Sonic Generations: Gameplay Footage of Knuckles Race Mission


German website GamesWelt has shared some Sonic Generations gameplay footage which gives us our first look at the Knuckles race mission. The mission (at the 1:30 point) sees Classic Sonic try to beat the red echidna to the finish in a Green Hill Zone level that contains giant badniks that you’ll have to bounce on to get by or reach higher platforms. Knuckles will try to get ahead by using his digging ablity, so you’ll have to be quick.

There’s also a new remix of a song that those who have played Sonic R might recognise. We’ll let you find out what it is for yourselves. The rest of the video features more gameplay footage of Green Hill Zone and Sky Sanctuary Zone.

Thanks to Woun for the YouTube conversion and thanks to DbgtSonicX, Nikesh and SSMB member Ryan91 for the heads up!


    1. Just answered you in the Review article XD

      “Thanks for the heads up, but there’s not really any info there that we didn’t know already. We’ve known the same rivals and the Time Eater are going to be in the 3DS version too for a while now thanks to the game’s official Japanese website. As for the images, we can’t post them up because we don’t post up scans. We’ve had bother from the publishers when we’ve done it before.

      Thanks anyway, though 🙂 “

        1. No worries. Sorry I didn’t see the earlier comments. There’s been that many comments lately it’s been hard to go through them all.

  1. If ‘Super Sonic Racing’ is being used for a race mission, than I wonder if ‘Sonic Boom’ would be used. If yes, what for?

    P.S. Can’t wait no longer! Just gimme my CE! 😀

  2. Hmm, they could have done more with the giant badniks, like a giant badnik chase through the green hills O_O…otherwise, pretty good stuff. really like the new remix 😉

  3. I already commented on this on youtube. I like the sunset lighting in the knuckles race. it’s b-e-autiful 😀

  4. ._. why is cash cash doing the remix of super sonic racing? i mean its good…but i was expecting crush 40 to be in the game,
    And did any notice omochaos german voice sounded exactly like his old one from SA2/SA2B

  5. 2 things

    one:OMACHAOS BACK!!!… is he just gonna be annoying like in SA

    2: omfg super sonic racing!!!! thank u cash cash

  6. Oh god I want to see this video but I can’t I keep telling myself I won’t xD so far so good but I still have the urge to click that button D: the only thing saving me from pressing it is my speakers as they are broken Haha! 😛

  7. I didn’t watch the video so that I won’t spoil it for myself but from the comments I see there’s Super Sonic Racing remix. Can’t wait to hear it!
    So I guess we’ll mostly race them and stuff rather than playing as them…
    Sorry for complaining but I think it really sucks that we haven’t had other playable characters in the main Sonic Games since Sonic ’06…

    Still, I’m really looking forward to Sonic Generations!

  8. I, for one, do not approve of the new Super Sonic Racing remix. More like “Everybody’s super auto-tu-uuned, try to keep your ears from bleed-iiiing! Everybody’s super auto-tu-uuuned, there’s no time to learn to siiiing!”

    1. Good, I’m not alone. I would enjoy sitting down and talking with SEGA on why they insist on using Cash Cash over and over. Jaret Reddick and Bowling Soup gave my manhood a boost but hearing CashCash just keeps setting it back a few years. Y U DO THIS SEGA.

      1. Honestly though, I loved Speak With Your Heart from Colors, It’s my favorite Sonic vocal song. but I do agree that maybe they could back off a little with them.

        1. I enjoyed Speak with your Heart but I wont sugar coat this….Reach for the Stars has been literally the worst theme song in the history of Sonic games (in my opinion) :U

  9. its not autotune!!!! ignorance… its a talkbox.. like a vocoder effect.. similar to artists like chromeo and daft punk.. its pretty awesome! better than autotune in my opinion.

  10. overall i think this game is going to receive 8s and 7s, which aint bad, while from the fan base which you can guess they’ll give it 10s and 9s.

  11. Jesus, why did Cash Cash have to mess with T.J Davis for? It’s bad enough they auto tune everything but to replace her amazing voice with their auto tuned shit is terrible.

    1. Her amazing voice? U do know that the only reason people like those horrible and corny songs is that the sound track was so laughably bad it was good. “Living in the city, u know u have to survive”? “Your the one that makes me feel so high”? I think I proved my point. but hey if u like it….

