Mario & Sonic London 2012 : Party Mode Trailer & 62 New Screenshots


A new trailer for the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games has been released showcasing some of the 50 mini-games in the game’s Party Mode. All of this multiplayer action takes place in the streets of London combining the city’s iconic features with elements from both the Mario & Sonic franchises. It looks like there will be some crazy fun to be had when the game hits Europe November 18th and the US November 15th.

We also have 62 new screenshots of the game, which you can view below.

Source: Club SEGA and SEGA’s Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games product page

Thanks to SSMB member Dr Spudhead and Paradox the hedgehog for the heads up!

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    1. I have to agree, the party games don’t look that fun instead they look somewhat slow and awkward but hey maybe I’m wrong and there will be more fun hopefully…but your right we still have much to see, I loved Winetr Olympics so much this may not beat the Winter one but I’m hoping it can at least improve from what the first offered

  1. this looks mario partyish and actualy fun hmm maybe I’ll get this game after all, ehhh nah I’ll let my sister get it, she likes these games and well…I don’t, ps everyone is entitled to their opinions don’t judge mine

  2. party mode looks kkinda boring, to be honest. i thaught it be more sonic and mario themed, but not london theme, and i see more themed missions than sonic,
    dreeam events looks more fun

  3. Awesome. I wanna get this game.
    I like how it looks almost more like a regular party game with regular mini-games than Olympic games now. So we get Olympic games, Sonic/Mario-themed games, and regular mini-games. Sweet.

    I don’t know why everyone’s bashing the trailer. This isn’t the whole game. That’d be like bashing the recent Sonic Generations trailer for only being bosses and no stages. It was a boss trailer so it only showed the bosses. This trailer is only showing the games that the trailer is themed around. Duh. lol

  4. that trailer was pretty bad, trailers are meant to make you wanna buy it, all we saw in this was characters jumping on each others head and aimlessly running around doing pretty much nothing. I wish sega will end these olympic money grabbing games, there only pasting sonic and mario to make people buy it, Come on Sega give us a crossover we actually want a Mario and sonic platformer adventure game or better an RPG.

    1. It’s not only up to SEGA. But I do agree that a real Action/Adventure-Platforming crossover should be made.

  5. Why can’t they just make a new Sonic Shuffle instead? Just without the terrible load times. It’s not like I ever pick the Mario characters anyway, I’d rather just have a totally Sonic Party game (and put it on PS3 instead, too).

    1. What about Sonic And The Secret Rings Party Games? that was close and similar to what Shuffle had but it was better I loved Secret Rings’ Party games so much fun 😀

      1. oooooooo i love the party games on Secret Rings. one of the few things on there. although rings is alot better by 564.325648 than black knight

  6. *Looks at mini-London streets* Okay I know England’s a small country, but now your just taking the piss xD

  7. If Sonic was running at me full speed and kicking a soccer ball directly towards me, I’d fear for my life….

  8. What a waste of development. They could’ve done a fighting game but no! They did another one of these games. Heck, I would’ve even been happy with a racing game! Oh well, at least there’s Generations I can get hyped for.

  9. First trailer “OMG THIS LOOKS COOL!! The music is all peppy and the gameplay shots are all cool and I want it!”
    Second trailer “Yeeeaaaa…I’m gonna pass on this until it’s cheap. Music is still catchy.”
    50 party games? Shiiit weren’t there only like…3 in the winter one? I never played the first one so idk about it.

  10. Can I just say, it looks like Sega upped the graphics slightly this time. Not quite as high as unleashed, but still a little better than last time. Of course, they’re probably just keeping with this style so that the Mario characters still fit in. It’d be no good if Sonic was a hi-res multi-textured sub-divided piece of cutscene art, and Mario was just a 8-bit sprite, now would it? Still looks like fun, but I want to see Sonic and the boys perform some of that swimming proformance! And let’s have the girls playing football! YEAH! Challenging the gender stereo-type!

    1. Shadow: Why are we doing this?

      Sonic: We’re being respectful

      Shadow: WHO CARES!?!?! *leaves*

      1. …And then halfway though the preformance Sonic remembers HE CAN’T SWIM. I wonder how they’ll handle that? (Lifejacket, like the first game?)

  11. I find it weird that that in game engine graphics Amy has teeth but in the CGI cinematic she has no teeth.

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