IGN US Reviews Sonic Generations

IGN US has released their review for the console version of Sonic Generations as promised and it’s received a lot of praise, with barely any complaints outside of missions and occasional clunky controls.

We’ll let you find out the score and the rest of their thoughts for yourselves.

To see their video review, go here.

To read their review, go here.


      1. the other thing is they complain about the controls again, they can’t even admit that they suck.

        1. @haloteen100 & Codeman320

          Can you just clarify something.

          IGN gave this game an 8.5. Called the game Great. Even gave it the editors choice award… … … .. and you’re complaining about IGN’s review?

          1. I’m not complaining, I just don’t understand how they can call the controls clunky when they didn’t have enough time to master them.

        2. Christ sake, what is wrong with you people!?!? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! (calms down). It got a great score and (though I don’t like to judge a game based on demo play) the controls weren’t first class then.

          Stop looking for excuses to hate on these guys even when they give the game a great score. IGN aren’t the best reviewers around but by christ they’ve played the full game and you haven’t; also they aren’t biased Sonic fans (yes I went that far).


          Where is your basis for saying they only played the bosses? Otherwise you are making a flawed case. They mention a couple of bosses as an EXAMPLE!! In a review you waste time saying: “Bosses include Perfect Chaos, Metal Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Robotnik etc”. You just need to give the reader/viewer a taste of what’s in store.

          1. Correcting pria stantment as haloteen100’s statement was confusing. If you mean they mark it down because of a few bosses I’d be inclinded to agree but they also mention control issues and other things. There are no doubt other factors involved too.

            A review isn’t a checklist with points knocked off for faults; there’s more a work. It got a great score so just buy the game, enjoy and stop being picky before you play.

          2. IDK (project) i like the score but, the game is great well and omg im getting the game next friday! i like all sonic games anyway!

          3. Thank you. [DELETED]

            Shadzter edit: Please DO NOT insult others. Do it again and you’ll be banned from commenting. There’s no need for it and we won’t tolerate it.

        3. How in the hell can either one of you two fools dictate what the game “deserves” when neither one of you have EVEN PLAYED the full product!? Even from the demo, the flaws of both versions of Sonic are very CLEAR. Not to say it’s horrible, but surely flawed. If anything otherwise is believed, ya’ll need to play more games outside of Sonic. I can promise you, his stuff isn’t even up there in the top 30. They’re fun, but that’s about it. Also, IGN has access to the FULL COPY of the game while you two cock ridin queers are only goin off y’alls terrible OPINION. There’s a reason SEGA doesn’t send the likes of yous reviewer copies of any game. Sit back, shut the Fugg up, and let the professionals do their job. You should really be happy they didn’t pan the game with another 3.5 for not being 60 frames per second as every platformer should.

          1. Says who? Please tell me what minor flaws u saw in the demos that can be easily over looked? Who are u to say that none of his games are in the top 10. Or 30. Cuz frankly any game u name I really don’t care about except mario sonic zelda killzone batman donkey kong and mabey a few others but my point being, it difers by opionion. Even ign who are they to deem a game bad or good? What’s garbage to them could be gold to me. I am by no means a sonic nut hugger. I can admit were some of his games from 2005 to 2010 have been off the wall, but I am a life long fan none the less. Your opionion is your opinion and your intitled to it. But I don’t care what ign gameinformer or the rest of the big critics say. If I find no fault in the game then I couldn’t give a flying rats @$$ what u or anybody else thnks. With all due respect of course.

          2. The flaws werent even serious…the ONLY problem i have with this game is modern sonics “walking” speed. Its like he cant be slow when needed to be. IGN shouldve given this at least a 9 but hey…its IGN.

      2. All I read in this review was:
        ”hello thar people,Sonic games have been sucking through all these past years,but now we finally get a good one!(completely forgets about colors.)I mean,werehogs?sword fights?man SOnic has been in a bad shape,we finally get classic sonic back!but man this music is god awful,we somewhat loved the stages but we can’t even explain about it so whatever.The graphics are so beautiful but they get as cloudy as fuck when you suddenly stops to enjoy the scenario.We suck at playing sonic games and thats why its so hard and difficlut its actually so much that we don’t even bother praticing IT RUINS THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE OF THE GAME,thats why it isn’t perfect.
        I’m not reffering particularly to IGN when I say it,its not like over 95% of these gaming industries are bitolated war games retards,professionalism,where are you when we need you?
        Yeah,before you think that i am of these crybabies of the Sonic Unleashed review,I actually liked the Score they gave it,but I have said it once and i’ll say it again:blast the game all you want if at least it makes sense.They said basically the same thing in Colors,you just need to watch it to know what i am talking about,and besides they talk so much bullcrap in their reviews that almost piss off everyone thats watching,not in Sonic reviews but many other too,I don’t hate IGN but that doesn’t mean we need to praise it as they deserved it.and that concludes my comment

        1. the music is fucking great wat r they talking about the music is god awful uuuggghhhh i’v had it with ign but the 8.5 was good i expected a 9or 9.5 but o well

        2. @Denilson

          Maybe you should try opening your eyes when you read it next time as I don’t think it does say that.

