1. No no no, both of you are wrong, the Time eater is a bunch haters and whinny and ignorant Sonic fans(the ones people dont like) negative energy put together to create this thing and tries to destroy everything that is Sonic and make CoD the best thing ever.
        But it is up to the Sonics and our heroes(the positive and non-ignorant sonic fans) to stop this vile thing and make Sonic live long.

        1. From a more cannon standpoint, the Time Eater could be the result of the mass of nega wisp energy colliding with the moon when Eggman’s mind control device exploded in Sonic Colors. I’m not sure if they decided to make the whole “Egg Moon” thing from Sonic X an official thing or something, but this is like the second time the moon has been spontaneously repaired for no explainable reason after being obliterated.

  1. Psh, It’s obviously the robotic fusion of the Purple Wisp and Mephilles the Dark created by all the Robotniks working together as a unified force. *eyes roll*

  2. I have a bad feeling that at the end of the game, Sonic will say goodbye to Classic Sonic forever, cleverly marking the end of Classic Sonic in any future games. SEGA made it pretty easy for themselves this way. I love Modern Sonic, but this replication of the classic gameplay formula is so much fun. I really hope there will be more Sonic games like this.

    1. Actually, i’ve heard that SEGA has said that they’re going to make 2 series- one for Classic Sonic, and one for Modern Sonic.

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