NintendoWorldReport Previews Sonic Generations 3DS, 9 Mins of Gameplay


NintendoWorldReport has posted their impressions of the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations online after some hands-on time with many of the stages in the game, including the Emerald Coast and Radical Highway levels. The website says both of these Dreamcast era stages translate from the TV screen to the smaller 3DS screen very well, and overall, they seem pretty positive about the game, though they don’t think it will top Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

NWR has also shared nearly 9 minutes of gameplay footage from the New York Comic Con demo, which we have embedded here.

To check out NintendoWorldReport’s preview, head over to their website.

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      1. Well like…I should have written it better. It’s okay, but it wasn’t what I was expecting for a modern remix. All the other remixes in the game that have been shown so far have made me all excited, and got me boppin’ my head (mainly Classic Speed Highway, C. Mushroom Hill, and Crisis City) but this one kinda fell below the expectation line for me.
        Not to say its like “OMFG IT TOTALLY SUCKS AND RUINS THE GAME” but its okay as I said.

        1. yeah,i kinda feel like they added too much instruments and the overall backtrack looks a lot like classics remix :/

  1. i love the music in this game so far.
    that big arms boss remix gave me goosebumps. i freakin love it

  2. The game is looking great. I love the way that the paths weave in and out of the screen. And Big Arm boss music… it’s been said hundreds of times, but it has to be the best boss music ever.

  3. I wish they’d chosen someone who is actually good at Sonic games to play for this… either they suck or this game is real hard.

    1. Big Arm’s difficult in the second phase looks like you’d have to learn the precise moment to jump. This person jumped from the middle of the stage when Big Arm came in. I think it works best if your at the other end and run/jump when Big Arm enters. Also this player was spamming the boost when its not even needed.

    2. they definitely improved it a lot,looks like he learned some few new moves and i’m glad they did it 🙂

      1. agreed, I especially love the move when big arm pounds the ground then drills through it. This is why I think that if Dimps/Sonic Team work extra hard they can have results like this. But I wish we could still see C.Robotnik in the cockpit. 🙁

  4. still looks buggy as hell, check out classic getting stuck on that mushroom at the beginning of mushroom hill act 1 lol.

      1. we don’t even know if the 3ds versions will have the red rings but that glitch was sure funny as hell XD

  5. Still no sight of the homing attack :l

    I wanna weenie it works and decide whether or notI should shit on DIMPS homes for adding it

    1. Its not gonna happen dude theres a video that confirm it,but yet they removed the same video for an odd reason :/
      wonder why

    2. They actually ARE. They removed the demo with it and radical highway off the show floor at NYCC a couple days later. Read NintendoWorldReport’s full preview and they confirm it and Tristan fromm TSSZ interviewed Aaron Webber and confirmed it. The reason why that guy removed his video was because Sega purposely didn’t have the showfloor demo with the homing attack and he realized it was shown to the press only along with other levels.

  6. some cool things are here but it need some work. There were different paths but they were so straight forward and plain. Love the music but the level design needs help. Maybe the later stages will be better.

  7. The 3DS version looks pretty good graphics-wise, but it definitely seems a little unpolished. However, I’m more optimistic than I was before watching the video, so that’s a good sign.

  8. Welp its my time to give my opinion. Sure there are some moments that the physics are off a bit. Like modern sonic not falling quickly the instant he was upside down. Now to the modern sonic levels are a boost fest. That looks more like the players fault to me. Cuz the game tells you when to boost but this player used the boost when it wasn’t really nescessary.

    And I believe that my favorite boss Big Arm has learned a new move if I’m not mistaken. Also this is like the second player I’ve seen that loses to Big Arm in the second phase. It seems like they are to close when they want to jump over big Arm.

    Looks good to me. I’m loving it. I do hope that its not delayed until next year but I wouldn’t mind if it was pushed back to December so Sonic Team has more time to help Dimps out.

  9. The 3DS version looks great, I can’t wait to pick it up along with the HD version this Holiday season. 😀

        1. I actually believe it,and HOPE for it.think about it:they will have more time to improve it untill the lauch date.

          1. I’m kind of torn by this rumor, because I was planning on getting a 3ds this holiday season and purchase Mario Kart 7 and Sonic Generations 3ds then in the future purchasing Super Mario land 3ds and Luigi’s Mansion and Mario Tennis 3ds(whenever in 2012 its released). But on the other hand I really want this version to be great so those who critize it will have their mouth shut.

    1. Aaron Webber explained them in the Cnet video with the HD version of Generations. They show up whenever a bottomless pit is around so you know you need to watch out for one. He said they can be turned off.

  10. Alright, difficulty spike for Big Arm? Good to know!
    But y I no see Classic Eggman? ;-; Why?

    Mushroom Hill looks great, and I’m loving the Modern track! Though why the checkpoint near the end of Classic’s stage if the signpost is right there?

    1. Unfortunately this is where the mini boss took place in the original hench why it there. I hope its removed in the near future

    1. All it needs is love and from what I’ve seen its starting to get some love. Hopefully Sonic Team and Dimps were overtime hours and push the release just a nudge to make this version shine in its own right

      1. I don’t think Dimps can do much on its own,most of the games they worked on,they had some Sonic Teams help

  11. Has anyone noticed that Classic Sonic now has a mouth? and it’s pretty good animated 😀
    Now, release a demo in Novemeber for the 3DS version please D:

  12. Now, 3DS gameplay I don’t mind spoiling for myself since I won’t be buying this version.
    Looks half-assed.
    Mushroom Hill is pretty but the level design is so poor in Modern Sonic’s sections.

    1. if you had bothered reading the comments you could have found your answer. Or if your played the original mushroom hill then you could have found your answer.

  13. Can you seriously not boost until the gauge is depleted in this version? If so, then that just sucks because there isn’t even a spin dash for the substitute of the wonky boost (I am hoping that this is just one of the worst players out there, hoping)

  14. Looks good it has improved a lot 🙂 though it’s still lacking a few things 🙁 hopefully they can add the finishing touches before release but the Modern Sonic gameplay looks better than before 🙂 no homing attack though? and classic Sonic is okay there’s just something missing :/ watching the person play can be really tough to watch 😐 what’s up with the boost? why isn’t the player using it properly? :\

  15. I’ve just played my version of Sonic the Hedgehog 1991 and the Green Hill zone in this is exactly the same to the one in the original.

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