Iizuka: “I would like to make a new standard Sonic”

In an interview with Gamasutra, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka has explained that he would like to make a new standard Sonic in 2012 and the years ahead. Rather than continue on with the formula built with Sonic Generations, it appears Iizuka would like to develop something fresh in the future.

It seems that as far as current-gen Sonic goes, there have been false starts. The PlayStation 3 Sonic, the first one, was supposed to be a new beginning, and then there was Unleashed, which had good and bad about it. It seems like Generations is yet again starting over; are we at a point where you feel comfortable with the mark you’re making and can move forward?

I wouldn’t say that I think Generations is a new start. Instead, it’s more of the peaks of the past 20 years, is the way we’re approaching this. Generations is about taking the past 20 years of history and rolling it into one really fun product. I think, as a result, I would like to make a new standard Sonic, a modern Sonic if you will, in 2012 and beyond.

You can read the full interview over at Gamasutra.

Would you like to see fresh new Sonic experiences in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. As long as “fresh and new” doesn’t mean “crappy new gimmicks”, I’d be open to it. I just hope any change wouldn’t be TOO drastic, I mean, Sonic is finally really good again!

    1. Fresh and new are my words. Iizuka says “a new standard Sonic, a modern Sonic if you will,” which I suspect means something completely new and different. I would like to see something different personally, as I’m getting bored of the Unleashed, Colours and Generations gameplay style.

      1. The unleashed gameplay style has been the best thing ever to happen to Sonic. Its a formula that works.

        1. As boring and stupid and has the same lousy feeling as Mario games repeatedly using Mario Bros. gimicking gameplay style.

          Time to go back to Sonic Adventure and Sonic 06 gameplay style SEGA. The hedgehog engine is boring us.

          1. Sure, let’s get that long-awaited S06 sequel.

            Let’s drag the Sonic series back into the Dark Ages and undo three years’ good work.

            Uh. No.

          2. “Time to go back to Sonic Adventure and Sonic 06 gameplay style SEGA. The hedgehog engine is boring us.”

            “Us”? Who is this “us”, precisely? Masochistics?

          3. “Time to go back to Sonic Adventure and Sonic 06 gameplay style SEGA. The hedgehog engine is boring us.”

            “Us”? Who is this “us”, precisely? Masochists?

          4. The Hedgehog Engine is the GRAPHICS. That’s not boring us. >w>

            And personally I agree with Shadzter. I could go for something new. And I know a lot of others who could as well. Classic Sonic’s and Adventure Sonic’s gameplay formulas have ALSO worked. It’s never really been an issue. Concept and glitches for indivudual games have been an issue.

            Something new could simply mean something more creative and interesting, but he also said not too different. (Not like any of the Eras have ever been all that different in the first place)

      2. Y’know, in between now and 2031 they would’ve come up with a new design for Sonic (probably in clothes or with different shoes) and they’ll remake Generations only with three SOnics and much more games. That is if SEGA lasts that long and doesn’t end up like Atari.

  2. mhhh i wonder if they mean stop with the whole 3D-2D thing but dosent thta mean the whole dimensions thing is a fake since its not a standard modern sonic game with the whole ‘RE’colour thing

    1. Holy shit, having the title Sonic Adventure 3 isn’t a magic fix button. Plus, those games were the start of the problem spiral we fell down: being forced to play as other characters. We can have a good Sonic game with other optional characters without that title, let it go already LOL.

      1. And “Holy shit”, wanting SA3 doesn’t mean that they think the title is a magic fix button. SERIOUSLY.

        Man I’m tired of people whining over SA3 and then people whining over someone wanting SA3. Can’t ppl just want SA3 peacefully and IN peace?

        (PS: If this is the start of the problem we spiralled down then what’s the issue with Secret Rings, Black Knight and Unleashed? I thought it was Shadow The Hedgehog that started it with the guns gimmicks.)

        1. You’re perfectly right, they can want SA3 all day long if they want, I’m just voicing my opinion too, XD. I’m just saying that the title SA3 really wouldn’t mean anything I believe. I could slap that title onto Sonic 06 honestly and it’d get the point across (not how that game did, just it’s structure is all I’m meaning).

          I guess I’m just not a fan of forced characters other than Sonic, as some people aren’t fans of just Sonic alone or something, so that’s all I’m saying there, sorry, XD.

          As for your PS, Black Knight and Unleashed presented a different form of gameplay that was forced upon. As for Secret Rings, IDK! I liked that game LOL. As well as Unleashed to be honest. Black Knight was fun, but isn’t one of my favorites.

          1. The point is you’re not helping the situation I mean. Especially when the opinion you’re voicing has no relevance to what you’re responding to. I don’t disagree that the title doesn’t make it a quality game, but I’m pretty sure we all know this already.

            However a title is not completely pointless. Otherwise we mine as well call the next Sonic game “Sonic The Hedgehog 32” or something. The title is in reference to the style and plot within the game. Title represents the overall concept. But no one is saying “As long as the next game is called Sonic Adventure 3”. So I don’t see why people act like they are.

          2. And that’s not the point. You said “the start of the problem spiral we fell down: being forced to play as other characters.”, which Black Knight and Unleashed did not do. Even if you find something to personally have a problem with in those games, it’s not the same thing that you just said, meaing what you said about the other characters is untrue.

            For the record, ALL games force their gameplay upon you. But that’s what you chose to buy and play.

            And with your final words, it’s starting to sound like there WAS no “problem spiral”. Sounds to me like the only problems were merely the lack of quality here and there in no particular pattern for any consistent reason.

  3. The unleashed/colors/generations formula was great but if they continue to create more games with that formula it’s gonna start to get boring/annoying. That’s a smart choice.
    And bring other playable characters with their own story back plz!

        1. How do you know it’s never gonna happen? Iizuka said it was possible and if a large number of ppl express their want for it, it may eventually come. No one thought Sonic 4 was ever gonna come.

          Stop putting down people’s hopes for SA3. It’s just as bad as whining ABOUT SA3 in the first place. U__U

      1. yikes! He made two, I’m so jealous…and Miyamoto made over 10. and the count will continue when Mario 3D Land comes out next week.

        Telling me to shut up…ALREADY? (lol) butthurt over Sawnik AGAIN? C’mon, I get enough of this on my DA!

        1. 10? Can you list these titles? I can’t think of that many that I’d really find all that special.

          You get enough of this on DA? You attract some bad attention then. That can’t be a coincidence. o.o lol

          1. “Telling me to shut upโ€ฆALREADY?”
            “Cโ€™mon, I get enough of this on my DA!”