      1. She still sang beautifully. Yes the LYRICS were silly, but her voice was amazing. But I like Cash Cash, they don’t auto-tune, they use a harmonizer or a voice box. He can sing, it just adds an effect to the voice.

      2. Yeah. The Sonic R soundtrack is laughable. So, I can’t help but think that SSR’s inclusion in the Generations OST is also for giggles, as is its remix style. Auto-tune or voice box whatever effects are sort of laughable now. So, essentially what’s happened here is a bad song from the 90s has been updated to fit the rubric of what a bad song is now. Obviously, for maximum hilarity.

      3. yes, you see this in your view, Not everyone who loved the track found it laughable or whatever you think…its just not your type of music . FTA has a point here, they really shouldnt have messed with the vocals of the song. but if you dont like it then oh well. But dude? dont you or @Buster speak on behave of the people who like or hate it the soundtrack cause really you dont know why they like it or hate it.

  12. I’m hoping for Playable Knuckles DLC, c’mon Sega don’t let me down, plus it’s very relieving to see that the zones have different lay outs, I was slightly worried that there would only be 18 acts, still this puts my mind at ease, I am counting the days til my CE arrives in the post…… eeek

  13. Im sorry but i dont like the remix of Super sonic racing, I like the T.J. Davis version better..that one kinda gets me hyped up, my god everyone is sooo into techno now…its just isnt right with all this techno and talkbox effect >_>

  14. Holy gee wililikers batman, that Super Sonic Racing remix was like an eargasm of awesome music. That was awesome.

  15. I know this is completely off topic but does anybody know when SEGA will release the Super Sonic trailer which was seen at the Golden Joystick awards?

      fuck, SEGA has decided to establish drug in their company or what lol

  16. MORE Super Sonic Racing? Can’t we get a different Sonic R song for once? I’m sick of that one <_<

  17. why even miss with the super sonic racing theme, IT WAS PERFECT AS IT IS. My god im getting kinda sick of cash cash autotuning and tenchoing up every god damn thing. I swear autotune is shit to my ears, why use this when you can use T.J. Davis voice from the original one???

    1. Its not autotune. Can’t you tell the difference between a man and woman’s voice? 😛 Btw, how do you guys even know that Cash Cash remixed this? Just because its remixed doesn’t mean it came from Cash Cash.

      Anyway, Jordon, I respect you opinion on this song. Not everyone likes it. I for, like it, but everyone has their own opinions. Don’t hate. 🙂

      1. Ok Ricardo, whatever voice chip crap he is using (nor does it really freakin matter what kind because it sounds like the same damn thing), this isnt right and what in gods name are you talking about when i cant tell the difference between a man and woman voice? I just stated it was a guys voice. Secondly, Sega and whoEVER said IT WAS the guy from cash cash…remember at sonic boom, look at all the other previews and tell me if it isnt…I can say its cash cash cause of these “techno remixes” and you cant tell me if i can recognize who is doing this. cause what I DO recognize their type of music
        So yes, i will hate, i dont like this remix, nor do i have to. Not everyone has the same ideals as you.
        but in all respect i can see what your saying but please…..dont try me. Thank you.

  18. I’m not watching the video but from looking at everyone’s comments I can’t wait to hear the Super Sonic Racing remix 🙂

  19. i respect everyone’s opinion on the remix, but you can’t complain about the new remix being techno… simply because the original version was the most cliche 90’s techno thing ever made.. (house piano) (belting girl singer) sounds like la bouche. this is simply a more modern dance remix.

    1. yes, i see what your saying, but they didnt stick to the original concept…hell i really dont mind the techno…but shit, autotune with a mans voice instead of a woman who can actually SING???, Thats like taking the girl who sung that terrible song called “Friday” and make her replace aaaall of , so say, Justin biebers songs..,, Im sorry but i dont like the new “Remix” of Super Sonic Racing. They shouldve stuck with the original one and mix it up with that.

    1. I’d have to say a miss for me, Technoing up everything isnt good for me, i liked the ol days of rock and orchestras, but now they slowly move into techno and autotune. They REALLY shouldve kept the original theme of super sonic racing with, of course, T. J. Davis.

  20. Honestly I didn’t like the original version of Super Sonic Racing so I’m gonna take a few points off for its inclusion here…

  21. Man, i’m not into pop, but i dig this new tune- HOLY CRAP IT’S SUPER SONIC RACING. The nostalgia is painful, mission accomplished, SEGA.

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