SEGA Japan Releases Sonic Generations Intro Details & Cutscene Images

SEGA Japan has given a big update to their Sonic Generations website and among the additions are 15 new images from the game’s story introduction scene. The game opens with a picnic Sonic’s friends are holding for his Birthday, before new enemy creature Time Eater comes along and sucks up Sonic and his friends into warp holes spread out across Sonic’s 20 year history.

Take a look at the images in our gallery.

Details of the story introductions from the HD version and the 3DS version have also been revealed and we have English translations of those courtesy of San.ake from Sonic Retro.

PS3/Xbox 360/PC version

Today is Sonic’s Birthday.
A party is about to start, full of treats Sonic’s friends prepared.

Or so it was supposed to…
A mysterious monster attacks out of the blue,
Sonic’s friends are absorbed into a vortex,
and Sonic is left helpless.

Nothing but a white world in front of his eyes…
What is this place? Where are his friends?
Everything remaining a mystery,
an adventure that crosses both space and time starts!

3DS version

Sonic is invited to a birthday party Tails organized.
With a chili-dog in hand, Sonic is in a good mood. However…

A mysterious monster attacks out of the blue
Tails is absorbed into a vortex
and Sonic is left helpless.

Nothing but a white world in front of his eyes…
What is this place? Where is Tails?
Everything remaining a mystery,
an adventure that crosses both space and time starts!

Source: SEGA Japan’s Sonic Generations website

Thanks to SSMB members The Dead Skin and Torcano Sanctuary for the heads up!

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      1. Yeah, maybe it was Eggman who created him! And therefore succeeding on being again an actual threat in the games. But I doubt Eggman will have any plan in this game. He seems to be doing nothing but reliving his past ones, from what we’ve seen so far.

        1. I doubt Time Eater just came out of the blue, someone had to create and or release that beast, and I think its Eggaman who did it.

  1. I went on the website and in fact, there are only 2 stages left to reveal in the 3DS version. I hunch that the last one is Tropical Resort. The other could be anything.

    In topic now: the cutscenes look amazing. It’s gonna be even cooler to see them in motion. Just in that particular moment in picture #6, I wish I was the Time Eater. LOL!

    1. Did you see if Silver was confirmed for the 3ds cuz I read on TSSZ that he was in. Which make me believe that we will not have any rush level in the game either.

      1. Yeah, all rivals in the console and PC version are also in the 3DS version. Everytime the SEGA Japan site has updated, the same rivals have been added to the 3DS page as well as the console and PC version page.

        1. they must be very vital to the plot if both version which are suppose to have different content other than green hill and time eater have also been included in both verisons.

    2. They said the Modern era in the 3DS version would use Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush adventure levels, which makes sense because with the 3DS’s graphical capability, any console game past SA2 would look worse on the 3DS re-imagination so instead they intend to use previous handheld levels.

      1. Yet that make silver be out of place. Then again metal sonic is not were its suppose to be. Another thing. I read a comment on SSBM that is starting to convince me that the rivals might be important to the plot if they are the same across both versions.

  2. Ah… So that’s where the teaser takes place in the plot. Not that the teaser will be one of the cutscenes, but a teaser usually refers to a certain moment in a movie, and it seems to happen here too.

    The sixth screenshot, for “some odd reason”, reminds me of Sweet Mountain. I wonder why… By the way, that tray got caked. LOL

    I eventually watched the Bosses trailer. I decided not to ignore the “spoilers” SEGA itself gives.

    Time Eater must be the first apocalyptic monster in Sonic History that Eggman is not trying, or intends, to control. But its design does have bits of all of them, doesn’t it?

    1. Um if you’re referring to the Time Eater tease at the end of the boss, that was a different cutscene. If you look you can see clearly that it was set in Green Hill.

      Ah but how do you know Time Eater isn’t connected to Eggman in some way? He’s been missing for five years, hell the Time Eater could even be Eggman after some kind of incident. I mean think about it, in a game that celebrates all 20 years of Sonic, the only proper final boss, is one where you play as both Super Sonics against an opponent that is some kind of monster AND Eggman at the same time.

