SEGA Holding Sonic CD Fan Art Contest, Original Metal Sonic Sketch Revealed

SEGA announced last week that they’re holding a ‘Sonic CD Fan Art Contest’. Sonic fans are tasked with creating artwork related to Sonic CD and submit them for the chance to win a copy of the digital port of Sonic CD and a signed copy of the new Japan-only Sonic CD original soundtrack CD. The contest is open to residents of North America, Mexico and the UK, and closes November 29th. All of the rules can be found here.

Today, SEGA has updated with some tips for drawing Metal Sonic from Kazuyuki Hoshino, Art Director at Sonic Team. Hoshino-san has even shared the original sketch of Metal Sonic, which you can view in our gallery below.

This sketch takes me back! When I was new to Sonic Team, I was tasked with designing what was to be Sonic’s rival character. I was so excited!

Although some slight changes were made between this and the final design – for example, his eyes are rounded and the proportions of his body are different – for the most part, he was already Metal Sonic. This sketch was used as a draft for the character’s bitmap that you see in game so it’s rather simple, but it brings back a lot of good memories and is very special to me.

Tips When Drawing Metal Sonic
1. Remember that he is METAL Sonic so focus on giving him a nice metallic texture. You can do this by emphasizing the highlights and reflections on his body.
2. Try to position him in a way that will show off his iconic details like his glowing eyes, menacingly pointed fingers, and the large engine on his back.

I hope that these tips will prove useful and look forward to seeing all of your submissions!

Source: SEGA Blog – Link 1, Link 2


  1. Thats cool. The Metal Sonic sketch is awesome. 😀
    BTW, When will we know who won the Writer Position?


    1. Dreadknux is away in Japan right now. When he comes back in a week or so (I forget when exactly), he’ll go over the entries and pick who’s got the job.

  2. Finally made a decent pic. Now all I have to do is color it, and send it in. Anyway, even if I don’t win, I still look forward to seeing everyone else’s entries. Good luck to everyone who is able to enter!

  3. Thank you for posting this, Shadzter, I would’ve forgotten – I have this project for University & it involves me doing a drawing of my 2 Sonic & Metal Sonic figures positioned Back-2-Back (f*** yeah Water Palace reference) as if they’re about to face off, & then I saw this competition like just a few day after my initial sketches is done! I couldn’t be any luckier! =D

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