Iizuka: “We Will Probably See Sonic Going into Other Genres of Games”


In an interview with GameReactor.eu, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka talks about where we might see the Sonic franchise go in the future. When asked how he sees the next 20 years for Sonic, Iizuka explains that while Sonic Team will keep a focus on Sonic action titles, they would also like Sonic to reach out to a wider audience. To achieve this, Iizuka says “We will probably see Sonic going into other genres of games and also seeing Sonic in different media.”

Source: GameReactor.eu

What genres and media would you like to see the Sonic franchise explore? Let us know in the comments.


  1. If this means another Sonic Battle-esque fighting game with many sonic characters old and new, then sure I welcome this.

      1. well to be fair, that game was made by sumo digital and it was more a fan service thing for sega characters which is fine.

        I’m talking about main series games having nonsense stuff added into it or take away from the core gameplay.

    1. Sonic battle was a really awesome fighting game..I would love a new one, it had some awesome characterization without being very cheesy. Also, if they did a Sonic console RPG..it has alot of potential..as long as it’s done right. But that’s a huge IF

      1. Emphasis on IF. The RPG skill elements of unleashed (upgrade based on experience) was a good balance, gives replay value

    1. I’m pretty sure SEGA learned their lesson on giving Sonic a sword…..NEXT UP A BOW AND ARROW. The Legend of Sonic Hood.

    2. Sonic and the Black Knight is still a similar genre to the other Sonic games, so it’s not that bad.

      Besides, it’s not like Archie didn’t already do it. =| Both Sonic with a sword and ‘Rob o’ the Hedge’.

  2. They did a hell of a good job with Sonic-Fighting games, so I’m down with Super Street Fighters 5 – Sonic Edition lol

    The racing games, although still need some touch, are getting better too, just lose the motion controls and stick with the stuff we love. Sonic Riders 4 BABY!

    Call OF Duty Modern Warfare Sonic Edition is a no-no though

  3. They should still make the normal canon games, and then have an alternate version that’s all gory and lotsa swearing ๐Ÿ˜€
    Or…or just a gory Sonic game…cough.
    Party games are cool too. Clue: Sonic Edition. Sing it: Best of Sonic the Hedgehog feat. Live and Learn and Open Your Heart XD If only lol.

    But seriously now, I would kinda like a new game for the storybook series.

  4. Sonic Battle 2 with old & new characters would be epic!
    Sonic Chronicles 2 would be pretty nice.
    A more fine-tuned Sonic Riders would be cool too.
    Since they did that Generations of Skate thing, does that mean we may have a chance of seeing Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Skateboarding? lolol

  5. does this mean Shadow the Hedgehog, but this time FPS?
    a more RPG than Sonic Chronicles?
    sonic related music action games?
    i could keep going but its getting ridiculous.

  6. Sega should make the following:
    Sonic and Sega All-stars Fighters -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEQiTMtUvH0&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
    Sonic Heroes 2 -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kBIi0iWvBg&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
    Sonic the fighters 2-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oig8tCB8Vs&feature=channel_video_title
    Sonic Adventure 3 -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Np9UlXKfwyo&feature=relmfu
    Sonic and Sega All-star Racing 2
    Sonic Shuffle 2
    Sonic Riders 4
    And i love Sonic a lot but i like playing as other characters .

    1. Sonic adveture 3
      Sonic shuffle 2
      Sonic riders 4,
      all excellent, but you wouldn’t really be able to play sonic shuffle multiplayer offline without having everyone’s cards being shown at once, unless it was a wii U exclusive.

  7. From the sound of it, he’s saying that the main Sonic games will stay the same core action-platformer style that they are, but they’ll be branching into other genres with spin-offs. Works for me; better than trying to shove random extra stuff into the main games. Just use the extras as a way to appeal to other audiences, and maybe they’ll check out the other games too. If not, then you still have the usual Sonic fans and platformer enthusiasts who will buy the main games.

  8. what kinds of games has Sonic not done yet? Muscial games? hmmm, a Sonic rockband might be cool. It could have all the music from the different games and all the Sonic characters can be on screen playing the music. What else? Sonic has done sports, racing, RPG, Fighting, Party, pinball, puzzle, digi-pets and 3rd person shooter. Hmmm…

    1. Call of Duty : Modern Sonic has a nice ring to it.. Now, if only Modern Sonic knew what his duty was and fulfilled it, I’d be fine.

  9. Different media, hmm? I know that probably only means cards, toys and etc, but I’m entitled to dream about a new Sonic anime/cartoon, am I not? XD

    1. I REALLY think that’s what Iziuka meant. Perhaps a movie? Fans are leaning towards that

      1. As long as it doesn’t end up like the Mario movie, then I’ll be good. A CG Sonic film would be pretty sweet. You know, maybe from the team who did the Unleashed opening, and the Night of the Werehog short,

        1. Precisely. They do a very good job with that. However, I hope they don’t have the same writers as Generations and Colors

          1. To be fair, Colors did have quite a bit of gold moments. I’d like to see that humor (and a bit of wall breaking) continue ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Dear god no. Let’s just focus on continuing from where Generations 3D gameplay left off and take it a step at a time eh?

