1. aw dammit! i tweeted this to shadzter and VizardJeffhog gets it first? D:

    but still i love silver and i might get this game after all if i win a scratch card of £50.00 from my £2.00

  2. Well looks like the 3Ds isn’t the only one with things that don’t belong **coughRadicalHighwaycough**. So the rival battles are all chases. Hm. I’m still hopeful that the 3DS version will have Blaze so maybe it will be a chase battle with her.

  3. hey shadz 9is it okay if call you shadz ?) i got a few questions for you
    1. do you think this battle will be better then the spam fight we got in 06 ?
    2. do you think sonic wikl say THAT HEDGEHOGS CARRYING A CAR (get it xD?)

    1. Yep, you can call me Shadz 🙂
      1. Definitely looks like it’ll be more fun than their battle in Sonic ’06.
      2. That would be hilarious.

        1. In 06’s crappy multiplayer, if u r silver, you can launch the second player as far as the eye can see!

  4. another chase battle……….good can’t get repeatly throw against a wall all day long lol

    can’t wait any longer!!!

  5. OH OH OH GUYS GUYS look at the really big boulder silver is carryin you will see chaos with …ACE 3


    1. *siiiigh* As funny as all that was… I am deeply worn out by hearing ppl complain that Silver wasn’t in the Modern trailer when clearly, had anyone truely paid attention to the pattern, they could have understood why Perfect Chaos was there. -_-

      1. Enlighten us, then. Why was Perfect Chaos there? Last I checked, he was the final boss of Sonic Adventure. In the Dreamcast era. And they’ve been revealing rivals by the era, Metal Sonic for Genesis, Shadow for Dreamcast, it’d only make sense for Silver to be the Modern stinger.

        1. Classic Boss/Rival, Dreamcast Rival/Boss, then Modern Rival/Boss… Which means we need two more trailers.

        2. Here are the bosses/rivals in order of apperance:
          Death Egg Robo
          Metal Sonic
          Perfect Chaos.
          Pattern: Boss, Rival, Rival, Boss, Rival, and maybe Boss after this if they show Time Eater.
          And that is why Perfect Chaos is in the Modern Trailer.

        3. Well the order of the bosses in the actual game go:

          Classic – Metal, Giant Mech
          Dreamcast – Perfect Chaos, Shadow
          Modern – Silver, Egg Dragoon

          At least that’s the chornological order.

          The trailers so far have shown:

          Classic – Giant Mech, Metal
          Dreamcast – Shadow, Perfect Chaos
          So I’d assume the next two would be – Egg Dragoon, Silver (screenshots don’t count because they’re not trailer sneek peeks lol)

          Or you could say they’ve shown: Boss, Rival, Rival, Boss, and so the next two will be Boss, Rival. (Which is still Egg Dragoon/Silver)

          I could be wrong, but the point is they already showed 2 Classic bosses and only 1 Dreamcast boss, so I guess it makes sense for them to get the other Dreamcast boss out of the way before moving on to the modern bosses. If the sneek peeks were meant to corrospond with the pattern of the trailer-themes themselves, we wouldn’t have seen Giant Mech in the trailer showing Chemical Plant, Seaside Hill and Rooftop Run. We would have seen Giant Mech along with Metal Sonic in the Classic Trailer, Shadow AND Perfect Chaos in the Dreamcast trailer and Silver and Egg Dragoon both in the Modern Trailer.

          That’s how I see it.


    It’s No Use….o-o

  8. I like how in the third screenshot you can see in that giant ball of messy doom there are replicas of the “Chao In Space III” bilboards that were spotted in 06. =D

    They should’ve put a “Chao In Space” and “Chao In Space 2” bilboard in Speed Highway and City Escape. (I know there’s one in City Escape but idk if it actually says “Choa in Space 2” or just “Chao In Space”. lol)

    …..SO like, they should release the game/movie series “Chao In Space”. XDD lmao

  9. y’now i swear to god if hes saying TAKE THIS IT NO USE al the time i will be spamming the frig out of him to egt back for that ..battle *chough*dontsayiwastheonlyonewhothoughtthatwasjustacheapbattle*chough*

  10. Silver: *looks at Classic Sonic* The Iblis Trigger looked smaller then I pictured him…

    Classic Sonic: (I’m a what?)

    1. Yeah but he got a good replacement. Quinton Flynn voiced Timon in a few episodes of Timon & Pumbaa, he voiced Sheldon from My Life as a Teenage Robot, Iruka Sensei in Naruto, Axel in Kingdom Hearts 2, additional voices in Sonic Underground and many many more roles. lol

      And from the very little clips I’ve heard so far, he sounds very identical to Pete Capella. Possibly better. =)

          1. Of course, a good actor doesn’t always mean great acting. Shadow got Kirk Thornton (who I’ve heard. He’s good) and from the clip I heard and from numerous complaints, he sort of butchered Shadow. Then again, Sonic Free Riders ruined Shadow in general…I have hope he’ll have improved from feedback.

