Sonic Generations: New Speed Highway Screens, Radical Highway Officially Revealed

SEGA Japan has updated their official Sonic Generations website and with it dished out some new screenshots of Speed Highway in the Xbox 360 and PS3 version, as well as officially unveiling Radical Highway from Sonic Adventure 2 for the Nintendo 3DS version. Speed Highway in particular has seen a big transformation and is filled with more little references for you to spot.

You can view all of the screenshots below.

Speed Highway (Xbox 360/PS3)

Radical Highway (Nintendo 3DS)

Source: SEGA Japan’s Official Sonic Generations website

Thanks to Intrepid Goat at the SSMB and lolwut in our comments section for the heads up!

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  1. Hmm, “ILESGARAGE?”, sounds like another refence for Fox-boy… And is that the Death-Egg boss on a bilboard?

    4th screenshot, to the left… is that one of the Metortech robots for Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity?

    1. Oh you mean Tails. XD I get it now. lol I bet they chose some of these stages specifically because they originally had little easter eggs in them anyways, so they used the stages again to put new easter eggs in. XD

    2. And 4th screenshot to the left? The heck is that one? I think you mean the first set on the far right or the 4th screenshot of the first set. (or the screenshot that was focused on first in the articule lol)

      Yes that’s Giant Mech.

      Where did you see “ILESGARAGE”?

        1. Oh I see it now. You can even see the top half of the “Tails” icon right above the “Enter Here” sign. (You know, the icon he uses on his workshop and on the planes.)

          1. weird… it was ment to be two words… “Tails Garage”
            but the “T” got cut off… But everyone knows that… right?

    3. In the 4th screenshot, the billboard on the left with a lot of red in it is for ‘Blaze Motors’. You can see it more clearly in the Dreamcast Era trailer.

  2. Ah, good old Speed Highway… It’s probably gonna have the same holy fuck!! That Looks completely different from the Dreamcast counterpart graphically ( because the the background had lots of lights and it was cool) I mean seriously, it looks beautiful. I can’t believe how much effort SEGA is putting into this. I mean you’re getting the Sonic game of the century right here, and holy crap was I surprised when I saw this and forgot Radical Highway is looking good…… You should be allowed to play as Shadow in that level. I don’t care what everybody says.

    Shadzter edit: I’ve edited your comment. Please don’t post in all capitals in future.

  3. A-hem, its moments like this we put in a small joke.
    Boss: Why were you late today…
    Worker: Oh you know, crazy death defying loops and military Jets causing traffic as always. Oh and did I forget to mention, this time instead of a black hedgehog hopping on my car, it was two Blue ones.
    Boss: Well don’t let it happen again….

    1. Boss : P.S Your fired!
      Worker : Did you just call me a liar?
      Boss : No, I said your fired!
      Worker : Oh…that’s much worse πŸ™

      (Little Simpsons quote since Generations is doing the whole Simpsons ad campaign thing)

  4. Why did dimps chose a Shadow level from SA2 And not a level like Green forest or Metal Harbor?

    1. For people who haven’t gotten too far in SA2, Radical Highway is the Shadow level. Former fans who grew up in the Dreamcast era would respond to seeing Radical Highway on a commercial moreso than Green Forest or Metal Harbor because perhaps they played the game at a time so young that they didn’t get far enough to know that Green Forest and Metal Harbor aren’t just multiplayer stages.

  5. Is it me or is everyone else unable to preorder the 3DS version? I preordered the 360 version a few days back and I’m wondering when the 3DS version will be available for preorder? I ordered from Amazon.

  6. But. But why? Why Radical Highway? Sonic was never in Radical Highway. I can’t be the only one to think that’s silly. Metal Harbor or Pyramid Cave would have been much better, I feel. Hell, any stage that Sonic was actually in would be better.

    1. You know, I agree that it doesn’t make sense. But I don’t agree that any other the other stages would be better. City Escape and Radical Highway were the most popular stages and that’s what they went with. lol And by this, I’m also referring to the fact that a lot of ppl hoped Radical Highway would be a stage.

      I mean, yeah it doesn’t make sense, but ppl asked for it anyways. They got lucky. lol Who cares tho? Just enjoy the game with awesome stages. =)

      1. Well I would like to see Metal Harbor but I don’t have 3DS anyway so… It doesen’t matter

    2. who to say sonic didnt go to radical highway after escaping from the police during the moon explosion him, amy, and tails did split up

    3. WRONG
      Sonic has been in Radical Highway at least twice:
      -During the intro of Sonic Adventure 2
      -In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

  7. Speed Highway doesn’t look much like Speed Highway. But it still looks great. I’ve noticed some zones (such as Chemical Plant and City Escape) look very similar to their original counterparts, while others, such as this one, seem more like a re-imagining. Which is fine. Bring it on.