            I don’t thnk I’d get enough of that on DA, or any of that. Popularity doesn’t signify if it’s for a good or bad reason. If this is your type of popularity, who’d want that? XD

        2. Chill, man. Trolling is meant to be taking at a slow pace, not rushed. You’re failing so hard.

  4. If you’re going to make a new standard for Sonic, you’re going to have to rewrite the whole fucking formula.

    Look at good ol’ Mario, in 2d, he’s racing to the ends of the levels. In 3d he’s collecting stars.

    Iizuka better try to find a way to turn rapid 2d platforming and fluency into something new in 3d.

    1. *forgot to add this*

      I mean, the new modern Sonic we have now works great, and is successful in revamping the whole series. I just wish there were better controls when in 3d. Sonic Colors had great 3d controls but Generations forgot to import those I guess.

      1. Colors had great 3D controls my ass. You couldn’t steer. In Colors it was called Quick-Step. lol And how could you even get enough time in 3D sections to tell? o0

        Come on. There’s plenty of other ways to revamp Sonic in 3D that’d be amazing! I’ve already heard ideas of how by FANS that were great, and fans usually come up with some crap ideas!!

      1. Zactly’ my reason for wanting a Sonic Adventure 3..

        Think the best path top tread is to make classic sonic the main character of Sonic 4 and SEGA has continued down the path of triumph.

  5. “It seems that as far as current-gen Sonic goes, there have been false starts. The PlayStation 3 Sonic, the first one, was supposed to be a new beginning, and then there was Unleashed, which had good and bad about it.” Well at least they know that 06 was a bad game. I’m quite interested to see what they’ll come up with next…

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed Sonic Generations and still have plenty of replaying left to go for all the side missions and unlockables. Physics wise I like how both classic and modern play, a definite improvement from Sonic 4 and Unleashed (haven’t played Colors). I could see classic going on to be download only (separate from Sonic 4 unless they use the Generations physics, not really following a major storyline just a variety of levels … maybe release the base game with a set number of levels then over time release extra DLC levels to add more and more to the game). Modern Sonic games (physical copies) would continue in the direction they have been.

    As much as I’d kinda like to see “Sonic Adventure 3” I already feel as if it’s been attempted / done, albeit unofficially titled.

    Just ideas of mine … can’t wait to see what happens next with Mr. Sonic!

  7. We need a Sonic Adventure 3! Every game after Adventure 2 sucked ass! Colors and Generations were just flukes, Sonic Team still sucks ass.

    P.S. Yuji Naka and Ryan Drummond are god compared to Izuka and Roger Craig Smith.

  8. i had a chat with my freind about a whole new sonic and he has all new moves and attacks but never loose his speed maybe sega could keep the modern sonic body and go with whole new features to him and maybe in the next game have classic sonic playable but has to be unlocked

    1. Sonic 2006 WAS Sonic Adventure 3, like it or not. Why? Because the gameplay wasn’t that much different from the Adventure series. It was supposed to be the ultimate Sonic game, better than any of them, and it honestly could have been if it weren’t rushed out by the fans.

      Before you object…

      Spindash, other characters playable, free roaming, emblems, obtainable skills. All of these were in all three games, Sonic even looks similar to how he did in Adventure 2.

      We had Adventure 3, just forget about it and move on.

      1. You, my friend, are stupid. You’re forgetting one thing that was exclusive to the adventure games: a chao garden. Wheres the chao garden in sonic ’06? Oh yeah there isnt one. If/when sega makes SA 3, im going to laugh in peoples face that think sonic ’06 was SA 3.

        1. If Chao Gardens are the reason why everyone loves the Adventure series, I sincerely think that the majority of Sonic fans are playing the wrong video game series, and I suggest Pokemon as a substitute for Generations not having Chao Gardens.

        2. Seriously, you’re saying that is stupid to compare ’06 with SA just for the Chao Garden?

          Let’s face it: ’06 was the evolution of SA. And I always thought that it was the right path to follow. The problem is the game failed so hard with the glitches and bugs that Sega reconsidered the gameplay instead of just making another SA-gameplay game as it should.

        3. you my friend are even stupider for thinking that the chao gardens are exclusive to sa games cause what hapend to the tiny chao garden in sonic advance face it man sonic 06 is sa3 so is su look at the japanese name sonic world ADVENTURE

        4. Sonic Advance 3 didn’t have a Tiny Chao Garden when Sonic Advance 1 & 2 did; does that make SAd3 not really SAd3?
          ’06 is pretty much Sonic Adventure 3, like it or not. It’s just a slightly different title. & besides, that formula is over & done with in 2006. If you wanna be in denial, then do the most simplistic thing & play SA & SA2 if you want your Adventure style gameplay.

        5. @Sonic_Is_The_Answer

          Sonic 06 is Sonic Adventure 3…

          Come on the forums and debate it if you still think otherwise… because you’ll find you’re alone with that.

      2. Thank you! All this talk on wanting Adventure 3 when its already out there. Okay so its missing a Chao garden, but it had EVERYTHING the other Adventures had.

          1. Sonic 06 is Sonic Adventure 3.

            In fact you can argue several games should have that title… Doesn’t matter what bad youtube videos you link to.

          2. Sonic 2006 is not Sonic Adventure 3 for the sole reason it isn’t called Sonic Adventure 3.

            Sonic 2006 had similar game play style to Adventure, but it wasn’t an Adventure game. If by your logic that if it has game play similar to Adventure it is labeled Adventure 3 then Sonic Heroes, Shadow The Hedgehog, and even Sonic Unleashed is Adventure 3.

            The Adventure series is known for having branching stories with a variety of characters and a Chao Garden feature that always improves upon the last one. Each Adventure game drastically improved upon the game play from the previous.

            While Sonic 2006 has the branching story lines and a variety of characters too, it doesn’t seem like it was really meant to be Sonic Adventure 3. It didn’t really improve upon the game play and it didn’t feel like it set it apart from the other two entries in the series.

            You may disagree, but IMO I don’t think Sonic Adventure 3 has been released yet. Of course I could be wrong and Sonic 2006 could be Adventure 3, but even if it was originally meant to be Adventure 3, it doesn’t feel like it. SEGA, even if 2006 was Adventure 3, can make Adventure 3 any time they want because it isn’t labeled as such.