          1. I was not saying that it literally says it,but thats what i could understand from their tought,got it?

  1. 8.5 is not bad but I hoped at least for 9.

    Well…. anyway in the end what it matters is our own opinion.

    1. Amen. I like getting 80%’s on things and I find 8.5 really good for a game that brings back crisis city and spagonia, since ign hated those games.

    2. They called the game great… gave it the editors choice award and rated it 8.5. How is that not a good thing?

  2. Shadzter! The opening cutscene to Sonic Generations has surfaced online from IGN’s Youtube channel!

  3. It’s a great score, and even gets an editiors choice thingy.

    But you know some people are gonna moan anyway. =p

    1. They’re just not as big as fans as we are to enjoy the same song over and over again ๐Ÿ˜›

          1. Really? Because I feel like everyone else is way more obsessed, yet I don’t think the song is cheesy like.. AT ALL. It sounds like one of those actually good songs. It just has one of those tunes that can be a “Feel good” tune in a NON-CHEESEY way, which is how I specifically always viewed it. Now someone’s saying it IS cheesey.

            What’s next? Open Your Heart is cheesey too? lol

          2. To be honest, having something be cheesy, isn’t neccissarily a bad thing, if done right. Like Escape From the City is done right! Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of cheesy stuff. I’m a huge Phineas and Ferb fan, and I love their songs, but I will admit that a lot of them are cheesy. So.

  4. While watching this review, I realize that the person who reviewed this game barely use boosts.
    What the heck!

      1. [DELETED]

        Shadzter edit: Please DO NOT insult others. Do it again and youโ€™ll be banned from commenting. Thereโ€™s no need for it and we wonโ€™t tolerate it.

    1. I love green hill and all the songs. I’m going to take advantage of the “Change music” option though ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Awesome! Haha, though I disagree with the whole City Escape song, and Sonic’s friends being dumb. I’m glad they got some kind of playability.

  6. Few bosses? You know by the way he talks about the game you would think he would give the game a 9. Don’t get me wrong 8.5 is a great score but according to that it’s at the same level as Colors. I won’t judge it yet intil I play it but just on footage and bonus features alone make it seem like a greater effort then Colors. It is like he said a love letter to Sonic fans lol

  7. I pretty much expected 8.5, but from what they are saying it might be a personal 9 from me.
    I ain’t complaining about 8.5, mostly since the words “Great,” “awesome,” and “Editor’s Choice” were used to describe it. Sounds fantastic!

  8. I like Sonic Music, I listen 24/7, no joke

    The music change is gonna be fun depending what they have, I’m gonna be an idiot putting Team Rose’s theme song in Sonic Heroes for the Final Boss XD.

    8.5 is a good score i dont know why people are complaining about. I swear i dont understand these fans, all ya do is COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN and at the end of the day you cant do a damn thing about.

  10. I Don,t listen to IGN …
    Sonic unleashed is a Awesome Game, Sonic and the black knight Is EPIC ..
    What sonic Died!!??? WTH is that??????????????????????
    IGN nice review But i Don,t listen to them

  11. I still say 8.5 is a fair score, pretty high in my book =) but for goodness sake that reviewer never fails to annoy the sh!t out of me, he’s like a laxative….

        1. I think toilets are more of an egg shape…. oh wait. AHEM!

          I like the review and the score, but I just hate the attitude he brings along with it. He sounds so smug even insulting things that aren’t there just to be funny. And I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but video game reviewers are RARELY funny.

  12. In that I did have to agree with him on something, there ARE a bit few bosses in this game. i believe if it had more than it get better score, they also don’t seem that much challenging or exciting in this game like they did the others. I also want to point out that the opening cutscene , Too me, seemed a BIT short and quick. I was expecting a cinematic opening but oh well. If there’s one thing i don’t agree on. clunky controls….he could’ve easily move to the side and not hit the wall.i don’t think its the controls…i think its his gameplay in other words he wasn’t very good at it. (yea I saw some of the person’s gameplay) now even though it ain’t a 9, a 8.5 is great.(in case you didn’t read the thing below, and stop freaking being a ignorant idiot for once and actually open your eyes for a minute and see) all they did was give their opinions of it and there you go. my god it seems that if a gaming reviewer says something bad about a sonic game, PEOPLE WILL RAGE.
    My god I wish people just shut the f*ck up a 8.5(AT LEAST ITS NOT AN AVERAGE SCORE, THATS LIKE, A B GRADE) being a bad score and not getting a 9 like other games did.

