Sonic Generations: New Bosses & Rivals Trailer


A new trailer showcasing the various Bosses and Rivals in the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC version of Sonic Generations has slipped out onto the net. SEGA Europe just uploaded it to their YouTube account and quickly set it to private. But fortunately, YouTube user MaddZekrom999 grabbed it and uploaded it for everyone to see in 720p.

The new video gives us our first look at the Egg Dragoon boss from Sonic Unleashed, as well as our first gameplay footage of Perfect Chaos. We also get to see a peek of another cutscene at the end.

Thanks to Jetronic at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. Why do all the trailers always come out while I am at college? They blocked Youtube here so I gotta wait 5 hours before I can see this! πŸ™

    1. Your college blocks youtube? What the hell?
      What if a professor wants to show something that’s on youtube?

      1. I laughed. So hard. Is youtube and other such sites really so massive that teachers are using them for reference material?

        I remember when I was in high school and everyone was “youtube? what’s that?”… πŸ™

      2. Lol my one does :C
        But hey! It does not matter anymore as I already watched this trailer 5 times now!

  2. Judging by the end bit it looks like it all goes back to Green Hill… Full circle… i like it

    1. I would’ve at least made him a rival in the 3DS version, but Sega ain’t always the big thinkers when it comes to switching things up.

    2. Ouuuu yea, knux was the first rival..not counting metal sonic.
      And now, Knux is just a sidekick more of the bunch,,,what happens with THAT knuckles?

  3. They showed shadows boss fight too…although the footage was like 1 second(00:39) The end of the trailer might actually be the beginning of the game.

    1. yeah i think it’s at the beginning too. it’d make sense because it looks like its at Green Hill and Tails is the person you rescue at green hill so yeah

  4. Such Epicness in just 55 sec. :O

    DAT SHADOW!!!!
    DAT SILVER!!!!!

    SEGA I WANT THIS NAO!!!!!!!!

  5. uh oh…im getting nervous again. every time i see silver and crisis city i see a bad memory. please be a good game. im still prayin’.

  6. Just realised as well. Classic Sonic only has 2 boss battles as the rest are fought as Modern. Unless its possible to fight each boss as either

        1. /may or may not have been hoping to fight Egg Dragoon in Werehog form again

          But it’s okay, I’m the minority. Wouldn’t want to ruin everyone else’s fun, now would I?

    1. It was at the arc level. Which is shadow’s exclusive boss level..which means that there might be a super sonic vs super shadow fight…or….sonic is just really happy

        1. Chaos control might be it. Sonic used it in the original fight as a “taste of Shadow’s medicine”

  7. 1. Classic sonic bosses: pretty good
    2. Modern Sonic bosses: HOLY S***!!!! Those may be the most epic things I will play in awhile. And I freakin love time eater infected Chaos, it looks so cool! Everything else looks just as awesome too..Well my vote is sealed, and this game gets an awesome pass!

        1. Aaron Webber was interviewed off-camera by someone from Sonic Retro. Whether you choose to believe him or not is your choice, but for Sonic Team to redesign Chaos out of the blue would be pretty silly without a reason.

          1. So, the Dreamcast wouldn’t have been capable of adding a few additional green spikes and and green teeth? Yeah… I’m not buying that. Perhaps there were problems with his ‘armor,’ but the green stuff could easily be done on the Dreamcast.

            Of course, even if this was his originally intended design, it’s not what made the cut in the final version of the game, so alterations between this and SA should nonetheless be addressed. If nothing else, perhaps Sonic could say something like “Whoa, he looks tougher than last time!”

      1. We’ll know for sure once they release info or when the game comes out..but either way, this version looks soooooo goood…I love it so much more than the original. And the original chaos was my favorite boss in any game ever. Both ideas are plausible.

  8. Bit concerned that there appears to be only two classic bosses, unless there’s some kind of tag-team element not shown in the trailer. Also, would be nice to see the Sonics switching bosses. For example, it’s the second time in just over a year that the Sonic 2 final boss has been remade in the classic style. Would be so much cooler to see modern have a stab at him.

