New Screenshots Reveal New Dream Events in M&S London 2012 Wii

SEGA has today released many new screenshots of the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. In the screens we see the return of some Olympic events, but we also get to see some new Dream Events featured in the game. Dream Space Walk and Dream Rafting are based in levels seen in the Super Mario series and Dream Fencing is held in Sonic Heroes‘ Ocean Palace stage. You can find the 80 new screenshots over at Sonic Wrecks.

SEGA has also released two US TV ads for the game, which we have for you below. One has a Mario ending and the other a Sonic ending.
[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

Source: Sonic Wrecks and SEGA Blog

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      1. Why not from Sonic Adventure 2 then? Heroes has become really overused. I didn’t mind it in the Superstars series, up until Allstars Racing.

    1. I think because the Sonic Heroes levels are the 3D one which look the most like the classic levels, like people think ‘Sonic’ and think of the palm trees and chequer patterned walls and all that, or colourful casinos, and Heroes is probably the only ‘main’ 3D game which creates those archetypes in 3D, and it’s easier to use existing levels for spinoff games since the assets (textures etc.) are all already there. Seaside Hill just seems a lot more iconic, whilst Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, ’06 and Unleashed levels don’t really ‘represent’ Sonic’s world I suppose, kind of like Mario Sunshine’s levels, you don’t think of Mario when you think of those beaches and stuff.

  1. Oi, Who ordered the Chilli Dog? LOL

    Really interesting to see how this one goes….Can this top it’s predecessor WOG?

  2. *sighs* I hope I don’t do the wrong thing by getting the 3DS version… speaking of which, SEGA needs to update us on that.

  3. Did anyone else happen to notice that one of the dream events was in Windy Valley from Sonic Adventure? It’s the last event shown in both clips.

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