    1. For me, I don’t care what a person’s opinion is. I just hate it when they’re snotty about it.

  13. WOW IGN have actually given a good score O.o They hate CIty Escape? few bosses? :O I disagree with them on some things I thought Unleashed and BK were great games Sonic has always been here, I love City Escape (Original and Classic) dunno about the Modern one but this is a good score ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m expecting lots of 8s and 9s to be on the way for other reviews the reviewer still annoys me for some reason though ugh >_> can’t wait for Next Week it looks so much better than Colo(u)rs ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. There is one thing that I can agree on with IGN’s negative points. The few bosses. Each stage could have clearly had a boss battle picked from the game the stage is based on.

      1. For this game… possibly. But otherwise I think the only time a boss after each level has worked for me were the classics. In the newer games it just feels repetitive and cheap. I don’t mind the number of bosses but if their were a little more that’d be cool too. (I mean there already IS almost one every to every other stage)

        I think they said there were few bosses because they’re not counting Metal, Shadow or Silver. (They said there were 4 bosses. lol)

      2. Agreed, a boss per level would have been greatly appreciated. in fact I don’t see why modern games shouldn’t have a boss of some kind after every level.

  14. I stopped taking IGN seriously a long time ago. Unless the game has a outrageous budget, a 9.0 is out of he question 9 times out of 10. This should have at least been a 9.0. Im not complaining, but if Colors received a 8.5, and wasn’t HD plus lacked some of the things Sonic Generations has, like both modern and classic gameplay people who take these reviewer seriously will pass up on one of the best games this year. I guess Im still bitter about their laughable Sonic Unleashed review. They really should stop recording their 2-year-old kids playing this game too btw. But anyway I’m glad this game is doing well though, the less Sonic hate on the net the better.

  15. Quoting IGN:
    “Instead, Sonic Generations decides to ditch the plight of spending decades chasing Mario’s happy go lucky hop and bop, vacational romps through paradise in favor of a vigorously fast and unforgiving speed drive through dystopia that honors expertise over bubbly luck. ”

    “Watching old-school Sonic zip around his new beautifully reimagined Rube Goldberg-ian playgrounds and MC Escher-esque mazes is pure delight…”

    Ugh, now I remember why I never liked IGN much. It’s hard to believe a gaming site can be so pretentious. Vacational romps through paradise? Speed drive through dystopia? MC Escher? What the heck does any of this have to do with the Sonic franchise (or even Sonic Generations) as a whole? At least they like the game.

  16. 8.5 from IGN is very good, but I turned off the video review the moment he said “dumb friends.” Christ almighty…

    1. He obviously had a grudge against sonic…they can’t let people with biases on a series review a game…Even if the score is about right in this one…in most cases it isn’t

  17. 8.5 ….son I am proud but seriously, it’s been 3 years since Sonic Unleashed, someone at IGN should have gotten a hold for Modern Sonic by now. ‘The bosses are fun but they feel a bit lack lusted compared to boss battles of the past.’ IGN STOP SITTING IN THE PAST, THAT’S THE NOSTALGIA TALKING. The Sonic Generations Metal Sonic boss battle for example beats the Sonic CD version out of the boat any day.

    1. I wouldn’t say so. The Metal Sonic race CD ver. seems more interesting than the Gen. one. Of course, that’s my opinion.

      1. Lemmie get this straight, you think a simple 2D side scrolling one side race that could easily be copy and pasted in any other old level is better than a 3D race with varied difficulty in which Metal Sonic actually attempts to defeat Sonic while winning. BWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA…oh you were serious. Sorry :U

        1. Well, yeah. I have to agree too. I like the race a bit more. It was more intense. Now you just gotta keep running and then hit him when you get the chance. Basically it’s a sequence. Before you had to actually BEAT him to the end before he got their first. And he cheated with Black Shield and other sorts of energetic abilities. Not only that but if you fell behind, Robotnik was chasing with a giant laser than would kill instantly if you touched it nomatter what.

          I like this version too, but it’s a 2D version of the Shadow boss from SA2, while the Shadow boss from SA2 itself was remade completely differently. lol

          But at the same time I also think the bosses are creative and much more so than bosses of the past i.e. wrecking ball, Egg Beetle, etc. lol

  18. The one decent Sonic boss out of the bunch, Egg Robo is kinda better than the original.
    Metal Sonic sucks in CD.
    Perfect Chaos was a pathetic boss, even though I loved it.
    Shadow is ass easy in SA2.
    ANYTHING is better than the original Silver fight.
    Egg Dragoon was pretty cool in concepts, but kinda meh in delivery.

    Don’t see why the bosses suck more than the original ones, IGN.

    Oh well, 8.5. That’s a great score, though I kinda wanted a 9.

    I already pre-ordered this babe on Steam, and I just can’t wait to play it. Best Sonic game in years, my fellow Sonic fan brethren.

