Jazwares Sonic 20th Anniversary Figures Coming to the UK Later This Week

UK collectible specialist retailer Forbidden Planet is now taking pre-orders for Jazwares’ set of Sonic 20th Anniversary action figures. The figures will be released this coming Thursday October 6th and are priced between £7.99 and £22.99, depending on the size of the figure.

To view the collection and/or get your pre-order(s) in, head over to Forbidden Planet’s website.

Thanks to SSMB member BinaryRaptor for the heads up!

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  1. Actually kinda happy for you guys. Canada usually gets the Sonic figures super late, but it’s better than not at all. Glad the UK gets to part-take as well.

    1. There are online toy stores who don’t charge an arm and a leg for shipping, y’know. You just gotta look for them.

  2. My Toys R Us are alredy selling theese. I got plushes though. Classic Sonic, Tails and Modern Sonic. I wonder if we will get the other stuff like the silver plush and the super pack

  3. Arrgh! All the Toys R Us stores in my country don’t even sell a single piece of Sonic merchandise!!

    Not a single action figure/plushie/comic book/poster/e.t.c.! And it’s expensive & risky to order it online..
    Well maybe it’s cuz Sonic isn’t popular in my region. Oh well – I’ll have to accept my fate 🙁

    I feel left out that almost everyone but me has some merchandise and lives outside my region. Is there anyone who lives in the Southeast Asian countries? I live in Singapore, and I know there’s someone here who lives in Malaysia which is next to Singapore. Please don’t tell me that I’m alone…

    1. know what you mean bro there is no motherflipping store here in holland i was lucky enough to get a tails shaodw kunckles and sonic plush at a carnival though

  4. Now it’s just the case of waiting for my local Toys ‘R’ Us to stock them (and that took ages last time :P)…

  5. Man, I hope Generations news isn’t dead yet. We still need the Modern Era Trailer, someone from SEGA to talk about if we’re having DLC, or not, and maybe an overworld trailer, if SEGA is just that generous. I don’t think we will be seeing any other classic characters, like Aaron Webber said. Though after seeing the 30 min footage of SG, it looks like there won’t be any other classic characters 🙁 The German people had the full game, and it didn’t even show them. Don’t even say bc of embargo, because that’s bs.

    1. Looks like something out of Sonic 06, like one of those demon things in crisis city. maybe its suppose to represent that game.

  6. This makes me think Sega is gonna bring that collectors edition to the US now. I have a few of the toys from the 20th Jazwares line, the Super Sonic Set is good-great-awesome-Amazing!!!

    1. I hope so, as the UK now officially has pretty much everything and then some. Only thing missing from their anniversary celebration is a free car. :V

  7. My 3DS won’t load the page ›:O
    To let you guys know, if u want 2 talk 2 me, please call me out cuz I don’t comment as much….
    2: I’m so lonely :,C
    3: I don’t mean 2 be rude but PLEASE!!!

  8. Yay finally lol i wanna get my hands on Classic sonic figure, been waiting for a classic sonic figure like that since my childhood. i wonder if they will be released in tokyo toys too.

  9. Toys R Us are indeed have these in stock right now. Mine didn’t have the 3 inch line, although there were a few spaces ready for the stock. Prices are below:

    Classic Sonic 5″ – £9.99
    Modern Sonic 5″ – £9.99
    Classic Sonic 10″ – £17.99
    Modern Sonic 10″ – £17.99
    Plushes – £9.99
    3″ Line – £7.99

  10. It’s like they knew that my birthday is the following monday…


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