SEGA Releases Sonic Generations Comic Strip

SEGA has today randomly released a comic strip version of the opening cutscene of the console and PC versions of Sonic Generations. As players of the game will know, Sonic’s friends set up a picnic party for the blue hedgehog’s Birthday, with cake, chilli dogs and all. Shortly after, the mysterious Time Eater crashes the party and warps Sonic and his friends across time.

The comic strip ends where Sonic wakes up outside of the Green Hill Zone with a “To be continued…” note. Could there be more comic strips on the way, or could SEGA just mean the story continues in the game? If more comic strips are released, we’ll pass them on.

Source: SEGA Press

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  1. “Kicking and screaming, they are thrown into another dimensions“? I guess they didn’t bother with a proof-reader… ^^;

    1. They didn’t bother with much of anything, by the looks of it! Come on, SEGA, there’s gotta be at least one fanartist you can get for this!

    2. it should be “Kicking and screaming, [b]as[/b] they are thrown into [s]an[/s]other dimension[b]s[/b]

  2. It’s not random as stated in this post, today is the PC release date for Sonic Generations (here in the UK at least- I received my preorder last night!)

  3. Weird, after most people already know the story of Sonic Generations (either from playing it or watching it on YouTube) they release this now…. Why?

  4. Ugh, “film comics” or whatever the term is for these. Sega, couldn’t you guys just use the short story that Archie did?

  5. i am sorry but in response to SenatorGab archie comics are to ugly having ridiculous characters and sonic having relationship thats not sonic thats archie

  6. @teirusu
    Well that’s an opinion you are allowed to have but the Generations comic adaption has no “ridiculous characters” you speak of in their recreation of this scene. Actually it would have been better and less lazy looking to use the Archie one. I mean really, this is just photos of the game with bad dialogue that hasn’t been proof-read.

  7. Yikes, this comic isn’t very well thought out. The action is really confusing. The only reason I can tell what’s happening from panel 6 onwards is because I’ve played the game. XD

  8. I think this was a nice gesture, just to garner some attention. I hope they release more, seems like a fun idea.
    Besides, its a different way to tell the story in Gen.

  9. You know, there’s a Generations manga that’s ten times better than this… Why didn’t SEGA use that?

  10. i agree we don’t need crappy comics like Archie put the sonic the hedgehog manga and before all of you attack or insult you have to remember sonic is Japanese and not American

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