  19. Many people on Youtube have put up the ending cutscene of the game. I won’t provide the link since some of you don’t want that much of a spoiler ( I agree) I stopped watching it 28 seconds in it’s that bad a spoiler.

    1. its gonna be a long next few days….

      In a way i want to spoil myself but then again not spoil myself…

  20. They have leaked most of the SG songs on youtube now. i got most of them. it’s high quality stuff. look up FlameKoetsu, this person has them all.

        1. A lot of these sound like dance mixes tho O.o….

          Like The New “Open Your Heart” mix, Classic seaside hill….Super Sonic Racing… all dance mixes…

          1. of course classic music is going to have dancable remixes, it’s how it always was.

            and super sonic racing was a Sonic R song which was also a dancable song before the remix for generations.

  21. Wow… To think even JB Hi Fi is sold out of the Collectors Edition not… It finally say’s it as well… “Not Available Online” at last… Ha ha, guess it truly is legit after all folks. Too bad for the foolish fans who chickened out and cancelled. Good luck with your foolishly pathetic attempt at snatching one off Amazon and etc.

    “Does the insane Dr. Robotnik laugh heard on the Sonic G’s final boss cutscene leaked on youtube”

    Classic Robotnik – “Sheesh… Will i REALLY be that insane in the future…?”

  22. The fact you’re all here commenting means you’re going to get the game. Then why the fuck do you care what other people think?
    An 8.5 is a great score, by the way. But it’s only a person’s opinion. I just see a review as a “REporter’s VIEW”. Have your own views (I’m guessing “I LOVE this game/It’s awesome/It’s alright” etc.) and forget about what other people think. You like this game, then great; have fun.

  23. They may have given it a good score, but they’re a bunch of assholes about it. Remember IGN, fan feedback is what caused Sonic 4 to turn out the way it did (I did enjoy that game, by the way). They’re the kind of guys that would say “Remember Sonic 06?” (another game that wasn’t as bad as they make it out to be) just to piss people off. Sorry, IGN, one or two so-called: “positive” reviews aren’t enough to get you off the hook. You have to mean it.

      1. Either that, or IGN doesn’t want to hur their rep. How many people started hating IGN after their biased and unfair Sonic Unleashed review? A lot.

  24. You know what IGN Suck I Reviewed they got a low score than 0/10 they got complete epic fail

  25. i almost stoped watching when he bad mouthed escape from the city. no suprise it got a good review but seeing how its ign, it should of really got a 9.5

  26. This right here is ok but its heartbreaking. Sniff Sonic History Remade Deserves a Solid 10 all those fun Sonic times we had.. Such as Boosting through Spagonia or hanging on a Emerald Coast or having some Coffee in City Escape

  27. this review is bull shit the controls were perfect they are just mad because they suck at the game and ”THEY’RE TOO SLOW”

    1. Or maybe the controls aren’t perfect. Just because a Sonic game has some control issues doesn’t mean you can excuse it by saying that the people reviewing it just suck. Sonc Riders and it’s sequel had GOD AWFUL controls but if you grinded them enough you could kind of get used to them; it doesn’t excuse them though (not saying Generations has that bad controls mind).

      Regardless, the controls weren’t stated as awful and mostly referenced to the Sonic Colours like 3D sections which is understandable considering Colours controls weren’t perfect.

      1. ok saying the controls were perfect i went over board but seriously the guy ran right into the wall hes saw that coming and didn’t bother to move at all he ran ito 3 walls as a mater of fact

        1. True I’ll admit, but showing bad controls, well actual control issues is damn tough in a video review. I think he was just trying to show that Modern Sonic controls clumsly at times especially while boosting; kinda like Colours.

          Well I’m sure the controls are largely good.

    1. Yea i saw that too, its amazing what kids can do. I feel like Sonic is gonna become an even larger global hero than mario will ever be.


  29. I’m not complaining about the score. I AM complaining about the reviewer himself. Christ that guy is such a PRICK.

    How he worded it

    “If you like Modern Sonic’s vocal tracks…WHY? Thank god there’s an option to change the music, you can only hear City Escape so many times before you want to kill yourself

    How I would have worded it

    “For those of you who aren’t exactly fond of Modern Sonic’s vocal tracks, there’s also an option to change the music….Now if only I could make the drowning music not as terrifying…”

    See? Get’s the same message across and adds a bit of humor instead of just acting like a cynical prick who insults you for liking something.

    1. Oh god thats how many people insult nowadays. Me: Eh i wont get Skyrim on release date, i’l get it for Christmas. Asshole: Oh shut up dont get it at all, after all you play Sonic.

      1. I hear ya, apparently it’s not okay to get excited for a Sonic game but it’s perfectly fine to get excited for EA’s sports games, which is and HAS been nothing but changing the year on the title and updating the graphics.