    1. lol That’s ironic. I was picturing what Speed Highway would look like and thought it’d end up looking a lot like the original. Then when they finally revealled it, I couldn’t help but notice how right I was and how it looks nearly identical. Then I see these screenshots and notice the 4th screenshot looked just like the picture in my head when I was imagining what the stage would look like. Next thing you know I read someone say it doesn’t look much like it. lol It’s just funny.

      1. But really, even if it doesn’t look much like it, the same can be said for Green Hill, Sky Sanctuary, and City Escape. (some parts on that last one look more like the original than others)

        But overall it’s recognizable despite the differences. Now Classic Chemical Plant, Modern Speed Highway, Modern Seaside hill and Modern Rooftop Run look a lot like their original incarnations to me. At least enough to feel like the original games.

  8. SWEET! they actually brought back the skyscaper mach speed section from the original Speed Highway

  9. I guess they put in Radical Highway in for Shadow’s 10 Anniversary since its his levl. Though I really wanted Metal Harbour. The screenshots for Speed Highway looks amazing, it looks there roaming through Westfied at the night when the shops are closed XD

    1. That’s right! Seeing this stage revamped is going to be insane to play through all over again.
      But with way more to cover, and an intense amount of obstacles to avoid.

      Plus this stage’s new remix should be fun to listen to. I wonder if “Goin Down” might also be retouched.
      Looks like the building was redone too. Hehe =D

      1. I sure hope so. That little track was a specific emphasis on that segment, and it even branches from the Highway part to the “At Dawn” part, both of which I hope make it in the game. (Cuz it seems like a totally different stage just about and I’d love to see both parts remastered. Most likely they will too, just saying justi n case tho. lol)

        I really like how they made a big deal out of him running down the building too. And it WAS a big deal. That was a freakin tall building. It took that long to RUN down the stupid thing even at Sonic speed. lol

  10. I don’t understand why they used radical highway. Sure sonic was playable in it while in multiplayer, but it was never really an official level for him. It could make sense though if this is where you fight shadow on the 3DS instead of the ARK on the PS3 and 360.

    1. What? If him not going through Radical Highway as a stage doesn’t make sense due to him having not done so originally, then him going through Radical Highway as a boss doesn’t make sense either due to him also having not done so originally.

      1. @Foxboy
        Well it doesnt much sense that the boss battle on the 3DS with metal sonic is being played though in casino night when its “supposed” to in stardust speedway. =/

        Im just making assumptions with shadows boss battle being in this level since its not technically a sonic based level

    2. Well The Blue Striker kinda gives a good reason in his comment. Technically, this is Shadows 10th anniversary so why not drop something special for him.
      Actually off topic…is it his 10 anniversary….or 60th 😐

      1. I think that one’s more accurate, as Empire City ain’t got nothin on Speed Highway or Radical Highway! XD

  11. Got Rings?….and also that death egg sign in speed highway is a bit out of no where, but I love it.

  12. Am I the only one that didn’t realise so many Sonic characters had businesses on the side? Tails has a pizzeria and a garage, Blaze has a cafe, Amy runs a market, and Charmee and Sonic are the co-owners of a honey brand. You have to wonder where they find the time to save the world…

    1. Find the time? Try once a week. They can take a few days off. As the owners, it’s not like they’re the employees or anything. They probably just signed a paper to let their names and faces go on products and businesses for marketing. XD

      1. It’s not like you can schedule saving the world!

        “Hi, Charmee? Yeah. Listen, a strange being has torn a hole in space-time, so you’re going to have to run the honey business solo for the next while. Yeah. Yeah. I know it’s inconvenient, but I’m trapped in a strange world where everything’s painted white and I keep bumping into my past self! Not much I can do about it! Okay. Sure, it can count as annual leave if you must. Oh, and Tails is here too. Can you ring his pizza place and tell them they’ll need a temp delivery guy for the time being? Preferably one that can fly. Thanks. See ya.”