  9. ok i like perfect chaos look now, at first i didnt like the solid look, but now it seems sega is making me regret those words lol. shame knuckles is not a rival though but i guess unlike the others knuckles was a rival by stupidity(being tricked) then the rest lol

      1. Eehhh. I always saw him as stupid, cool… but stupid. He took my emeralds. Because a fat egg-shaped man said so.

    1. It’s a damn shame, Classic Knux isn’t a rival. I’m hoping he is in the story somehow. Also, Silver was only tricked into thinking that Sonic was the Iblis Trigger. (Even though in a way he was).

    1. lmao That’s what I said on the comments of this video on YouTube! lmao

      Well first I said it was the WereHog mad about getting ditched. Then I said maybe it was one of the alternate concepts for the main character who’s getting revenge on Sonic for being chosen by turning into a monster. Then I said it was all the whiney fans merged together! XD

    1. I feel like I’ve seen it before too. Oh well.

      I guess it makes sense tho. His texture from far away looks a lot like the thick water texture used in Sonic Adventure’s CGI scene of him popping out the building. Not to mention all the grooves in the side of his head it lookd like it had somewhat hardened enough to form a shape. I think they just made it darker colored here but it’s still water. He looks the same only more detailed and better. If they hadn’t done this he would’ve looked like a stupid dragon-shaped blob of jelly like the rest of his body, which looks fine just the way they are.

  10. *sniff*…..beautiful…..just beautiful…..*sniff*…uh-oh….i smell something really bad
    *looks at pants* …..excuse me I have to change now

  11. This is brilliant! It’s like the best of Sonic with tropes from Doctor Who combined! I really relished the cutscene at the end!

    Time Eater (at the end of clip): “Silence! Will! Fall!”
    Modern Sonic: “Tell the Doctor that.”

    1. If only River Song could appear to somehow save the day. And you know Rory would somehow mange to die at the Time Eater’s hands…

    1. That doesn’t make sense. There’s only 1 real hedgehog. The other’s artificial and Metal is a ROBOT of someone who happens to be a Hedgehog.

      And it’s not a game that celebrates Sonic. It’s a game that celebrates Sonic history. aka, the franchise, which includes his adventures and his friends. These are just the coolest most significant bosses is all. lol

      1. 1. U mad, bro?
        2. I was simply pointing out my late realization.
        3. Real, fake, or robot, they’re still hedgehogs.
        4. Celebrating the Sonic franchise is still celebrating Sonic. In-game, they’re even celebrating his birthday.
        5. If u meant no harm, please don’t sound like a douchebag next time.

        1. That’s just Foxboy for you Bloodood. I don’t think he’s trying to be mean but I agree he kinda tries too hard to bring logic to everything (Even jokes).

  12. Looks absolutely amazing!! Does anyone think that the Time-Eater looks like Venom from Spider-man? XD

  13. gyah! I can’t take the anticipation. this game looks so epic that I have to play it now! RIGHT NOW!

  14. cute how modern tails hides behind modern sonic in that cutscene xP
    but yeah, 2 bosses for classic sonic and 4 for modern? talk about unbalanced

    1. Not really. 2 Classic bosses, 2 Adventure Bosses and 2 Modern Bosses.

      They didn’t included Adventure Sonic so it’s just Classic and Modern. Since Classic doesn’t play in 3D movements, Modern has to take on the Adventure bosses.

      SEE!? This wouldn’t happen if they had included DreamCast Sonic for all 3 eras! lol They ARE different, at least enough.

      1. ok, explain to me this and listen,
        1. What would be the absolute point of putting a Adventure Sonic in the game when Modern is exactly alike?
        2.Why would he need to play adventure style if he can just rush through shit easily?
        3. Why in the god damn hell cant fans get over the freaking Adventure style, its dead at this moment.

          1. Not unless ur a weirdo..I wouldn’t give a crap. They are the same, the current sonic is pretty close to SA2’s sonic anyway, there’s no reason.

  15. I think I’m gonna scream! I mean, Time eater looks AMAZING! or for classic: WAY PAST COOL!! Also I had to say Awww! when M.tails hid behind M.Sonic! I’m crossing my fingers and toes that it will be Hyper Sonic vs Time Eater!

  16. If you view frame-by-frame from about 19 seconds, you can see that Sonic has to run some kind of twisted assault course of motorway to reach Perfect Chaos, and then runs directly up it!

    1. It’s the same as the original. But idk if you have to run up him or not. I think the camera just did that as he was coming out of the water.