        And it’s perfectly okay to get excited for CoD which, along with almost every shooting game ever made is just cookie-cutter/copy-paste. But hey, if it’s your thing, by all means enjoy it, not bashing your interests in the slightest.

        See? It’s not that hard to be critical without being insulting

        1. definitely. The fact that he called sonic’s friends “dumb” annoys me. that was completely unnecessary.
          if he doesnt personally like sonic’s friends, thats fine. but reviews should be unbiased when it comes to stuff like that. he should only be judging the game at hand.
          ive seen a review by this guy before and he was just as much of a biased jerk

  30. Yes 8.5 isn’t bad but this review is bais. piratically saying city escape sucks, saying the controls are wonky.. when they are purposely boosting into a wall in a 3D section. Saying that theres a few boss fights.. yeah I can let that slide.. calling knuckles and shadow annoying..? Thats messed up. This game deserves ATLEAST a 9.0 Its sonic’s BIG 20th and In my book this is waaay better then colors. and colors got the same score.

    I’m SO sick of seeing people say “8.5 IS GOOD STOP COMPLAINING, WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?” when there’s good reason to point out how they are reviewing poorly. In my book It deserves a 9.5 and I PERSONALLY think the only thing bad about the game is that the story is short but that’s about it. The graphic’s are beautiful even when you slow down, IN FACT play GHZ and stop boost when u get to the goal ring and look around, then tell me the graphic’s aren’t that great.

  31. Two 8.5’s then. Great news!

    It’s odd though. I told one of my friends about the first review, the “85%.” He says “That’s not too bad.” Not too bad? That’s great!

    What’s wrong with people these days? If a game doesn’t break a 9.0, people act as if it’s shovelware. Unbelievable…

    1. I know right. I mean yeah for Sonic’s anniversary I can understand expecting a 9 or 9.5 but 8.5 is still really good. The reviewer himself is not that good tho. He’s a jerk. lol

      But SA2 got an 89% so it’s still higher than this. But at least Generations is that close. Colors originally got an 83% I believe and Generations gets an 85%. IGN gives both an 8.5. So Generations does still beat out Colors by a little. I guess they consider 8.5 anywhere between that and 9 (rather than including scores like 8.7 and such). Different people have different rating measurements.

      Perhaps it’s just the closer it is to greatness the more severe a difference in score is, considering SA2 is only 4% higher than Generations and Generations is 2% higher than Colors. Perhaps each percent is worth more the higher it is. =p

  32. To be honest, it only deserved an A- in the least. The Classic gameplay is just the old school gameplay rehashed with graphics and the Modern gameplay is pretty much on rails since you can’t even move the camera. It’s just Sonic Unleashed with more 2D and no Werehog. There should’ve been new mechanics for the Modern gameplay to make the 3D environments feel as vast as they were in the games b4 Unleashed and new moves cuz the Homing Attack is seriously getting old. 13 years of the same ol’ shit in the 3D games is getting boring. Classic gameplay alone only lasted for 8 years, that’s why it’s not that much of a bore…I think I just made a breakthrough.

    1. This is so not Sonic Unleashed. Yes, the games use the same tech, and they have nearly identical mechanics, but Unleashed has horrible level design.

      And I don’t get the “same ol’ shit” thing either. Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are all pretty much the same thing, with new gimmicks added in each sequel. I don’t hear people whine about it being the “same ol’ shit.” Sonic Adventure was the debut 3D game, Sonic Adventure 2 introduced grinding and refined all of the best parts of its predecessor, Sonic Heroes added a team gimmick, Sonic 2006 introduced new play styles (for better of for worse), Sonic Unleashed completely overhauled the way Sonic plays in 3D, Sonic Colors added the Wisp gimmick, and Sonic Generations is bringing back classic-style levels. So, while there are certainly going to be similarities between the games, they aren’t hard to differentiate between.

      Besides, this is one game series. If you’re getting tired of Sonic games, play something else. I highly doubt people who bought all of the COD games are picking up MW3 and thinking “they should really change it up, because I’m totally sick of COD.” Sonic has been making progress over the years as much as any other series. I don’t see what they could do to make the series change more drastically short of a full-on reboot (don’t get any big ideas, SEGA…).

      Nonetheless, the jump from Adventure-style gameplay to Unleashed-style was pretty huge. I’m sure there’ll be more crazy changes in the formula within the next few games, but don’t expect Sonic Team to just drop Sonic’s signature moves. After all, that boring old Homing Attack is what makes Sonic games in 3D possible.

