Sega “Re-Imagining a Beloved IP”


According to an ad for a new executive producer at Sega of America, it looks like one of Sega’s IP’s will be getting a reboot. With Iizuka’s confusing talks about “a new standard for Sonic”, I worry that it may be our favorite blue Hedgehog again. Just when he’s making good ground and Modern Sonic’s finally finding his feet. We’ll probably know more in 2012 I’m sure. Until then, start biting those fingernails.

[Source: Gamerzines]
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  1. AIEEEE! That is a risky move, SEGA, risky move! Let us hope it isn’t Sonic! Please be somebody else… maybe the Chuchus? They need a new game, right? JUST NOT SONIC! Well… hm. What exactly would a re-imagined IP be… just a new look? Or… like… a new franchise…. O_O… like it never happened… I guess I might be okay with a new look for Sonic, just maybe… but please not option number 2!

    1. Oh yeah, Billy Hatcher should get it, definitely! Hmmm… a lot of the other SEGA IPs are kinda treated like garbage so… any of them getting a re-boot would be good… (except AiAi… he’s good.)

      1. That reminds me. I thought SEGA posted something on their facebook asking something about if the fans wannted NiGHTS to get some sorta remake.

        1. That’s because the game wasn’t that good at all. It took the beautiful simplicity of NiGHTS and added a bunch of unnecessary additions. The overblown plot, the mandatory mission mode, the uninspired worlds, and even the mechanic to finish each round in the stage was annoying…catching a key and only doing it three times, instead of exerting some skill to actually complete a level once through, and doing it four times? Sonic Team must have added the mission mode because they realized the way they changed how to beat the level artificially shortened the game.

          Now if they made a proper sequel to NiGHTS and advertised it as not some cheesy kids movie, then that might do a whole lot better. Include the port of the original NiGHTS so people can see what made the franchise great in the first place. I feel bad if anyone’s first experience was the Wii title…

    1. Possibly have clothes on, or his quills will probably be different. Might even have more detailed eyes, or new shoes.

  2. Not a doubt in my mind that it isnt Sonic. Also House of the Dead is probably out due to the recent ps3 game. Shenmue will be off the table as well.
    HOPING that itll be a new Jet Set Radio but I wouldnt count on it; I dont even dare wish for a new billy hatcher cause I just know it wont be true xD Besides one game probably wont match the “beloved ip” status, but jet set radio has been round a while~ Im getting hopeful 😀

  3. They can’t change Sonic, not when Sega’s actually on the right track for making better Sonic games…debatable as that may be.

    1. While Sonic’s design is perfect the way it is, he should go back to the adventure series gameplay. It’s StH and Sonic Heroes that messed everything up. The storybook series and Sonic’s day stages in Unleashed didn’t help much either.

      Also, do not be fooled by the cast above. This is just the cast from Sonic & Sega A ll-Stars Racing. NiGHTS is also a member, as well as RISTAR, a character who is long overdue for a return.

  4. Can you remember when we all got worried about SEGA’s Project Ringo?
    I don’t think it’ll be Sonic in for re-imagining… it would be foolish to.

  5. It’s either going to be Shenmue or Jet Set Radio.

    I REALLY hope they’re making a new Jet Set Radio.

    1. Why the f*ck is he on there? He’s been in two games, his first appearance was completely pointless, he’s retarded, and once more it’s likely he’s a child molester too.

      1. wow clever comment was clever, and on what basis would you base that comment on? And FYI he’s appeared in more than 2 games.

      2. Two? Let’s see here…Sonic Adventure, Sonic Shuffle, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. And as a trophy in Generations. Oh and his numerous appearances in Sonic X and the various Sonic comics.

  6. Streets of Rage needs a modern update. Why, by some coincidence, I was playing SOR2 only yesterday after playing some Devil May Cry 4, and what strikes me is that DMC4 is almost like the closest thing we have to a present day SOR. The combat, enemies and combos are still intact, only Dante uses swords and Axel uses fists. Imagine a more focused, hand-to-hand version of DMC, with local and online co-operative gameplay.

    1. Sorry, Axel? Did I miss something there?

      To be honest I was allways dreamed about Sonic game with gameplay like DMC4. Sonic Unleashed was good, but werehog wasnt adorable character… So I wanted game with Sonic himself as that warrior.