    1. Yeah,comparing to the previous next gen consoles titles Sonic Generations was the best so far,but it still has some issues :/
      I think they needed to improve on the level design.The gameplay formula was tight almost perfect but level design left me wishing.Modern Sonic has a crap ton of dashpads even tough he doesn’t really need them at all!

    2. But we shall have to move on at some point otherwise if it keeps getting used it will get more older, I’m not saying it should go away completly but we will need fresh new gameplay at some point ๐Ÿ˜› So I’m quite interesting that we might have different types so in the future we can compare which one worked the most and then blend in with previous gameplay the Unleashed/Generations 3D Gameplay/Formula is really good though ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Sega should make a remastered sonic the hedgehog 1,2, or 3, just like they did with the levels in sonic generations . I mean what classic sonic fan wouldn’t what to see that. Now i hope they do that. I what to see him in more than just generations.

  12. I’m cool with seeing another Sonic Fighting game. Hell, have BandaiNamco or Capcom help with it and you’ve got it sold.

    1. Hell no, if Capcom were to ever touch a Sonic fighting game, then half of the characters will need to be paid for, seperately from the game!! xD

  13. …I don’t know what to say about this. In a way, It does in fluence the concept of the Dimensions rumor though.

    Honestly, one of my dream Sonic games would be something along the lines of a pre-to-post apocalyptic setting, and I’m not talking about simple shadow the hedgehog style violence either. I’m talking Crisis City times 10. But something involving that amount of violence would probably end Badly with many people saying its too off setting compared to regular sonic games…

    1. That would be good, since the departure of Yuji Nake, Sonic games are tending to be more childish, and some old elements of story are been oculted, there are people who even doesn’t consider shadow the Hedgehog part of the timeline, and is just enough when people remember sonic, then automatically remember Green Hill, like this is the only thing that exist in the series. Some say Sonic 06 was bad also because there is a lot of death involved(Sonic, Eggman, Elise, the rest of the world…) and other elements in the story, but I also think that these elements give the story much more life and tension that would this Colours/Generations storylines that is obvious made for children. In ‘story’ terms, I prefer to stay with STH06 and SHTH, autough with gameplay I prefer the new ones.

      1. NO MORE SONIC 06 STOYLINE!!!! I HATE Sonic’s Story it’s just saving princess all over again just like Mario!!! Silver & Shadows stories were ok though… I’d rather have storyline similiar to the Sonic Unleashed- Story was tense & funny, I really liked that but SA2 still beat it in terms of storyline.

        1. I’m not saying bring back the Sonic 2006 storyline, I’d just enjoy it if they made a really P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L story and setting….minus the ‘Elise’ horror. lol

          I’m talking about like a true, apocalyptic, brink of the world’s demise kind of story. Where in the end, Sonic and every one else JUST barely save everything.

          Also like if sonic were to be hit by an enemy, he’d lose rings PLUS the damage would cause him to be physically scraped up and causing him to slow down as if he was truly injured (but not to the point where he’s stopped dead in his tracks). The rings would slowly raise his ability back while such things like Item boxes with health in them will heal him even quicker.

          These are just random ideas though so don’t mind me. lol

  14. I’m still crossing my fingers in hopes of seeing:

    1. A new American animated TV show, possibly based on the Archie Comics (a distilled version, mind you).
    2. An adventure game with Knuckles and the Chaotix (each one with different abilities, that sort of thing). Or a beat-em-up, like Turtles In Time.

    I second… Uh, third? …Whatever, I agree with a fighting game. I can’t say anything about Sonic the Fighters, but Sonic Battle was okay in my book. Didn’t like the story much, and being on the GBA was a bit of a hindrance (no other people with GBAs to play it with = Left with single player mode). I’d love to see an actual 2D Sonic fighter, though.

  15. I would totally love to see a Sonic game, were Sonic and his friends lose…..like the final battle will be Sonic, and all of his friends fighting something/copies of themselves, and they lose, and it just shows them all beat up, and making it look as if they’re dead. Then a cliffhanger could be Eggman taking a look at all of them from a view, on a microchip or something, and that he will be the star of the next game. ๐Ÿ˜› Then you could play as Eggman in the next game, go through all these levels, and to save Sonic and friends. But to do that, Eggman will need to create his most advanced weapons in his life, that can defeat that something/clones. Then Eggman wins, saves Sonic, and happy ending. If I had more time to explain it, I would, but im busy lol.

  16. I see them bringing back classic characters. A few more racing & fighting games, a baseball game, crossovers with other characters (Mario and Mega Man), and maybe they will bring more elements from Archie comics into the games like they did with Sonic Chronicles.

  17. what other genre is their Sonic basically covered all the genres like mario has. I would be totally stoked for a new riders game.

  18. I would love a Sonic-themed Smash Bros clone with a sprinkle of other SEGA characters as hidden characters.

    1. Yeah, that would be really nice! Then we could all disagree again on which stages should be remade!

      But seriously, I quite like the idea.