  17. If you didin’t notice… When Classic hit the Egg Robo, It was 3D. And also Chaos is still water but he has some solid. I like how Sonic Generations is coming out to. Time Eater is decent enough to not scare 9 year olds. Well…. Maybe. lol

  18. Did you notice Perfect Chaos seems to be surrounded by what may be clear Chaos Emeralds? Looks like the Time Eater does have something to do with his new look.

    1. That’s cause Perfect Chaos is formed from the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds, and so they lost their color (as in Sonic Adventure’s Super Sonic story). I doubt there is any Time Eater “infection” He isn’t Dark Gaia…

        1. Haha. No prob! But I am diggin Perfect Chaos’ new look. He finally looks like the beast he did in the opening and murals in SA1

  19. Perfect way to end the week SEGA, I woke up wanting to see the Death Egg Robo boss fight again, I left the computer with a smile, scenes of Perfect Chaos 2.0 coming from the water, Egg Dragoon getting more wings, Death Egg Robo rising up the elevator plstform, Silver throwing 70 cars at Sonic at the same time, Shadow using chaos control in final rush, Metal Sonic getting kicked in da faec, Time Eater scaring the shit out of Modern Tails, and me with some dirty pants πŸ˜€

  20. Wow! Perfect Chaos looks a lot better now, and the Egg Dragoon looks more epic then ever! Hopefully Silver will yell out “Its no use!” because its freakin hilarious! That last part with Time Eater was awesome. He looks awesome (Kinda reminds me of the Phantom Blot from Epic Micky)! Its cool seeing a friendly/cartoony area like Green Hill Zone have such evil around it.

    1. I would call that smart as the Dark Gia boss on the X-box 360 and the PS3 was kind of lame, when it came to Super Sonic fight, as opposed to the Wii version of the fight. πŸ™

  21. the music sorta reminds me of Eggmans theme sorta. like here a there it kinda sounds like it

    πŸ™‚ but anyways cant wait till Nov. 1st I can die happy after that day πŸ˜€

    1. Correction: Once you’ve finished the game 100%, then you can die happy, right? πŸ˜‰

  22. You know, I wonder if Station Square ever actually RECOVERED after being torn apart and flooded by Perfect Chaos.

    No way in hell Adventure 1 and 2 take place in the same city. :l

    1. Ever seen Sonic X? the episode after the perfect chaos fight, it shows people cleaning up the city and the water’s all gone but it still shows damage.

    2. Well. They do and don’t. Station Square is a part of Central City according to the cutscene with the President where Tails takes the highway from one part of Central City to Station Square.

  23. …just one thing to say :HOLY SHITAKIMUSHROOMS TIME EATER IS EPIC btw WizzleKidd hwy the fuck did you say somthing about it being an “evil sonic”with a mustach XD

    1. What?
      No, what I said is the time eater is actually an evil sonic who took a negative effect from the chaos emeralds! That’s what the time eater actually is.

      ………….apparently, I got that info from a source so it may or not be true

      1. why do i have my doubts? oh yeah, because that’s one of the stupidest things ive read. that would be majorly stupid even for a sonic game if that were true.

  24. Whoa, the arc stage looks way more elaborate than I thought..and Dragoon could be a double sonic battle looking at its design and the fact it’s the final boss before the probably super sonic battle vs. time eater.

    And Time eater could be appearing in Planet Wisp for all we know.

  25. Cooooool.
    Egg dragon looks β€œretro” difficuly.
    Beside that, I would have liked to have some others Rivals.
    Such as Knuckles, Blaze and Jet….

  26. Once upon a time, A bunch of angry Sonic fanboys smoked the droppings of a frenzy wisp and got the munchies. But these weren’t ordinary munchies, they were TIME MUNCHIES, meaning the only food that could satisfy their cravings was the fabric of space and time itself. Hence, Time Eater. Ergo, Sonic Generations.

    1. Now seeing time eater… it makes me think of sonic generations being like sonic colors 1.2. like it’s a frenzy wisp and void wisp going hand in hand and going crazy and eat time. like generations is like an aftermath kinda thing of colors

  27. Time eater is Perfect Chaos, Metal Sonic, Eggman Nega, Black Doom, Fang the Sniper, Erazor Djin, Bio-lizard/hazard, Dark Gaia, Iblis, and Mephiles morphed into 1 enemy to get revenge on Sonic. He can take the form of any of the captured enemies but it only chose to transform into his Metal Sonic and Perfect Chaos forms.

