Nintendo UK Reveals More M&S London 2012 Wii Tidbits

Nintendo UK has today put up their product page for the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games and in it has revealed some more tidbits of information about the game.

– Option to play as your Mii character returns
– Over 20 Olympic events
– 10 Dream Events total
– In London Party mode: “The aim of the game is to collect stickers and fill sticker sheets before your opponents – a goal achieved by beating them in events and minigames that will be triggered as you roam through London.”
– The game features “great unlockable bonus content and online leaderboards”
– “Play every sport using only the Wii Remote or opt to use the Nunchuk for some events.”

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games will be available for Wii next week on November 15th in the US, November 17th in Australia and November 18th in Europe.

Source: Nintendo UK

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  1. If “great unlockable bonus content” means – but not limited to – unlockable characters, then I’m game.

    1. We can be hopeful, but it’ll probably be the same as the winter olympics – Costumes for your Mii, Music, stickers, that sort of thing.

      1. Well, here’s how it’d work…

        You’d play through the most important modes and get gold medals in everything, and possibly buy him from an in-game shop or complete more challenges, that’d unlock Super, but he’d take a loft of practice to master :3 he’d handle difficultly, but perform best when used properly.

        Also, restrict him to non-online events, aaaand give the Mario fans Fire Mario!

  2. Only 10 Dream Events? 10? This is what I was mostly looking foward to. 🙁

    …..I am not getting this game anymore. I might get the 3ds version.

    Remember Iizuka, or whoever it was said, “And now players will have a wider selection of Dream Events THAN EVER BEFORE!”

    Now I know what I’m gonna get instead, mw3 xDD

      1. I hate how they don’t specify how much. Over 20 could mean 25 or 40 or 9001…but it usualy means 20

  3. people complain about the leaderboard but sonic generations the top time is resonable so i think sega got an upgrade for the leaderboard

  4. Hm, this is wrapping up to look pretty nice… but I won’t buy it until the 3DS version comes out only because I need to see which turns out to be better, but the Wii version is looking good.

  5. in my opinion its kind of sad that wii owners just get this mario and sonic at the olympics a collection of minigame really lame and ps3 xbox 360 powerfull computers gets the sonic generations

  6. 10 dream events? What were they smoking? It´s obvious that the dream events are the best part of these games. Winter olympic games was around 60% dream events and even the regular events played like dream events minus item boxes. And then, in the London sequel, we revert back to minigame-esque events, extreme simplicity and just 10 freaking dream events? Not getting this, and it´s sad because I loved both versions of winter olympic games. Sega needs to ditch the Olympic games license and do a proper Mario and Sonic sports game: I don´t care if it´s racing, basketball, Mario Party, whatever works, just do a full Mario and Sonic game without the goddam olympic license holding back the game.

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