Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Price Roundup

With the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games out now in the US and Australia, and the European release coming tomorrow, you might be wondering what the best deal is online. Well, below, we’ve put together a list of the current prices available for the game and its blue Wii console bundle, as well as some of the extras certain retailers are offering.

Grainger Games: £24.99
DVD: £28.99
DVD (Special Edition: With Money Tin): £34.99
Base: £28.99
Base (Special Edition: With money Tin): £34.99
101CD: £28.99
101CD (Special Edition: With Money Tin): £34.99
BlahDVD: £28.99
BlahDVD (Special Edition: With Money Tin): £34.99
PropelGamer: £29.10
CoolShop: £29.77
SimplyGames: £29.85
The Hut: £29.95
Zavvi: £29.95
Sainsbury’s Entertainment: £29.99
GAME: £29.99
Gamestation: £29.99
Amazon: £29.99
Tesco Entertainment: £30.71
ShopTo: £31.85
GameStop: £31.97
ChoicesUK: £31.99
ASDA Direct: £32.00 £32.99
Blockbuster: £34.99
Gameplay: £37.99

Toys R Us: $37.49
Amazon: $41.20
Walmart: $49.96
GameStop: $49.99
Target: $49.99
Best Buy: $49.99
Kmart: $49.99

JB Hi-Fi: $69.00AU
EB Games: $78.00AU
EB Games (Limited Edition): $88.00AU
Mighty Ape: $72.99AU
Mighty Ape (Collector’s Edition): $88.99AU

ASDA Direct: £119.00
Toys R Us: £119.99
The Hut: £124.95
Zavvi: £124.95
HMV: £129.99
GAME: £129.99
Gamestation: £129.99
Gameplay: £129.99 £129.99
Amazon: £129.99
DVD: £129.99
Base: £129.99
101CD: £129.99
BlahDVD: 129.99

If you’ve seen some prices we haven’t, share them in the comments below and we’ll add them in.

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  1. When I went into GAME to buy my copy, they were selling it for £24.99. Just wanted to notify peeps.

  2. I think you should put the instore retail price for GAME and Gamestation too. Since they’re both £37.99.

  3. Son of a Crocbot! It is only $37 on Toys R Us Online! I bought it in the store for $50, spent so much of my birthday money on it I couldn’t buy the new Jazwares free riders figures (they were 11.99 each, whoo, that is expensive for a 3 inch action figure).

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