  19. Would really love if we had another Sonic racing game maybe thist time only this time just Sonic and friends starring in the game plus include many levels from past games as much as possible plus not just have one type of veichle, there would be a choice of cars, extreme gear, motorcycle etc. Also a fighting game would be awesome could feature SEGA characters or SEGA and Sonic either way I wouldn’t mind where you would fight in 3D filled with lots of effcets and explosions with a good camera angle, every character has their own abilities and can unleash a unique special power based maybe on amount of rings collected or when leveled up to the MAX.

    (Ricardo BTW if you are here my idea is here below |)

    For a main Sonic game I’d love if you were able to play as both Heroes and Villians split into teams 3-4 Sonic and co in Heroes- split into teams similar to Sonic Heroes (Team Sonic, Team Dark etc) while villians feature Eggman, Eggman Nega and their army of henchmen. All are playable but it’s different you’re in teams jsut like Heroes except you get the choice to go solo, partner up or been in a team of 3 you get to switch anytime during gameplay which is also similar to what Chronicles had. The twist to this story Eggman and his army set up the ultimate weapon and all the heroes get caught and are used in the weapon leading to a life or death situation. at the end of the game Sonic and co all manage to escape but one still remains trapped and the weapon expldoes and the game ends there leading to a cliffhanger not knowing whether that unfortunate hero survived or not could this be victory for the Villans, which hero meets their end …I’d explain a bit more but it seems a bit too much I’m too tired sorry x_x

    I wouldn’t mind a Silver The Hedgehog game focused on his world

    I’m excited but nervous for what ideas and new gameplay they could use, Perhaps a break from Unleashed/Generations ๐Ÿ˜› I wouldn’t mind

    1. I like your idea too! ๐Ÿ™‚

      It would be funny if the person(I know they are animals, but still.) who got stuck was Charmy, and then Sonic says “Ehh. Let’s leave him, he was getting kinda annoying anyway.” lol

      If someone were to actually get trapped, i would vote Shadow, because he can fight through, and use Chaos Control, etc. to free himself or something haha. I would make the ending like Sonic X, where Shadow punched Sonic out of his way, so he could do the ultimate Chaos Control, and stop whatever that thing was…the mederex? Idk. But then after that, it never showed if Shadow survived or not. However, in the special ending, it showed Shadow’s shadow, and it showed a flower on a grave. lol just a thought.

  20. I want to see another Sonic series on tv…cartoon, anime, CG welcome..but I want like a bit more serious adventure like story like something you’d see out of sonic adventure 2 battle and no 4kids 4sure ๐Ÿ˜›

  21. Sonic The Fighters 2 is what everyone seems to want now.

    I’m not gonna lie, all Sonic Fighting games have been epic as hell, so if they do good with Sonic The Fighters 2, Sonic might have a chance against games like Street Fighter or Marvel VS Capcom.

  22. Come on new sonic cartoon/anime, come on new sonic cartoon/anime. maybe they will make an anime based off the archie comics…..ok now even i know that’s way too much to ask for. but it would be pretty awesome.

  23. You know, while it doesn’t sound like a good idea at all on paper, I can see good results from a Silver the Hedgehog game, if done right of course. Since he can fly with telekinesis, they could combine typical modern Sonic-styled gameplay but have elements of NiGHTS mixed in with it. I mean, it’s two game franchises that Sonic Team are used to producing. If done right it could be a great game.

    Sadly the fanboys would never accept it.

    1. Well, there’d also be block puzzles, so it would be a puzzle platformer with flying sections.

  24. My reaction:

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! Wait, fighting games? Okay make them not suck, otherwise NO!

    1. So would I, my friend, but I could predict that not that many people would watch it. People would rather watch Puss in Boots(I love that movie.), then see a kick-ass Sonic movie. :/ Idk, just like Microsoft, or whoever, said that a Halo movie is coming to theaters. I could already tell that only Halo fans would watch it(duh), but no one else would, which in that case, they would lose money.

  25. I’d like to see a new TV show, if it is set in the game universe and there are LITTLE TO NO ORIGINAL CHARACTERS.

    I’d also love to see a movie, probably by the animation studio that did Night of the Werehog. Something not too silly, but a good mix of action, mystery, comedy, and faithfulness to the games.

    As for other game genres….uh….I probably wouldn’t be against a new fighting game, but I probably wouldn’t buy it either.

  26. Hmmm, this is very mind-opening. Personally I’d like to see more spin-offs like some of the classic games that didn’t get sequels… I’d like another Sonic Shuffle, a new Sonic Battle or Fighters, some new form of Sonic R, and a cross-over game that doesn’t suck. A Mario and Sonic Adventure would be great, and same goes for another “Sonic and SEGA” game. Sports… I’m kinda iffy on that. 1. It’d rip off Mario almost more than Sonic Shuffle… 2. There are already three Olympic games.

