SEGA Releases 16 New Sonic Generations 3DS Screenshots

SEGA has released 16 new screenshots for the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations via the game’s product page on their website. The images showcase a variety of the game’s stages we’ve seen so far, including Emerald Coast, Mushroom Hill Zone, Casino Night Zone and Radical Highway, all in both Classic and Modern Sonic flavours.

Check out all of the screenshots below.

Source: SEGA’s Sonic Generations product page

Thanks to TSS commenter WizzleKidd for the heads up!

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  1. SIXTEEN?! I didn’t even bother looking up the rest! :C

    I posted the first nine pics on SSMB btw. Pretty ignorant of me. 😛

    1. Gonna pre-order soon too, I feel like I’m being cheated though, 41.99 EURO for a handheld game. Better be good.

  2. I’m amazed at how the graphics keep on improving. I think since Sonic Team now has some free time after finishing the console version they are now touching up on the 3Ds graphics. I was hopeing for a new level or boss reveal but this is good new none the less. I really want this game now

  3. …Meh. Looks kind of crappy like a fan made beta kind of thing. It looks like a test version of a game, not an official version.

  4. Too be honest I feel they shouldn’t have made this version and instead put all of the stages like Mushroom Hill, Emerald Coast, Radical Highway, Big Arm boss fight, Casino Night, and what other stages they have left into the console versions.

    I know they want more cash by making 2 versions but they could easily charge extra for the 3DS version stuff as DLC.

    1. Like Will said below, why should 3DS owners have to miss out on this game? As for your theory, couldn’t they make the stages for the 3DS version AND make them DLC for the console version if they were to release them on the console version? There’s absolutely no need to leave a bunch of people out and spoil another group of people.

      1. Right!

        Is the 3ds version flawed? Yes but in reality nothing is ever perfect.
        But it seems that some people are blinded by the console versions graphics that they have to put down the 3DS version for its graphics. Anyone care to compare the screens from games com’s mushroom hill to today’s mushroom hill and not tell me that some improvements have been made.

  5. Man, can’t you guys just shut up about having the 3ds not exist. just because you will get the console version doesn’t mean that nintendo fan have to be left out. Man that is pissing me off

        1. You want the truth? I would do that. At least 06 takes longer to beat and has some creative boss battles.

          1. Still, Colors was fun. The gameplay and level design was great. I loved the music and the ability to play as Super Sonic in normal stages was a nice addition.

      1. yes BUT
        Nintendo consoles- black knight(sucked), secret rings (meh), unleashed(wii version… sucked), colors (awesome but short)
        HD consoles – ports of SA, SA2, Heroes?, all the other ports, sonic cd, better version of unleashed, now this. oh and all the other classic sonic games. (we only got sonic 1. and it was more expensive on the wii)
        and the 3ds version looks like a 5 year old did it in a day.

        1. I see your point. Colors was great, albeit short. I actually enjoyed Secret Rings a lot, as crazy as it sounds. Unleashed’s reputation on all consoles is a huge lie (thanks, IGN). But I’m not too sure you would that SA1 port on HD consoles all that much if you already have another version of the game. Most breeds of chao were omitted from the port, as well as a few bits here and there such as the Game Gear games. Not to mention that you have to pay extra for mission mode and Metal Sonic. It’s fine if you don’t have any other versions of the game, but not so much if you own the Dreamcast, PC or Gamecube versions. There are no ports of SA2 or Heroes, by the way.

        2. You don’t need ports of SA, SA2, Sonic CD, Sonic Heroes etc. for the Wii as you can just buy the Gamecube versions and they will perfectly work on the Wii. Never thought of that did you?

          We can play Sonic the Fighters on the Wii however you can’t on your HD console as there’s no port existing.

          Nintendo have made a smart move with the 3DS as they made it nearly as powerful as the Wii while bringing out the WiiU (which is HD). However the problem is that they’re aiming for a children audience and that’s why there’s not many 3DS games created by third-parties.