  7. Why is everyone so against Sonic having a update/re-imagining?

    Lets be honest, this whole Unleashed/Colours/Generations style of play is getting a little boring and old. I mean what else can they exactly do with it? We’ve already been around the world based on real-life locations, explored an alien world with brand new areas and environments, and we’ve been back in time to play through all of Sonic’s greatest hits. What is next for the Sonic franchise? (talking about the main 3D game series, not some Wii spin-off or Sonic 4: Ep 2)

    I think a dramatic update is just what Sonic needs right now. Maybe not in terms of looks but in terms of gameplay, definitely!

      1. True, but fans are just worried it’ll erase the history.

        Rebooting the franchise would be terrible. It’d mean, say, SA2 never happened (while I doubt they’d get rid of Shadow, this would put his detailed history in jeopardy).

        I can see why they are worried. I doubt Sonic will get clothes, though XD That just doesn’t seem like him.

  8. Im hoping its Billy Hatcher, hes been needing a new game, but it might be more space channel 5 whatever its called lol or a jet set radio game or maybe ristar? 😀

    but lets be fair Sonic could use a new reboot, the modern gameplay while fun can get abit plain, how much more could we play sonic running super fast in race track built stages? with the same type of things going on.

    I say combin Classic and Modern into one, gameplay and design wise.

  9. Reboot + Sonic = Sonic The Hedgehog (06)
    Reboot + Sonic + 2012 = Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (or Sonic 06 2)

    I hope it’s Beat…I’ll really love to see a Jet Set Radio 3. If it’s Sonic then DAMMIT SEGA, you’ve finally got a gameplay style that WORKS and now you want t0 ‘Reboot’ the franchise again?

      1. It’s the Sonic The Hedgehog game released in 2006. Where Silver made his first appearence, and where that Princess Elise was in love with Sonic.

  10. I doubt it’s Sonic. In one of the interviews with SEGA, they said that a couple of games will be the best known in 2012, and left out Sonic. It might just be something else. BILLY HATCHER, PLEASE.

  11. i would like to see alex kidd brought back…..
    but not as their mascot again
    speaking of which it would be awesome for sonic and alex kidd to collab in a game!

    1. Well if they do, when his game releases, i want Sega to make him MASCOT-FOR-ONE-DAY 😀 jk.. I wonder how they can “reimagine” him….
      New art style?(More Mature)
      I would also like to play a Billy Hatcher game.. it looks nice 😀

  12. i would like to see alex kidd brought back…..
    but not as their mascot again
    speaking of which it would be awesome for sonic and alex kidd to collab in a game!

  13. I dunno re-imaging sonic might be a good idea but it’s risky since not ‘lot of people like modern sonic that much. They can’t go back to the ‘roots’ all over again since they already made Sonic 4 and SG. Maybe a new start with a new ground breaking sonic would change the way people look at the franchise and maybe sonic will grow even bigger and maybe become Mario’s true rival (as good)? Although i doubt that they are gonna make him so good so that he can compete with mario titles again but i’d like to think that they can. But they will most likely make a better new standart sonic so i hope everyone else agree with this. And believe me you’ll see all this hate on the re-imaging turn into hype when sega shows us a trailer/something ’bout it.

  14. That’s a lot of work for them because if they redesign Sonic they have to redesign every other character.

  15. It better be Big the Cat! Nah just kidding but please not Sonic</3 Butttt Billy Hatcher would be awesome or Nights

  16. they tried the re-imagine button with Sonic (2006) and we all know what happened there. i agree with some of you, JET SET RADIO or BILLY HATCHER, maybe even RISTAR?

      1. Again, to be fair, it wasn’t all SEGA’s fault Microsoft and Sony had some to blame as well, for rushing them.

        1. Yea, it really bothers me that it was rushed, it had alot of p[otention, that Eggman loked awesome too! Why dont they jut bring something like Adventure 1 back?




    let it be billy or alex or PLZ NOT SONIC IZKA IM BEGGIN UUU

  18. SEGA, do NOT reboot Sonic. It’s doing fine now, you took ages to get it right so why not make everyone happy for a few years? Please?

  19. @Jason/Shadzter/Brad/Dreadknux – Will you guys ever let us know which IP is getting reimagined? Even if its not Sonic, I would still like to know who.

