New Sonic Generations Planet Wisp Screenshots

The console and PC download version of Sonic Generations may have already been out for a few weeks now, but SEGA’s not done showing it off just yet. The publisher has released forty new screenshots of the game’s Planet Wisp stage in both Classic and Modern flavours, and in them we can see Classic Sonic using the Pink ‘Spike’ Wisp and Modern Sonic using the Orange ‘Rocket’ Wisp. You can view all of the images in our gallery below.

Source: QTE Gamers


  1. You’re quite late, SEGA…I would be having a spasm right now if I saw this if it was about 2 weeks before launch but I guess that they’ll make pretty good Desktop Backgrounds =)

  2. I can’t feel nothing but happy to be able to experience this beautiful level <3 From what I've seen of Sonic Colours' version, it's gorgeous! And I love the music <3
    Those screenshots also look beautiful OwO Can't wait for this friday when the retail PC comes out!

  3. ~.o I thought, since Generations has already been released, the news about it would stop, so I assumed that this was something to do with DLC

  4. The most god-forbidden level remake in Sonic History.

    I pray for the many lives that were lost and rings that disappeared into oblivion during the playing of this stage.

    I pray for the many rockets that crashed into hedgehogs during the playing of this stage.

    I also pray for the many people that heard “ROCKET!” or “SPIKE!” more than they were supposed to during the playing of this stage.

    1. Pretty much the one level I hated replaying to get all the red rings and speed running for Xbox live…

  5. Um do some one now what happen to the Summer of Sonic in Sonic Generation? I still haven’t gotten my copy of the game yet:(

  6. I was going to say “You’re late Shadz”

    But the I realized that it didn’t release in Japan.

    Then I loled.

    Then I turned the picture of Modern Sonic in the rail as my new wallpaper.

    1. Actually, these come from SEGA Europe, not SEGA Japan :p They released them to their Press Vault on Friday. I sourced QTE Gamers because they posted them in a decent size. The ones SEGA has been releasing for the past few months are stretched to a gigantic and pixelated size.

  7. I still have yet to play this game!
    I just have to wait 2 more days for my break from school!

    This level looks sexy!

  8. I hated Planet Wisp D: It looks so much better than before I’ll admit but actually playing it…ugh it’s fustrating the Modern one is even worse

  9. This was a good final level. Nice looking, long, and plenty of multiple routes. Plus is was actually challenging.

  10. Just like the game it came from this stage was annoying, troublesome, and just plain terrible. I will NEVER like Colors (ex music), Wisps, or Planet Wisp (ex music).

  11. After playing Classic Planet Wisp a couple times and ripping my hair out whenever I turned to SPIKES with its retarded handling, I realized what was wrong and frustrating with it; It totally doesn’t work without the goddamn double jump! And whatever happened to SPIKES running over spikes and NOT losing rings :/

    Question, what exactly does the Hold button for ROCKET do? Does it pretty much just make you lose your charge.

  12. Why is everyone acting like that level was so hard? This is the only PS3 game I’ve ever gotten the platinum trophy for, and it only took about 5 days. It is quite literally the easiest game I have ever played. Not that it wasn’t fun, though.

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