Apotos Confirmed For Sonic Generations 3DS


So much for Sonic’s “portable history”

A new Japanese trailer has launched for the 3DS version of Sonic Generations. In a β€œblink and you’ll miss it” moment, you can see a quick glimpse of Apotos from Sonic Unleashed. This is the final zone to be revealed and now all zones for 3DS have been shown. Minus Casino Night Zone, they’re all first levels.


    1. Only if the stages are already on the cart. Real DLC on the 3DS doesnt roll out till early next year, mostly too late for current 3DS games…

      1. Nintendo said the DLC thing would be avialable in november. So its still possible that 3DS DLC for games that are coming out now can have it. Its Nintendo itself that isn’t implementing it until next year.

    2. A lot of people keep saying that. “Maybe we’ll get DLC”. That would be cool for both versions, but I highly doubt it. For them to construct a few whole stages? Maybe one stage is possible, but a few that seems like it would take another 5-6 months. They probably dumped the game and already are onto the next project. But I guess being optimistic is nice

  1. oh come on Mushroom hill technically is a middle level in Sonic 3&K, and Radical highway is like 3rd level in the darck story (the first fos darck speed but still)

    1. Mushroom Hill is the first level of Sonic and Knuckles, and on the other hand, Radical Highway is the first level for Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic Adventure 2; therefore, both still count.

      The only stage in the game that can’t be considered a first stage is Casino Night Zone.

      1. Is Radical Highway on the History Of the first Stage cd. No right so theres your answer radical highway doesn’t count.

  2. does anyone find the pattern that the 3DS version has its console counterpart’s levels from under the same game
    but if its not a level from mid game, its the first level and vice versa ._.;
    360/pc/ps3: Planet Wisp
    3DS: Tropical resort

    360/pc/ps3: city escape
    3DS: Radical Highway

    get the picture?

  3. So THAT’S why they call the soundtrack “History of the First Stage”! XD

    Don’t lose all hope for handheld levels now, guys, they could be in multiplayer. πŸ™‚

  4. It is a shame they’re ALL first stages but honestly pretty much all of these are the second most iconic ones after the ones HD took. Well, aside from 2006 which could have got Kingdom Valley here, and… yeah still not sure about Mushroom Hill over Lava Reef or even better, a Sonic 3 level.

  5. I’ll admit I don’t mind Apotos though – it was a lovely stage and I can’t wait to hear how they do the Classic music for that one.

  6. Technically:
    1. We have 2 handheld levels: Green Hill and Tropical Resort
    2. Only 4 levels are first stages (Green Hill, Emerald Coast, Windmill Isle and Tropical Resort) since both Mushroom Hill and Radical Highway are not exactly the first stages (MH is the 7th stage in S3K and RH is the 3rd stage in the Dark Story)

    Anyway, i can’t wait to get Generations on the 3DS X3

    1. Green Hill is based off of the Mega Drive version of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Tropical Resort isn’t based on the DS version.

  7. Personally I wouldv’e chosen these levels if I had my way…
    1. Green Hill Zone
    2. Chemical Plant Zone
    3. Icecap Zone (tough choice)
    4. Speed Highway
    5. City Escape
    6. Grand Metropolis
    7. Kingdom Valley
    8. Jungle Joyride
    9. Planet Wisp

    Also the game WOULD have special stages but randomly chosesn. & FYI I know some of these stages are in the actual game itself, I just wanted to show how I’ve done it. I’m up, over and goooone!!

    1. Grand Metropolis would have made a great HD level, same with Icecap. Hydrocity and Jungle Joyride would make good 3DS levels.

      1. I’d rather have Egg Fleet instead of Grand Metropolis but it doesn’t really matter now since all stages are choose anyway…

        1. My way:
          green hill——egg ball green hill boss in 3d(moves behind screen) vs classic sonic
          casino night–metal sonic
          ice cap
          lava reef—classic knuckles
          death egg boss, big arm boss
          emerald coast-gamma
          city escape-shadow
          egg fleet
          perfect chaos, egg viper, final(or bio)hazard
          (no 06 level)
          rooftop run-silver
          planet wisp
          egg dragoon, dark gaia

    2. I like both the level list that you are proposing and the one made by Sega for the 3DS version. Here is what I would have wanted:

      1. Green Hill Zone
      Boss: Ball & Chain
      2. Casino Night Zone
      Boss: Metal Sonic (Rival Boss)
      3. Launch Base Zone
      Boss: Big Arm + minor Bosses distributed between Classic and Modern Sonic
      4. Flying Battery
      Boss: The Grabber and Fire shooter + minor Bosses distributed between Classic and Modern Sonic
      5. Windy Valley
      Boss: Egg Hornet
      6. Green Forest
      Boss: Shadow (Rival)
      7. Hang Castle
      Boss: Egg Hawk
      8.Kingdom Valley
      Boss: Sliver (Rival)
      9.Holaska + Interceptor
      Boss: Egg Devil Ray
      10. Sweet Mountain + Aero Flyers
      Boss: Egg Nega Wisp
      11. Dead Line from Sonic Rush
      Boss: Time Eater
      *Special Stages based on Sonic Heroes Special Stages in order to get chaos emeralds
      *Bonus stages based on the slot machines bonus stages in Sonic & Knuckles

      Unlockable stages:
      1. Emerald Hill Zone + Boss for Classic Sonic
      2. Train Chase from Sonic Triple Trouble for Modern Sonic
      3. Sand Oasis from Sonic and the Secret Rings for Modern Sonic
      4. Music Planet for Classic Sonic
      5. Twinkle Cart Stage

      1. All stages support online multiplayer racing (akin to Sonic Rivals)
      2. Players can exchange ghost data through StreetPass or using their Friends List
      3. Twinkle Cart Stage can be multiplayer
      4. Leader boards (between all players and between friends)

      Unlockable Content:
      1. Night of the Warehog in 3D
      2. A Hub World based on Station Square for Modern Sonic
      3. A Hub World based on Sonic World in Sonic Jam
      Note: Hub worlds contain a Sonic museum as well as small optional challenges
      4.Complete playthrough mode (like in Sonic Colors)
      5. Classic Tales and Knuckles can play in Classic Sonic’s place
      6. Shadow, Silver, and Metal Sonic can take the place of modern Sonic
      7. Trailers of past Sonic games & Concept art from the past

  8. I keep hearing that there are only seven zones in 3DS (Green Hill, Casino Night, Mushroom Hill, Emerald Coast, Radical Highway, Apotos and Tropical Resort) but the micro-site for Sonic Generations has eight stage slots for 3DS.

    Miscommunication, or is the site just wrong (I would believe this since they still haven’t updated all of the zones for the console version), or am I just missing one of the revealed zones?

  9. Yeah, Radical Highway is only a first stage if you want to twist it that way for a reason to get mad at Sonic Team over something that is completely trivial.

    1. Well to me Apotos was my second most favourite zone in the game because of the views. Of course I live in Cyprus, which is half-Greek which might explain it.

  10. Green Hill*
    Casino Night (Only Stage That Not a First Stage In The Game.)
    Mushroom Hill*
    Emerald Coast*
    Radical Higway *(First Level For Shadow)
    Tropical Resort *

    History Of The First Stage.

    1. Radical Highway isn’t a first stage. It’s the 3rd stage in the dark story
      Mushroom Hill is the 7th level in Sonic 3K

      3 stages that aren’t first levels.
      4 first levels.

      1. Radical Highway was the first stage for shadow, since that was the only gameplay of the game that anyone cared about. And Mushroom hill is the first stage from Sonic and Knuckles.

  11. And i think some of you are forgetting, they have 3 boss gates in the game + that 1 other area behind silvers boss gate
    Metal Sonic separates the Genesis Era
    Shadow Seperates the Dreamcast Era
    Silver Seperates the Modern Era
    Then you have 1 last stage ahh screw it, its probably time eater.

    THEN you have the Multiplayer stages a hinted one was Tidal Tempest

  12. Hmm… slightly off topic but MAH sonic generations just came in from the post (UK) so i just want to take this time to say thanks to sonic stadium for keeping me sane for the long months wait with lots of info. OFF TO THE XBOX 360 I GO!!!

  13. I found out about this last night and I’ve slept on this and have come up with a few things.

    I can sort of see why no handheld stages are in the main game. I guess Iizuka really meant that there would be minor story changes. So to have the same story they have both versions have main console levels. Yeah I know the minor story changes could have fitted with the handhelds but oh well.

    I also believe that these would have been the levels chosen if the Wii version wasn’t cancelled. Now I really don’t know the reason behind have mostly first levels but I don’t care at this point.

    Plus did anyone notice that Tropical Resort Modern has Modern Sonic dodging Meteors that are falling. If this is a sign that Sonic team and Dimps are increasing the difficultly of the stage despite being a first level choice then I’m perfectly fine with this.

    I also hope that Silver can have an original stage, maybe an 06 stage. I now believe that the dreamcast Boss won’t be a handheld boss, maybe Egg Emperor. I still have a small hope that modern boss will be Mother Wisp. Or maybe an Unleashed boss to conside with the console version.

      1. If Dimps can execute Dark Gaia in an epic battle then very well we would have a monster of the week just like Perfect Chaos.

  14. I haven’t played the DS verison of Sonic Colors but Tropical resort for modern Sonic looks to draw some things from it like the pyramids.