    1. It’s not the Sonic Stadium Staff’s fault. They’re just relaying info from SEGA. And SEGA are always sketchy about details. But, I doubt they’re going to TOTALLY redesign him. If they do, maybe it’ll be like UNLEASHED – Small changes, here and there, a small change in gameplay here and there…

      In other words…


  20. I do hope it will be Jet Set Radio or Ristar. I loved those games, and would be overjoyed to see them return.

  21. During the 15th NiGHTS anniversary, on Facebook, SEGA ask to people wich platform would be good for a HD Remake of NiGHTS into Dreams…
    Am I the only one to notice that fact ? >:(

    Hope it’s NiGHTS, or Ristar, or even maybe Chaotix ! :DD

  22. I doubt it will be Sonic based solely on the fact that its SEGA of America that are re-imagining the beloved IP, so it’ll end up being something like Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio or Alex Kidd.

    If it is Sonic, it wouldn’t be returned to the ‘roots’ (as that would require a Classic 2D Sonic with no Homing Attack), but it would be something entirely new and different.

    There are also other possibilities e.g. Total War, which is pretty popular.

  23. I growing up with Sonic since I was born would actually like to see A Sonic update in terms of gameplay and even looks. Sonic is 20 now and its only natural for him to grow up. I mean it’s not like this is what happened with Crash Bandicoot. The original creators Naughty Dog sold him to other companies who remade him into some retard and Crash is take even less seriously than Sonic in gaming. As long as SEGA re-imagine Sonic, it’s fine with me.

  24. I’d love to see the return of either Alex Kidd, Wonder Boy or Ecco the Dolphin, though I get the strong feeling that this is not about any of them, as I don’t think they can be considered beloved enough by a mile (much to my regret).

  25. I’d like to see what this is, weather it’s a revival of a long-lost franchise, or a new beginning for our favorite hedgehog.

  26. We have a whole host of potential things we can see rebooted!

    -Ecco the Dolphin
    -Billy Hatcher
    -Jet Grind/Jet Set Radio
    -Streets of Rage

    The list goes on. But out of all of mine… I personally pray for a Ristar revival =D

  27. I hope it’s another Let’s Make a Soccer Team!


    …well, what if they’re finally dragging Nack the Weasel out of retirement? Or another one of those older characters, like Bark or Bean? They’d need a serious re-design for the modern era, wouldn’t they?

    1. Oh, wait…it could be Space Channel 5! With the recent slew of dance games for the Wii, PlayStation Move and Kinect, it wouldn’t surprise me that much.

  28. Sonic just got a new voice actor last year, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

    I can only think of one series that fans have been asking for a return, and that’s Shenmue

  29. I’m hoping for a original style Phantasy Star. (as in not Online/Universe style, not that there’s anything wrong, I just want an original RPG style PS)

  30. Or it could be that fat funny guy next to eggman behind AiAi… OH WAIT nvm!
    Beloved…beloved…beloved…. classic sonic?

  31. They could make Ristar a sonic character? I am sorry i never played his game but by seeing him… his gloves… they look sonicish

    1. Funny fact, Ristar was one of the designs that was recycled from the old concept ideas for a new Sega mascot in 1991 (one of the rejects along with Mighty). But he was completely redesigned by Yuji Uekawa (the man who resigned Sonic as Modern Sonic).

  32. Where’s your god now.

    I don’t think it’s Sonic tho.

    But if it is Sonic then… FPS SONIC. *shot*

    1. Me too! Even though I’ve never played any Ecco the dolphin game, I’ve seen gameplay videos of the various games and I think that the series has potential to get a remake.

      1. OH LORD. That game was HAAARD.

        Never got past level 1 >.>’ But I heard it outsold Sonic. So, yes, I’d say he has a good chance ^^

  33. I just realized that everyone’s wishing for all these things that they want it to be.

    Knowing Sega, maybe we should be wishing for things we DONT want it to be….

  34. If it’s Sonic, it will be an alternate take from the US, not a main title. Any main Sonic title has been, and will be made by Sonic Team.

    What I hope it is? Ristar, possibly. Or a NiGHTS game. A downloadable game, free of the horrible plot and platforming elements that bogged down the Wii game. Make it a simple arcade game, like the original, and it will be great.

