The Hut Group Offering Sonic Generations Pre-order Gifts and Combo Deals

The Hut Group is now listing some Sonic Generations pre-order bonuses and game combo deals for the UK across all of their retailers. With the Xbox 360 version you get a set of three Avatar costumes, including Sonic, Super Sonic and Classic Amy Rose. With the PS3 version you get a Dynamic Theme featuring Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic.

You can get your pre-order(s) in at the links below:
The Hut
Xbox 360 (with bonus Avatars): £34.85
PS3 (with bonus Dynamic Theme): £34.99

Xbox 360 (with bonus Avatars): £34.85
PS3 (with bonus Dynamic Theme): £34.85

Woolworths Entertainment
Xbox 360 (with bonus Avatars): £34.99
PS3 (with bonus Dynamic Theme): £34.99

The combo deals available allow you to get SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection (PS3 & Xbox 360), SEGA Mega Drive Classic Collection: Volume 1 (PC) and Super Monkey Ball 3D (3DS) at a discount when purchased with Sonic Generations.

You can get your pre-order(s) in at the links below:
The Hut
Xbox 360 (with SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection): £34.95
PC (with SEGA Mega Drive Classic Collection: Volume 1): £14.95
3DS (with Super Monkey Ball 3D): £34.95

Xbox 360 (with SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection): £35.85
PS3 (with SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection): £35.85
PC (with SEGA Mega Drive Classic Collection: Volume 1): £17.95
3DS (with Super Monkey Ball 3D): £35.85

Woolworths Entertainment
Xbox 360 (with SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection): £37.97
PC (with SEGA Mega Drive Classic Collection: Volume 1): £19.97
3DS (with Super Monkey Ball 3D): £37.97

Their help section says they deliver to all countries outside of the UK except to the below:

North Korea

Thanks to Hogfather, 06 Inferno and MarcelloF for the heads up!

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    1. GameStop DOES give you the Super Sonic outfit. The other two are new though. I want them… :/

  1. HOLY SHYT! are you getting this uk? cuz i’m bloody getting the avatars, games and theme 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Is there something I and everyone else are missing?

    Jazwares releases two toy sets now that include Classic Amy (one of them being new), and now there’s an Avatar costume for Classic Amy…

    … yet she isn’t in Sonic Generations?

    The Hell, SEGA?

  3. Man that’s pretty cool that they got Classic Sonic CD Amy, but I already got the Sonic Avatar from Sonic Ep 1. I’m good with my pre order bonus of the Super Sonic outfit, Casino Night’ Pinball Stage, and the theme. GOING TO THE MIDNIGHT RELEASE!

  4. Wait, North Korea?
    What is wrong with these stores sending Sonic Generations into communist country
    Or is it a typo?

  5. Wait a sec. I thought when you pre-order Sonic Generations you already got a Super Sonic avatar costume with the Casino Night DLC. Are the two new ones exclusive to that store? Cause that would suck. I wanna dress up as Classic Amy T.T

    1. It looks like the same Super Sonic costume and the Sonic one looks the same as the one you can unlock in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. The Classic Amy one is all-new and exclusive to The Hut Group.

      1. Actually, while it appears to have the same geometry, the Sonic costume unlocked in Sonic 4 seems a good bit brighter. Maybe it’s just that image, or maybe I’m recalling incorrectly, but it would make sense for them to make it slightly different, I suppose.

    2. your right about supper sonic with gamestop the sonic one is awarded in sonic 4 amy is the only new one

    1. Why “should” the US have anything?!
      Get off your high-horse.
      You might be the richest country on Earth but that doesn’t entitle you to have everything that comes out in the world. People like you are actually a disgrace to America.

      1. Then I ask you this: Why “should” the UK have anything? Get that Big Ben of yours out of your ass and stop rubbing it in America/Japan’s noses that you get a collector’s edition and what not.

        1. Why “should” the UK get anything?

          Because we jolly well deserve it, eh what! *sips his tea and tips his bowler hat*

        1. I agree with Ricardo 🙂 come on guys lets not insult each other we’re better than this

          As Ricardo said we’re like awesome and that’s that! 🙂

          1. I dunno… apart from “Sonic Boom” the US has been screwed this year

            2 out of my 3 Sonic Generations pre-orders are coming from overseas .. and even then I’m only getting it here to guarantee one copy will work on my US 360.

            I’m not too fussed, an US pre-order exclusive would’ve been nice but glad SEGA are giving a little something to all countries on Sonic’s 20th

    2. Personal opinion, is because over the last several years the UK fans have shown a dedicated and innovative approach to getting more involved with SEGA. Perhaps this is because the UK had more spearheading leaders emerge in their fan base, but they’ve worked hard to make their voices heard without sounding like unappreciative jerks. They’ve shown respect, offered neat suggestions, and shown an eagerness to work with and get closer to their SEGA branch, and the people behind Sonic.