            Let’s hope this guy is good <3

  11. I can’t beleave I’m about to say this but Silver actually looks more epic and bad ass then Shadow in these screenshots… ovo

  12. So one of the most god awful bosses from Sonic 06′ comes back as a new boss. Well as long as he doesn’t talk and the battle plays out different from the original game (which it looks like it does) then I’m fine with it.

    1. What’s the problem with it?
      I am sure a lot of people enjoyed the shit outta him saying ”IT’S NO UWES” or ”HOW BAUT DIS” ”TEKE THIS” 😀

      1. You know, oddly I actually do like those lines. It’s just that I disliked how repetitive they were.

        Tho when he says “It’s no use!” it sounds like he means it’s no use for HIM. lol But I like when he says “How bout this! Taaaake THIS!”. lmao

    2. Well it looks like it’s gonna be more like Shadow’s battle in Final Rush, and presumably, this, than it was back in 06. In reality, I expected Classic Sonic to fight him in Soleanna with running and jumping and stop-n-go platforming and such.

  13. Finally! Silver demonstrates that he can go as fast as Sonic… So, move Sonic Rivals, and Less Sonic 06. Interesting place to fight though…

    1. Silver showed that he had the ability to move at great speeds in Sonic 2006 immediately. Based on the intro for his story, he can fly at great speeds. I’d expect no less from his appearance in Sonic Generations. In fact, the rivals could all easily be turned into alternate skins without altering their abilities (like Amy in SA2 and Heroes…).

    1. They’ll probably be like, “they didn’t fight in crisis city, it was in soleanna! you ruined it for me! rabblerabblerabblerabble!”

          1. People have such a bad idea of what “fanboys” are…cant blame em for pointing out differences they would clearly notice from being fans. Thats like saying im a halo fanboy for going “THE ENERGY SWORD WASNT TWO HANDED IT WAS ONE HANDED” (example). Hop off them fanboys meats.

  14. WOOOO SILVER! 😀 Frickin’ awesome screenshots! I honestly did not expect them to put Silver in this game.

    1. Why wouldn’t he be? He’s a major Character. They even put Cream in the game and she hasn’t been in the main games since Shadow The Hedgehog. Same for Team Chaotix.

      Blaze and Rouge are in this game too, just so you know. lol

    1. Do you think it’ll be one of those bosses where you have to “push a button at the right time or else you’ll fail” or what?

      1. Oh you mean a QTE (QuickTime Event).

        They might have those. Though I actually doubt you’ll have to press the right button, but rather merely attack. And I think you’ll fail at attacking but not fail the boss entirely. (I guess I’m getting an Egg Nega Wisp idea when I say that, where it shows Sonic in slo-mo for a sec)

    2. I dunno.. they remind me a bit of the little intro bits on SA2.. like the final battle between Sonic and Shadow… The little snippet of action before you fight, that doesn’t qualify as a cutscene, but isn’t gameplay either… you know? the bits where Sonic says “Alright Shadow, time for me to end this”? Anyone else getting that?

      1. i think it willl be more like egg devil ray,remember when you needed to dodge his attacks and then at the right time you attack him,guess it will be more like it

      2. They actually kinda do count as cutscenes, but they’re like mini-cutscenes.

        There’s In-game Cutscenes (basically regular cutscenes like in SA1 and SA2)
        CGI Cutscenes (which they started showing since Sonic Heroes and show up only now and then)
        and mini-cutscenes (more like the cutscenes in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, still used today, where a small cutscene plays as part of the beginning, middle or ending of an actual gameplay segment.)

        1. Ah…I hope Shadow gets to do his threatening line again “You’re adventuring days are coming to an end!”. David was awesome, and I wonder how vicious Kirk can make him sound.

          Let’s hope no QTE like Unleashed. Smashing the X button 60 times in like, 20 seconds was a bit much…@.@’ (Never failed it, but still…My fingers were smoking).

        2. I thought SA1 and SA2 had CGI. (Angel Island falling into the ocean, final scene in SA2 Hero story, opening movie for SA1, 2nd to last scene in SA2, Sonic boarding the rocket after Pyramid Cave.)

          1. Yes, it did. But there are other types, as stated.

            In-game cut scenes use the models used in game and are not as fancy. CG scenes are movie quality, pretty much.

