SEGA France Announces New Sonic Generations Demo, Coming October 19th


UPDATE: French Sonic fansite Eversonic has also confirmed the translation, so we’re now reporting this as confirmed.

Original article:
SEGA France has reportedly confirmed a new demo for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Sonic Generations during their public presentation at last week’s Micromania Games Tour in France we told you about last month. YouTube user bastien061301 was there and recorded SEGA’s Sonic Generations demonstration and we’ve been told that the SEGA rep on stage confirms (at 06:13 in the video) that a new demo is coming to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on Wednesday October 19th.

Astalavista at the SEGA Forums has the full translation:

Il y aura une autre demo qui va sortir le 19 octobre sur ps3 et xbox 360 …


There will be another demo of Sonic Generations in the 19 october for the PS3 and Xbox 360

Source: bastien061301 at YouTube

Thanks to nick1996 for the heads up and to Astalavista for the translation!

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  1. If you don’t have xbox live to download the next demo, just go to, and it should show up there. You can burn it to a DVD and play it in your xbox without modding. That’s what i’m planning on doing. i already did it once with the first demo πŸ˜‰

    1. Holy shit, dude, I love you.

      I’ve been wanting to play the Classic Sonic Demo since forever, (but couldn’t download it on time) and now I found it. πŸ˜€


        1. it’s just a demo, you shouldn’t get in trouble. if anybody is at fault, its the xbox creators for ableing the xbox to play demos off of burnt CD’s lolzz

          1. Thanks for the tip! I couldn’t seem to burn this properly, but it looks like imgburn just did it perfectly, as I was able to play the Classic Sonic Demo on my 360. Thanks again!

        1. Why would you want that? It’s such a short level. Rooftop Run would be much more awesome.

          1. I kinda wanted something from the past as a demo…meaning anything from Sonic 1- Sonic Heroes.

    1. Im hoping a new stage , if its city escape then ill pass since ive alreadly played that level at eurogamer modern and classic.

  2. it does. im nick1996 and the demo they showed is what we are getting. the language will change depending on your country. your all welcome. @Shadzter thanks for the shout out

  3. my guess is either modern green hill or city escape because those two are playable all the time i highly doubt spagoia

  4. Yay for Demos. I’ll be surprised if hackers manage to find anything if this does get released.

    1. it wont. this demo is the final versions of both classic and modern green hill. it wont contain any content because the game is finished. so its strictly just the two levels

        1. I think Theres going to be barely any cutscenes just like colours because Sega are now scraping focus on story and more on gameplay which is great because the gameplay is getting better.

          1. So like SK27 said, there’s barely going to be any cutscenes like Colors or Unleashed because SEGA are now scrapping focus on story and more on gameplay.

            Which sucks because I wanna play the stages to a better story. lol Not an amazing story, just something better than the crap we got in Unleashed. It’s so uncreative and bland now days.

            It’s not like the writers are the ones developing the stages. XD

  5. Being french, I can confirm what he said on stage in the video: There will be a new demo October 19th, plus a little detail: it’ll be an exclusive level. SEGA’s French Rep says it right after saying the Demo release date.

  6. Freking awsome! i cant wait for it!!! πŸ˜€ im going to record a speed run to both lvls! Sega thx you!!! :DD

  7. finally i can stop doing classic sonic speed runs and start on modern sonic. i have the full demo but i dont have a jtag or rgh

  8. well i hope it is true, ill be into the demo other than checking updates, i just relized there was a sonic unleashed demo so i downloaded and first time i sucked, but now im getting good at it, because its my first time playing that type of gameplay, i had the wii version ad it was way different, and pretty much its offcial that the demo is coming out, why would they lie about that?

    1. Don’t get too used to it. Generations will run much, much, smoother. Possibly better framerates. :3

  9. FINALLY!!!! i hope its both classic and modern sonic in one demo and please sega dont put a darn timer on it this time =/

  10. GUYS I TOLD OYU THERE WILL BE ANOTHER DEMO BECAUSE WHEN I had said it on june that on the psn i see demo#1 that means it could be another one! i hope its not a trial just like classic verison!

    1. I also showed what Demo #2 would be of and showed the released date for it at the time (Oct 10th) if you remember, but even I didn’t think they would go through with it after all the leaks.