  27. As far as Sonic has gone in the past 20 years that’s a tough call. I remember growing up with the AoSTH series.
    It was fun for its time, Sonic X was an interesting branch, but it was anchored too much to human elements. Just Sonic and friends taking on the old egghead or another nemesis in all new movie or OVA would be great.
    Other genres.. we’ve done manga, American comics, several animated features, sports games. RPG wise, the Dark Brotherhood I read was so-so, depends on who you ask. I recall Sonic the Fighters being alright, Battle was a nice mix.
    I dunno about reviving Sonic R (All Stars covered so much ground) but it would be fun. Its an open world, let’s see what happens next!

  28. cool I wonder what they’ll make of it. Something like sonic battle is welcome, but I hope they’ll stick to consoles not ipad or whatever. A new tv show would be very welcome.:)

  29. I’m just going to say one sentance, and then walk away.

    Point and click with Telltale.

    That is all.

  30. From the interview it sounds like Sonic branching into other genre’s is not the main focus. I think Iizuka is in Press & Media mode here – he describes things as if the people he’s talking to might not know anything specific about Sonic, and is being very general. We know Sonic’s no stranger to other genre’s (at times unfortunately), so I guess I’m taking this to mean Sonic is on the same trajectory he always was – focus on the main games and action, and have side games like All Stars and other spinoff titles.

    But other forms of media? What forms of media are left that Sonic HASN’T been in?

  31. personally i think they should chronicle the huge story arc of sonic’s world from the old UK sonic the comics. either in game or video format. reading that as a kid was how i thought sonic should be, including the metal sonics revolt leading to time travel to reverse the robotnik birth process, sonic being separated from super sonic, sonic being trapped in the special zone with chaotix, super sonics release, robotnik absorbing the chaos emeralds etc etc. or get the whole lot in one big comic as a nostalgic piece; richard elson and nigel kitching were unbeatable!

  32. I would like to see more character spinoffs as long as they don’t turn out to be as bad as Shadow the Hedgehog.

    1. I think Silver’s got the most promise in that aspect.

      Too bad the Wii’s lifespan is coming to an end. Motion Plus would’ve been perfect.

    2. I know I already commented, but what the hey. Seconded.
      By the way, warning: INCOMING WALL OF TEXT

      I’ll be talking from a strictly story/character perspective here.
      One of the problems I see with Sonic’s ‘verse’ is that many of the characters are pretty much molded, and would work as main characters of their own games. However, because of the need to keep Sonic as the sole main star, if they do show up, they have to be tossed to the side as quickly as possible.
      As a result, they’re not given much attention or time to develop in terms of the writing, which perpetuates their characterizations as one-note deals and, in turn, the public’s less than favorable opinion of them. Because if your character has just one defining characteristic, there’s a strong chance people who don’t like that one characteristic will not like the character as a whole. To people who aren’t fond of the Ninja archetype, for example, Espio just looks, acts, and sounds silly and clichรฉd.

      Anyone who is not Sonic, Tails, Eggman or Shadow (gasp!) suffers from this to a degree, but the characters I feel are more afflicted by this are Knuckles, Silver and Blaze. Granted, the latter a little less so, but I’ll get to that in a minute. All of them have great potential for stories and character development.
      Silver, especially, would benefit a lot if they had him become some sort of universal plaything, like they sort of did in Generations (ouch), and if his naivetรฉ was brought to the front more. That would make him great for a game of his own (I liked the NiGHTS-ish idea, whoever had it).
      Knuckles is a classic example of derailment. He used to be the “cooler” alternative to Sonic and Tails. He was sort of a neutral in the whole Eggman conflict (against Eggman, but restricted to Sonic’s side), more serious and dutiful, but somewhat quick to anger and not above both a hearty chuckle and, of course, believing a lie every now and then. Now… After having most of his traits stripped from him and appropriated for newer characters (Shadow = Friend-Or-Foe status, Blaze = Guardian of ancient artifact, Silver = Gullibility), he’s a shell of his former self, existing almost solely to be the butt of jokes and act dumb. Thank Riders Zero Gravity for showing us that he at least can not only read, but TRANSLATE ancient languages on the fly. THAT was great. I don’t say he should totally go back to the way he was before – I believe he can be both. But the only way we’d be able to see that is if he was given time to shine in a story of his own.
      Blaze is a strange case. Her personality per se is pretty fleshed out enough, but I’d love to see more of her world, and know more about her heritage, including the Sol Emeralds (if she’s a princess, or even a queen, that means there’s a royal family, probably with traditions of their own). Because, unlike Knuckles, I don’t think anyone intends for Blaze’s backstory to be a complete and utter mystery. A game set solely on her world would certainly be interesting.
      Any of these characters would work great as protagonists of their own games, and each would be different. And like these, many of the rest of the cast would strongly benefit from developed personalities.