  15. As long as I don’t homing attack like crazy, Silver won’t throw me in the air or even space.

    1. it might be raging inducing for some peole but it was actually fun to me that game was soo messy:P

  16. Interesting to see that they’ll fight in Crisis City, but it makes sense considering a fight in a Venician plaza is hardly dramatic (compared to the Metal and Shadow fights). But it might have been better to go for another 06 stage, to keep with the trend of boss fights being in different locations than the stages (for example, shutting up the fans whining for Kingdom Valley by putting the Silver battle there :P). But that’s a very minor thing in the overall scope of the game.

    I’m looking forward to hearing Silver’s new voice since the big voice actor recast of 2010. His original voice was so unfitting and nasally.

    1. But it’d be nostalgic, so it really DOESN’T make sense at all. But a lot of ppl wanted it to be in a place that symbolized the game or symbolized Silver himself anyways cuz it’d be cool. So I’m sure ppl will be pleased and it seems fitting to see Silver in Crisis City.

      I think they just did it cuz all the bosses come after the stages and the original Silver boss comes before Crisis City. So they changed it because in Generations it will come after. lol

  17. Silver: I’ve finally found them… The Ibwis Twiggahs!
    C Sonic: Who’s this guy?
    M Sonic: You’ll meet him in your worst game ever…
    C Sonic: Come on, it can’t be that bad…
    (C Sonic soon goes back to his timeline.
    Fifteen years later…)
    Silver: TAKE THIS!
    C Sonic: Oh no! My future self was right! Goodbye good fans to protect me, enter bitchy fanboys that piss everyone off.

    1. C Sonic: *sigh* On the bright side, at least my future self was wrong about one thing. It wasn’t nearly as bad as that stupid Labyrinth game. >_>

  18. Amazing, he looks very nice in post Unleashed graphics. Animation looks as if it’s going to be very…not real but believable, hopefully with none of those strange SFX

  19. IT’S NO USE!
    But nice to see another favourite revealed! 😀
    Shadow/Metal/Silver FTW! <3

  20. God the graphics are amazing! Oh and “IT’S NO USE, TAKE THIS” better be said during this battle. >:(

  21. I guess this means modern sonic will fight one era boss, and classic will fight two era bosses.

      1. maybe but i think it will be as following:
        Classic Era(Since it’s classic,Classic Sonic will have more fights)
        Metal Sonic:Classic Sonic
        Death Egg:Classic Sonic
        Dreamcast Era(Era that marks Sonic’s growth,so i think it will have more Modern fights)
        Shadow The Hedgehog:Modern Sonic
        Perfect Chaos:Modern Sonic
        Modern Era(since it’s the last one it will alternate between both Sonics)
        Silver The Hedgehog:Modern Sonic
        Egg Dragoon:Modern Sonic
        Time Eater:Both
        I don’t know i still think Modern will fight more bosses than classic

        1. I would so wish that both versions can fight both a modern and classic version of these enemies…

          1. I think youll be able to play both in the bosses, since the rival bosses will be all the same, chase and fight. While bosses such as the death egg one and perfect chaos theyll probly be Classic and moderen only, but at the sametime i get a feeling youll be allowed to pick after story is completed.

          2. Well I would like it even more if Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic actually played through the game as seperate “Stories” (seperate perspective of the same plot).

            That way you don’t have to play both and also that way so both can play the same number of bosses or same bosses or even alternate bosses so there’d be MORE bosses to fight. 8D (wow I said “bosses” a lot….. like a boss! xD lol)

      2. Chaos and the Egg Dragoon are fought by Modern Sonic. It surprises me that they would chose Modern Sonic for Silver since the idea is to make Generations 50/50 for both Sonics so they should both get half of the bosses.

          1. Or, just to throw everyone off, the Werehog will fight the Egg Dragoon, concidering he fought it in Unleashed. Doubt it, but would be funny.

          2. I can see Classic Sonic fighting Egg Dragoon. It looks like it could easily be a 2D boss since the camera angle never moved when WereHog was fighting him and you mostly dodged waves anyways. Heck it’d probably play out almost like Big Arms or something.

            I could also picture Classic Sonic vs 2D Egg Nega Wisp.

  22. Sorry for my crappy repetitive vocabulary,i’m a brazillian 14 years old boy and i’m not used to talk with international people
    so i need to use what i’ve got

  23. I…I…I am speachless.

    I always wanted this battle to be placed in Crisis City (even in 06 I hoped for that) and know its there. And He fights Modern Sonic :O My dreams came true 😀

    I like all 3 Rival characters (they are in top 5 of my faves) and I cant wait to battle them. NOVEMBER HURRY UP!!!