  28. Besides the final Boss I just want ONE BOSS FIGHT Where you can play as both Classic and Modern versions of Sonic into beating a foe. I mean if the two Eggmans were to come together for a fight in one GIANT ROBOT, then surely the two Sonics can battle it in their own unique ways.

    I mean is just ONE FIGHT mix and match just too much to ask for ? πŸ™


    that was EPICCCCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    i wanna HAVE THIS GAME NOW

    and ican,t close mine mouth :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO im still atthis mode and DANG I MUST WATH IT AGAIN!!

  30. Perfect Chaos looks sick!!! >:D We should so have a SA1 and SA2 remake for PS3 with that rendition of him in-game!!! Who’s with me? Loving how Sonic Generations is turning out by the way.

  31. i wached the trailer 10 times and i say this!! TIME EATER BOSS IS GOING BE IN GREEN HILL OOMGGG (look good were they staying)

  32. @ Kalion

    not true look at the end of the trailer the time eater appers in GREEN HILL (look good at the end )

  33. You have any idea how WORTH IT unlocking Super Sonic will be for that Perfect Chaos fight?? Can’t wait!!

  34. @WHoZ judging by the trailer, it looks like Sonic will fight him while normal (however, I could be wrong). :/

    1. Yes, I noticed. But, since Super Sonic was proven Unlockable, unlocking him, then going Super during this fight, would be totally worth it!

  35. Anyone noticed how the Egg Dragoon got some kind of robotic attachment in one scene? And it had a pod in it….

    Anyone think both Robotnik and Robuttnik will control Egg Dragoon and both Modern and Classc Somic will face him?

    Also, Perfect Haos has 2 acts in his battle, anyone think th

    1. Stupid IPad

      Does anyone think the first act of Perfect Chaos will be Modern then the 2nd will be Classic?

      1. I’m not sure…If they decided to have sonic face every version of Chaos in a row before perfect chaos, that would literally make me die from an aneurysm.

    1. That was on my list of theorys, what if he was created because of what happened in Colors. All that negative energy had to go somewhere x: And Eggman did say he already had a plan, maybe used the left over energy to create that abomination?

  36. Sega has says tell all the people that if you all have sonic colors to the wii version , sonic generations is a continuation of sonic colors, thats why there were no boss battle on the wii. You guys made have already heard that there will be a double sonic boss battle.

  37. lmao holy crap, Egg dragoon looks freaking epic, this probably has to be eggmans’ greatest machine ever!
    Chaos actually looks like a monster(looks at SA 1) i cant wait to see how this plays out
    Shadows boss fight look VERY interesting
    Meh, still dont know if I really like Time Eaters design, just made out of puff and cloud.


  38. I just realized something in the intro of the video. Doesn’t the way Sonic lands on the ground after flipping a whole bunch of times look similar to the CGI video sequence in Secret Rings right before he goes to the Night Place?

    1. I wouldn’t know, that game i didn’t like because of the controls. so I never made it that far.

    2. Since I do have that game, I think you may be right on that mark.

      So in a weird way, a spin-off Sonic games DOES make an easter egg in Generations. πŸ˜€

    3. Yep, I noticed that too. Did you notice the way Sonic runs away from the Egg Dragoon in the trailer? It’s similar to the CGI intro of Unleashed.

      1. @Jemi97
        Yeah I saw that. what also caught my attention right before that was how the new ‘tail’ on the Egg Dragoon looks somewhat similar to the Egg Vipers’s tail from SA1.

  39. Every time I see an awesome clip of this game, I also think.. holy s*** that soundtrack is going to be amazing.


    A mutation of the combined Nega Whisp energy that crashed into the moon when Dr. Robotniks nega canon mis-fired in Sonic Colors at the end of the game. During the time that passed, the energy took on a new, much larger semi physical and terrifying form and its power mutated and grew out of control. It’s ability to eat any solid material turned into an ability to devour the very fabric of time and reality itself.

    Now, Sonic and friends must work together to bring this threat to reality to an end in an adventure to return to the present and seek out the assistance of the whisp aliens by traveling back to planet whisp! Can the gang make it back in time and get help before it’s too late?! The whisps and chaos emeralds are there only hope!