      By the way, if you ask me, the one currently active character that was NOT molded from the beginning as his own protagonist was, are you ready for this? Shadow. He was introduced purposefully as a darker foil for Sonic, and as Sonic Adventure 2 makes it clear, he was intended to die at the end and never come back. His whole story as we see it in SA2 is meant to remain in the, uh, shadows, as it were, until the final scenes, where both Gerald’s and Maria’s intentions are revealed, and Shadow finally chooses a side. While still riddled with mystery, Shadow’s story in SA2 had a beginning, middle and end, as was supposed to remain as such – we learned who he was through the course of the game, and followed him until his very last steps.
      Now, I’d be lying if I said Shadow’s own game did nothing to better the character. Quite the contrary: ShTH was used to fix the kinks in his character after he returned, removing his angst (useless, since he fulfilled his promise to Maria) and addressing the plotholes in his backstory. It was needed to snap Shadow into a character the franchise could use without problems in the future – if he had been envisioned with that in mind, he would’ve probably never gotten a spin-off in the first place (and our “shootin’ stuff” Sonic game would’ve probably starred Omega. YMMV on that).

      Sorry for the walls of text, nobody’s probably going to read this, anyway. But these are points that I’ve been meaning to share for some time.

      1. I agree with you for the most part. Except I did not like Shadow’s return in Shadow the Hedgehog, or even Sonic Heroes. He died, he was always intended to die, but Sega realized how popular he became..so they couldn’t just throw him away. If they ever had shadow in a game again after…it should of been revealed that he was nothing more than a robotic clone attempt…this was shown in Heroes, however that game did not have much of a story, and they really lost a chance to develop that for further games…even in shadow the hedgehog’s true ending, you don’t know if you’re real or not, but you wish you had never been created.
        Now shadow is simply the character that everyone wants to see more of, but they never EVER develop him..Same with all the other Adventure characters..

  33. All want the game Sonic Adventures 3 on the Xbox and ps3 and want to have a long life and give the other characters play

  34. This could be the downfall of sonic again, depending what Genres they choose, lets face it a Shooter wont work, tennis doesnt work much etc.

    Why wont Sega relaise and learn? public/gamers/fans love classic sonic/Modern sonic gameplay just stick with that and expand on it.

    if a sonic Dance game came out alot wont bother with it.

  35. Sonic in different media? I really have a bad feeling about this one. As long as Disney doesn’t get their greedy hands on the blue blur, then I will be okay (I am very sick of these acquisition rumors involving a video game developer being bought out by a big-name corporation, mind you). I don’t think a Sonic theatrical feature film is a good idea since most video game movies end up poorly among both critics and the box office, and it would milk Sonic to death more then any game would, considering that the series is a cash cow already. Let Sonic remain just a video game series, please.

    After seeing so many wars in the Sonic fandom, I don’t know what to think of this series anymore. I’m still a Sonic fan (except that I’m a good one), and I will always still play the games, don’t get me wrong. But the fans are out of control at times. All I can say is: Let SEGA do whatever they want with Sonic. It’s their property.

  36. Hey Sega,guess what Sonic is not Mario so stop trying to make him to be. Sonic can’t just be thrown into random generes of games and expect it to work.Sonic and the black knight is a perfect example,I don’t understand thier direction sometimes it seems as soon as Sega gets ahold of thier franchise they drop the ball all over again.If you want Sonic in a different market go back to TV,with Sega’s animation/design/music skills they could make a great show!

  37. How about a CG movie in 3D? Night of the Werehog was amazing, as are the cut-scenes in the recent games, it’d reach out to the ‘Kung Fu Panda’ kids and also sell more games, and imagine the sense of speed in the cinema with 3D glasses…

    1. that’d be cool. a better one than the ninetys one. which was still good. but an all new idea. not based off of movies that actually are original and not just base it off of kung fu panda or megamind.

    1. Only if they seriously dumb down the AI from it near-psychic levels. I don’t mind a challenge, but it’s nigh-impossible to beat that game unless you’re going against human players.

      But anyway, the only other genres I want to see Sonic branch out into is fighter and RPG. And maybe a new Sonic R, because I yearn to feel that sunshine again. I think the world can live without a Sonic Baseball or Sonic Golf.

      And also…if done right, and maybe if they teamed up with Konami on it, a DDR game featuring Sonic music would be awesome. I say “maybe” because Konami did the same with Nintendo, and we got that crappy Mario DDR.

  38. well. this could be a mistake. but i’m open to see how it plays out. i mean i’d love another sonic R or sonic the fighters 2…..and if they mean sonic will be seen in other media as in a NEW TV SHOW. i would be SOOOOOO HAPPY :D.
    but yeah, as long as they keep making traditional sonic games too i’ll bee willing to see how this plays out.

  39. Making more cannon games is obviously the 1st priority so thats 100% fine by me.

    Other genres… well I think the majority of us fans are liking the idea of another SONIC BATTLE but would you rather see it on home consoles or handheld?

    SONIC ADVENTURE 3 will always be fans top 3 wishlists but to me it seems to long i mean its been 10 years since 2 and tbh SONIC HEROES was kinda like a sequel to it and UNLEASHED was titled SONIC WORLD ADVENTURE. But it would be nice for an official number 3.

    SONIC CHRONICLES 2 would soooooo be welcome to me after all it be a damn shame to leave it at that ending.