        1. I didn’t mean like scheduling. Just that’s about how often they have to go. It becomes predictable. (Or should) and I’m sure Eggman schedules his attacks. (lol Just SAYING it makes it sound like something he’d do)

          And isn’t his name spelled “Charmy”?

          And like I said, they’re not employees. Just cuz they RUN the business doesn’t mean they gotta sit in the store themselves and keep an eye on it. =p

          Also….. I don’t think Charmy would be able to take that request. …yeah he’s trapped with Sonic, Tails and the others too. ._. lol The only ones left I’m aware of who aren’t trapped are… um… Big, Omega, Jet, Wave, Storm and Marine. .___. Marine’s tail looks like a honey-cone so maybe that could work. XD

  13. ah good ole speed highway makes me yearn for a complete sonic adventure remake, just to see what they can do with better graphics, station sq must look awsome its too bad chaos destroys it all

    radical highway , i dont know for some reason the screenshots doesn’t get me due to the 3ds graphics i guess.i hope it looks better in gameplay though.

  14. I love Empire City and it looks like it will back with Speed Highway only with you know more highways and in the dark.

  15. Do I see “NIGHT” under that Chao head in the first Classic HD picture?!

    Is that my NiGHTS reference on the home consoles, SEGA?

    … I’ll take it.

    *looks at 3DS cameos and sulks*

  16. The 4th 360 picture, it looks like this one is going to be more of a rollercoaster ride than the dreamcast version haha. Gonna be fun!

    1. Actually that screenshot looks kinda like a somewhat-remake of the beginning section of the original Speed Highway from SA1. If only there were floating platforms on the sides half-way down. lol

      I bet the shattering glass will look a lot better. Wonder if it’ll have the same SFX. lol (I wonder if it’ll be in there at all, cuz so far I only see it in the section where you run down the building.)

      1. I know that’s the beginning road. Just like the dreamcast version when you start the level the camera kind of zooms back while you run down the slope. I assume it’s going to be more exciting now.

    1. look if we would have gotten a demo it must have been announced by now and did you read an interview where some guys asked about the demo and all the stuff in side and the other dude said “NOT everything is true “

    1. soz, I just realized it’s from the live stream at TGS so most of us have seen it πŸ™

  17. Cool.
    But City Escape, looks like a shitty stage aside with speed highway.
    Pyramid Cave or Final Rush should be betttter.

  18. I’ve put my finger on it. Speed Highway’s colour palette is slightly darker than the original. That’s why it feel different. Probably for a good reason – it looks more dramatic!

    1. I think it’s got a sort of blue feel about it that the original didn’t have. But that’s what I think.

  19. OMG! Simply amazing!
    I can hardly bare the 30+ day wait!

    Can’t wait to run down that building and through the mall in HD!
    Wonder if the’ll have a remix of “Goin’ Down”.
    Also, will it have the At Dawn section? If so, how will they transition the sun rise?
    It’d be SO epic if the sun started to rise as you approached City Hall area or as you we’re running down the building!

    Ah, GAD! Can’t wait!

  20. Speed Highway looks amazing! Absolutely can’t wait to play it!

    And I don’t really see why everyone is griping about Radical Highway. So what if it wasn’t originally Sonic’s level? It was still really fun to play, and it’s still a speed-based level that Sonic is perfectly compatible with. What wouldn’t have made sense is if they had put him in something like Prison Lane or Wild Canyon, LOL.

    I think some people are missing the point Sega is trying to make with this game. They’re trying to bring back some of the most memorable levels from Sonic’s history. What was one of the most memorable stages in SA2? Radical Highway. Especially since we see both Sonic AND Shadow in the opening sequence.

  21. IGN better hurry up with that preview, in like 3 weeks it will be time to review the damn game and it will be out on shelves.

      1. Umm dude, I don’t think so. That’s called a trailer. A preview is what that German site posted, where reviewers preview the game usually with a almost final build. Usually a few weeks prior to release. Building up hype and going into more detail on some of the features.

  22. Speed Highway looks like a sexy ass werehog night version of city escape.

    I remember a few months back I was the ONLY (lol) person in the comment section on tssz and SSMB asking for Radical Highway…

    Sega = Sexy Epic Gaming Applez

    Apples to me are the best fruit so Sega to me is the best gaming company πŸ˜€

    1. Nah, I was hoping for Radical Highway as well. Glad to see Shadow’s first playable stage (minus the Hot Shot boss fight. Happens to be the name of my favorite Auto Bot, so I was rather torn about killing it initially XD) made it in, although I don’t have a 3DS.

