SEGA Releases Artwork for Sonic Generations’ Bosses

It seems SEGA’s not done dishing out assets for the console and PC version of Sonic Generations, despite the game already being out on those platforms. The publisher has today released artwork for three of the game’s bosses, namely the Death Egg Robot, Perfect Chaos and Egg Dragoon. You can view them all in our gallery below.

Source: SEGA Press

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  1. These are awesome.
    I wonder why they didn’t bother putting in any CG cutscenes in the game ezcept for one where Classic Sonic defeats the Death Egg and Time Eater kidnaps Dr. Eggman and looks so real.

  2. Wow These look awesome 😀 the bosses were so fun in Generations wish they more of a challenge though most were incredibly easy I slightly preffered the Egg Dragoon in Unleashed personally I thought it fitted better when fighting against Sonic in his Werehog form…much more thrilling and dramatic but the Generations one was still good…

        1. Yeah, I really don’t notice a difference in hard mode either. Shadow was about the only exception, and all he did was use boost more.

          1. i must suck if you are to Dragoon when i can’t even beat classic crisis city. (i keep dying at the fire tornado)

  3. Here you go fans, do something with these silly pictures, we won’t be needing them anymore, we’ve got more important things in mind like a two headed dog that guards a philosopher’s stone, and a fire-breathing turtle-dragon that kidnaps princesses… We’ve had some inspiration problems, but we know what makes a game popular now, and we’re ready to start up the Sonic series with a new beginning!

  4. Love all the bosses featured in the game. But what bout did we miss? Hmm well the foremost boss battle of Robotnik in floating hover craft with the ball of doom. Or the land driller! Big Arm where did he? (DS only?) So many contraptions! Its a shame only a few made the final cut. I’m sure there were some great ideas kept in the vault. But man would it have been fun to take on those battles in 3D space!

  5. As amazing these artworks are to the eyes, I’m still waiting patiently for an offical artwork release of Big Arm. My favorite boss from Sonic 3

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