SEGA Re-opens Sonic Generations Website

In a very odd move, SEGA has re-opened its Sonic Generations website today, which, as you know, is the day of the console version’s release in the US, making that half of the website at least, redundant. Even weirder is the fact that nothing has been added to it since we last saw it about a month ago, apart from the recent trailers. Stages for both the console/PC and 3DS versions are still locked out, despite the console version’s release and almost all of the 3DS version’s levels already being revealed.

You can find the site at this link.

Thanks to SSMB member Shade Vortex for the heads up!


  1. Strange… what are they waiting for? I prefer knowing all the levels before November 22…

  2. Weird… Japenese web says 7 levels, but this website says 8… Is there an extra level on the North American version that is not on the japenese one?

  3. The 8th level will be either white space (like the hub world in the console verson) A sonic CD level or launch base.

  4. No telling what Sonic Team might have hidden for bonus stages. Honestly I love what they’ve done with the stage designs and where things connect. Curious though how may things in the background appear once you’ve traversed more ground.

  5. Maybe the last stage is the rivals/bosses? I mean a scan from Famitsu already confirmed that there’s only 7 zones (unless that’s an older built but i doubt it, since the picture shows Silver)

  6. special stages? I dont think so…since they dint put something like thaty on the Xbox and ps3 slots…maybe its a level? anyways, lets just let time pass… (3 WEEKS FOR GENERATIONS 3DS XD )

  7. hey so… did anyone else go into the statue room in generations? i went in on accident but dont know what the code is 0.0

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