Get a Sonic Generations Statue Code at Marks & Spencer

Those who have played Sonic Generations may have heard about the game’s hidden Statue Room and the code system used to unlock the statues. Well, in an update to their official Sonic Generations website, SEGA’s revealed that you can obtain a code at posh UK retailer Marks & Spencer which will unlock exclusive statues. It’s unknown if you need to purchase anything to obtain the code right, though. We’ll update when we know more.

SEGA has also offered the below instructions about the Statue Room for those new to it.

Head to the Collection Room in Sonic Generations™ – it’s located to the left of the Green Hill Stage Gate in the White Space.
When you’re in the Collection Room, press and hold SELECT (PS3™) or BACK (Xbox 360®), and Sonic will drop down to the Statue Room. You can return to the Collection Room by jumping on the Spring in the Statue Room.

How to enter the code
To unlock your statue, press SELECT (PS3™) or BACK (Xbox 360®) and enter your code.
Hey presto, you have a new statue!

Viewing your statue collection
To view your statue collection, push up on the left stick and you’ll go into “Viewing” mode. You can then use the left stick to rotate your statue. To go back, press the CIRCLE (PS3™) or B (Xbox 360®) button.

You can find your nearest Marks & Spencer store over at their website.

Source: Official Sonic Generations website (via SEGA Addicts)

Thanks to SSMB member Blur of Blue for the heads up!

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  1. I live in the US, so when you guys find that code, post it here!

    Yeah I know all the codes have been revealed already, but I want to unlock them at the official times.

    1. New E.G.G.M.A.N. remix? All it is is a shortened version of the instrumental if you’re referring to the cutscene/Map version.

  2. So wju are they just now doing this? I mean as people have mentioned, that guy already got all the codes.

      1. Yes, it is not like the trophies do anything special. All you do is rotate them. I only have four of them, I became too lazy to get the rest.

    1. You make it sound like the game’s been out ages. It only came out last week. The statue room codes thing is obviously meant as a way to promote the game for a long time and give the players a bit of fun collecting them. They didn’t know the codes were going to get leaked.

    1. Oh, woops. I must have misread your pm on Friday somehow. When I saw you mention Japanese, I thought you were talking about a code method being revealed for Japan, and I didn’t see the M&S part. I’ll add your name in for credit. Sorry ^_^’

  3. Hi there

    I’ve seen vids on Youtube showing all the statues they have, which I really like as they will be good for when I want to draw a certain character or badnik. I thank Sega and Sonic Team for making this room ^^


  4. I had a quick look round my M&S this afternoon (particularly at any kids areas like the sweets aisle), but couldn’t find anything Sonic-y. I didn’t ask any member of staff because I would most likely look like an idiot.

    “Hi, do you know how I can get one of the codes for the statue room in Sonic Generations?”


    “Well, there was a new Sonic game released on Friday, and if you go into the collection room and hold select, then you unlock a trophy room. You need codes to unlock the trophies, and I read on a website that Marks and Spencer were giving away the first one.”

    “Um… I haven’t heard anything about this.”

    “Um… okay, thanks *walks away ebarrassed*”.

    That is how it would have went and you know it.

  5. Hmm.. You know.. I have all the statues already in my Statue Room. But I’m wondering about the models on the statues.
    For example, we have some characters we haven’t seen in the game: Jet, Big the Cat, E-123 Omega and Chip to name a few. So this could possibly connect to future DLC featuring these characters.

    For example: Big the Cats stage would be a Mini game where you have to catch fish, Jet’s stage would be in full 3D where you would race him on Modern Sonic’s Hoverboard, E-123 Omega stage would be a Shooting Simulator like in Sonic Adventure and Chip? …..He could be a special skill for Modern Sonic that grabs rings for him.

    1. I dont think we will see much DLC, Sega are alreadly working on another sonic game, i think sega should pause on new games and focus on adding things to generations, theres so much they can add, like Ice Cap.

  6. I just popped into my local M&S and found nothing of the sort. I looked all around except the women’s underwear section. To justify looking there would take some cunning 😛

  7. Gen’s Statue Room codes with promos, this is going to be challenging. I wonder how Sega will work things out here stateside with those codes for the room itself. Kinda strange nothing popped up from my DLC with Casino Night Zone (with GS) maybe by email? Or from more retailers? I wonder how this is going to work.

    1. Hopefully SEGA will talk about how the US can get their first code soon. They don’t appear to have revealed how to get the first code in the rest of Europe or Australia yet either.

  8. I’ll be going past my local M&S in about 40 minutes, so I’ll pop in and make a tit of myself. The joys of being a Sonic fan.

  9. SO, like others, I went into my local M&S and asked, and like everyone else they didn’t have a clue what I was talking about.

    Unlike others, I didn’t leave it there. I called up customer support and their head offices.. they hadn’t heard of it either. Yeah, it’s a great promotion when even head office hasn’t any knowledge of it.

    So then I decided to call up SEGA Europe head office and customer support and, surprise surprise, they ALSO don’t know of it. Great job SEGA.

    It seems someone either jumped the bullet too early in putting stuff up online, or something else is going on. They said to give it a week and try again, but I’m not so sure that’ll make a difference in this case.


    1. well then M&S had no clue about this and SoEU had no clue about this either. So its safe to assume that this is total debunked. I recommend everyone to go to gamefaqs and get the codes from there ( so you all won’t embarass your selves asking M&S staff about it. I dunno of any company here in america that similar to M&S that b-So-A would team up with for this kind of thing. I just think were all better off getting the codes from gamefaqs and put this embarassment behind us.

  10. i checked my m&s and they know nothing about the code. sega should of gave the codes before this whole exclusive statue thing :\

    1. If by that, you mean the Sonic 3 Data select remix, then yes. The only downside is that you can only rotate left and right, and not up and down. Yeah, Sega knows how to block those perverts wanting to see Amy’s panties and Cream’s panties.

  11. The only reference to M&S is the image of the logo. It’s not mentioned in the text at all.

    …What are the chances that someone at SEGA accidentally uploaded a picutre of the M&S logo instead of, say, a screenshot of the trophy room? It’s unlikely, but no more than an M&S Sonic Generations partnership.

      1. that link just takes you to and I even changed the flag on the site from US to UK and there is no indication of the M&S logo. all I saw logo for, PEGI, bbfc and elspa. I’m sorry to say Shadzter, but some how you were misinformed about this.

        1. ok scratch that. i’ve followed the other link at the top of the page and the M&S Logo is there, but I honestly think that this is an error on SoEU’s part.

  12. Already entered all 55 codes. But I don’t get why would they make HD models for characters that aren’t in the main campaign. Unless there’s gonna be DLC that involves Big, Omega, and a Chao Garden.

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