Sonic Generations Goes Portable November 25th in Europe

GoNintendo reports that SEGA Germany has announced the European release date for the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations via a press release. The portable edition of the game will hit shelves in Europe November 25th, just 21 days after the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC Download versions are released.

We’ll let you know when we hear word of the US and Australia release dates.

Source: GoNintendo


  1. The Belgian gaming store Game Mania had this date set for the 3DS version for about a month now,
    it’s weird they only just announced it like that when it was already stated like that.
    Anyway, I’m happy since my birthday is the 26th~

  2. Cool hopefully they will be able to work on it more before the end of November passes by 🙂 Might tell my cousin to get me this for Chrsitmas it’s perfect timing for December 🙂

  3. This is enough time for Sonic Team to iron out the small issues they have. Come pull through. Even if you have to work overtime to get it done.

  4. Had a 3DS since May when they announced Megaman Legends 3 Prototypes supposed release date, that was going to be my first game. Since that didnt happen, this will be my first 3DS game!

  5. The title “Sonic Generations goes portable” made me think it’s conformed for PSP or something for a moment there!

    1. Ha ha! Sorry :p I thought I’d try something different instead of a boring title like “Sonic Generations Hits 3DS November 25th in Europe” or something.

  6. Already knew 25th for like 3 months now. But at least they confirmed it now. I really think they should extend the release date because this version is still not as impressive as the 360/ps3/pc version. I’m still getting both anyway..

  7. This is off-toppic, but I really would like to know how old Aaron Webber from SEGA is. Does any one of you guys know?

    1. Well he is a brand manager so he has to have a business degree, so try and guess.

      Back on topic: I hope sega pushes the release to December so they can work on it more

      1. yeah.looks like you were right about the 3DS Version,they are definitely ganna launch it earlier.
        wich is pretty sad:( that 9 minutes gameplay was so ugly looking,don’t get me wrong it is an improvement yes,but theres still lot of things to fix.

        1. The Modern sonic gameplay annoys me a bit
          They have limited his speed he doesn’t even go any faster down hills. Plus there are numerous amouts of bugs in both gameplays though classic sonic seems to play better than modern, hope its fixed before it’s release.

  8. IN YOUR FACE AMERICA!!! another sonic generations game to be released before in europe! 😀

  9. @sonicwalter

    Well think of this. If we order off Amazon UK then we get the game early too. That’s why most people brought the Collector’s Editions off Amazon. :I

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