Who’s Going to Rock the Place? Place? Place?

Who’s Going to Rock the Place? Place? Place?

So, TSS has had a recent lack of content to do with remixes and the great efforts of the community to highlight one of the strongest components of the sonic games to date – the music. Whether you’re into the new generation or the classic style, there is no arguing that everyone loves a good remix. I’ve spent the last week or so digging through my ever-expanding remix collection to share with you some of the greats from around the world.

I’ll start my gallery viewing with this:


For those who don’t know, Erock is known on youtube for his amazing ability to transform television and video game music in works of pure, unadulterated metal. Don’t confuse his trademark wink at the start of his video as a sign he’ll hold back on you. Prepare your ears for bliss.

But let’s be honest, Metal isn’t everyone’s deal, and while I may think you’re a little bit nuts, I’ll respect your opinion and throw some funk your way. That’s right. Funk. The latest addition to the OverClocked Remix archives is HydroFunk, a trendy remix of Sonic 3’s iconic water stage. With a past resume including “Above The Sky” and “Snowboardin’ Sonic” WillRock doesn’t disappoint.


TRIVIA TIME: WillRock’s track HydroFunk has been up on his TinDeck page for longer than a year.

I’ll be diving back down into my archive in the following weeks to showcase more works of art for those keen on filling up their iPods.

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BlitzChris can best be described as an Australian with a fetish for game remixes, in particular those of a Sonic variety. Boasting arguably the largest collection of sonic remixes in the world, he's sure to have a few in his collection you haven't heard yet and are bound to enjoy.


  1. Nice finds Chris! ^_^

    Woo! I’ve just been in a Jamiroqai mood and am addicted to ‘White Knuckle Ride’…

    Nevertheless this FUNKIFIED version of Sonic 3’s Hydrocity Zone was FUNK-TAS-TIC! X3 ­čśÇ Thanks for the Sonic remixes update mate!

  2. “Who’s Gonna Rock the Place” is a Sonic music meme just waiting to happen. Right next to chucklemuscles.

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