      Who knows…Maybe they’ll release it as DLC eventually. It’s nice SEGA seems to have remembered Shadow’s tenth anniversary as well, but what about the 360/PS3 version, hmm? I’m hoping Shadow has at least more interaction with Sonic in it to celebrate. I can sense much hilarity from him trying to deal with lil’ Sonic.

  23. One Last Thing: 2nd Speed Highway pic = Classic At Dawn? He’s bell hopping in the casino/hotel lolol


    LOL, I hate mariotehplumber. But on topic, I’m glad they put Radical Highway, it’s my favorite level theme in SA2.

  25. Radical Highway? AWESOME.

    For the 3DS?

    …*Cricket, cricket* I want it in glorious HD on my 360…I’m not complaining we got City Escape, but I loved Radical Highway. Momentous moment – first time ever to play as Shadow (minus Hot Shot fight). I mean, sure, we got Lethal Highway in Shadow’s game, but it wasn’t the same (certainly a throwback, however) DX

    Can’t wait to hear the music for it, though. I loved it. Very techno and somewhat dark. I hope we’ll get DLC eventually of Radical Highway for the 360.

    Happy tenth anniversary Shadow – SEGA didn’t completely forget about you after all! Here’s hoping you play more of a role in the plot, at least. (Lol, the helpful hint voice? XD In that case, don’t listen to him half the time. He’s sadistic and would purposely get you killed).

  26. speed highway looks sweet, but radical highway…another city stage?? im seeing a pattern in this game of it either being a green 1st stage place or a city..

    1. dude, this is the FIRST city themed level on the 3DS version, so that shouldn’t really matter.
      Besides, you can’t have Speed Highway without his little, radical bro, can ya? :3

  27. My God, is this excitement I feel? For the first time since Sonic 06, I’m actually excited for a Sonic game! (although Sonic Colours did have me a bit excited too with that first trailer) What’s even more amazing is that the 3DS version is the one I’m the most excited for. I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that I have nothing to do on the system, or if it just actually LOOKS better. I wouldn’t actually mind to see Sonic Adventure 2 completely remade for the system seeing as how that’s about all the 3DS is right now.

    I might just pass up importing my Vita just to get the PS3 and 3DS versions of this game!

  28. WOW IT LOOKS SO EPIC πŸ˜€ I’M NOW THINKING OF GETTING THE 3DS Version….:D now that Radical Hifghway is making it’s return to the 3DS Version I’m glad it’s returning πŸ™‚ and Speed Highway looks so awesome freaking EPIC πŸ˜€ I’m so excited…..WOW πŸ™‚ Can’t wait…hopefully I’ll manage to get the CE tomorrow.

  29. I love that not only is Sega recreating these stages, but is adding elements to them that either didn’t exist originally, or were parts of connected or related settings outside the stage – like passing by the entrance to Spagonia’s University, which was in the overworld but not in the stage. Now it’s a part of the recreated stage, which is a great touch. Same thing with Speed Highway – the hotel from SA’s overworld is now a part of the recreated stage, encompassing the wider world of Station Square into the level! That’s so awesome.

  30. Yeah I’ve never played SA2 past the first stage since I didn’t own it, but Radical Highway looks almost EXACTLY like Speed Highway. Its alright for you SA2 fans out there I suppose, but different stages on 3DS I assumed meant some originality…

    1. HD version
      CITY Escape
      Speed Highway (another city)
      Crisis CITY
      Spagonia (another city)
      4 cities

      3ds version
      Radical Highway
      ONE city

      the 3DS version has a lot of different levels (A green hill, a casino, a forest, a Beach and a highway so far) while the console version does not (A green hill, a chemical plant, a sanctuary in the sky, a city, another city, a green hill on the beach, another city, another city and a green planet)

      i’m not saying the HD levels are bad, but you just can’t say that the 3Ds version doesn’t variety.

  31. Speedy highway is looking pretty cool, but i still wished sega choose more variety in stages lol 4 city type levels is abit too much, but then again speed highway is looking different enough so yeah.

    1. I think the classic era count for the variety,think of it:a peacefull green forest,a crazy maze of a chemical industry,and a travel through the moons in Sky Sanctuary,and i don’t call Planet Wisp a forest stage either since it’s in another planet.

  32. Radical Highway for the 3DS and Speed Highway for the 360/PS3 = Wining! ^v^
    Now if only I had that damn fourth chaos emerald…

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