      3. Hmmm Not really yeah it plays like the Adventure Games but it wasn’t supposed to be one, Unleashed was it was originally going to be Sonic Adventure 3 Around the world or something like that, but some dumbass at SEGA wanted to add the Werewolf and BAM! Adventure 3 was erased thus adding Sonic Unleashed bummer right

      4. Sonic 06 is not Sonic Adventure 3. If it’s not called “Sonic Adventure 3” then why are YOU calling it “Sonic Adventure 3”?

        I really don’t see why ppl even CALL it SA3. Is it because it has the Egg Carrier and hub worlds? Cuz SA2 did not have those things and is still SA2. Obviously the connection is not THAT. It can’t be the gameplay because that was obviously THE gameplay the entire time with Heroes’ only being different due to the Teamwork crap.

        In fact, it was said that SA3 was attempted in Unleashed. Even then it was changed to Unleashed/World Adventure for a REASON. And now Iizuka says SA3 is still a possibility for the future.

        Besides, SA3 wasn’t JUST about the gameplay, it was about the overall style of the game. Matching the artwork, the music, the character themes, the location, the story (to which 06’s is disconnected from the rest of the franchise and Unleashed’s is completely stand-alone).

        In 06 or Unleashed, where is the Master Emerald? Where is Station Square? Where is the Chao Garden? Where are the physically worn upgrades?

        Inspired by another game doesn’t equal being part of it’s mini-series. Sonic Colors is NOT Sonic Unleashed 2 and Sonic Generations is not Sonic Unleashed 3. Just to clarify.

        1. EXACTLY! thats what theses people arent getting! the fanbase has labelled sonic ’06 Sonic Adventure 3. SEGA hasnt. therefore, Sonic ’06 isnt SA 3. and sonic ’06 wasnt called Sonic Adventure 3…it was called Sonic The Hedgehog. Yea that game had the elements BUT so does a lot of other sonic games like Heroes, Unleashed, etc. But none of those are SA 3. If SEGA wanted to make SA 3 they could do so because they havent made it yet.

  9. okay so what somwhat everybody is saying is “sonic adventure 3 will be as great as the orginals even though sega had a loooong dark path with sonic ?

    1. Some people are saying this, which is illogical. NO title or type of game means this whatsoever as any futre game can be amazing or terrible.

      But a lot of people are actually saying they hope that the future games will be good and that one of these good games happens to be SA3. This is more logical because then it’s like saying “I hope they make a new chapter to this mini-series and I hope they do it good”.

      I don’t see what the long dark path has to do with anything. Especially when it’s not that long nor that dark. lol

  10. You know, this is such a coincidence, just yesterday I was looking at my 20 years of sonic art at the logo page, and I looked at the latest Sonic The Hedgehog logo and thought
    “SEGA should really start another standard Sonic title to get the brand going again, like sonic 06 but more successfully”
    Maybe Sonic generations connects with Takashi Iizuka’s mind…

  11. I agree, I would like this. years 1-10 classic years 11-20 2nd modern years 21-30 modern. I do think Sonic needs some change as well.

  12. If they did make a new “standard” Sonic game, then I think they would have to include characters like Tails and Knuckles, which makes me wonder how their gameplay would play out…

  13. Do you think it’s bad that I feel kind of nervous about this? :/ If they’re talking about giving him a new moveset it might be a good idea, they’re a bit hard to control. But in terms of look, and this is just my opinion, I think they should keep him the way he is. I don’t see how they could make him look better than he already does to be honest ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I agree. I don’t want them to change Sonic’s look either. He looks awesome the way he is! His character’s stuck with me for years, both Classic and Modern, and if they did a THIRD design (which in my opinion, is a laughably stupid idea) then I’m scared that the design wouldn’t feel like Sonic anymore. I mean, just look at what happened to SPYRO! ;_;
      Although I don’t really think that will happen to the design and overall feel to Sonic and the plots, and it’s just the gameplay they’re changing, (I’m personally looking forward to what Sonic Team will do next with this) that thought still worries me. :S

    2. You have a point and I agree ๐Ÿ™‚ but they used this formula for quite a while now do you think they would move on as the Unleashed/Generations gameplay was a success? I wouldn’t mind if it was included again ๐Ÿ™‚ it seems to be getting even better but it may get I would like other characters to be playable as it’s been a while…maybe they might also move on at some point? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    3. A new moveset? ._. Personally, I think Quick Step and Speed Drift was the best thing to happen to Sonic since the Spin Dash….

    4. As an artist, I can.

      Make his quills a SLIGHT bit shorter and curve more. (Top quill stick up a bit more at the curve while the 2 bottom quills curve more downward) And less “wiggly”.

      Make his eyes less “box” shaped from some angles and more oval shaped.

      recreate the groove in the shape of his upper muzzle so it doesn’t look so flat-slapped across his face. Giving more shape to his snout and cheeks like originally.

      Make the bottom of his inner ear sharpy cut off from the shape of his head rather than curve on the corners like a gumdrop.

      I’m not sure I really care about the placement of his mouth. It depends on the tone of the individual game.

      Make his sock and glove cuffs less “springy” looking and make his soles a bit thicker.

      Perhaps cut off an inch or so of leg and replace it with torso. From a front view, the torso could be more almond shaped rather than rectangular and stay the same from the side view.

      These are minor things, but they are still things that could be done for an overall improvement (IMO). Either way, it won’t make him look horrible that’s for sure. xD I also don’t care if they don’t do this. =p

      1. you just begged for classic sonic, really…. He is not coming back, Generations was made because of you people!!

  14. hmm, very interesting although I don’t really know what other direction you can go in.
    I sure love the whole 2D-3D aspect of the current era but they will become boring and it’s going to be hard if for example they bring back multiple characters, which I really hope they do. I don’t care so much for a Sonic Adventure 3 now but what I do love about those games were the multiple gameplay mechanics and interlinking stories, and with Sonic Adventure 2 we had the whole hero vs villain theme which was fantastic.

    We shall have to wait and see.

  15. The Unleashed/Generations formula was great (I really liked both games) but it can’t be used too much otherwise it will get boring for future games so it’s good to hear they might be moving on from it I’m okay with this as long as we have more characters playable and each gameplay balanced Sonic’s been going solo for too long now…

  16. As far as I can remember, the simple a to b design always made sense with Genesis vs SNES.
    Then in the pre-modern era with dreamcast vs PS2, it was a tough battle. Yet there were treasures made by this distinct team that not many other dev teams can dream possible. And its not just the trademark character, but other game titles that branched into different ideas.