  35. Why not just reboot Streets of Rage or Shinobi? They’re both in dire need of revamping and bringing back.
    *Not counting Shinobi 3DS*

  36. *Points at Mighty and Fang*

    What SEGA characters have needed a reboot for the past wut, 15 years? These guys 😀

  37. With SEGA releasing a new Shinobi for 3DS, my guess is we’ll see another IP released for it. Re-imagining being that it needs to use the capabilities of the 3DS. My guesses, and wants

    Space Harrier
    Burning Rangers
    Skies of Arcadia
    Decap Attack

    1. A ton of requests for Billy Hatcher, yet this is the first person who brought up Burning Rangers, a concept that could do exceptionally well in the HD world and never even got the chance it should have since it came out at the end of the Sega Saturn’s life cycle?

      …this isn’t a group that had Saturns, is it ;-;

  38. NiGHTs as an IP needs some help…Sega don’t touch Sonic again. This design is finally starting to grow on people.

  39. Maybe its Shadow?… He got a bad response from his game :/

    If not then it may be Shinobi? Theyve been doing some stuff for 3Ds with that so maybe?
    oooor as said by some other users it could be Ristar 😀 Id love that for the Iphone and 3ds.. A HD ristar remakee…

  40. they should make an alternative time line. sonic looks modern but he has a twist. down the line he meets tails, knuckles, amy, just characters that were around before sa1. the only newer character to bring back is shadow but only as a bad guy. bring back other bad guys like metal sonic seems good to me. change the homing attack up a little where sonic just dosent jump into bad guys maybe he does little animations like punching or kicking. they wont have to get rid of the original sonic and they have new sonic. please everyone.

  41. If it is Sonic, and if they are recreating his design, id like to see him a lot older, maybe with some chest hair (Like Shadow and Silver) and to be actually serious! I always thought it would be a cool idea for the sonic world to go forward in time where he’s a lot older, stronger etc, but that’s just the ramblings of a dreaming fanboy 😀

  42. I’m guessing it’s Sonic, but that wouldn’t be so bad! I’m excited to see where Sonic’s going. I trust Iizuka.

  43. What are the odds it’s Skies of Arcadia? I love that game, but I’m not sure I’d want it tampered with…

    Personally, I’m betting it’s Space Channel 5 (utilizing the Kinect/Move) or Billy Hatcher. I always found it odd that SEGA considered Billy Hatcher a major franchise, yet it only had one title in the series…

    1. It did say “Re-imagined” so maybe they mean a lovely HD Remake of the first, haha. XD

      Hey, a guy can dream can’t he? ;P

  44. * Alex Kidd
    * Altered Beast
    * Billy Hatcher
    * Ecco the Dolphin
    * Golden Axe (could REALLY use a reboot…)
    * The House of the Dead
    * NiGHTS
    * Panzer Dragoon
    * Phantasy Star
    * Ristar
    * Shinobi
    * Sonic the Hedgehog
    * Streets of Rage
    * Vectorman
    * Virtua Fighter

    All of these are successful and/or beloved franchises. Any one of them could be what SEGA is referring to. Not to mention other series I didn’t list. I have my doubts about SEGA rebooting Sonic. If they did that, they’d likely switch out the voice actors, and they just recently hired someone new.

    Something else to consider. It’s always possible that “re-imagining” is something less dramatic. Perhaps it’s a “re-imagining” of how we play a game. Maybe the next Sonic, Golden Axe, House of the Dead, Ecco or whatever game it turns out to be will have completely new mechanics that are a huge departure from previous games in the series, while the story continues on where the last entry left off.

    One last thing. If SEGA were ever to consider rebooting Sonic, wouldn’t they have done it following the release of Sonic 2006? Now that Sonic is getting good reviews again and the fans seem to be more happy with the franchise than they’ve been since the Dreamcast era, it seems a peculiar time to derail themselves.

  45. Hopes for a new Ristar, Nights, JSR, Space channel 5. waits till its confirmed its shadow what? It will be a new shadow game where shadow uses the boost to win gameplay…. nah i hope its any series from sega mosty Ristar

  46. Guys, I think you’re confusing “sequel” with “re-imagining”

    when you “re-imagine” an IP, you can expect something like complete character revamps, re-written story, brand new gameplay, aka: going completely off-track of what the game is supposed to be. NiGHTS doesnt need an re-imagining, it needs a SEQUEL, same with Jet Set Radio and Space Channel 5 they’re perfect as they are; they just need a new game with updated graphics and a new plot.

    The likes of Billy Hatcher, Alex Kidd and Ristar, the may need some re-imagining in order to be more appealing to new generations.