      1. That’s probably why they changed it. Perhaps they did something to prevent leaks this time?

        All I know is I hope no one rapes this demo like the last one. Not this close to the end please.

        And if it’s Modern Green Hill, that’d be just perfect.

        1. Perfect for you, I already have a demo with Modern Green Hill.

          I’ll be taking a look at what’s in the demo myself, assuming they put effort into it, unlike the first one where they just took the E3 build and modded it so you could only play Act 1 and only for 20 days, there shouldn’t be much to show.

          Also a 9 day delay isn’t needed to remove spoilers, I could me an almost spoiler free version of the first demo (I say almost because it’s impossible to hide the level list) within a day.

          1. Actually they said the demo released was a pre-E3 build.

            I didn’t mean it’d TAKE them that long. Just that there’s the whole schedulling process and maybe it’s not the same demo. Maybe it’s a newly put together one. Like an alternate. idk.

            Still, if this demo isn’t a Green Hill demo then I’d still be worried. lol

      1. Wow! One Mr.JackTheInfinite visits Sonic Stadium!

        …Cheap knock-offs, my arse, Jack. Pfft!…

          1. I was being sarcastic. I’ve stated my opinion on your opinion through YT comments. Can you guess who I am (as in, which YT user)?

  11. i really hope they do my idea and release a demo for the pc aswell so as said before, we can see how the hedgehog engine, works on our computers

  12. I hope that the demo pops up in Gamestop and Target cuz I recently found classic green hill playable at Target.

  13. What about a PC demo? There is a way to download demos on Steam. I hope they do it…

    @luigiman202 True, I wanna see how does it works.

    1. A Sonic Generations PC “Beta” showed upon Steam registries way back when. A PC demo certainly isn’t out of the question.

  14. Not long to go now..

    Anyone want to come over and do the Modern Sonic stages for me? Can’t be arsed.

  15. That would be sweet! I bought X360 after the first demo was released so I didn’t get to try it. I was hoping for another demo!

  16. Demo, Demo, Demo πŸ˜€
    can’t wait to play the modern Stage, and I’m gonna play it in 3D, so curious how the gameplay will be with 3D effects.

    I don’t have a PS360 to play it on, but it would FINALLY mean we get a clean rip of the Modern Escape the City remix. SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!

    1. It’s just because we were already impressed with Classic Sonic and how well it applied the Classic Gameplay but haven’t really gotten to test out how well Modern Sonic has improved yet.

      1. We’ve seen runs like this on Modern Green hill countless of times, it’s probably that Modern Sonic’s gameplay is more fun to watch than Classic Sonic’s IMO

        1. We’ve also seen how it looks in Unleashed and Colors tho.

          It’s not about watching it. It’s about playing it. Even those who liked Classic more were curious as to how Modern Sonic played compared to his past 2 installments.

          In Colors, when you ran past a certain mild speed you’d run stiffly straight forward just like in Unleashed making it hard to steer or turn. But in Colors, you couldn’t steer or turn AT ALL. Instead tilting left or right would make you quickstep.

          In Generations, the quickstep is lightly with the trigger button agains, allowing you to steer. I think you can actually turn now more fluiding, and while boosting you can at least steer. Could be wrong. But it looks like there’s a little bit more fluid control.

          1. Trigger?
            Its still LB-RB/L1-R1 mate just like in unleashed
            its the triggers while turning to do Spindash Drift
            Colours you moved the thumbstick left and right when it tell you to.

  18. I hope we’ll be able to switch between French and English voiceovers, every character’s voice was awful in French Sonic X, except Eggman’s. I don’t want to hear them anymore (well, we in France haven’t had good dubs for years now, so…).

    Besides, the SEGA rep added there would be an exclusive stage for the demo.

    1. Haha the only goog dubbing were the voices for the Disney animated movies . All the rest always sucked here in France , be it the dubbed series ( Friends , my god kill me ) , the games or mangas ( please , NEVER WATCH NARUTO IN FRENCH , YOU WILL WANT TO START WORLD WAR 3 !!! ) .
      French guys really don’t have that touch to make good voice acting … Even the Canadian dubbs of movies of better then the french ones .
      The dubbs from Sonic X were just LOLZ , so yes please , make an option to change the language !!!

    1. As much as I want to play city escape I would say modern green hill, I don’t want to play any other levels till the game comes out.