      1. Be as suspicious as you like. The facts are in Sonic Colors and the trailers. The final level is planet whisp and the time eater is made of mutated nega energy.

      2. The resemblance to Nega Whisps, Nega Mother Whisp, the final stage being Planet Whisp, is no mere coincidence. A typing typo should not affect your opinion of the facts.

        1. Sorry, bu this sounds just like a fan fic… Except worse cause your making up a plot to a real game…

        2. Sorry, but this sounds just like a fan fic… Except worse cause your making up a plot to a real game…

          1. We will see when the game releases friend.

            I was right about Gruntilda’s Lair being blocked off by a caved in entrance in banjo Kazooie Nuts And Bolts WAY before the game was released and I was correct.

            So yes, we shall see.

          2. I want to bookmark this just so we can see if your right when the game is released! XD

    1. To be fair, the fact that they showed that whole thing crashing onto the moon, was a little random. And it did cross my mind into thinking, maybe it will affect the plot of the next game? Who knows?

      1. While it is highly plausible, and probably true, I was stating that I was sure that the whole thing was a theory, and technically you don’t have any proof. That being said, I expect that to be true, however.

  41. wow a boss trailer did show up, just how i predicted, but now im wondering wat trailers are they doing now, the mssion trailers? we will find out

  42. Did anyone notice that Eggman is floating inside the Egg Dragoon? It looks like Eggman is physically able to control the Dragoon by moving his own body! And Chaos looks absolutely amazing!! But my favorites, already, have to be Silver and the Egg Dragoon. Its the first time u get to take on the Egg Dragoon as Sonic, not the Werehog, and this is the first TRUE Silver boss fight (the one in Sonic 06 was a bit lame). I cannot wait!!!!

  43. Bosses looks so awesome. Why only moden Sonic and classic Sonic as playable? I wish Shadow and Silver as a playable characters.

    Eggman: Behold, the ultra-hyper Prototype-2!

  44. WOW ZOMG THAT LOOKS SO AWESOME πŸ˜€ EGG DRAGOON IS A BOSS YESSS YESSS πŸ™‚ I never thought that The Egg Dragoon would be a boss in this game I’m So happy now πŸ˜€ It’s one of my favourite Sonic bosses It fits with The Werehog more though but I’m still glad The boss is back I think Sonic also fought it for ashort time in the Sonic Unleashed Opening. I have no sound since my speakers are broken :L but it still looks awesome and Silver vs Sonic I’m really hyped for that one too can’t wait πŸ˜€ Sonic vs Chaos I’m looking forward to that and all the other bosses. BUT SWEET JESUS AT THE END ZOMG THE TIME EATER O_O I WAS ONE THE EDGE OF MY SEAT WHEN I SAW THE END That looks so AMAZING it could be one hell of a boss….GAAAH I’m only missing out the epic music >_>

    Just a few weeks left and the wait will finally be over…o.o

  45. I looked up while it was on, so I only watched it from the corner of my eyes, just to get just a hint of the bosses, without spoiling myself too much. Has anybody else tried it, even if not on this trailer?

    So, no Knuckles. I’ve read some people complaining about him not being a rival. I kind of agree with them. Do I smell a Sonic Generations 2? With Metal Harbor?

    1. The gameplay Is so fun, I couldn’t care less about the story this time around. I pray that sega makes a plethora of level dlc based on the most demanded levels for both sonics. If so, this game could last an extra couple years for sure

  46. *Oh, a hint of the bosses, AND the cutscenes.

    Yeah, I think I actually saw the Time Eater at the end. From the corner of my eye, it looked like a giant Violet Void (Sonic Colors DS) or Dark Gaia. I’m probably close, right? I wonder if people actually did what I did on the Unleashed Bosses trailer…

  47. I noticed Normal Modern Sonic laying a homing attack on Perfect Chaos’s brain. Disappointing, but I’ll assume it’s part of the story.

  48. 1.Mephilis
    2.meterx of sonic x seasn 3
    3. Dark Gaia.
    4. earzor of sonic and thesecret rings
    5. Egghead (eggman )

      1. I’m guessing the combination of what Sonic has did over the years to bring that monstrosity known as Time Eater. I’d be pretty pissed too if a hedgehog was Messing with time, rewriting stories, releasing creatures from the earth, nearly destroying the earth time and time again, causing black holes, opening lost treasures, and just being an all out goodie goodie while not even caring.