    1. I can see NiGHTS with a reimagining. I mean I’m sure there’s other ways to grasp the feel of flying other than zipping on-rails through a buncha hoops the entire game. It could use something a bit more interactive. (And NiGHTS already has a sequel. It didn’t need one and still doesn’t. But if they Make NiGHTS 3 I’ll definately see how it turns out.)

      And I could go for the same with Space Channel 5 and Jet Grind Radio. Tho I have a hard time seeing HOW you can reimagine those. With Jet Grind I see maybe more moves and tricks and styles of enviroment. Maybe more activities other than just spray painting walls and peoples’ backs, but also a number of police chasing you and/or cars!
      With Space Channel 5 maybe now that more moves in a game are available, more can be done in the dances (since it’s similar to Simon Says anyways) Heck maybe dancing could be used to open doors and such or to shoot objects moving around after figuring out the pattern in order to proceed.

      No game is “perfect” just how they are. Merely tolerable. lol (Just like life. Always count your blessigns but never be satisfied, aim for more, they say.)

      1. The problem with that is that most of the stuff you mentioned could easily go in a sequel without needing to re-imagine the whole IP

        Look, a re-imagining is like a complete revamp of the whole thing, as if it never ever existed before, got it?

  47. Sega has been pretty mysterious when it comes to IP’s. After reading Generations director’s interview, its open ended about what he meant. But another Sega series could make a comeback. Sonic is finally getting back in gear. Now we just ride along this crazy roller coaster.


    “YAH YAH YAH YAH” “Day after day your home life’s a wreck the powers that be just breathe down your neck, you get no respect, you get no relief, you gotta speak up and yell out your peace! So back off your rules, back off your jives, cause i’m sick of not living to stay alive, leave me alone not asking a lot, just don’t wanna be controlled! It’s ALL I WANT!”

    1. Good to know I’m not the only one who thinks of All I Want the instant someone mentions Crazy Taxi.

  49. I mean outside Sonic Sega’s characters are not really all that popular,so Sonic would be the obvious choice I hope not though.

  50. I say a new Jet Set/Grind Radio game. I REALLY want a new one. I love the music, the gameplay, and even the graphics. There is so much about it I love. Or maybe we should get Moonwalker 2.

    1. Ok as Axl-fox said JSR/JGR doesn’t need to be reimagined, it needs a sequel. Same would go for Moonwalker.

  51. While I’m all for the Sonic series evolving and breaking new ground, I’d like at least one or two more (good) games in the current style before venturing off into the wild unknown. Personally, I’m hoping they either mean another attempt at a NiGHTs reboot, or for the love of god Ristar.

  52. You know, this may be random, but I think Puyo Puyo could be one for instance. Considering that hardly any of the new Puyo Puyo games haven’t been released outside of Japan. But the chance’s to me seem severely slim.

    1. well here some smartass would change it to dr eggman’s mean bean machine 2 or whatever number ive got nothing a gainst it but the game fustrating enough snoopingas usuall i see who wouldn’t want a remake of 0 wing with every line all your bases are belong to us and you will not survie make your time

  53. it be cool if it was headdy from dynamite headdy or chuck de head from decap attack but definatly ristar

  54. Please be Ristar Please be Ristar Please be Ristar Please be Ristar Please be Ristar Please be Ristar Please be Ristar Please be Ristar Please be Ristar Please be Ristar!!!!!!!!!

  55. People calm down. They wont redesign Sonic. But I hope they will change the gameplay formula and add more playables. Cant wait to see details.

  56. Oh reebot huh? I actually want it. Sonic has to much plotholes in series to deal with and character cant appear for stupid reasons (Silver, Blaze and Shadow says hi). So this would do good.

    1. That’s true but I don’t think it will be Sonic though since he’s doing well so far but I kinda hope the gameplay is changed soon it will get more tiresome and boring if it stays the same for future games I loved it in Unleashed as it was new and fresh, hated it in Colors and it was okay in Generations. I agree with the plotholes though, not too sure if he should get a reboot or not….It would be good for a change but then it might not turn out great…

      I think it’s gonna be another SEGA character…Alex Kidd? Nights? Aiai? maybe beat or Billy Hatcher not sure possibly one of them…

  57. Humm…
    Maybe NiGHTS or Alex Kidd?
    Or maybe a brief cameo of a sonic TV show character? Maybe something simple, like when BioWare showed Cosmo’s plant?
    Or maybe its just Eggy getting a wig?