  15. Apotos? :O WOW πŸ™‚ wasn’t expecting that I love that stage I really wish more were incldued in the game though ah well this should be interesting O.o πŸ˜›

  16. Technically, since Sega sold Sonic classic collection for Nintendo DS. They think that “Nah we have so many handheld stages such as Green Hill, Casino Night, Mushroom Hill and Tropical Resort. So we do not need to bring stages from Advance trilogy.”

  17. Really…Apotos? never expected that level to appear I liked it though hmm interesting choice πŸ˜› I’m not too keen on this version though wow I haven’t been on TSS for ages lol


      Where the hell have you been? :O Oh my god I forgot all about you D: Need to catch with you soon playing Generations now but I’ll be back this ain’t over you’ve got a lot to catch up on these past months πŸ˜›

  18. Umm…Didn’t anyone notice that Sonic is using the Red Burst color power from the DS version of Sonic Colors in tropical Resort??? So while the stage itself will be modelled after the Wii version, the color power is definitely from the DS one, as are those Eggman balloons that would bounce u around everywhere. Windmill Isle was my second favorite level (right behind Eggmanland), so I am pumped! I was a bit nervous when Tropical Resort and Windmill Isle were announced, thinking that those were chosen simply because they were the easiest levels to re-make, but after seeing this little bit, it looks like theyre doing a great job! If I had to guess, this version will get somewhere from an 8.5 to a 9 out of 10, but thats merely a guess.

  19. Hold it! Which stages from Sonic Heroes and Sonic 2006 are on the 3DS version? I haven’t read anything about those two.

    1. Heroes has the special stages. No confirmed main level stage from Heroes or 06. This is mostly speculation cuz the english generations 3ds site has 8 blocks with 7 filled by the known levels. and many are speculating that an 8th stage exists and it could be either a Heroes or 06 stage.

      I’m wishing for Egg Emperor as the dreamcast boss to represent heroes.

        1. If by Biolizard you mean the one that Shadow fought then no thank you. It enough that Radical highway (even though it was suppose to be a sonic level at first) is taken from shadow.

  20. WOO! Apotos actually made it!! 8D

    That level never got the appreciation it deserves, so it’s great to know Sonic Team & Dimps are including it on the 3DS. πŸ˜€

  21. I’m pretty sad that they didn’t use Egg Fleet, Kingdom Valley or Holaska, not to mention Apotos doesn’t really differentiate from the other levels. The only different-ish thing I can come up with is… small town, and even then… *sighs* I already have the AMAZING console version… but it’s fun to keep watch of the 3DS version… by the way, whatever happened to Classic Sonic’s Homing Attack idea? Could they have dropped it? It wasn’t in the last gameplay video we saw. πŸ˜€

    1. As for bosses…
      Egg Emperor: Final Fortress
      Silver: Kindom Valley
      Egg Nega Wisp: Terminal Velocity

  22. I believe this is an excellent game, which is why not having a storybook stage in it is so infuriating.

    To be quite honest, i wasn’t expecting Unleashed to get represented here. I thought it was gonna focus on the history of Sonic on Nintendo consoles post-Dreamcast, which is still technically does, although the storybook games are a much larger part of Sonic’s history than Unwiished, which is really just a sidenote, especially with the HD Unleashed hanging around. I feel like Unleashed doesn’t belong in this game, which is bizzare because when i saw it at the end of the City Escape trailer, i hadn’t given it a second thought.

    Oh well, still a good game.

    1. Well, I personally don’t mind one of the Unleashed levels in there, and I actually wanted a 06 level… but I’m fine with Unleashed because I think it’d be nice to see a handheld Unleashed level (excluding the Mobile Phone version.) I’m only not fine with the level from Unleashed that they chose… which is why I wanted a 06 level, especially cuz of the Crisis City time paradox in the console, I really wanted Kingdom Valley to at least make it here on the handheld… I would’ve been okay with an Unleashed level if it were something… different than Emerald Coast, like Holaska, cuz I can see how many people wanted an ice level, and I too was dissapointed that Ice Cap didn’t get in.

  23. I though they say that there are only gonna be handheld levels on the 3DS version (except for Green Hill then)…

    Then I had seen better, Classic, Advance and Modern (R ush (Adventure) and Colors) Eras…

    1. @ John Madden:You sir have won the internet. now use it to get your facts straight.Dimps had nothing to do with the level selection.

    2. @John Madden: With that reasoning, you could say that since Modern Sonic has green eyes, and that he is in every level, all the levels will be green.

  24. I wouldnt really add Apotos to the Grassy Plains list because its a Greece City or something like that
    Grass Stages

    City Stages (Somewhat City Feel)

    Yea ik ik i still dont understand how Silver fits into all of this.