    We enter the current nextgen where Sega is longer a first party, but a 3rd party team. That was a world shaker, but it opened up so many doors. Sonic Adventure was a fun departure, 2 was a shift in gears with good vs evil. Sonic 06′ was the hopeful rebirth, Unleashed was “day vs night”. And Generations is a celebration to then and now. But what I love most about it, is that Sonic Team does not fear change, but what the fans or consumers take from what they deliver.

    Every company since day one has had ups and downs. That aside they keep on going. I hope we’ll see more fun titles from Sonic Team as they’ve always delivered something special.

  17. Well, I actually don’t have a problem with the Sonic gameplay style right now, in fact I love it! You get to do all the awesome things you see Sonic doing in the CG cutscenes! A fresh start for me would be okay, as long as the speed is still Sonic, the cast doesn’t get new looks (because then that would start another fan raid), and the games just plain out don’t suck. I liked the physics in every Sonic game except Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic 06… so no slippery physics please SEGA. If the next game is going to be the rumored “Sonic Dimensions” I would love to see no slippery controls, use of camera angles, the same super sonic speed we love, and some hardcore platforming. Take the Super Mario 3D series for example (if you think I’m being unfair by comparing Mario to Sonic, guess what, they know how to work together and share ideas) that series had crazy awesome skills to be used, fantastic platforming, and great use for every ability the plumber had. I want that to happen with the future era of our blue blur.

    1. “and great use for every ability the plumber had. I want that to happen with the future era of our blue blur.”

      That’s the idea I had for a Sonic game someday.

      The use of Run, Jump, Double-Jump, Homing Attack, Roll, Somersault, Crawl, Slide, Spindash, Boost, Stomp, Wall Jump, Quick-Step, Drift and Blue Tornado.

      Yeah that sounds like a lot and you’d think it’d be confusing. But truth be told all I did was combine controls with previous controls, as none of them use all the available buttons. (In fact, for the most part the many different moves are only different depending on what you do and what situation you’re in when you press the button as well as how long you press it. The only extra required button is the one on the right.)

      If you saw a tutoral or control diagram it’d seem a lot less confusion.

      I’ve also come up with ideas to blend Tails’ S3&K gameplay with his SA1 gameplay and Knuckles’ S3&K gameplay with his SA1/SA2 gameplay. (Note, by “gameplay” I mean how they control and their abilities, not the level design or objectives. lol)

      1. YES! YOU ARE A GENIUS! That is probably another thing we need for a Sonic game! I want to play as Knuckles and Tails like how we should be. They both are getting so much disrespect. Tails now isn’t allowed to do his awesome things he did in S3&K, and Knuckles…. oh don’t get me started on him… WHAT DID THEY DO TO HIM?! I want those two to be treated as the great optional characters they used to be in S3&K… I also don’t want to be forced to play as optional characters in the next game, I’m getting of tired of playing with characters that are pointless and hard to use. They need to make use of the cool things that the characters can do, otherwise it’s no fun playing as them. I love your idea of what should happen in the next game with the characters!

        1. Indeed, and thank you.

          I have even created ideas for new moves merely to make things even between the characters. (This then sort’ve gives Tails a minor ability similar to the Rocket Wisp and Knuckles one similar to the Drill Wisp. This is to match up with Sonic’s Boost ability)

          My idea would also to set up the character selection like Sonic 3 & Knuckles where the other stories are indeed optional and not forced.
          But speaking of their stories, I would also make this much more like Sonic Adventure where it is the story from their perspective including events exclusive to just them.

          Perhaps the choice between a Hub World and a World Map would be in play as well. (Where the World Map would be like SA2/Colors style blend but technically just be a bird’s-eye-view version OF the Hub World itself.)
          These maps and hubs would be of Angel Island and many locations of South Island (Including Station Square, Mystic Ruins, Central City and Emerald Town/Green Hill)

          In order to truely explain the idea I have for this kind of game, I’d have to be able to show it to you. It’s a great concept that many people seem to like so far. If only I weren’t just a mere single fan. lol

          1. Mmhm, quite true in all those statements, here’s what came into my head for “Sonic Dimensions”

            1. Make 2 stories to play, one with Sonic and one with Blaze considering they’re from alternate dimensions.
            2. They both go through dimensions where they interact with different versions of themselves and in the end they fight their complete opposites (Super Sonic and Burning Blaze vs. Super Zonik and Meltdown Freeze)
            3. Like you said, make the stories in the point of view the character has, and don’t force us to play as other characters we don’t want to use, because I’d like for it to be a straight game with no “Final Story” In the end you fight your Super Alternate.
            4. Along with everything I said in the original comment, allow new features that the system has to offer. (Since it’s rumored on the Wii U, maybe a multiplayer mode requiring the new features would be the best choice considering you’d have many different Sonics and Blazes, and it also provides just as many boy characters as girl characters)
            5. Have a new online approach with the series, I’m tired of rankings, maybe online battles, a Wii U tablet drawing contest section, Dimension race… many possibilities.

  18. Make the new Sonic something that really takes full and complete advantages of the next generation hardware coming out. Like how Sonic 1 did with the genesis! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Breaking News: Sega is adding a 6th quill to Sonic’s head, right under the vertical set down the middle!

    lolz, anyway I loved the modern gameplay style ever since I first saw it in Unleashed in 2008. I mean c’mon, it’s fast!
    But yeah, it will get kinda boring eventually.

    If Lizuka really is gonna try to make a new gameplay style, all I’d ask for it is have at least two more playable characters (other than different versions of Sonic) and the physics to be (at least somewhat) more dependent on momentum.

  20. ๐Ÿ˜€ Whiny fanbrats in 3…2…1…
    But seriously, I’m interested in seeing a new design or gameplay style.

  21. I’m sick of sonic fans ALWAYS bitching no matter what generations is a awesome game and b4 it’s release everyone was super juiced thn as soon as its out everyone starts crying about this or that just play the fucking game if u don’t like the physics or the style of game play whn sonic is in 3d thn don’t fucking buy the game and everyone always is crying about the characters u play as or about wanting adventure 3 fuck off thts what’s sonic 06 was so get over it and really the people who created sonic can do wht ever they want with the characters bcuz they fucking own thm so at the end I’ll say this stop fucking crying about dumb shit and realize tht ur bitching isnt gonna change shit so just go play those shitty stolen sprites fan games tht suck ball sacks

  22. i remeber sonic colours best sonic game for nintendo consoles. ive be a sonic fan since i was 4 and played sonic spinball i like the way sonic looks and the gameplay but it would be cool to have an sa3 anyone read sonic the hedgehog issue 230 yet the ending i though yes the brought it back the saying priorty one hedgehog and sallys robotized whoops dint mean to say that

  23. Before I dive right into my comment I just want to say that the fans are more involved in the Sonic Series than Mario fans are involved with the Mario Series. Why is that? Because the series is willing to try new things and expand on good ideas as well as get rid of ones that just don’t work at all. This ended up becoming one of the most social fan bases as well as one of the most unorganized due to the difference in what each fan likes.