      1. just because sonic’s “turning 20” don’t mean Eggman has been missing for 5 years. for all we know colors could have finished taking place a few months before these events

        1. No, Sonic’s age is 15. SEGA has an offocial website that lists the ages of the characters. If Sonic was 19 during Colors, then his Sonic Channel profile would have updated his age from 15 to 19 when Colors came out, hell Sonic’s probably going to to back to being 15 at the end of this game after time is reset because I don’t think they intend to say everyone is suddenly 5 years older when they look no different.

  3. tails has got to be in planet wisp he’s the most precious to sonic ahem not in that way if that’s what you thinking

        1. in the video when you switch from classic sonic to modern sonic in green hill zone tails does the same thing

  4. No more debating over where the Time Eater came from. Nobody remembers Sonic Colors? That mass of nega wisp energy collided with the moon and they never brought it up for the rest of the game. The moon doesn’t just heal itself, does it? Oh wait, wasn’t half of the moon missing in SA2?

    1. yes, but thanks to sonic X logic, it seems eggman “repaired” the moon……and then blew it up again in shadow the hedgehog….then fucked the moon up again with the nega energy from colors….what is up with Sega and the moon?

    2. Am im the only one that knows that sega said sonic colors was the continuation for sonic generations??!?

  5. Am I the only one who’s wondering why all the images have those weird white fades on the side?
    And the images are awesome btw. I can’t wait for this game.

  6. I love the 5th picture where everyone’s talking to someone.

    It looks like Amy is eavesdropping on Sonic and Tails’ conversion, Knuckles and Rouge are having an awkward moment, Blaze and Cream are happy to see each other after such a long time and the Chaotix are arguing as usual!


  7. seriously we all know what time eater is now, the Time eater is a bunch haters and whinny and ignorant Sonic fans(the ones people dont like) negative energy put together to create this thing and tries to destroy everything that is Sonic and make CoD the best thing ever.
    But it is up to the Sonics and our heroes(the positive and non-ignorant sonic fans) to stop this vile thing and make Sonic live long.

  8. did anyone notice that the level orbs look like the ones tabuu had in ssbb just with sonic levels

  9. Wow. Its funny how in colors on the ds vers. there was lots of characters.( in the mission stuff) and on the wii version, it only had 2. Now its the other way around. HHHHMMMMMM!!!!

  10. Ive seen lots of comments regarding the Sonic Generations 3DS Friends and Levels and i have resolutions for both of them. There will be the same Friends in the Console on the 3DS Version Sega Jp Just edittied out a a few parts from the Console from the 3DS and a few months ago the 3DS’s friend system was explained as this ‘After rescuing Sonic’s friends in each level, you can see the stages in a new light in Replayability’. In a few Screenshots for Green Hill 3DS we seen Question Marks on the bottom screen so im guessing thats the Friend Command. And the Stages for the 3ds Ahh will their be 7 no. There is 11 Dots on Sonic Generations 3DS Hub Map which means we would have 6 more places to be revealed or seperated into Bosses and Stages Just to Clear Up your Comments

  11. You can tell this game is less about story more about gameplay kinda like colours only this time the cutscenes wont seem thrown in, because u can tell colours wasnt meant to have a story and that the story was made around the gameplay.
    But still less story = more gameplay, more gameplay focus = Fun, so this will be good.

    dont expect a big epic plot people.

  12. This looks like it will be great! Time Eater looks epic. I think the story of this game will be somewhat epic because the person who wrote the story for this game is the same as the one who wrote the story for SA2 and SATBK (Which had a pretty decent story). Even if it doesn’t have an epic story, this will still be one hell of a game.

      1. Well, I’m just going by what Nintendo Power says, but they can be wrong sometimes. Then again, maybe I’m the one who’s wrong. 😛

    1. The people who wrote SA2 and Black knight are different people. The story book team did not write Sa2 story because then they would have done all stories up to colors.

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