      1. Those little gimmicks are exactly what I’m talking about. Gameplay wise, what about Generations is drastically new?

        1. The FPSs mainly deliver on multiplaye. There is always something new and useful. The only real new thing in this game is Combo Tricks. This isn’t Ico, COD, or Final Fantasy so new visual elements, interactivity, or story plots won’t keep a Sonic game afloat alone. It’s a platformer series so the same routines aren’t gonna last. (Look at poor Mega Man.) The reason Mario never fails is cuz there’s always something new gameplay wise plus he’s involved in other genres so he has a variety of fans. The game is good but in the end, the GAMEPLAY is what I find as an issue. I can’t tell Sega how to right a story and good visuals are opinionated, but the gameplay is ALL too familiar. I’m okay with the Classic cuz it hasn’t been done since the Advance series, but the Modern gameplay shouldn’t have been limited by the camera and should’ve expanded Sonic’s move set. I’m sorry if I sounded like I was hatin’ but I’m just a brutally honest Sonic fan. (^ ^)

        2. Generations is only the third game in the series to play similarly to how it did in the past. And gimmicks can completely change how a game plays. Compare Shadow the Hedgehog to Sonic Heroes. The game handle pretty much identically, but one has different vehicles, guns and weapons for the player to use, and the other has different formations that make the gameplay change drastically.

          Having played a great deal of shooters, I don’t really follow what you’re saying. Gears of War, for example, has added new gimmicks and messed around with how certain weapons handle, and there are new modes, maps, and more guns. But at its core, Gears of War 3 still feels very familiar. It’s because it’s the same franchise, and the reason people are buying it is because they actually WANT more of the same.

          Sonic Generations, as far as Modern Sonic, doesn’t seem to have any new game mechanics. Even the tricks are old, originating from Sonic Colors. However, Generations isn’t a game built around new ideas. It’s a shower of nostalgia. It’s about bringing fans the best of the series’ PAST in one big, pretty package. There’s no reason to assume there’d be any huge gameplay tweaks. That would kind of go against the point of the game in a way.

          I’m as brutally honest as any fan. I thought Unleashed was an awful piece of… you know. SSR is one of my least favorite games of all time. I didn’t even bother playing SBK. The Advance series was crud until the third one, and I despised Sonic Heroes. But I don’t agree with what you’re saying. I think Generations is a good step for Sonic. Sonic is all about style, speed, and platforming. It looks like, for the first time in years, Sonic Team is delivering a fantastic Sonic game… that I can play. I’m still crossing my fingers for an HD port of Colors… :/

          1. Guys, I’m going to finish this argument once and for all with five words; It’s a f**king game review. Get over it.

          2. Am I the only one to notice he was picking on Tails? Tails is his sidekick, of course he’s going to be in every game with Sonic. I thought IGN would figure it out somehow. It’s like Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Mario and Yoshi.

          3. What are you going on about? We weren’t even talking about the review. Why butt in when you have no idea what we’re discussing?

            And yes, the Tails thing was pretty dumb. Classic Tails is incredibly awesome anyway. Hard to take the review as a whole seriously, but despite his often-snarky, negative outlook on the series as a whole, he still scored it quite well. So, that just goes to show how awesome this game is. ๐Ÿ™‚

          4. Without the boost, the gameplay is just the same since Adventure. They reduced the boost to win formula in Colors. The Classic gameplay is exactly the same and Modern gameplay is, as you said, not Unleashed but more of an Adventure/Colors hybrid with less 2D. I have not been saying the game was bad; in fact I said it deserved a higher score (9 – 9.4 is an A-.) But I feel that the gameplay could’ve hade an extra gimmick to make it worthy of an even higher score. P.S. I like your Colors port idea, but that game had too much 2D for me.

      2. “And I donโ€™t get the โ€œsame olโ€™ shitโ€ thing either. Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are all pretty much the same thing, with new gimmicks added in each sequel. I donโ€™t hear people whine about it being the โ€œsame olโ€™ shit.โ€”

        Mario doesn’t suck in 3D bro. double duh!

        1. Neither does Sonic.

          The “Same ol’ shit” thing has to do with being repetitive and not having the “wow” factor of something new. It’s just dragging out gameplay we’re merely used to and find fun but not exciting.

          To me, Mario IS still fun but I also find myself taking a few days to beat it because I only play it for so long before I shut it off to come back later. It’s not the type of game to grab my attention for quit as long as say if it had an interesting new plot and new things in it I wasn’t used to and was interested in. Mario’s cool, but Mario is nowhere near as popular anymore as people say. It gets high scores for the lack of anything to complain about but hardly has anything worth praising anymore either. Galaxy tried something a LITTLE new but Galaxy 2 repeats it merely making it more user-friendly, thus being an “improvement’.

    2. 13 years of the same 3d gameplay? Hate to burst your bubble, but the formula wasn’t changed until after sonic 06 for 3d gameplay….

  33. Seriously, people? I never really take IGN seriously because in the end, its what I think that matters. 8.5 is a good score, quit raging. Play the game and give it a score you think fits the bill. Its what you think of the game that matters, not IGN. I mean, come on, its not that serious. :/

  34. I only read the scores so I wouldn’t get spoiled (I want to enjoy playing this game, and not know everything before I start playing it. Which is about a month from now, I’m waiting for the retail version), and look at it: 8.5 is a great score for a Sonic game ๐Ÿ˜€ What score did they give Sonic Colours? Cause I can’t remember.