          If you think this game looks bad from screenshots, just try emulating Sonic Advance in full-screen on an emulator.

        1. Oh, no. You’re not turning this on me. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every Sonic game I’ve ever laid my hands on. I enjoyed the original Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 (with and without Knuckles), Mean Bean Machine, Spinball, 3D Blast, Sonic CD was fantastic, I loved SA1, SA2, Shadow, 06, Unleashed, Colors, Secret Rings, even Sonic Labyrinth. Yes, even Sonic Labyrinth had it’s good points. If someone asked for my opinion, I’d say YOU are the one who is f***ing up the damn fanbase. Now get your head out of your ass and stop accusing people of things you don’t understand.

          1. Your the one that f***ing calling me a fanboy just because I’m defending and wanting to experience a version of Sonic Generations when I’m not gonna pay a sh** load of money on a new console for the console version. So what if I got Colors. I want to experience Generations as well.

          2. @will Listen, I really do feel bad for what I said, and I apologize for all of it, the fanboy thing, that whole outburst afterwards, everything. I honestly didn’t mean a word of it. I just get so mad when I’m on Sonic sites, seeing all the trolls yelling and complaining. I guess the hate just got to me. I know, you probably think this is a bunch of bullcrap, but I thought I would tell you anyway. Don’t worry, I won’t bother you again.

      2. I simply don’t understand why my observations and opinions are constantly misinterpreted. I was merely observing that Will was overreacting to some of the things others were saying about the 3DS version of Generations. I was never implying that the 3DS version of Generations was any worse than the console and PC versions. I don’t have anything against Nintendo fans, I was making a simple, innocent joke. If the people who visit this site don’t understand my sense of humor, so be it, I accept that.

        1. jokes don’t translate very well on the internet. Plus saying “cool it fanboy” and sticking it to me that I got Colors doesn’t seem the least bit offensive.

  6. Yeah it’d be sweet if 3DS stages would be DLC for console versions. I will play the 3DS version too anyway. Don’t wanna miss out on those stages.

    1. If the 3DS stages are DLC for the COnsoles than the Console stages should be DLC For the 3DS Version

  7. I will buy the 3DS and this game even if it bankrupts me! It’s looking ever increasingly sweeter, I like the fact there’s different level choices on the consoles and 3DS


    Shadzter edit:
    Can you please stop typing in all capitals, S.K.O.R.? I’ve already asked you once before.

      1. I know Windy Valley what have been cool to see again, a but it will be in Mario and Sonic London games.

  9. A month to go and they still haven’t revealed any Sonic Advance/Rush level in this version. :/

    1. ikr, I was hoping they’d at least show a boss differnce on the 3DS version (VS Classic Knuckles, VS Blaze, Boss Egg Beetle)

  10. The only issue for me is game length. 7 stages won’t last long, especially when some sites point out that the levels they played are short. It was acceptable in Sonic rush but not on a 3DS game. I was hoping for at least 10 since it’s 2D. If it was all 3D then fair enough.

    1. HD version: 9
      3DS version: 7, possibly 8

      Features on the 3DS version
      Unlockable missions
      Unlockable challenges via streetpass and playcoins
      secret unlockables to collect while doing missions
      Relive the levels with Sonic’s friends in a “new light”

      there, your problem has been fixed.

      1. ATM it seems short like Sonic Colors, but added lil side thangs. Segas not gonna fuck up an anniversary game.

    2. All of it is 3D, but the camera is locked to a 2D axis (unless there’s some parts where it moves about). That’s probably why the game looks 2D.

  11. Just got my own Sonic Generations Collectors Edition for my XBox 360 from one of the Australian sites.

    I am 100% happy and content now. Awaiting it’s delivery in November.

  12. I wrote a song about the wait for Generations that replaces the lyrics in Tenderoni, not sure if I should sing and put it up on Youtube >w>

    The 3DS version is going to be the highlight of my Christmas Day.