    Now on to what the point of my comment is. The fact the Sonic series doesn’t rehash the same formula for everyone of their own games makes it a generally interesting series. You will hear people hating a lot of the aspects but do you ever see a drop in sales for each game? No matter what terrible review you hear or what people mock this series, you will always find people buying the game. Why? Because a new generation as well as a decent amount of adjusting fans are getting into the series. I’ve stood by this series from the start and I haven’t gave a 2nd though about it. I like to see what new things can be done. It was my general inspiration to go to college after all. Just because a game gets a bad review, has a few loose ends, and generally seems unappealing isn’t a good enough reason to stop liking a franchise. Go with your own opinion after you have tried the game out. The series has had bad and good turns BECAUSE of the fans.

    Look back at it and tell me who’s fault the game Shadow the Hedgehog was? It was due to a very VERY heavy fan demand to bring him back. That led to his return in Heroes, which led to Shadow the Hedgehog game. This is where the fan complaints started in heavy. Mind me, I don’t really hate that game, but it isn’t the best it could have been. I’m generally just saying fans have more control than they think. By making comments in these sort of websites or elsewhere in forums ect., Sonic Team / Sega has been paying attention to our comments for collective thinking of what to do with the series as a whole. So if you complain about something that has happened over the past years it is a mixture of fan demand and experimenting on Sonic Team / Sega’s part.

    I’m ready and willing to see what they can dish out in the future. If they are planning to start a new main series then I am looking forward to seeing what they can possibly do to appeal to the fans. Long live Sonic.


  25. It smell like Sonic Adventure 3 to me!!!

    Personally I hate the Boost-to-win formula, I’d to have Adventure Style again.

    1. now that they started to make some good 3d platforming again in generations, i would love if the toke the hedgehog engin and used it to creat sonic adventure 3. But im pretty sure we wont get it for a long time (Sad face) But i digress ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Why is it that no one knows the hedgehog engine is for graphics only and has nothing to do with gameplay?

        1. Dunno. Probably because when people hear “Engine” they automatically think “Physics”.

          Tho, in this comment, you can’t really tell for sure if this person knew it was a Graphics Engine or not because he/she didn’t particularly say anything about gameplay. He/she merely said that hopefully SEGA will use it on SA3. (There have been games without the Hedgehog Engine still so you never know.)

  26. Can we just stay consistent to one doggone formula Sega. I mean one minute its the boost game play,then the classic game play,and then some people still want the adventure gameplay.Bottom line you can’t please everyone period you just can’t.

  27. I dont think Shadzter will delete those comments. They are only debating…i think. Geez, I mean COME ON guys! You are fighting over nothing. Hogfather, if you think 2006 is SA3, then good for you, but let “guy” keep his opinion. I don’t think 2006 is SA3, so what, are you guys gonna start a flamewar over that? My goodness.

    @Guy – Go ahead and believe there will be an SA3, I’m with you :).

    When Iizuka talked about a new standard Sonic, it made me think that Sonic U is real. Even some company said that the tablet will connect with the wiimote, or something, and that was also related to WiiU. All in all, Iizuka, I trust you :).

    1. I don’t think he’d delete them simply cuz there’s no faul in expressing that they want an SA3. Sure it might be annoying, but say Sonic Team DOES make SA3 and it pleases them. Will you not enjoy it as well? And if you don’t enjoy it is that so bad? You can enjoy the next game. There are plenty of other games out there you probably don’t enjoy that many others do. Why wish for them to not be made when you can simply not play them and then live life as if it never happened? lol

      1. Nowhere in my post did I say I wouldn’t enjoy an SA3, unless you were just questioning me lol. No, I would certainly love to play a SA3, and any other Sonic game that just makes sense, gameplay-wise. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. i hope sega makes a game like adventure, adventure 2, and 06 and game where theres no boost i love the new sonic games with a boost but i hope modern sonic isnt only a boost and they change it for like 3 games

  29. He better put his money where his mouth is. I haven’t been impressed by a console sonic game since SA2.

  30. Well seeing how Iizuka made COLORS and GENERATIONS and those games are freaking amazing if he changes sonic it will be fantastic he didn’t make all the other games and look were Sonic is now because of him Sonic is getting all the respect he deserves so CHANG IS GOOD !! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Iizuka designed stages in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, directed SA1 and SA2 and produced Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations. Yeah he’s got the capability. It’s just a matter of if the idea works or not. And if it doesn’t, that’s just more feedback for him to take advantage of for yet another future game.

  31. Generations is the first game where I feel like they got the new sonic style right.
    It feels like the perfect blend of unleashed with platforming like Sonic adventure.

  32. I am ready for something new.

    1. Adventure gameplay was the best

    2. Sidescrolling modern is annoying

    3. Adventure 3 would be win, but the horrible truth is that it is not happening

    4. New gameplay designed around a mixture between adventure and unleashed/generations engine would probably be the best way to go

    1. 3. isn’t a truth. That’s an assumption.

      My idea revolves pretty much around Adventure + Modern gameplay but includes technically Classic Gameplay due to the inclusion of the roll ability.

      I do agree that Modern Sidescrolling is annoying. It feels wrong. In Generations, Classic Sonic’s side scrolling somehow felt right at least. lol

      A lot of people are forgetting that Generations’ level designs are a blend of inspiration from Unleashed, Colors and SA2 combined. So SA3 probably wouldn’t likely be all that bad even with the current physics. (which would most likely change to be looser with spindash replacing boost if not being added to it. lol)

  33. Sonic 1,2,3,4,CD,& Knuckles – 2D
    Sonic Advance 1,2,3 Sonic Rush and adventure- Modern 2D
    Adventure,Adventure 2, Heroes, 06, Shadow thg hedgehog – Adventure series
    Unleashed, Colors, Generations- “Modern”(Boost)
    Sonic Dimentions- New era

    Oh and what does dimentions kinda sound like, generations what does dimentions mean? Sonic going through dimentions like going through the different ages through dimentions. Or sonic could be going through different dimentions to do something . . . anyway if sega wants to make this “new sonic game” (meaning something new maybe no boost) then there gonna have to put all their effort into it and work as hard as they possible can on and put a lot of content like bunches of worlds and bunches of characters and maybe release other games along the way to keep us happy but work harder then any other sonic game on it

  34. Is this what things have come to?

    First you guys chant “WE WANT SONIC 4! THE ADVENTURE GAMES WERE SHIT!”


