Crush 40 “Song of Hope” Single Now Available on iTunes

From today, you can now download Crush 40‘s latest track “Song of Hope” which is dedicated to the victims and affected families of the mega-earthquake and tsunami which devestated parts of Japan’s east coast earlier this year. The track is now available on iTunes and can be downloaded for a meagre 79p ($0.99).

If you were unable or could not afford to pick up the Best of Crush 40 album “Super Sonic Songs” , the entire album is also now available to download electronically for £7.99 – less than half the price of buying the physical copy.

Link to download “Song of Hope” single from iTunes

Link to download “Super Sonic Songs” – Best of Crush 40 from iTunes


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      1. Haven’t seen any music cd whit Sonic music in Sweden so i am whit you *cries also in the corner*

        1. Both the song and album, as well as several Sonic games’ soundtracks are available at the swedish iTunes store, so why do YOU cry in a corner for? Then again, it’s only digital downloads. The physical disc is still unavailable, so if that’s what you’re after, then you may continue crying in the corner…

  1. It’s awesome 🙂

    You can also download the 4 20th Anniversary soundtracks inc. the Sonic CD one!

  2. I jumped onto itunes when I first heard about the song & had a little double take when I saw the Anniversary soundtracks on there as well (I didn’t know SEGA had realised them in other countries, I so used to being screwed out of the soundtracks).

    1. I guess if Sega doesn’t want to release them in our countries and make money and there’s no legal way for us to get them beyond expensive importing, that’s grounds to give them the finger and pirate the music right? Right? Tell me I’m right! I want that music!! *cries*

  3. Sweet, now I’ll finally actually be able to support these guys instead of just downloading their stuff illegally.

    Also, The Best of Crush 40 album seems to include stuff that wasn’t originally on the CD like Seven Rings in Hand and Free.

  4. Eh…it’s average at best. I really think it’s time for them to start making the theme songs for games again. Knight of the Wind is one of my favorite themes by them, so it’s not like their glory days peaked with the Dreamcast/Gamecube titles.

  5. …and people say the US gets all the good stuff. You guys got the special editions of both Colors AND Generations, and now you get Crush 40 on iTunes. In fact, I can’t remember a single time during the past 5 years where the US got something that the UK didn’t, Sonic-wise.

    1. Sorry for snapping, I’m just pissed off about other stuff right now. Maybe I’ll go watch MLP…

  6. What a lovely song, hoping to hear it live at SUMMER OF SONIC 2012 RIGHT GUYS?! RIIIGHT?

    Please consider it, I didn’t even notice the heat of the room and Club Sonic made my heart thump so hard, I’ve never in my life had so much fun… Uhm, back on topic… Lovely song, gotta love Crush’s slow-paced singles 😀

  7. I usually like Crush 40… buuut… meh. It’s trying too hard to be sentimental.
    Also parts of it seem a bit too similar to My Chemical Romance’s “Sing”.

  8. HELL YEAH, CRUSH 40 GETTING THE PUBLICITY THEY DESERVE!!!! *screams from a rooftop*
    But unfortunately, not available in Australia even though I just got iTunes cash for my bday! *cry cry* Beautiful song (as expected) I got to hear the first 1:18 mins…only.

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