SEGA Japan Shows Sonic Generations’ Collection Room

SEGA Japan has today opened the ‘Collection’ part of their Sonic Generations website. The update shows four screenshots of a room featured in the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions of the game which holds all of the bonuses you unlock in the game, like character profiles, concept artwork, music and cutscenes. An update for the same feature in the Nintendo 3DS version has also been made. This version contains 3D character models for players to view.

Here are Google translations from the page:
Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Collected in the play “Character Profiles” and “illustration” “BGM” you can enjoy the collection room.
And development of concept art, fan, etc. lots of content past the title BGM happy! In addition, this collection room, which appears only in the private collections of the password! ? The password is coming soon so enjoy!

Nintendo 3DS

Missions by collecting 100 coins in the game and miss communication,
different content is added. Art and history, BGM successive title,
and 3D models of characters, the fans can watch a nice content.

You can view all of the new screenshots below.

Source: SEGA Japan’s Sonic Generations website [HD version, 3DS version] (via Sonic Paradise)


  1. fan art, eh?
    And what’s this password thing? I guess they’ll release it on the website so you can type it in, unlocking extra content.

  2. I like the little Tv and Gramma-phone. I think they’re cute, and the room concept is an inspired way of making the menus more fun!

    1. Oh damn, I almost forgot. Thanks for reminding me.
      *Puts Wii on and loads up Nintendo Channel*
      It’s updated, but no new Nintendo TV News episode is there ๐Ÿ™ I guess it’ll be up next week. I thought it was odd that they said it would be up this week when the show has been released fortnightly for a while now.

  3. The second screenshot is interesting. Classic Sonic in a Sonic Adventure pose? How did that come about? Were there plans to keep the classic design initially?

    1. @Espy I thought it was Classic Sonic too,but maybe it was Sega test designs before they reached the modern sonic look ! I love to draw so I pay attention to these things …lol

  4. Hmm Lol Strange, We might get to see a new stage this Weekend or Next Week But i know for a fact that 1 of the dots on the 3DS Map is Leaf Storm the other might be Pirates Island or something..

    1. This is like the third time I see you post this. WHAT SOLID PROOF do you have that MAKE YOU know for a fact that Leaf Storm is a 3DS level other than a CD that it basically a collection of first stage songs.

  5. heh in classic collecton you didn’t have to unlock… but they were kinda bland but still good

  6. Awesome, but spoilers are coming onto Youtube every ten minutes… I’ve lost the fight, I can’t resist, go on without meee!! XD

  7. Password? You have to have an outside password to unlock certain things? I hate it when game developers do things like that. Everything should be obtainable within the game, with the exception of DLC.

  8. Well, hey, as long as there’s a sound test I’m happy.

    The music is something that really has me excited.

  9. How come Gamestop doesn’t have the stratagey guide listed?, I’ve called them multiple times and they don’t know if they’re getting it

  10. Does anyone know if the 3DS one has a proper interactive level map like the HD one?
    Damn that 3DS collection stuff looks awesome

  11. I hope we get the ‘password’ soon! I wanna rock out to some epic Music (JUN SENOUE FTW) and those concept arts look AAAAMMMAAAZZING!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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