    1. i know it is wishful thinking but if sega made a skin for classic sonic as C.Metal Sonic and A modern Sonic skin as Shadow so you could play as those characters

      1. If not they could at least make a skin for Classic Tails since he played exactly like Sonic in Sonic 2.

  24. Silver’s fight with Sonic looks even more intense this time around. No longer just a tackle in a in-game hub. But within Crisis City! Curious how they might meet in this timeline. Should be a fun boss

  25. Was kinda hoping Silver would have his own ‘stage’ like Metal Sonic and Shadow do, and that it’d be Kingdom Valley. But still very cool.

    1. I was hoping for the samething :c
      I guess this and that wall panel for the wall jump will be on my list of things I can hug and cry with my 360 about.

  26. Well, looks like the battle with Silver will be more promising than I thought. However, when I see Silver hurling cars at Sonic as he catches up, two words come to mind: Rush Hour (if you catch my drift). XDDDDDDDDD

  27. AWESOME!

    Forget the MS and Shadow’s battles, Silver’s is going to be


  28. Silver trying to race and defeat Sonic………PFFFFFFT Thats as funny as the ending to the Turlte and Hare…..wait, the turtle won…does that mean Silver will win….PARADOX

    1. If 06 never happened, then that would make Sonic Rivals the first time Sonic and Silver meet. As for the location, I suppose the time travel in this game takes Sonic between different timelines.

    2. Here we go again.

      It’s not about whether or not it’s canon. Does the game Sonic 06 exist? And in that game, was there a stage called “Crisis City”, a character named “Silver” and a boss against this character? Yes to all 3.

      That means this is, in fact, part of the franchise’s history.

      Sonic Generations goes through the timeline of the franchise’s history, so yes, you do go through Crisis City and fight Silver.

      Now that makes sense if this game has no story. But it does. So how does it make sense then if Sonic shouldn’t remember this event or have even ever gone through it before even tho we remember it and have? Simple. They’re breaking the 4th wall.

      Note that Crisis City is also in the future during 06, yet it comes before Rooftop Run which is the present. That’s because it doesn’t matter. Crisis City was released in, real time, 2006, and Rooftop Run was released in 2008. So regardless of the game’s storyline timeline, real life timeline says it comes before Rooftop Run.

      lol Sorry for being over detailed. It seems confusing and I just wanted to make sure it was understood.

      1. Then again, if you look at 06’s ending, it might imply that Sonic does indeed remember the events, but only he does.

    1. Silver is my favorite character. And honestly, I think people hate it so much, just because of the game he debued in. Which sucks, because Silver is a really good character.

  29. Those graphics are amazing!!! Even If i do wish they fought on an original level..Still awesome.

  30. Oh man this a great boss fight, I will finally get my revenge on your spamming grab attack and killing me everytime you come close up to me, but not this time, ILL BE THE ONE WHO SAYING “ITS NO USE,TAKE THIS”


  32. LOOOOOOOL at Silver’s face in the fourth picture XD But wowza, he looks amazing. When I play 06, he looks like a lifeless zombie that will eat my soul.
    Wait, did I say lifeless zombie? Fail. ITS NO USE trying to make sense of that.

  33. I was so mesmorized by the giant debris ball of death that at first I didnt realize silver was under there… xD

    Still, I was kind of expecting the boss battle to be in Crisis City, which is still awesome IMO. I just hope he’s a fairly tough boss since it’s closer to the end of the game.

  34. This game looks so awesome, it would be no use not to play it! The fight at Crisis/Empire City looks awesome!

  35. So… if you don’t enjoy this game, Silver will come to your house and make you disappear.

  36. hold on a second, thats kind of a loop hole in the story, they say they go back into sonics past when this game and events happened in…the future!!!!!!!
    But its still really cool to see starfish in action there, cant wait to play it

  37. Looks more like a fucked up Empire City than Crisis City lololol.

    I’m pretty sure that big katamari spirit bomb will be Silver’s last resort attack where you will have to keep hitting the boost buttton to knock it back at him [called it]. Reminiscent of the final boss battle from Secret Rings.

    Either that or side-step dodging lol

  38. Don’t really care for silver much, though the screenshots suggest it will be a good fight.

    Would rather face Jet.

  39. The first screenshot reminds me of the cutscene were Sonic and Shadow fight in the Ark (sonic and shadow ending)

  40. First time for me to fight Silver…Yet I know how the fight went in ’06. Hopefully he won’t be so cheap and overpowered this time.

    Still looking forward more to Shadow, although dreading it. Got my butt kicked back then (forgot about the Spin Dash. Lol), will probably get it kicked now. But I love him for it XD

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