    Sonic Generations fixes nearly everything, and now the new thing to bandwagon on is “WHERE’S OUR SONIC ADVENTURE 3, SEGA?”

    Generalization, I know, but I seriously hope you all can make up your minds in the future.
    You’re sending mixed-messages.

    Personally, I’ll be okay with whatever Sega chooses to do with Sonic. His games are fun to play, so I will continue to play them.
    Also, Sonic ’06 was Sonic Adventure 3.
    Deal with it.

    1. Actually Sonic Unleashed was labelled as the TRUE Sonic Adventure 3, until it got its named changed.

      1. It had it’s name changed due to being too different.

        If you look through Sonic history, you won’t find “Sonic Adventure 3”. The game does not currently exist.

        However, if we’re going to talk about games that are like sA3, I’d say Sonic Generations was a heck of a lot more like SA3 than 06 or Unleashed ever were. (And it only helps that you can actually play Speed Highway and City Escape in this game as well. lol Or for those who do believe in 06 and Unleashed being SA3, Generations has Crisis City and Rooftop Run. So there. lol)

  35. I think it’s funny that the only reason people think the unleashed engine is working now in generations is because its been slowed down. If you’re gonna slow it down, why not just bring back the adventure engine. Its tigheter controls and goes a good pace. GET IT? The unleashed formula sucks and the only reason we’re getting good sonic games now is because Sonic team has grown. Nothing to do with this shitty 2D with some 3d engine.

    Sonic adventure 3 al the way

  36. Would someone care to explain to me what this Sonic Dimensions rumor thing is about? I keep hearing about it but don’t know exactly what it’s about…

    1. Supposedly it a rumored Wii U title that is being co developed by Sonic Team and Nintendo. I don’t know if you have played the legend of Zelda four swords or kirby mass attack. But it is rumored that Sonic will suffer a spilt in personallity and there will be 4 other sonics that spilt from him each with a different personality trait. One is rumored to be like Big the cat. and one is rumored to be a sonic that is basically the love child of Shadow and Silver in terms of personality.

      its alittle farfecthed this rumor but we’ll see.

      1. A little farfecthed…HA. It’s beyond that, I started laughing as soon as I saw Eggman messing with the Space time continuum….it’s as if someone at Sonic Team was playing Pokemon Diamond and Pearl a little too much. First time (Sonic Generations) now space (Sonic Demensions), what next….anti matter (Sonic Quantum-Loop). HANG ON SONIC FANS, WE’RE IN FOR ONE HELL OF A RIDE.

        1. crazier things have come out with this series. Beastiality comes to mind. But I will agree with you this was like a fanboys wet dream when it was revealled but theres the attachable touchscreen to the wii mote that was first stated in the TSSZ article then a few days later a patient shows up with some of those spec mention in the article. So you never know. I personally still don’t like the idea very much, but either way i wasn’t planning on getting a Wii U anytime soon so in the meantime I will be sitting back enjoying Sonic Generations 3ds, and any other 3ds game while I patiently wait for the next handheld Sonic game.

          1. …Beastiality… is NOT crazier than splitting the space-time continuum.
            But crazier things have occured. This idea isn’t really original to Sonic but some of the concept is far-fetched.

            On another note, while the idea could be far-retched, the execution might pull it off well if it so happens to be true.

  37. I like the modern gameplay as it is now but, I’m interested in a new Sonic Formula. We had this modern formula since Sonic Rush practically and seen it shift and evolve into what it is now. We had this formula for a while so, if they think its time for a change, I’m ready. If they want to do more Rush/Unleashed/Colors gameplay, there’s always DLC for Generations (All that white space still screams for DLC to me). However, for the new formula, I would still like the speed of the now modern era (if not faster) but, with a more free roaming feel. More so than the Adventure series/Dreamcast era stages because you do have some freedom but, it is still very linear in its structure/design. I would like the roaming freedom of like the 3d hub worlds but, with enemies, platforming, hidden goodies, world gimmicks (like underwater or lava everywhere), not glitchy, and able to go full speed with a lot more stuff to do. A real full open world fast-paced Sonic experience is what I’m hoping for. Along with looser controls that would work to its favor. Still, I’ll enjoy the sonic we have now while he still here. Here’s looking to the future of the king of the rings.

    1. A better example for the open world idea is like Mario (64/Galaxy), Legend of Zelda (OoT/MM/TP/etc.), and Crash Twinsanity. Not in terms of gameplay but, how wide and free the world is and how well the different environments connect with each other. You have a lot of space just to mess around in hypersonic speeds. Let the worlds be something like that and would like each environment to be at a very large length and detailed like Unleashed/Generations (Modern) stages. Plus, this will not only help expand on the capabilities and new experiences of Sonic himself but, also his friends and enemies. Like it would give Tails more room to fly and let him build and interact with more gadgets and machines.

  38. I’m happy to hear this. They’ve done a LOT right with Generations, but I’m sick of the boosting. I feel it has no place in a Sonic game. The later levels of Generations like Seaside Hill, Sky Sanctuary, and City Escape were examples of awesome level design, so they finally have a grip on that, but the thing weighing Sonic down the most is the senseless boost.

    Here’s what I’d like to see:
    – Momentum based physics like in the Genesis games, but 3D.
    – No boost. Homing attack is fine, but only because it’s hard to hit enemies by just jumping in 3D.
    – Open level design. No more race track / corridor levels.
    – A Chao garden (Optional) For when I feel like wasting some time.
    – Multiple playable characters that do not have drastically different gameplay styles from Sonic (Like S3&K)

  39. This is the last time im telling anyone this, Sonic Dimensions IS A FAN GAME! Go on YouTube, you’ll see thats it’s a fan game.

  40. @Ricardo & Will

    Thanks for the Information guys. =)
    The concept of it does sounds interesting, but until anymore information comes out, I have to be skeptical about it. The Nintendo partnership (although would be amazing) is just throwing me off for some reason.