  58. would loveit if they made a new sonic game with the adventure style gameplay, multiple charecters to play as and a little bit more mature story “sonic adventure 3” (Please dont hate me for wanting sonic adventure 3 its just my opinion) and not the style off unleashed. Generations was pretty good but sonic adventure 1 beats generations anyday IMO. But If it isnt sonic then it better be ristar or Nights 🙂

    1. I like Generations and Unleashed more than Adventure . But SA is still my third favourite 3D Sonic game. 🙂

          1. Let me, guess, never had a Dreamcast, a gamecube or a Wii?

            Sega really should release/port more of their games for more consoles(Including PC). What’s with the whole “exclusive” thing? I never understood that with game developers. Surely you’ll make more money if you sell the same product for different consoles?

          2. To Paradox the Hedgehog

            Yes. I don’t have Wii, Dreamcast or Gamecube. I really wish they release SA2 on PSN/XBL just like they did with SA 🙁

  59. Gunstar Heroes.

    Off course, it’s Treasure’s franchise (even though there are only 2 games; the original & Gunstar Future Heroes on the GBA), but it was on the Mega Drive exclusive, along with all of Treasures games for that generation… Oh well, a guy can dream.

  60. Doesn’t a reboot mean there hasn’t been a standard game of it in a few years. 06 is techinally a reboot since there wasn’t a sonic game in between Heroes and it, and even Heroes wasn’t traditional Sonic. Now he’s been doing quite well so a reboot seems unnecessary. Now if it was a character like… Basically any SEGA character who isn’t Sonic, then it would require a reboot to get attention. I wanna see some Kid Chameleon personally, he seems incredibly under-appreciated. Comix Zone would be great too.

    1. Well there’s no “technically” about it. They said before the game came out that it was sort’ve a reboot, hence it’s own seperate universe from the rest of the series. It was the first and only Sonic game to actually try and be “realistic”. Tho they made it look weird.

      In comparison, you can see SA1 and 2 as BELIEVABLE (or imagine it as real) but they were like a detailed cartoon if you looked at the people and thought about how they had a buncha goverment robots chasing you!! lol

  61. I think it may be Shinning Force because if you think about it, Nights, Sambo de Amigo, Shemmue, and Super Monkey Ball all received a new a game within the past five years. Monkey ball doesnt seem to be selling any games at all, and Nights is awesome but wasn’t very successful with it’s reboot on the Wii. There may be a big controversy if Sonic is revamped for 2012 because of finally playing as classic Sonic in HD.

  62. Why do you all really think it’s another Sonic game, in one or two years we will have a new Sonic game as always.
    It could be a Shinobi or Burning Rangers game. Don’t expect a Shenmue game, only if be a remake with better graphics.

    Sometimes now I really positive because good, bad or average, Sega release their games, diferent from the capitalist Capcom that killed Megaman…

    obs.: I beg your pardon if I should not posted that last detail about one of my favorite games and a mercenary capitalist Enterprise that don’t give a s… about their fanbase…(very diferent from Sega, that loving or hating it, have released Shadow and Sonic the Hedgehog’s – I really apreciate these guys efforts)

  63. “Sometimes now I really positive because good, bad or average, Sega release their games, diferent from the capitalist Capcom that killed Megaman…”

    Shinobi 3DS is horrible
    All sonic (sonic colors wii/DS and generations HD not count) since sonic 3 & knuckles = horrible
    Reboot new IP = 75% horrible chance.

  64. Anyway, if anyone game should get a sequel/reboot/JUST A NEW GAME is Billy Hatcher, because unlike all the games mentioned above (except for Ristar), Billy never got a second game. Dont believe me?

    Space Channel 5: got a sequel
    Jet Set Radio: got a sequel
    ChuChu Rocket: Pretty sure got a sequel althou unnoticeable
    Alex kidd: his games are old but at least he managed to get 6 games
    Shenmue: got a sequel
    Street Of Rage: 2 sequels
    Altered beast: 2 sequels
    NiGHTS: got a reboot and they did it wrong.
    Vectorman: got sequel
    Ecco: dont even get me started

    (note: notice Im just naming the most memorable IPs, Im pretty sure only too few people remember what “comix zone” is to deserve the name of “beloved IP”)

    I could go on but I think you get the idea

    1. Jet Set Radio didn’t get a sequel… Jet Set Radio IS the sequel. lol
      I don’t see why anyone would disbelieve you tho. (I think ChuChu Rocket didn’t get a sequel, but it got ports and such later on.)

