and Now Taking Sonic Generations CE Pre-orders

UK and French Sonic fans now each have another opportunity to nab a pre-order for the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition before it’s released November 4th. In the UK, Propel Gamer is now listing it for both Xbox 360 and PS3 at £149.99, and in France, popular video game retailer GAME is now listing it for both Xbox 360 and PS3 for €106.99. Unfortunately for those outside of the UK and France, these two retailers only ship within their respective countries, but don’t fret, our list of worldwide retailers stocking the Collector’s Edition might be able to help you.

You can get your pre-orders in at the links below.
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360): £149.99
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (PS3): £149.99
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360): €106.99
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (PS3): €106.99

Thanks to Propel Gamer for getting in touch with us via Twitter!

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  1. saw this at ign “We managed to sneak a bit further past where the demo’s [Hubworld] boundaries allowed and caught a quick glimpse of some very awesome secrets that old school Sonic fans are sure to go crazy for, but we’re bound by silence to not mention them” what do you think that could mean? i wish i could get sonic generations ce but i cant afford it

    1. (Possible spoilers)
      I think it could be the collection room we saw in the German Preview. Hmm…

  2. Does anyone know whether the local editions will be in the native language, i.e. german version in german, and the french in french? I have no knowledge regarding local editions, as I am from Denmark, where it’s too expensive to dub the games, plus most people speak english 🙂

    1. I hear the game’s going to have multiple language options. The game will no doubt default to its native language, but you should be able to change it.

      1. I sincerly doubt it in regards to the german version at least. I don’t know about the french version, but it’s rather common for german games, movies, etc. to be dubbed in the national language in germany. Also the additional material, like the book and the DVD, well, it would be a shame to buy the box, only to realise that the inside is all in german or french, and since I only understand german vaguely, I’d be at a disadvantage =/ I’d wish they’d publish more, since they’re in such high demand…

          1. From JB HiFi? Is there a guaranty that I’ll get it, if I do? Are they guarantied to receive them, because the danish retailers can’t give me an answer..

          2. I did make an attempt to correspond with JB HiFi in regards to the stock they’re awaiting, but so far, they’ve only informed me, that they’re shipping world wide. I’m afraid they may not receive any copies. Also, it says they’ll be shipping them out the 30th november and not the 3rd.

  3. Woaw and my mother thought grangergemes was expencive.
    Does anyone know if it will be available for amazon again, its the only price my parents will let me get it for 🙁

    1. People have said that it has come instock again once or twice. Probably when someone has cancelled their pre-order or something. Otherwise your best bet is to possibly check on release. In my experience with sold out pre-orders, amazon sometimes gets extra stock nearer release and it comes up for sale again a few days before, or on the day of release. Possibly due to cancelled preorders, or maybe them getting more stock than they were told. You’ll have to be quick though, and don’t rely on amazons email reminder.

  4. It’s good to see that more websites/stores are making the CE available for pre-order now, it gives more people a chance to buy it. 🙂 Seeing as is stocking it, I wouldn’t put it past the UK variation to make it available soon, as well. Be sure to continue keeping us posted!

  5. speaking of difrent language’s im happy to see i can still play it english (altough i will hate the voices of holland its still very tempthing to listen how crappy they sound and just laugh with my sister )

  6. I understand that the CE will be available from other websites at varied prices, keep in mind though theres only 500 being made/released to the uk per the 2 main formats pS3 & 360.

  7. I did a pre-order through German Amazon. Can anyone confirm if it’s the same edition for all countries? I’m afraid I might get a book in germany.

    1. It says “deutsch” under language, so I’m afraid it might be. I think the game will have the option to switch between languages and subs, but I’m not so certain about the DVD and book, not to mention the backside of the game case.

      1. boy oh boy oh boy…. I might cancel this pre-order then. It doesn’t surprise me it was that easy to order and that it never gets sold-out.

        1. Get it from JB HiFi in Australia. You will be getting it later than everyone else, depending on your location, but at least you’ll be getting the english version 🙂

  8. Hmm I ordered from J B Hi fi (the Australian seller), I live in Canada and I really wanted this so I splurged and ordered it… I haven’t heard anything back from them though and that was 3 days ago. This is concerning becuase usually sellers email me a receipt or confirm my order or something but I’ve heard nada. Is there an alternate way to contact them where I can get a direct answer?

    1. Try this one mate 🙂 I cancelled my pre-order at JB HiFi because they didn’t respond properly to my e-mails. I presented them with some questions regarding shipping, game release, and whether you’d be secured a copy for certain, but they only refered my to they help center, which I’ve scoured through already, so I cancelled my pre-order out of spite… Not the best service ever. I’m just hoping the danish retailers will get this CE in supply. They’re certainly advertising it on their sites, but they keep telling me that they can’t give me a guarantee, and that’s why I ordered from JB HiFi. I any case, I’m fairly certain any leftover CE’s will be available on, when the time comes. I mean, some of these sites that they’re selling the game from, are fairly unknown throughout the international community, so I’m crossing my fingers; otherwise I’ll have to accept the fact, that I’m only able to procure the standard edition, at a discount price though ^^

  9. JB Hi Fi contacted me through an email already to confirm my order I paid for around a week or two ago has begun processing since they will be recieving stock of the game in a few day’s or already have.

    So yes it IS legit and they WILL be sending out copies to those who remained on pre-order and didn’t cop out. Glad I decided to stay with them as I will be getting mine where as those who chickened out will sadly lose out on a final chance.

    1. Where are you ordering from? Europe? America? In case you are: Are you familiar with the shipping time from Australia to either of the abovementioned?

  10. Just to make sure I kept my pre-order from Amazon Germany.
    I hope the book, cover and everything else are gonna be multi-language or english.

    I thought about JB Hi-Fi as others sugested but I prefer to buy from known stores. Here’s hoping amazon uk will have more available so I can cancel my pre-order from amazon germany.

    1. When you do receive the game, would you do me the favor of informing whether the case and everything attached is in German or not? I can see they’ve still got copies, so if nothing else, I could get one of those, if it’s basically the same, with a german voice option 🙂

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