  41. As long as they don’t change his character model (We seriously don’t need another “green eyes” issue with something else) and the gameplay is actually fun and works, I’m for it.
    Shame though, I really liked Unleashed/Generations type play. I really didn’t like Colors, it felt too slow, wispy and platformy for me. A new style should be Classic/Adventure/Unleashed all in one, kinda like Generations did with some of it’s Modern levels.

  42. [Warning, wall of text that may come off as pretentious.]

    It’s about time Sonic moved on.

    Seriously though, risks and different ideas are needed to keep things a bit fresh (though it’s not to say all risks are good ideas). Sure, people will like what they like, same goes for what makes for what they feel is (in this case) a decent Sonic game.

    I feel a bit of it is having the nostalgia goggles on too tight, though there’s nothing wrong being in love with the things you grew up with.

    Comparing then to now, Sonic has had his ups n downs. We all weren’t grown up at the time to know when something was good or bad until we got older and were able to play these games again. And thinking about it, that was probably SEGA’s downfall, rereleasing the older games as many times as they have. (Which compared to Nintendo’s rereleasing… is a lot more often.)

    Nintendo was a bit more… frugal about it (until Virtual Console came along, even there you can download the Sonic Classics). But with Sonic, we never lost access to these games, even the bad ones no one wants to bring up, or ones that weren’t inherently as acknowledged, but still memorable. On one hand, yeah the games get more sales, and the newer crowd gets new access with the newer toys of today.

    Downside, now there’s something to compare it with. And when there’s now such a balanced and jagged separation of likes and dislikes, it’s been a big mix of vocal chaos where we (as a general whole) can’t just calm down and control ourselves to respect the opinions of others.

    Things didn’t get so crazy between fans before the explosion of the internet.

    People are either on the fence or in agreement about the past decade being very… hit and miss. There’s been an explosion of fans and social connections. SEGA/Sonic Team took the opportunity to use the social connects to reach out to fans and ask “What would you like to see?”

    (The following is in regards to non-crossovers [Mario & Sonic] and non-multiplayers like the Riders series and other sports games, and ports of older games for rerelease [Collections & Gems].)

    After SA2, you wanted Shadow and other SEGA characters back. That gave us Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog, and later Sonic 06. (We got graphics and music down, but it was still a very very VERY shakey step from just 3D to the next generation of gaming.)

    Then you said there were too many characters and that all a game needs is Sonic. That gave us Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic and the Black Knight, and later Sonic Unleashed which brought us something new with a throw back to some things (Hub World – Sonic Adventure, multiple paths to reach a goal – older Sonic games (because let’s face it, SA1 and 2 were pretty linear when it came to reaching the goal).

    But [apparently] people didn’t like something too different in their Sonic game [werehog]. And others wanted Sonic to go back to his roots and be 2D again. …Because apparently Sonic Advance 1 – 3 were completely ignored by fans (in terms of acknowledgement, not sales) and don’t count because they’re portable (which I personally think is a crock, but honestly the Special Stages were some serious mind wreckers without help). Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure seemed relatively well received in comparison with the hub-bub of the console titles.

    Onward, we ended up with Sonic 4: Episode 1 for console 2D. “Not quite like the old days now is it?” [Needless to say, some hims and haws, split reaction.]

    So they tried to combine 2D and 3D (sort of) in Sonic Colors. Gettin’ warmer Sonic Team (according to the masses). Again, instead of being cut n’ dry, they wanted something new to make it seem less stale [wisps.]

    Sonic Team (not SEGA) didn’t want to just do a remake of old games, otherwise they probably would’ve done that. (Eeeey- guess what happened?) But Generations came around instead of doing something different like with Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic 06.

    HOWEVER- instead of just doing complete HD level remakes from the platforms to the area of the enemies, they switched it up a bit and gave each their own look, and even changed a few things so that it wasn’t something you’ve already played before. While not completely fresh, it wasn’t entirely like playing Sonic 4 and Sonic Unleashed/Colors split down the middle.

    …While things are supposedly going in a positive direction (according to the masses, it sounds like it’s one of the few “unbroken and playable” Sonic games to come out recently apparently). And…now here and there people are saying they’re bored…?

    It’s understandable with all these nods to the past that people would eventually get bored of that. It’s time for something different to come around again.

    One could say that Generations is taking a bow to the past in order to move on. But with developers listening to the fans, and not enough agreement on any one desired singularity of what makes something Sonic as far as 3D games go.

    That and the technology of gaming is evolving, so development has to follow. To some extent, I’d say that Sonic fans are slowing Sonic down, while keeping him alive in a unique sort of way.

    I’d like to hope that Sonic Team knows what they’re doing by now, and hopefully whatever decisions they make in the future will keep things in a more growing positive direction. And maybe one day the fans will keep up with each other.


    1. I wonder how long it takes you to think about this..? ๐Ÿ˜› Oh and I agree with your great wall of text. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I usually try to observe first, but I try to look at things from different views to take it in and think about it. Part of it is knowing different people who have different views on it, while at the same time be relatively sensible.

        The hard part is actually making sure I complete the thought and don’t go too far off or get too biased (which is really easy to do, and at the same time it’s almost impossible to be truly unbiased).

        Time? …Eh, I don’t pay attention to that. If you really have a thought to get out, you have all the time in the world really. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. I think this was very well thought and I have the same feelings. Sonic doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long and is always on the move for something new and exciting. This keeps things interesting and fresh. You live through your journeys and learn from them to move on and evolve. Cool post my friend.

      1. Pretty much the thought in a nutshell lol. I think that’s part of why some may seem more drawn to the Sonic Universe than Mario (or just drawn to it in general). Sonic you have various tv shows, comics, music (since each console game seems to come out with its own soundtrack), games and a plethora of fans each doing something a bit different. (Though the same could be said for Mario.)

        When banned together, fans have been able to make lots of things happen that expand further than just another face of SEGA, like events and conventions for Sonic alone. While small and scattered, the numbers grow. But the numbers are great enough for those back as SEGA to realize this, and they’ve delivered where they could.

        While to some it may seem insignificant, giving back to the fans is something that takes time, planning, and money. Mostly planning and time though, but even with that, nothing’s free. (As much as we’d like for it to be lol.)

        But yeah, glad you enjoyed it~ =)

  43. it’d be cool if they combined the unleashed gameplay plus the zero gravity gameplay wer they jump off debris of the stage and sonic 06’s speed sections so u cud feel like a badazz wile ur playing

  44. i want to see drawn boxart again.
    im tired of the CG covers. they should bring back the Adventure 1-2 art style with the improbable poses.