    KNUCKLES CHAOTIX 2 would be great, a chance for all the other forgotten characters to stand in the light ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. knuckles and chaotix 2 is a great shout – they need to get it sorted so mighty is back in the crew

  40. Sonic Shuffle 2, Super Smash Sonic The Hedgehog, a new Sonic racing game, except sonic actually runs on foot and is fast. Then again, maybe they’ll just try giving us Gears of Hedgehog. Or Call of Robotnik: Mobius Falls. Those last two would be horrible, especially the latter one. This list was completely serious up until “Gears of Hedgehog.”

    1. Oh god dammit I forgot to say Sonic Adventure 3, though I would hope it wouldn’t be in a different play style. SEGA, give us what we’ve been wanting for years – a new Sonic Adventure with the same gameplay and a Chao garden, EG a proper sequel to Sonic Adventure 2.

  41. They need to make a new Sonic Adventure, but all of the playable characters should have the same goal as Sonic, race to the finish. No more treasure hunts, robo shoot outs, or race against Sonic (Tails in adventure 1) That would be my dream Sonic game.

  42. maybe classic eggman will be in the next game to because there both together at the end of generations
    unless modern eggman just leaves him like he did orbot and cubot

  43. Sonic The Fighters 2 would be great.

    Maybe make the gameplay similar to Power Stone 2 but with a more balanced fighting system, imagine a Sonic fighter in EVO.

    As for media, how about a new Sonic cartoon that’s based on the Archie Comics? that would be great also.

    The Sonic franchise deserves to grow and expand and not be stuck on the same formula forever.

  44. More games like Dark Brotherhood maybe? I personally wouldn’t bother with sports or fighting games, unless they are the best ports or fighting games evah!

  45. Sonic animated movie!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Though I would love to see a dark Sonic game, like Sonic reaching the point of insanity, cus be fair, if you were in his place then you would loose the plot too really. I think they should bring back Dark Sonic, he was awesome =3
    lol Also I think a Sonic Sims game would be amazing!
    Create your own Sonic character and live out your life from child to old age (like they do on Sims 3) Man, you could really do some damage with that game. Use the original characters and get them to do what you always wanted to see them do in a game…
    Boy if they actually had games like I’d be buzzin’ =D
    Lol I’m really getting off topic here ๐Ÿ˜›
    So excited, I really wanna see Sonic in different lights.

  46. I wouldn’t mind a fighter; but please Sonic Team, just stick to platforming.
    You almost nailed it in Generations, and though I know that this means that Sonic will no longer be a platformer, I just feel you should spend your time on a platformer.

  47. Super Sonic the Fighters 2 Arcade Edition confirmed lol JP. Am I the only one that wants to see this happen? Maybe a deeper arcade fighter would be popular now with the re-surge of fighters on the horizon.

  48. I don’t mind what genre they take it into, so long as it’s fun to play and handles well, I’m game =)

    Though I do think it’s overdue that we play as multiple characters again, heck I don’t even mind if it’s just Sonic and Tails, or Knuckles because he needs some lovin’.
    Or mix it up and Make Eggman Playable again!

  49. โ€œWe Will Probably See Sonic Going into Other Genres of Gamesโ€

    …Call of Sonic, the fast paced action First Person Shooter!! Coming SOON!

  50. In terms of other genres, I would love
    -Sonic Battle 2/3ds (More characters/Every character can have there own unique customized moveset/more combos/more moves/different enemies that don’t fight like every playable (which made it too repetitive)/more bosses).
    -Sonic Chronicles 2 Fight for Freedom (You know they want to go Satam/Archie on us/More Pow Moves/More ways to do Pow Moves/PLEASE keep the way you did the running away chase, I love that part/More Rings to buy stuff/Satam equivalent Characters/More Side Missons and Stuff to do/An actual chao garden to mess around in with caring and mini-games/More adventure different skills like Sonic will have sprint to travel around much faster during the adventure fields/Better story changing conversation choices that actual make big story changes/Alternate Endings)
    -Sonic the Fighters 2/PSP or consoles (More characters/Every character can have there own unique customized moveset/more combos/more moves/actually bring in Honey the cat and have her fight like her human counterpart in Fighting Vipers but, more cat-like/Bring back more classic and unused character like Mighty and Rocket Metal Sonic).
    -Sonic Spinball Chaos (Pinball action mixed with 2d Sonic goodness/Many environmental things like Trees are bendable to be used as pinball bumpers/Fang the Sniper is a reoccurring mid-boss throughout the game (Hired by Eggman to stop or capture Sonic)/Multi-player/Optional Characters for the main game/Story: Eggman has taken over most of the world’s natural resources and twisted reality (somewhat). Now, he holds the resources for the world to surrender to the Eggman Empire and hired Fang to capture Sonic and all who pose a threat to him)
    -Sega All-Stars vs Capcom/Console (Modern Sonic vs Megaman X/Bayonetta vs Dante/Shinobi vs Strider/Ryu vs Akira/Streets of Rage vs Final Fight/Sketch Turner vs Viewtiful Joe/NiGHTS vs Morrigan/Agent G vs Leon Kennedy/Burning Rangers vs Captain Commando/Marvel vs Capcom 2 or 3 like system/ add Parry System/Speed, Flight, and Power Type Characters/Fight tag-team mini-bosses or one mini-bosses/Dr.Eggman as Final Boss Stage 1/Sigma or Sigma Virus as Final Boss Stage 2, made from the wreckage of Eggman’s Mech in the first fight/Have a Dr.Robotnik (Classic) vs Dr.Wily war stage where you have them and their respectful armies fighting against each other in the background)