      In the States our fan base has only recently begun this approach, before we were content to sit back and just get tossed games and criticize our SEGA branch (and the people behind Sonic) in a useless manner. Any attempts made to talk with SEGA often were merely dismissed by the company and instead of trying harder to show our interest we merely balked and said “Their loss for not wanting to listen to us.” Now this attitude is changing for the better, with both sides initiating (SEGA America and the fan base) more interaction. A lot of this is inspired by what the UK is doing now, and since the UK fan base has shown their dedication thus far they’re being rewarded.

      Truthfully, it probably comes down to something far less elegant such as believing sales of collector’s editions to go over better in the UK. But I like to think good hard work gets rewarded.

  6. We know dude. xD The crowds yelling “Happy Birthday Sonic!!!!!!!!” were taken from Summer of Sonic, Sonic Boom (E3’11), and the Tokyo Game Show. They DID say it was gonna be in the game!

    And it’s so touching… ;w;

  7. Idk this counts as news, but in the US, GameStop is having a midnight launch for Generations. At least the one near me is.

      1. I believe TSS is based in Europe. So it goes off their time, not our time. It says “October 31st” but its still the 30th here.

  8. If anything, it gives us an idea as to what will be available in the downloadable market.

    Damn it, I’m happy with my Casino Night DLC. I don’t see why some people are whining.

  9. Yea idk why ppl are whining i think the Casino DLC is for U.S only and the Uk gets Collecters addition so its evenly fair if i was even right idk. Lol Gotta love gamestop i just got my game today.

    1. The Casino Night DLC is available in the UK too via the Special Edition at the GAME Group, which costs the same as the standard game or via the Collector’s Edition.

    2. People are whining because they want all of the content to be available to them. There are many cases in which one region will get something that another doesn’t, and vice versa. Just because these things “equal” things out doesn’t mean it’s right. I’m all for preorder incentives, but there should always be the option to purchase that same content, should you have missed the preorder opportunity and desire it. In many situations, that doesn’t happen. I’m guessing that’ll probably be the case here. I’m disappointed that I will likely not get a chance to get the Amy costume (which would be highly amusing to dress my Avatar in on occasion) unless I hop on eBay and buy a code with a 500%+ markup.

      What I don’t get is all of the people who complain about people complaining about not getting all of the content others get. What’s the point? Why not just let it go? Sometimes, the “whining” is heard, and companies switch things up for the better. People “whined” about Yakuza 3’s US release, and now the sequels have better US versions. Perhaps these people being vocal will make the folks at SEGA open to making these outfits available for purchase on the Avatar Marketplace, if that’s not already the plan.

      It probably won’t happen, but you never know.

      1. Totally agree, if you really want something you’ll find a way to get it, despite the unfortunate costs.
        All companies should close the gap between who gets what (well, except when it comes to JP games which are a lot harder to domesticate), look at all the people suggesting to SEGA that the US should’ve also gotten the Collectors Edition.. of course we didn’t, but that shouldn’t stop people from ever raising their voices


    1. If it makes you feel better it isn’t a midnight release, the stores are open for Uncharted³’s launch and people are hoping to pick up Generations then

  11. @Irvin Hey you’re in AZ too!? Cool! Im in Phoenix! lol 😀
    And @Unreal Dude I agree! What’s with all this Classic Amy merchandise but no in-game announcement!?
    I kinda think after the credits she’ll be like “Hey guys! What’d I miss!” Maybe along with Classic Knux!
    That’d be sweet…

    1. I’d love to see Classic Knuckles and Classic Amy in the game. Perhaps we could get some DLC missions with them. I wouldn’t mind seeing Classic Chaotix too. 🙂

      1. Hell yes, we need them in this game. All this classic knux and amy merch for nothing… I’m disappointed Sega. 🙁

        1. No because that had some foundation to it, there was a named source. Sonic Dimensions however sounds more like somone made it up and someone else is reporting it as being real.

  12. Pffft I don’t need no silly outfits, I’m pretty content with my jazzy casino night pinball table. *puts in another quarter*

  13. love the way avatar costumes look like dodgy fancy dress! would definitely have cruised round town this gone weekend in one of those!

  14. Oh my gosh, I got the special deal from
    it was the same price as the usual game. It comes with the costumes and background theme 😀
    I didn’t realize till after lol

  15. so wait we are getting super sonic avatar? i thought that we were only getting Casino Night Zone pinball?

  16. The image on the listings has changed to just Sonic and Amy costumes, despite the blurb still saying three costumes.

    Dunno what’s going on, I’ve asked Zavvi for clarification.

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