  45. The Adventure formula? lawl.

    Sure, let’s return to monotonous highway-in-the-sky level design, gratuitous gimmickery, fishing and shard-hunting, bestiality, pretentious storylines and pace-killing town stages. Let’s undo three years’ good work and make Sonic a laughing stock of the industry once again. Glad to hear this fanbase knows what’s good for them.

  46. ANYTHING but more boos-a-thon, pseudo on-rails games.
    Actually why don’t you try bringing platforming back into the series? Remember platforming? Yeah the series used to be about platforming.

  47. i don’t know why people are prattling on about the future of sonic games mere days after the release of his finest works bar none; you should all be looking forward to potential DLC releases first before they call it quits on generations!
    i’ve really been trying hard not to rush through that game, and eventually completed it last night, and hopefully after watching the end sequence, i picked up the (hopefully literal) message from modern sonic to classic, that his future is going to be awesome! i hope that is the case but i’d quite happily live with DLC content of his full works from all major games for generations, and have something to go back to over and over, i don’t know about you guys but i still play the mega drive versions, they have major replayability value, and to see sega do everything from them games reimagined would be the sweet sweet icing on the cake for me. hell i think they should even bring in a sonic R type mode for the levels as a multiplayer mode!

    on a side note, loved the credit sequence, watching his history play through like that was nostalgic to say the least!

  48. I’m still hoping for a return of the Adventure style of gameplay, only they should fix the problems from those games and add new twists.

  49. Hm, I’m not really sure where else they could go. I mean, for the first time in recent memory, Generations really feels like a polished game. I haven’t run into any glitchy, abyss-opening floors, I can grind rails without fear of Sonic deciding to land 2 inches to the side and fall to his death, homing attacks don’t throw Sonic into the wrong directions; this really is the best since at least SA2 (I’d count Colors, but I haven’t had a chance to play it yet).

    I guess if I were to suggest anything else, it’d be to extend all these improvements to other characters. I’d like to be able to fly around as Tails again, or to scale all sorts of walls with Knuckles to see how high the levels go. Maybe give Shadow a taste of some 2D gameplay, and to go hog-wild with the Chaos powers?

  50. How can people be ‘bored’ of the Unleashed/Colours/Generations style when the three play barely anything like each other?

    Unleashed – glorified time attack racer

    Colours – 2D-heavy platforming built around a Wisp gimmick

    Generations – tribute to series history, more emphasis on 3D/open-world platforming and branching paths

    Generations’s modern gameplay rocks my boxers, but I won’t say there’s no room for improvement. Build an original game or two around perfecting that style, then see what the next console generation brings.

  51. I really begginglly hope this means no more boost to win formula.. was fun but been killed now.
    please have sonic use his spindash item boxes and lovely momentum like physics with nice 3dness and payable friends etc etc…

    sonic is not truely sonic without these things these days. including the spindash …

    plleeeeeeaaaasssseee no more boost! sonic isnt boost to win!!!!!!!!!! 0_0

  52. Sonic has had many changes, some good and others bad. All I want from Sonic is something new, something that has much fantsy as it did but in its own modern way. Long story short, just surprise me Sega.

  53. Hey, why not give us an open world to explore? Why not make a Sonic game that involves Sonic keeping ahold of the Chaos Emeralds rather than loosing them, and instead using Super Sonic to travel through space to different worlds? Or is that too close to Super Mario Galaxy? No closer than Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing was to Mario Kart.

    When I was playing Generations, Planet Wisp made me think of this. I had to stop platforming and ended up exploring the grassy grounds as if I were actually going to find some secret cave or ANYTHING.

    Bring back open world exploration, but make sure it stays at Sonic speed! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Well, technically Sonic Unleashed, Sonic kept the Chaos Emeralds through-out the whole game…they just lost their power is all.

  54. If anything with the formula to make a possible “standard” Sonic around the next year would mean rethinking both a traditional and anticipating outline that only a high-end Sonic game can be successful like the recent Generations.

    The only thing that would have to be kept in mind is not stressing out the makeshift of other characters, story scripts, and new realm levels like crisis city in Sonic 2006, then we can have a good jolly old time to praise our beloved hedgehog. =]

  55. I don’t care what they do, I’ll still play it anyway. Just as long as they don’t change Sonic’s design, its perfect the way it is thank you very much!

  56. I think everyone is missing the point with the current game play.

    It IS rubbish*, but it IS the best since classic (or adventure)

    * Straight line, boosting through pointless badniks, usually the game ‘plays it for you**’, not much choice how to play…
    ** Think of it this way, if I took a video of all the parts where the game controls YOU, even the small ones, it would be a lengthy video (depending on the game size)
    Gotta credit them for adding the 2D platforming sections though, I would like them to stay.

  57. wait are they talking about new Charater disign or a new gameplay engine? can Anyone clear this up for me?

  58. I don’t think they will call the game sonic adventure 3, since well technically sonic 06 is that 3rd game but a gameplay like those adventure titles would be great. They just need to redefine that, use the best elements of it. the sonic and shadow stages were very well done, a good story, interesting level design, good boss fights. What not to include? well big the cat stages, tails without a machine, and knuckles and rouge having stages that are more platforming but not about treasure hunting, maybe doing some basic stealth and such, quick combat (not crappy repetitive constant werehog combat). I think the problem is not that is bad to have other characters (because that’s what made the adventure series more unique and different from mario) but is the way they handle them.

  59. In my humble opinion, a new Sonic would be great. Sonic 06 was a good idea, but thanks to Sony and their pressure, it got bad. Now, they have more time to plan things and I have the strong hope that it will be good. About Gimmicks and new friends… why not. Why can’t Sonic use some new gadgets? Why can’t he use a vehicle? Just because he is the fastest thing alive (in his universe) does not mean that he is not allowed to use a car, travel by train or blimp or use a gadget like Shadow used guns. The problem is that people lived a long time with Sonic and don’t want something new, because in their eyes, something new is a hazardous thing that could destroy their idol. But just because those “fans” don’t like the idea, does not mean that all think like it.

    I liked the classic games, the SA series, StH, Chronical, the racing games (especially Sonic R), the storybook series and now Generation. Whatever will follow now, I can’t wait to see and play it.

  60. Let’s not go saying that he will be completely changing it. I mean, it has been a success for 3 years now, so why not keep what works? I have a feeling, that there will be a new take on it, but still having what the Modern gameplay had to offer in Unleashed, Colours and Generations: Speed, Platforming, Breath-taking visual quality and fun. But even if they completely change it, Sonic’s still Sonic, and I can learn to move on.

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