    1. Also
      -Sonic Chase (Sonic R 2 basically/Foot Race (for most)/Like the Doppelganger race in S.Generations but with more people at once/More Characters/More Unique Character Moves like Homing Attack for Sonic (on field obstacles and things to grind on but, not on other racers)/Super Race Moves like Sonic Boost or Quake Punch/A Tension Gauge that uses Super Race Moves/Trick System like S.Rush Series or S.Generations that builds up the tension gauge/Quick Platforming segments during the race/Multiple Routes/Randomized racers during each race (no auto-fixed set)/Music that fit racing (I love Sonic R music but, it didn’t fit for racing)/More Modes/Long Stage Lengths/keep the weather changes/More Stages instead of just 5/Super Characters only used by players and cost something/Field items like Speed Up, Shield, Bombs, Traps,etc./Still rings to open some paths with shortcuts or hidden goods and don’t make them be too out of the way (unless holding a chaos emerald))

  51. 1. id like a mario and sonic game that does NOT INVOLVE OLYMPICS! i mean it could be epic!

    2. sonic adventure 3 will be awesome especially with the return of the chao garden. but they should cancel tresure hunting and put somthing more better for rouge, knuckles and the rest

  52. wouldn’t mind a new GOOD story book game like “Sonic Out West” (just made that up)
    or another sonic adventure along with it’s gameplay
    maybe an RPG like “sonic chronicles: Eggman’s revenge” or something like that and actually have SEGA make it.
    another racing game like mario and sonic kart instead of the the same ol’ olympic ones that are getting kinda blazay

    1. Another idea for a storybook game would be a game that’s story and setting revolves around Greek mythology. Knuckles would be Hurcules, Shadow would be Hades, Jet could be Zeus, etc.

      1. it’s Hercules and you had me and then i didn’t care when you said jet being Zeus.. Wait how would you pull off a greek mythology one?

  53. Why are people saying there have been good Sonic fighting games? Like what ? Sonic the Fighters was bland as hell and Sonic Battle, though featuring a impressive customizable character was bland with a ‘rinse and repeat’ fighting style. Sonic has never had real success in other genres and I don’t have much faith Sonic Team could pull off such attempts in future.

    Stick to platforming.

  54. Dunno why people want a SA3 when Iizuka said different genres. That aside, I’d like to see a new Sonic Battle…this time, a bit easier…some of those missions in Knuckles’s story were downright brutal. >:(

  55. A sequel to Sonic 06 would be a dream come true for me. I loved the various playable characters and the stories were the best ever. The opening scene to Sonic’s story was the best moment in Sonic history!! Gotta love that “FIIIIRRRE” part Dr. Eggman let loose. Best Sonic game EVER!!! Sonic 06 too baby!! A sequel to the greatest game that made me cry at the end more than ANY game before it!! Bring back the awesome in debth stories Izuka!!

  56. I almost died when I read a comment above me of Sonic 06, even if I actually DO enjoy that game, the story is definitely not a highlight. Anyway, I think they should have made another sonic game like sonic 06 IN THE SENSE that it had a lot of stages, and the three characters were pretty good gameplay concepts, technical issues aside of course. And good stories like sonic adventure 2, sonic adventure 2 was the very first videogame I actually paid attention to the story.

    1. Eh, I liked Sonic 06. I feel more in control of the character in 06 than I do in the other games. I agree, though, the story and dialog were horrendous. By the way, something tells me that the person who posted that comment of which you speak is a troll.

    2. To be fair, Mephiles is one of the best villians in Sonic history…however, he was really the only thing I liked about 06’s story…haha

  57. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few other genres explored. Lets see… They’ve already covered kart racing, foot racing, tennis, party, puzzle, RPG, fighting, golf, compilations, pinball simulation, virtual pets, educational software… What else is there? FPS? Cause I don’t think that would turn out so well. Oh well, I’ll think of something…
    Oh wait! Rhythm! Ever since I played DDR Mario Mix, I’ve wanted to see what a Sonic rhythm game would look like.

  58. omochao gets his own game called pesky pointers, you have to go around giving advice to sonic and co in a bid to drive them insane, although the gameplay would be similar to sonic (2d ones) as you would have to keep up with the characters in order to give them the most pointless information you can think of! At the end of each Act the sonic character your chasing goes past the post, picks up the omochao gun and shoots him away into the next level! The boss zones could be that you have to try to annoy eggman in order to save a sonic character from one of his machines!

    of course no one would actually buy this!

  59. Isn’t this what Sonic Team has been doing for the past 10 years and almost ruined Sonic in the process?

  60. personally i think with a really well thought out epic storyline (a dark tone to it of course) the same game mechanics and other playable characters would be what would really take sonic to a whole new level no gimmicks though. so basically sonic adventure 3 i would kill for a sonic CGI movie btw.