    1. Sonic X- not a part of the story and it was kinda stupid. but i still watch it. plus sonic x basically is (season for the most part) the video games in show form(adventure)

      1. Yeah, mainly Season 1 and 2 of Sonic X adaptations of SA1, SA2 and Sonic Battle, you can’t include the Metarex because Sonic X isn’t canon I don’t think it’s a mix up of past bosses either It’s a new enemy at least that’s what I think anyway πŸ˜›


        are you joining SSBM?

  49. OMGGGGGGGG This trailer looks soooooo EPIC!
    I have never played sonic adventure or advenutre 2 battle ( booo) or sonic 06 (thank god…) BUT I cant Wait to play the bosses in Generations!

  50. I’m certain the “Time Eater” is formed from the negative wisp energy that flew off and hit what looked like the moon near the end of Sonic Colors.

  51. You know. When the Nega Wisp energy hit the moon, the moon was complete. Shouldn’t it have been more… broken after Sonic Adventure 2? I mean, does that mean Colors takes place before SA2 or that SEGA forgot that little tidbit?

    I expected something to happen after that scene. After finding out about the secret boss in the DS version I figured that was the explanation for said boss and that it was originally meant to appear in both games. Just my thoughts though.

  52. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but classic sonic only has 2 bosses and modern sonic has 4 bosses, excluding the time eater, because I would think they both get him, but we’ll see, maybe classic sonic will fight knuckles again

  53. How is this game set up level wise?

    Does say, Green Hill Zone have multiple Acts like in Sonic 1 or is it just a single stage? (Not counting Classic/Modern variants.)

    That said, are there more bosses than just the Era bosses and the Rivals?

    1. Single Stages (Pretty much the main stage) ((9)Classic Version) ((9)Modern version) (18 Single Stages)
      Multiple Missions (5 for Classic each Era) (5 for Modern each Era) (90 Missions total)
      Rival Boss (One for each Era) (3 Rivals)
      Era Boss (One for each Ear) (3 bosses)
      Final Boss (One for the dawn of a new Era) (1 boss)
      Final total (115 Stages bosses included)
      But there are lots of secrets and stuff we don’t know about. Only time will tell.

  54. I wonder if Generations’ story begins during the aftermath of Sonic Colors. As if Sonic Colors was setting the stage for Generations. Eggman had stated that he had his revenge planed out, so he may be trying to use his frenzy-transformer machines to create an entity that is able to travel back into the distant past, and kill Classic Sonic, effectively erasing Sonic from the timeline. This “Time Eater” is unstable, though, and Eggman’s plan backfires when the monster begins scrambling time and space, bringing Empire City’s chaotic future back into existence, and strangling the life out of the timeline and creating a single convergence of 9 different locations in time. Just before this incident, Modern Sonic wakes up to a surprise birthday party. The party is interrupted by a time portal opening up and sucking everyone in. This is where Sonic meets his past self, and they team up to stop this new threat.

  55. …Why am I posting here? I’m refusing to watch the trailer. I don’t want to give any gameplay away – I’d much rather drown a few times figuring out how to kill Chaos XP

    …Sonic already hates me XD

  56. anyone think the final boss fight will be layed out like this. with emerelds: classic sonic gets sucked into time eater and is belived to be dead modern sonic growing a bond

  57. anyone think the final boss fight will be layed out like this. with emerelds: classic sonic gets sucked into time eater and is belived to be dead modern sonic growing a bond to himself ( XD ) goes super with rage and fights time eater but modern sonic knows he cant do it alone. but classic sonic being alive is inside time eater and is wondering whats going on classic sonic hearing modern sonic needing help classic sonic goes super and when hes inside his body he goes through the mutiple levels of the game but they are corupted with time eaters madness makeing them more deadly. so on this inside it will have dealy enemys and near the end u wil come face to face with the innercore of time eater and will be in the style of doomday zone when classic takes the insides out timeater is weak but still strouger then modern then u swtiche to modern sonic and your in a solrais battle way except more fast paced and epic. when modern sonic is about to defeat time eater he grows storuger then classic sonic burts out of time eater modern sonic has a plan classic sonic jumps into moderns hands and modern and him charge up and he throws classic at time eater destrying him and then everything regains couler and sonic says goodbye to himself so guys what u think ^^

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