SEGA Signs VMC to Produce Sonic Accessories in the UK, Spain Gets Sonic Generations T-Shirt Pack

SEGA Europe has signed on VMC Accessories to produce a range of Sonic the Hedgehog licensed accessories ranging from Winter specialties like headwear, earmuffs, scarves, gloves and mittens to items like sunglasses, belts, fashion bags and wheeled suitcases. VMC Accessories is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of children’s licensed fashion accessories and should make a great addition to SEGA’s list of merchandise partners.

The accessories will be available to buy Spring 2012.

In other news, SEGA Spain has announced on their official Tuenti page that fans in Spain will soon be able to get their hands on a Sonic Generations t-shirt that comes packaged in a special Mega Drive-themed box. SEGA Spain says they will update soon with details of how you can obtain this item.

Sources: and Sonic Paradise

Thanks to SSMB member Lucky for the heads up on the VMC Accessories story and thanks to Seraphinprincess for the heads up on the Sonic Generations t-shirt news!

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  1. Well it’s about bloody time!! I can’t get a paypal account, so I can’t order ANY t-shirts or anything online!! I’ll be saving up for next spring, you can count on that!

  2. Woah! Sonic Generations is coming out on the MegaDrive?! Oh wait, it’s just a box for the T-shirt. I wonder what’s on the back.

    1. You know you could probably find the cover art and replace the original cover with the one in the picture.

  3. So… Is anyone else importing that T-Shirt pack?

    I guess you haven’t seen The Sonic figures, T-shirts, 20th figures, candy, money boxes, hats, plushes and anything else in the shops then?

    1. @notifaction guyr
      not really. i got some 20th anniversary comics, plushie, 2 Summer Of Sonic 2011 t-shirts, 20 show guides, ringtone of the 20th anniversary intro and lots more

  4. This blows. Sonic fans in North America get nothing special. At least all of Europe gets the collector’s edition. Now Spain gets this awesome bonus, too. SEGA should totally announce some cool bonuses besides the GameStop pre-order crap already. It’s really disappointing.

  5. Let’s see.. headwear is done, everything from beanies, baseball caps, Sonic Spike hats, Sonic head hats.. earmuffs have been done, scarves I think is new, gloves are done (both finger and fingerless), belts and bags are done.. Sunglasses should be pretty neat and I doubt the suitcases will be adult sized.

    Awesome shirt! Kind of like the Sonic Boom hand outs, hope the Sonic design is also on the back of the shirt rather than the front

  6. again no love for the USA! I swear it one of these days i’m going to denounce my citizenship because of crap like this.

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