SEGA Announces California-Based Sonic Generations of Skate Event

In celebration of Sonic’s 20th Anniversary, SEGA of America has announced a Sonic themed skating event called’Sonic Generations of Skate‘ in cooperation with ASA Entertainment. The event will be held October 22nd on Venice Beach, California and will see famous skateboarders from three eras compete for a cash prize. Sonic fans will of course be given the chance to go hands-on with Sonic Generations at the event before it’s released in stores 8 days later. Those who miss the event can catch it on TV in the US November 25th via FOX Sports Network.

You can order your tickets for the event here. Be quick, though, as there aren’t many left at the time of this article’s publication.

For more information, head over to the SEGA Blog.

Thanks to SSMB members Hogfather and The Dead Skin for the heads up!

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  1. HAHA!! i got tickets for all the times and i got extras for someone to come with me. WHO WANTS TO COME? 😀 and i’m not paying for travel btw

    1. You could have just left them for someone else rather than order more than you’re certain you’ll use.

  2. WOOHOO! Looks like I got tickets for once! 😀
    Me and my group are going!
    See you all there :3

    1. It’s interesting because I’m actually a skateboarder (It’s my version of cardio) and an avid 1st gen Sonic fan of the 90’s… I think I should attend this just to show off my Sonic skate-suit… Yes I put together an outfit for skateboarding as the blue blur… I should probably go since TSS goers, fans, and other people would likely take tons of photos of me… Thus making me popular! OH YEAH!

      Popularity was tubular in the 90’s

  3. AND we all know the majority of the people buying Generations will not care about this event. We will all be at home playing it.

  4. Aw Come on! I’ve been skating since Adventure came out! why does this have to be around the area I moved away from several years ago… ;_____; xD

  5. I found it interesting that Tony Hawk was billed last on the press statement. Too much of a correlation to bad video games?

  6. Just keep advertising like there’s no tomorrow, SEGA. From what we’ve all seen, it’s worth the attention.

  7. I’m a little confused, is this event only for skaters, or can we have the option to just watch the competitors and play Sonic Generations?

  8. I saw “California” and got excited. Then I saw it was up in L.A. and my hopes were crushed.

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