    I can understand why Shadow is at Radical Highway, the 1st screenshot of the game shows him jumping through the air with sonic at Radical Highway.

    Metal Sonic at Casino Night, Ehh i guess its somewhat Resemblant to Stardust Speedway with the Colorful City Lights and Trumpet’s

    Silver, How does he fit in Tropical Resort, Apotos or the 8th stage of the game (Maybe we have a 8th) But seriously.
    And i wish they actually gave the game a number of different level elements such as Water,Lava,Ice,City.

    1. How come casino night and tropical resort are city stages, their more like carnival stages and apotos is sort of a city stage but more like village really

      1. Casino night is part of the casino trope. Actually Casino Night is what started the casino trope type levels. Tropical Resort seems to be its own special trope but could be placed in the space and carnival trope.

  25. Point taken
    And i thought about this for a while and then it hit me.
    The reason why no 06 levels were included in the game is because, it was on consoles such as the Xbox360 and PS3.
    The 3DS Is designed to take on Wii Capabilities and recreate them into a Handheld Console which is why we wont be seeing Kingdom Valley.

    Looking at that photo you see that there are a Turqoise Dot (aka Tropical Resort) and the Gray dot (Windmile Island)
    Even though Sega is choosing 1st stages and throwing them into the 3DS randomly it doesnt matter because if you didnt notice they are rasing the difficulty.
    It looks like after using the burst wisp you would fall in a pit if you were to fail.
    Bouncing on those Bubbles in Apotos looks really easy but fast paced and could catch you off guard.
    The Meteors in Tropical Resort, Shit. Thats new.
    And following Will’s Comment their racing the Difficulty of the 1st stages just to make you think, ‘Aw this is so easy another 1st stage lol give me a break, (2 Minutes Later) Oh Shit Meteors, D.E.A.T.H

  26. Can we really assume it is Windmill Isle and not Water Palace from Sonic Rush? Not that it really matters they kinda share the same look haha

  27. Even though I love Generations, they could have been more original with all the stages…
    SONIC: FIRST STAGE ADVENTURE and SONIC: CITY ADVENTURE would’ve been MUCH better titles.

  28. I just realized only Rivals have been shown for the 3DS version……

    Who the hell are the Era Bosses?

      1. I’ve heard rumors that either Egg Emperor or Metal Overlord might be the boss for the Dreamcast Era, Egg Wyvern or the Nega-Wisp Armor might be the bosses in question. Surprisingly enough, I believe that the Egg Emperor and Nega-Wisp Armor have some merit to it.

  29. Off topic, but…

    There’s way too much artwork in Generations, I keep hitting bells just to get the smaller notes that give artwork, all I wanna do is unlock Green Forest XD

    1. Oh, nobody calls me Green Forest anymore. If you would be so kind as to explain, gentlemen Green Forest from the future. Lol I know its lame :3

  30. I don’t understand!

    So we have:

    -7 stages
    -7 special stages
    -3 rivals
    -100 missions

    What about the bosses? I have only seen Big Arm.

  31. before i comment on this, am i the only one who having a problem with the ps3 one the music lags every time modern sonic starts a stage. other then that apotos looks good for the little second. wonder why no 06 stage?

      1. Hmmm… yes… that would be a good explanation to the lack of an 06 stage… I hope it’s Kingdom Valley.

        1. That really seems like they only way to reference all the main console games on the 3DS.
          Sonic 1 – Green Hill
          Sonic 2 – Casino Night
          Sonic 3 – Big Arm (launch base)
          Sonic & Knuckles – Mushroom hill
          Sonic Adventure – Emerald Coast
          Sonic Adventure 2 – Radical highway
          Sonic Heroes – Special Stages
          Sonic Unleashed – Windmill Isle
          Sonic Colors – Tropcial Resort
          So an 06 boss could cover the modern era and maybe a Heroes boss can cover the dreamcast era.

        2. All of the Rival battles are in stages that are also regular stages, so if anything, Tropical Resort would probably be the place we see Silver, though I’m not going to ignore the possibility of Kingdom Valley and whatnot. As for the bosses, I believe that the bosses would be from games that aren’t being represented with stages, such as Sonic 3’s battle with Big Arm. However, in terms of gameplay, Nega Wisp Armor is also a possibility.

  32. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought I remembered seeing somewhere that the 3DS will have certain multiplayer-exclusive levels (ie: multiplayer levels that differ from the main game). Perhaps we’ll see something from Sonic 2K6 or Secret Rings in there (or maybe a non-first level).

    1. Hmmmm, oh yeah, that is true… we’ve got the rumored Tidal Tempest for the multiplayer as well, might we remember. I guess that’s something the 3DS has that the console version doesn’t. Multiplayer.

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