New Sonic CD Xbox 360 Screenshots

Microsoft has sneakily put up an Xbox Live product page this week in the US for SEGA’s upcoming Sonic CD port on Xbox Live Arcade and many other digital platforms. There’s no new information to be found, but there are six new screenshots from a bunch of the game’s stages and the Xbox Live Arcade ‘box art’. You can view all of the images in our gallery below.


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    1. Nothing clearer than December at the moment. Full release dates for digital download games normally come about 2 weeks before they release.

  1. Man, this looks so tempting to buy, but i’d rather wait to buy Episode 2 ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m SERIOUSLY hoping that Episode 2 comes late 2012, or heck, even early 2013. I just want SEGA to take their time. I’m going to be dissapointed when I find out there will only be like 4 zones again. However, this is episodic, but still…here’s hoping that Tails could have a superform! I mean, come on, SEGA would be stupid to not include Tails or Knuckles in this installment. The only confirmed characters so far are Sonic, Eggman, and Metal Sonic. Wait though, you know how SEGA said episode 2 will show what happened to metal sonic after he fainted from the laser (when Sonic and Metal raced eachother) ? I thought Metal Sonic was Mecha Sonic…hmm, confusing ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway, if Tails is in CD, then you can bet SEGA will add Tails in Ep2 with original physics…mayyyybe.

    1. Good thinking there! I’d especially love to see Hyper (or super, whatever you wanna call him) Tails again. And Metal Sonic is only Mecha Sonic if you’re following Super Mario Bros. Z, which is fan made. Wait a minute… SEGA said it will show what happened to Metal after he was killed by the lazer? O.o Woah, I missed out big-time, huh?

        1. Btw, who doesn’t know what Super Mario Bros Z is?! I’m still waiting for the next episode, and I heard it was coming April 2012.

  2. So I played the original again today because I’m pretty psyched about this re-release (especially after I entered that contest) and now I have a couple things in mind for it.

    1. Make the audio better. Those sound effects were driving me a bit insane.
    2. Make it loop better.
    3. Wouldn’t it just be great to choose which soundtrack you want?! ๐Ÿ˜€ (Lousy damn soundtrack fanboys…)
    4. Have a bit more rewards for getting Timestones and what not.
    5. A MULTIPLAYER MODE! Now that we have Tails joining the fray, eh eh?
    6. Fixed glitches and physics. When I was playing today it was just the most annoying thing. (Lousy cheating Metal Sonic…)
    7. Make a better way to destroy roboticizers! Seriously, fuck the back-tracking! IT’S A SONIC GAME!

    So, since the game is coming out real soon, I obviously can’t expect them to do any of this, but I wanna know what you guys might think if this were to be. Oh yeah.


  3. Thank god sega showed some screenshots or il never know how The game is
    Seriausly sega is taking this as if it was a new game thats ackward

        1. Maybe. Although i have nprives some diference in The
          I cant wait for The game cause i never really played it

  4. This is one of my favorite games from when I was a kid and easily my favorite for the Sega CD. I cant freakin’ wait!

    When this is finally going to come out is what I’m asking, though. It’s the first week of December and I don’t see anything on playstation blog about Sonic CD … c’mon … or else screw it, I’ll try to track down Sonic Gems.

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