Original Mega Drive Sonic the Hedgehog Unlockable in Sonic Generations

Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka announced at SEGA France’s Paris Games Week presentation over the weekend that the original Mega Drive/Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog game will be an unlockable bonus in Sonic Generations. This won’t be news to those who followed the June demo leaks, but for those who didn’t, this should be very welcome news. That is unless you own the original or one of the many ports out there already.

Source: Destructoid (via PSX Extreme)

Thanks to SSMB member Blur of Blue for the news tip!


  1. This is great and all, but I own Sonic the Hedgehog on almost every console… including my Mega Drive, I’d have prefered a Sonic 3 Generations level to this bonus tbh

    1. Would have cost SEGA considerably more. Whereas the cost for this one for SEGA is pretty much nothing.

  2. I’m a little dissapointed, i already own pretty much all the Mega-Drive (Genesis) games on several platforms including XBLA. Still, i guess for the Modern fans who’ve never tried the classics, this’ll be a good way to introduce them. I’ve desided to stop playing the demo since i’m almost to the point where i know everything in the levels. Can’t wait for this game, its going to be awesome! (and its released the day after me birthday so woop, i’ll have the moola)!!

  3. If any Sonic fan still hasn’t played this game they need to finally do so.

    They’ve had the original Genesis cart, Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic Classic Collection, GBA port, VC, XBLA, Sonic Jam, Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, PSN, and Plug n’ play joysticks. If they STILL haven’t experienced it after all of that than they’ve been living under a rock.

    1. Nah. If they don’t want to why force them to? I mean you give Sonic a bad name when you turn playing his games into an assignment. v_v

  4. Lol. I have played/owned that game on every platform there is. I could beat the game in my sleep i’ve played it so much. I beat the thing when I was 2. 2!!!! I could barely even talk then and I beat it. Sonic fan for life! lol

  5. Now that’s nice ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do have that game through Mega Collection Plus, but for some odd reason it doesn’t work, so this will be a nice bonus for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I wonder what they will add to it!

    Oh and remember we acess everything from HUB. It would be cool to see Classic Sonic playing his first game ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Hey isn’t this one different from other ports in that it has demo versions of stages or something like that?

  8. Nice!, perhaps Sonic the Hedgehog 2, 3, and Knuckles will be unlockable in Generations as well! ^v^

  9. Ssssort of great news. I own Sonic 1 about a dillion times. But if they Sonic Jam it up with spindashing and a time attack, then I might be all like… sweeeeet..

  10. When I read the title, I first took it to mean that the original 16-bit sprite version of Sonic could be unlocked as a playable character in the main game.

  11. So u can unlock a game we already own :/ im a little disappointed i was hoping for i don’t know Segasonic arcade a game i used to play in the arcades as a kid way back, i miss playing that game DX

  12. Hmm, I thought maybe they’d have each of the original levels from their respective game’s present on the disc? Perhaps that’s asking too much. That’s a lot of emulation, now that I think about it. Sonic 1 is good enough, especially for those who’ve never played it!

    Also the comments here got me thinking – I’m sure there won’t be DLC of new levels (like from Sonic 3), but I wonder if maybe there will be DLC that recreates the original layout of the original levels? Like, using the new assets of Speed Highway to recreate the layout of the old level. That’d be pretty fun! (And yes, I know Casino Night is DLC, but that doesn’t count as a new level to me!)

  13. When I saw this, I immanently started thinking, “How many ports of this had ben made”? But since it’s Sonic’s 20th, I’ll let it go, as many young gamers may not have seen how it all started. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Good for the 1 in 50 gamer who hasn’t played Sonic 1 on Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, Gameboy Advance, 360, PS3, Wii, PC, DS, PSP, mobile phones, or plug n’ play joystick games I guess…

  15. I’ve played all the classics, but I’ve never beaten one. The closest I got was Sonic 3 and Knuckles. I haven’t played even half of Sonic 1, and I’ve hardly touched Sonic 2. I hope that I’ll be able to finish these one day though. =P

  16. If they add in the spindash, like in Sonic Jam, I will consider this article noteworthy to an extent.

  17. @Falzar
    I agree. Total bullshit. I just can’t see a two year old pullin off all those careful jumps and whatnot. lol

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