      1. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ So Sonic Generations is at least as good as Colours ๐Ÿ™‚ In my opinion when looking a the scores.

        1. Sonic Generations is BETTER than Colors in my opinion. It combine my favourite 3D style of gameplay and old good classic style but I don’t have Colors I just played it few times so I can’t truly judge this game at all.

  35. Just goes to show you. You can’t spell ignorant without I-WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

    1. Cereal Guy: This hedgehog will never have a good score.
      *Sees review
      Cereal Guy: *Spitting cereal everywhere

  36. Well, that’s reassuring. Just pre-ordered the game on Steam, it’s gonna be a blast from the past!

    As for the content of the review, I expected just as much the second Jack’s name popped up. Yes, he’s always like this. Yes, I can’t stand him, and yes, I think he should be fired due to his general lack of professionalism. There’s a way to toe the line between being a professional and a “cool guy with an edge”, Daemon Hatfield manages to carry it off well, and I generally trust him. Jack just tries to act like a punk, and comes across as an ascended blogger that’s more concerned with his appearance and pandering to his view of the audience rather than presenting a well informed opinion on what he’s been assigned to play. He’s the main reason I dropped the Nintendo Podcast when Craig Harris left to work for a certain amazing development studio on the marketing side.

  37. The typed-up review says that new fans will not get the controls and actual Sonic fans would. I got use to it by Unleashed (Wii ver.), then LOVED it more in Colours. I really hate these guys at how much they bag the Sonic franchise, they may not be one of toughest, gorey and serious games around, but we love it! Why can’t they?

    I’m happy with the 8.5 though! Positive praise for SEGA!

    1. The way they worded it WAS pretty bad.

      But it’s not completely untrue the way Sonic fans think. A lot of people who don’t play Sonic a lot aren’t very good at all, especially with the idea of moving fast making them anxious and forgetful of what buttons do what. This is the case even with Classic Sonic.

      My brother’s girlfriend played the demo recently and I had to tell him how to do everything, including jump because she was afraid of doing something crazy. (She accidentally spin-dashed at first and went zooming past some things. lol)

      In the end she DID beat the stage and was proud. Then she saw me play Modern Sonic (because I told her she’d really have trouble with him) and was scared silly by how fast he was. But she thought it was awesome still. lol

      1. Yeah, I agree! At first it’s a little crazy fast but when you get the hang of it, it’s just “HOLY CRAP, THIS ROCKS!”. I guess you’re right about ‘worded pretty bad’, it’s like they’re trying to be funny (and they THINK it’s funny) but it’s not, so people take it as insults. Either way, SO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  38. That’s an amazing score from IGN. Since it IS IGN though consider it a 9.5

    Their arguments are screwed up, for example Sonic Colours. It got criticism for being hard, but wait, didn’t Mario Galaxy 2 get praise for being hard?
    And saying ‘it’s easy to forget Classic Sonic lacks the homing attack’- NO, it’s NOT. They suck at the game and won’t admit it. Honestly, look at how much good comments are in the review, with ANY other game that’d make it a 9 at minimum. But NO, Generations gets a mere 8.5
    So all of those saying ‘8.5 is good, quit complaining’ we have a good reason to. Rant over.

    1. damn…stop bitching. jeez be glad it didn’t flop. the reason they praised galaxy 2 being hard was because it added more challenge. sonic colors was criticized for its control sensitivity which is true. mario controls aren’t like sonic’s. mario controls are merely bang on. so shut up…lol please… -___-‘ can’t wait to see ign give mario 3d land a 9.

      1. Though I do recall playing Galaxy 2 and at one point thinking “How did this get a 10/10? Occassionally unresponsive controls are nowhere near perfect.”

        I liked the game of course. I just recall pointing that out to myself. I would’ve given Galazy 2 a 9 for creativity and balance but not a 10 due to the lack of anything really interesting. I feel like I’d have more fun with Generations than Galaxy 1 and 2 tho.

        1. on the subject of galaxy (of which i have only played and completed the first) – sure, in generations there are only 4 main bosses, but at least it wasn’t the same rehashed shit like bowser planet each time as per galaxy! in actual fact, bowser is more or less the same boss every mario game i.e. every game has different ways of killing him, but they retain that formula throughout one game, at least robotnik tries different methods of dispatching sonic, and by the sounds of it the rivals add a bit of scope to the game (having not watched any videos or seen any pics, and only having played the GHZ demo like nearly every night!)

    2. It is kind of easy to forget early on. During the demo, I lost rings quite a few times with Classic when I tried to home into enemies, and with Modern when I tried to spin dash. You get used to it, but still.

