Five Gold Rings – A Christmas Carol Competition!

We’re kicking off the festive season in style at TSS, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with a competition?

Thanks to our friends over at ZAGG we’ve got a whole batch of excellent goodies for mobile phones to give away! Up for grabs are ten sets of 3.5mm earphones, and ten Sonic-themed ZAGGskins scratch protectors for iPhone 4 or Galaxy i9000.

All YOU have to do to be in with a chance of winning one of these prizes is rewrite a favourite festive carol or song with a Sonic theme! Be as imaginative as you like, just make sure that the song remains recognisable and features elements from any aspect of the Sonic universe. We’d love to see what you come up with, you creative bunch!

To enter, send us an email at competition[at] with your name, email address, your entry of course, and the name of the original carol or song that you’ve rewritten. Winners will be contacted for postal address details at the end of the competition.

The closing date for all entries is midnight on Monday December 12th so please get your entries to us by then!

Prizes will be randomly allocated unless you are entering for a phone skin, in which case please let us know in your email whether you have an iPhone 4 or a Galaxy i9000 so that we can match the prize to you if you are a winner.

If you like the look of these excellent prizes, ZAGG are holding a half-price sale right now, so why not hop on over to their store to see what else they’ve got?

Welcome to the Festive Season on TSS~ Keep your eye out for more great events on both the main site and the forum. Have fun!


  1. Can I make fan Christmas related song with using Sonic songs, if so lloks like I need to pratice my singing

    1. This particular competition is to rewrite an existing carol or festive song using Sonic influences. Also, we only need a written version… no singing required (; Entries will be judged on the creativity and flow of the written lyrics.

        1. You might know me as a moderator on TSS’s forum SSMB. You’d be correct that I’m new to posting on the main site!

          1. lol now look what you’ve done Flyboy, people will start thinking “NOOOO! I didn’t get the TSS writers role!” =p

    1. The earbuds are compatible with (all models of) iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, and any other media device with a 3.5 mm jack (:

    1. Mild language is okay, but just be sensible about it. My guideline would be don’t use anything you wouldn’t expect to see in a PG-rated family friendly comedy.

  2. Bummer I don’t have an iPhone (or any smartphone due to finances)… oh well… I could just write my own for the fun of it though, even if I don’t enter it. After all, it’s the Christmas season!

    1. The earbuds are designed with multiple uses in mind. They will work with any device with a 3.5mm jack. I’m sure that you could find a use for them if you win (:

    1. You can include more than one rewritten song in your entry email if you like, but only one will be chosen to be judged against our other favourite entries when we come to judging them.

  3. I would also love to do “The 12 Days of Christmas” But i’m sure there will be tons all using alot of the same lyrics.
    (7 Chaos Emeralds,5 Gold/Power Rings,etc.)

  4. What form does it have to be in? Does it have to be typed into the email or can it be an attachment?

  5. Question, do you mind if I enter two different songs? I already have Frosty the Snowman (Sonic the Hedgehog) done, but I’m working on Run Run Rudolph (Run Run Sonic,) right now. Just so you could have more entries, but I’m not that interested in prizes (I wouldn’t mind a pair of earphones, but that’s it.)

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