      How was the NiGHTS sequel/recreation wrong? It wasn’t as tight as the original but otherwise it seemed pretty much the same. lol Like litterally. If it weren’t for the graphics, I’d have a hard time seperating the 2 when taking turns looking at gameplay from both.

      And I’m sure Comix Zone was as well-known as Alex Kidd, Altered Beast, Vectorman or Ecco. Not many ppl know those games too well unless they’re SEGA or Sonic fans in general. lol But you’re right. I don’t think it’s a “beloved” IP. 😛

      1. I unnoe man, even thou the Original NiGHTS has its limitations, it still felt more challenging which added replay value and had very tight controls, it was fun how you could walking around as the dreamer without having to merge with NiGHTS; and when flying you could skip the jail as many times as you wanted just to improve your score. Journey to dreams eeh… Well I will admit that it had it momments, but I think they tried to hard (or didn’t tried hard enough) with the story, and how the character’s levels were so unbalanced, like how Will had the most fun action stages while poor Hellen had to go on most of her missions on foot. Also, I didn’t like how most of the fun went on chasing the goddamned jailbird and how you couldn’t skip the jails.

        But I can agree, Journey To Dreams is kinda exactly like its predesesor, but with a bunch of unnecessary stuff added to it.

        I could go on and on but hey, I can respect you if you liked

  65. I sure hope it’s Sonic. Now that he’s finally perfected and worn out his current style it’s type to move onto something better. Well, hoping it’s actually better of course. (Just cause it’s re-imagined doesn’t mean it’ll have nothing in common with past versions. They could just take the best traits from the previous style)

    Otherwise, it should be Alex Kidd making a comeback or maybe another Jet Grind/Set Radio? (Or NiGHTS. Woo. lol I did hear that a NiGHTS 3 was possible.)

    lol Or what if it IS Sonic but it’s not Sonic himself as a character, rather the one who actually determines the plot and style of the series Dr. freakin Eggman!? That’d be nice. I like the comedy around him, but he’s such a BS villain right now that the only way to make a Sonic game is to have a plot aimed at 3 year olds (or 23 year old’s who still wish they were 3 year olds lol)

  66. Anyone missing any vital clues from SEGA?
    Anything been released recently? Anything warming up for a remake?

    Guardian heroes maybe? Or Daytona USA?

  67. With the C&D Sega unleashed upon Streets of Rage Remake V5, it better be Streets of Rage, the whole situation is really sickening.

  68. Well, to the shock of all of you fanboys who cry “please, do let it be Sonic” I DO hope it will be Sonic in a new story book game, because those games were awesome… at least for me. I love to see Sonic in a new way, not only running from left to right, but doing something… yes, even if that means to eat a… uhhhh… chilly dog. So Sega, go for it and make the next Sonic game. I know that I will enjoy it 😛

    1. I think they are planning a third and final storybook entry.

      If I remember right, two possible entries were Greek and Horror. It’ll be interesting, methinks.

  69. Bring back Shenmue. Why do you hate Shenmue so much, Sega? Stop trying to screw up Sonic and make a game ending the Shenmue series properly. UGH Get your priorities straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. ‘Sides, there’s already an upcoming NiGHTS 3, its called “Rodea The Sky Soldier”.

    … Or if you want to get super tecnical, the “NiGHTS 2” of Yuji Naka.


    The Enchanted Castle never got a sequel when it was definitely deserving of one, and you can’t tell me he’s not a beloved character.

  72. Hrm…Interesting. But I doubt it’s Sonic.

    Shadow could be in for this, as he had his own game, but it’s dangerous enough messing around with his style.

    Ecco, Billy Hatcher, Alex Kidd, and Ristar all seem like perfect candidates.

    And uh…What does “IP” stand for, exactly? XD

      1. Thanks. I knew it meant something involving franchises, but for the love of me…

        I kept thinking like “IP Address? What?” XD

  73. I would like to see a reboot of one of the following.
    Burning Rangers
    Billy Hatcher (At least a sequel)
    Comix Zone
    Streets of Rage
    Pulseman (if he is SEGA owned. If not, please get the rights SEGA)
    Jet Set Radio
    Sonic (already talk about it. It’s fine as it but, I’m in a new direction)
    and on a side note, I don’t want a reboot of Shenmue. I want them to finish it. Isn’t Yakuza kinda like its reboot anyways.

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