    1. If he’s there , kill him ^^

      ” Ouch ! You hit me ! You’re mean ! ” Yeah shut up and DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE . XD

  19. PLEASE DO NOT BRI NG ROOFTOP RUN DEMO! I want to see it as a suprise in the full game! Give modern green hill or city escape as we already have seen so much already! Here’s hoping! πŸ˜›

  20. wishlist for the demo
    5. sky sanctuary
    4. city escape
    3.speed highway
    2. chemical plant
    1. seaside hill

  21. Who knows? It will most likely be Rooftop Run due to the assets being in the first demo, but SEGA might just surprise us and give us the modern Green Hill, Cutscene and Classic Chemical Plant.

    *Wakes up from fanboy dream*

  22. They said “It will be an exclusive!”

    Maybe a level which is will not appear in the game like ice cap,or lost world or something ?

  23. Please god let it be a demo for spagonia, i am particularly excited for that level πŸ˜€

    1. Forget Spagonia everyones hyping because Spagonia data was in the last demo and i bet it can be configed to display city escape too, i hope its just GHZ modern and Classic thats all they need to make playable, thought i was lucky enough to play CE πŸ˜€ its just gonna be the same as the french demo on screen

  24. The game’s only three weeks away. I think I’d rather play it fresh, keep the surprise for then.

  25. Today i pre-ordered Sonic Generations. ^^ LOL! AND IT MAKES ME HAPPY ^^^

    19 Sonic Gnerations demo?? Witch modern Sonic.. Ooohh jesh! ULTIMATE HEDGEHOG COMING BACK (…BUT NOT ONLY 1 ACTUALLY 3 EPIC HEDGEHOGS SHADOW, SONIC, SIVLER)

    Jeaahhh Sonic Generations is coming to my home… This makes worlds most pathetic live-form feel better!

    And next moth It’s coming…

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SO HYPE!! ^^

  26. it will be nice if a demo do shows up but its spagonia then it will be fun to play also green hill since i never played it

      1. Ir didnt look like it said “press start” but for some reason that title screen did not look like an American version to me…it seemed more, you know, something else, i just can find the word for it :/

    1. I know we got off on the wrong foot, but Hub world would be a nice touch in this demo, but i doubt it, most likely it’s the demo in the video since theres a few changes from that to what i played at GF
      1.After you get your rank, that music starts playing
      2.New audio, French Dub for example.
      3.some extra copyright tags on the titlescreen that weren’t there before.

      1. And plus, don’t demos just have at least 1 level and not a lot more? I don’t think they would spoil us that much.

      2. I hope the demo is City Escape or Seaside Hll, Shadow as a boss, and or Perfect Chaos as era boss. That would be the best demo Evar llol

        If it has a huh world, I will have epic fangasm.

        Even if it is Green Hill, I’m fine with it because I chose to avoid Modern Green Hill vids, so if it is MODERN Green Hill I’ll be

    1. I’m not watching any future trailers or videos either…Not that I don’t want too it’s just they revealed too much and it’s going a liiiittle overbaord D:

  27. Well it seems my youtube account has been suspended. I had a family guy video up there for…weeks maybe and they FINALLY caught up and called it copyright infringement. GAW!

  28. Hooray a new demo! I’ll have to wait 5 days extra though, because I don’t have Xbox live gold… πŸ™

    1. If you don’t have xbox live to download the next demo, just go to, and it should show up there. You can burn it to a DVD and play it in your xbox without modding. oh and, to play the demos on the xbox from a burnt CD/DVD, You have to create a folder on your computer called β€œContent” and inside that one you make another folder and label it with 16 zeros (0000000000000000). when you download teh demo, you put that inside the 16 zeros folder.

      for the rest of the info, go here:

      hope this helps, spread the word.

  29. We’re qualified for RWC Final, & we announce to the world the realease of the demo…
    What a great week-end for us =D lol

  30. eww omochao in the game. I didn’t mind him on the loading screen with the Zone Title Card, but in the actual levels?! God, I thought we (Sega) had learned our (their) lesson from that. they better put in a omochao gun in so i can target practice on that little prick as I zoom through the levels.

  31. Best…………….Birthday……….Present…….EVER! Can’t wait for the 19th…My B-day

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