Sonic CD 20th Anniversary OST Track List Revealed

Famitsu has today revealed the full track list for the Sonic CD Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition album. Music for all of the stages and their time variants are there as you’d expect, along with new collaborations of Sonic Boom and Stardust Speedway between Cash Cash, Jun Senoue and Crush 40.

You can view the full list below.

1. Sonic – You Can Do Anything
2. Title
3. Little Planet
4. Palmtree Panic
5. Palmtree Panic “G” mix
6. Palmtree Panic “P” mix
7. Palmtree Panic “B” mix
8. Collision Chaos
9. Collision Chaos “G” mix
10. Collision Chaos “P” mix
11. Collision Chaos “B” mix
12. Tidal Tempest
13. Tidal Tempest “G” mix
14. Tidal Tempest “P” mix
15. Tidal Tempest “B” mix
16. Quartz Quadrant
17. Quartz Quadrant “G” mix
18. Quartz Quadrant “P” mix
19. Quartz Quadrant “B” mix
20. Wacky Work Bench
21. Wacky Workbench “G” mix
22. Wacky Workbench “P” mix
23. Wacky Workbench “B” mix
24. Stardust Speedway
25. Stardust Speedway “G” mix
26. Stardust Speedway “P” mix
27. Stardust Speedway “B” mix
28. Metallic Madness
29. Metallic Madness “G” mix
30. Metallic Madness “P” mix
31. Metallic Madness “B” mix
32. Boss!!
33. Final Fever
34. Zone Clear
35. Speed Up!!
36. Invincible!!
37. Game Over
38. Special Stage
39. Cosmic Eternity – Believe in Yourself
40. Sonic Boom
41. Stardust Speedway (Cash Cash vs. Jun Senoue)
42. Sonic Boom (Crush 40 vs. Cash Cash)

The album will be released November 23rd 2011. You can pre-order it at Play-Asia now for about £18, and CDJapan and HMV Japan for ¥2,400 (about £20).

Source: Famitsu

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  1. “Stardust Speedway (Cash Cash vs. Jun Senoue)”

    That’s good.

    I’ll be expecting this CD with pleasure.

  2. ^_^ Sweet news day indeed. Curious how these unreleased stage BGM themes will sound like.
    And how those new remixes will add to the craziness. Cash Cash working with Jun is insane. Love it!

    1. Dont start this argument again … Everyone has their preferences and the game that they grew up with, for me I grew up with the JP/EU soundtrack so obviously I prefer that version, it is pointless to try say which is better…

  3. Japanese & European Soundtrack Kick Ass (already as Soundtrack Build in for Sonic CD for Mega CD) expect track
    Stardust Speedway (Cash Cash vs. Jun Senoue)
    Sonic Boom (Crush 40 vs. Cash Cash)

  4. I wonder what the Jun Senoue version of Stardust Speedway is like ! Will be interesting. Anyway, my fave game in history, of course I shall be getting this when I can afford it 😀

  5. …I don’t mean to be rude but…what is the point of including Sonic Boom? That should be on a separate release for the American soundtrack. I know they released it back in 1994, but they could rerelease it and include some bonus tracks specifically for that. There are songs that should be on this release but aren’t that could be used as extra content, such as the two mixes that ended up in Gems Collection, or even the entire Sonic the Hedgehog Remix album. I’m not saying the Sonic Boom rerecorded tracks shouldn’t exist at all. I’m just saying that it just seems odd to throw them on here instead of a release for the version of the soundtrack they were on.

    1. It’s clear the only reason these non-Hataya and Ogata tracks were included at all is because Jun Senoue holds a senior rank at Wavemaster, and wanted those new remixes on there (with the original Sonic Boom for context). Hataya, for some reason, was fine with this.

      So, now we miss out on a proper commercial release of the Sonic 6290 Mix and Sonic After-6290 Mix, because of some less relevant content, which ideally would have sat nicely on a Sonic Generations soundtrack release. Not best pleased.

  6. Does anyone else find it odd that they have the songs in order of Present, Good Future, Past and then Bad Future?

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