  13. hmmm…doesnt looks bad at all… I am buying THIS version and I think I will download the PC version on steam (if it is coming to north america, of course)

    1. it is. but europe is getting the physical copy of it. WHY IS SEGA GIVING EVERYTHING TO EUROPE!!??

      1. Cuz we is awesome… jk

        Well, it has been said many times that Europe (including the UK) has more of a loyal fanbase than in any other place. I could be wrong, but then again, the Sega Master System & Mega Drive were pretty popular here (I hardly knew anyone who had a SNES or N64), & that we (UK) have the Summer Of Sonic conventions.

  14. Green Hill Zone
    Casino Night Zone
    Mushroom Hill Zone
    Emerald Coast
    Radical Highway

    This game is shaping up to contradict the PR about it being a celebration of the handheld games and it’s looking to be a celebration of Sonic on his own consoles and then the Ninty consoles. If so, games in the running:

    Sonic Heroes
    Shadow the Hedgehog
    Secret Rings
    Black Knight
    NiGHTS: Journey o- erm, nevermind
    Sonic Unwiished
    Sonic Colors

    I have a feeling that the last two will be related, so i’m thinking a Heroes stage followed by a climactic Shadow stage, the Storybook duo, or Unwiished into Colors. Ideally, they’d do something that isn’t SaSR followed by a final stage from Black Knight to ensure a modern stage and a storybook stage gets in without having to worry about oversaturating with the storybook games, but i doubt it’d happen. Having the final stages as Egg Fleet and Camelot Castle would ultimately make for a boss game nontheless. IN 3D!

    1. the final 2, possibly 3 stages are going to be from the handhelds (the last level is Tropical Resort)
      Heroes is being represented by the special stage
      Shadow? oh yeah, Radical Highway. Happy 10th anniversary.
      Storybook? maybe as later DLC
      Sonic Unleashed Wii has the same stages as Unleashed HD LOL FAIL
      The last level is from Sonic Colors…..DS.

        1. why is he asking for a Sonic Unleashed wii stage if they are exactly the same from the other version? why list it as “Wiished” instead of just Unleashed? He must consider them different because of the graphics, which is an even bigger fail.

          1. Ahem. As an owner of the Wii version of unleashed, I can assure the levels layouts are different to the “HD” PS3/360 versions. Just to clear that up.

          2. I assure you, the graphics are hardly an issue when comparing the Wii/PS2 and PS3/360 versions of the game. The Wii version was all but an entirely different game, in a bad way. I was so disappointed when I got the Wii version back in 08, when I had been exited for what I had seen in the trailers for the HD version. Damn, I was such a noob back then…

    2. It’s gonna be Rush and Rush Adventure….SEGA already said it. I wonder what the multiplayer stages for the 3DS version will be?(Though why couldnt SEGA just have them as playable, instaead of online?) Hope it’ll have at least one Advance stage.

        1. Care to provide proof that Tropical Resort is the final zone. Cuz the TGS doesn’t comfirm anything.

          1. then tell me, where does the Modern remix fit into all of this?
            it’s obviously the final zone for the 3DS version, and if we also add that the US/UK site listed 8 zones instead of 7, we can all conclude that the 3 final zones are going to be a Sonic Rush zone, a Sonic Rush Adventure zone and Tropical Resort.

          2. Yeah remember the concert when they started, they played tropical resort and emerald coast theme songs right? remember what they announced between the two songs and after the two songs ,yeah History of the First Stage Cds ( Of which Tropical Resort is in). Also Remember when Chemical Plant, Seaside Hill and Rooftop run appeared. Remember what was announced in between the songs, yeah Sonic Generations. See the difference.

      1. I was hoping for some Advance Zones remade…oh well, why complain? It’s going to be awesome either way.

  15. Dang it! Dang it dang it dang it! Got Dangit!

    I was really just going to put it off forever like I always to the “portable version” of the console games Sega has been making lately. But now I really want this. I may just have to actually buy it, as soon as I can, and not pretend im going to buy it but never actually do, like Colors DS.

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