesting idea. The special stage is really cool, again not that difficult. The soundtracks are excellent There are some really good tunes from both tracks.

          The peel-out mechanic was a nice addition. The spin dash really isn’t a problem for me. The re-release has Tails playable (unlockable) and both soundtracks, a great move by SEGA.

  4. No fair, They didn’t put the achievement for standing still for 3 minutes! I really wanted that to be there. Oh well…..

    1. achievement name: “im outta here!”
      unlock conditions: stand still for 3 minutes and let Sonic jump!
      gamerscore: 300
      pic: a pic of sonic jumping next to a stopwatch

  5. Be awesome if the Back to the Future theme comes on when you unlock the 88 miles per-hour achievement.

  6. I can’t believe it.

    They actually made an achievement for that beta element on Wacky Workbench :O

    1. Uhh… I don’t think that was a beta element. Apparently, it turns into an Eggman statue in the bad future version of the level.

  7. So 4 of the 12 achievements can be easily done on the very first level…talk about easy. Having memorized the locations of the robot machines and the holograms since back when the game first came out from playing it constantly I don’t think there’s a single challenging achievement in the mix this time. But yay that statue finally has a purpose now haha!

  8. *Tries to time travel in speed highway*

    Omochao: “Once you hit 88 miles per hour…”
    Sonic:” I’m going to see some serious S*** ?”
    Omochao:” No, you’ll be braking the speed limit so do try to run slower than that”

  9. Looks like I’ll be getting another BTTF achievement, just like the Forza 4 “Outta Time” achievement.

  10. “Destroy all the robot teleporters and Metal Sonic holograms in the past”
    Well, theres an achivement and 40 Gamerscore I wont get any time soon.

      1. Hey, this guy didn’t know. Shadzter has the articles of XBLA screenshots, and now XBLA achievements, so that probably confused him. Don’t give him the ” :/ ” face.

        … :/

    1. That’s a technical impossibility. If the Wii can’t even handle a download this big, it’ll be at least another game platform generation before a Nintendo handheld can.

      Actually, make that 2 generations, seeing how Nintendo is always one generation behind, technology-wise.

      1. the eshop’s file size limit is some where around 200-300MB and the 3ds resolution isnt that high it shouldn’t take up that much space

  11. I’m curious… will you have to destroy all of the teleporters in one playthrough? Will you be able to play some sort of trial mode in which you can time travel (Time Attack is Present-only)? Will the save files be more akin to Sonic 3, where you can revisit completed levels?

    If not, that’ll be a challenge for me, since I only ever had Sonic CD on the PC, and I quickly switched to another version of Windows that didn’t support it. Then I played through it once in Gems Collection. I DID ace the Time Trial mode and unlock the bonus content there, but still, no time travel = no teleporters.

    I forgot just how little I actually know about the game. I can’t wait to finally have it again!

  12. “Destroy all the robot teleporters and Metal Sonic holograms in the past.”

    YES! Finally we get something for blowing up those Metal Sonic holograms. They were worth nothing in the original game!

  13. “One Hug is Enough”

    Heh heh. This reminds me of the glitch using the Object Placement Mode (Debug Mode). If you place enough Amy Objects and let them all hug you, then jump to escape… Sonic dies. I laughed hard when I first saw that. One hug is enough indeed.

  14. Destroying the holograms and robot making machines are a challange especially in the later levels. Some of them are well hidden so you just need to explore like crazy.

    Slighter spoiler, the angel statue is located in zone 1 of the past version of Wacky Workbench. Near the start of the level.

  15. Finaly!! Good challenging Achievements instead of easy ones like on Sonic 3, Sonic 4 and Sonic & Knuckles (even Sonic Generations achievments were easy to get) This is gonna be something what’ll take a fair amount of time (I guess i dont need a pun for this, you know, TIME STONES!!)

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