  61. i agree with making another sonic/mario game, they could do a crisis like storyline, in relation to the sonic the comic story arc where robotnik tears open new dimensions, and mario’s and sonic’s worlds cross over! imagine them using each others world based power ups! invincibility star sonic! super fast mario! ๐Ÿ˜€ bowser and robotnik teaming up would be formidable also!

  62. If we see First person shooters game for Sonic games… It be Shadow the Hedgehog 2! XD

    And I really want another fighting game for the blue blur. ๐Ÿ˜€

  63. A Game with not just sonic as the only playable character more silver and blaze playable same with amy tails knuckles shadow rouge etc

  64. To be honest i kinda liked 2006’s Storyline, It had a darker tone and i LOVE when series do that, They shouldve made the princess a hedgehog or a fox or something though…
    ANYWHO! i wouldnt mind a more darker toned game like 06s or shadow the hedgehogs, I also hope there are more playable characters, 06 was a good concept….just executed poorly and if they could have JUST fixed the bugs and made the princess an animal then i think it wouldve been a good stepping point for the future,
    granted i like sonic unleasheds/colors/generations gameplay…..but i miss the adventure/06 type of gameplay,
    SEGA give me a darker toned game with more playable characters(generations was a great turning point) and a longer story, and youll have me hooked,

    ALSO to be honest i liked sonic and the secret rings and black knight(Its an opinion ppl so dont start bashing me for it) i wouldnt mind seeing another storybook game, i also wouldnt mind a new fighting game or a sonic riders that doesnt use kinect,
    How about a Sonic and megaman crossover?
    Eggman and wily team up to take on Sonic and megaman with thier newest robot creations,
    eggman and wily could work together to build brand new robot masters, using Brand new designs, with a mixture of eggmans and wilys robot styles(Metal Sonic robot master anyone?)
    Also it would love to see an anime based off the archie comics, AND a cgi movie would be cool(If the storyline is good)

    Sonic is actually very versital when it comes to going into other genres

  65. Personally, I think this whole concept is a TERRIBLE idea. SEGA has tried things like this already and failed massively every single time!

    However, I would love to see another TV series or something like that.

  66. I thought Sonic Riders 1 & 2 were pretty fun. The Kinect one? Eh…not so much. Another (proper) entry in the Riders series would be cool I guess.
    But what I would really like to see is something like Sonic Advance 3 in 3D; a game where partner techniques can be hella useful and add fresh new things to the gameplay, but aren’t required in the slightest to actually BEAT the game.

  67. Has he learned nothing? They just finally got the ball rolling after ten years of bunk failures and he thinks genre jumping is a good idea? Tsk tsk Sega/Sonic team…tsk friggin tsk.

  68. As long as it doesn’t interfere with the main Sonic games, I’ll be happy to try out some (SOME of them, not all) of the spin-offs.

  69. I just want another Sumo “all stars game”.
    They were onto something good with all stars racing… how bout a smash bros style or mario party rip off?

  70. I’m baaaaack~ Disappeared to avoid more spoilers. Now that I’ve beaten Generations though (and got my revenge on Shadow for ten years ago XD), I can come here without fear.

    I’ve been hoping for a movie, actually. Although honestly I didn’t think SonicX was THAT bad, expecially in the third season. Dark and edgy I like. Although I still hope some actors (hey, Kirk? This is a bit out for you…Sorry) can get their “groove” on and improve.

    I’d love to see a Shadow the Hedgehog 2. I’d like to see him do some missions for GUN ^^ Also, I love blowing stuff up. It was a dream come true when the first came out XD

    Hrm…You know, they do “Marvel vs. Capcom”…I’d like to see a “SEGA vs. Nintendo” match. Lol, you could get Eggman fighting Peach! XDDD

    I sincerely hope the third installment in the Storybook Series is Horror. A good way to horrify fans? Make Shadow happy go lucky. “What did you do to him?!?”
    “Are you horrified?”
    “YES WE ARE WHY?!”
    “…Then we did our job well!” XD

    So many ideas~ How about making the Sonic a villain, for once? >.>

  71. Action series? Sweet. But if they do that, they need to make one for Shadow as well. Also: open world parkour-esque game would be fun, like Mirror’s Edge but with Sonic, faster, and more open.

    More racing would be fun (actual racing, though. Like SEGA All Stars. But better and less Mario-Kart-esque.)

    A shooter for Shadow would be cool.

    Oh, and get BioWare to make a new, full-blown console RPG in the Sonic franchise, and possibly a handheld one (not in Dark Brotherhood fashion, though, that would be annoying. It’s still taken me forever to beat it due to the touch controls needed…)

    And above all, bring back the Robotnik from Sonic ’06, and if possible Mephiles as well. Say what you will about the game itself, it had some great villains.

  72. Sonic in Monster Hunter.
    Shadow in Doom.
    A Mario & Sonic game that have a story to it of them trying to rescue Princess Peach & Princess Sally from Bowser & Eggman.
    A Sonic video game based from the comics.

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