  39. I kind of agree with IGN, this game should have had more boss fights. 8.5 is a great score and I think they were pretty fair with Sonic Generations

  40. Lol at Mario, it’s always been easier to make a Mario game than Sonic games to be fair.
    But oh well.

  41. OMG I just got my game today too <3
    it's so gorgeous
    has sega canceld the official street day?
    defenitly deserves a 9.0+
    but 8.5 is great too

    1. Did you buy it at Best Buy? Because if you bought it somewhere else, that’d be a first I’m hearing of it.

      1. No I got it from a german Internet Shop “neckermann”
        O_o I’m from germany and I was VERY Suprised to get it today <3

  42. I got the SG soundtrack link here: [DELETED]

    Shadzter edit: Please don’t post links to leaked content.

  43. 8.5 is still good enough but I will personally give it 9.5 because:

    + Amazing soundtrack
    +Amazing level designs
    +Classic and Modern gameplay as its best
    +Many unlockables and level replay value

    – Short main story
    -S ranks are too easy compared to Unleashed/Colours

    Calm down you kids, who cares what IGN say.. It’s all down to your opinion, not theirs.

  44. One thing I hated about the review, They had a go and basically said that the Crush 40 music was bad (they said why would you like the modern vocals). I almost turned it of right then, why? BECAUSE… *calms down* because crush 40 is bad ass, you cant say the music is bad because it is not your taste. Also if I ever find the guy that did the review, I’m torturing him with Escape from the city until he realises its a great friken song!!!

  45. 8.5 is a bit generous, considering the punishment the game delivers to oldskool Sonic fans.

    Personally I’d give it a 7.0. overall due to the fact that there are certain elements missing from Generations that seem to have intentionally been left out to test the patience of purist Sonic fans unlike myself.

    In the end it was a good thing I spoiled myself because now I know not to make an idiot out of myself by expecting the very best from this game.

    My faith in SEGA has been destroyed, like it or not, I’ll just have to deal with it. Oh well.

  46. 8.5 is a bit generous. I mean there’s so little of a story it’s annoying to me as a sonic game. That’s the game’s weak point. I sure would of loved more work to go into the boss battles too. Atleast give us an intro cutscene for em or something, but no, we just fight them, and when we beat them we’re done. Modern Sonic’s gameplay is def good, but the first 2 levels are so easy they almost become non-existant, as you wouldn’t want to play them again as a time challenge unless the game is the only one you own. Still picking this up tues obv, and I’ll still enjoy it. But alas it will only be time fodder until skyrim ๐Ÿ˜‰

  47. I don’t get this exactly.

    We, Sonic fans, FINALLY get a decent Sonic game for the first time in what seems like ages (Sonic Colors and DS games aside mind you) and one (and ONLY one so far) of innumerable game reviewers reviews it first, gives it the best score probably none have seen in nearly a decade (not even Colors got that high and still not counting handhelds here) of whom they themselves were ecstatic to play and agreed on many levels about the community’s aggregated complaints about the recent downward spiral the franchise was going in as a whole, gives it a fair, surprisingly unbaised review (music tastes aside) of the FULL FINAL GAME, not a demo like we’ve been sampling here, pointing out both pros and cons based on the game’s design and overall functionality, nothing that we here, as the die hards that we are, really already didn’t know about to an extent (i.e. the full boss list that Sonic Retro cracked since June 23rd) and we’re complaining…WHY, exactly?

    Is everyone entitled to their own opinion on something once the facts are given? Yeah. Do we have to accept it? No, but does that mean we should respect it? Idealy, yes, because not everyone is the same and thank God for it too. I’m actually glad for the review that it got from IGN and I hope to see more just like it from others as well doing the exact same thing as they did: Playing the game through in its entirty while still analyzing, running into the same flaws and reporting back with the same findings that I hope to find as well: it’s not a perfect game (and really what Sonic game has been since the original?), but its absolutely NOTHING like the previous attempts (Sonic 06, Secret Rings, Black Knight, Unleashed’s night stages) and it takes all of the good things from those poorly scored games: Stunning graphics (06), catchy soundtrack (Black Knight), tighter controls blended together with new innovative move sets (Secret Rings & Unleashed day stages) all the while not forgetting what they did that actually worked well (Colors) and makes it something that a Sonic game should’ve remained even after the death of the Dreamcast: All for fun and fun for all. The handheld games since Rush have proved that Sonic can still be that and Sonic Team and SEGA proved that they can still make it possible through Colors, so you know what, to hell the reviews! Sonic’and always will have what it takes to keep it on moving with the quickness and if Colors wasn’t proof enough of that, then Sonic Generations will, if not to the reviewers but to the fans who’ve been keeping up Sonic 20 years long and damn well believe he’s STILL going strong!

  48. Thats IMPOSSIBLE!
    Well, at least its not WHAT THE F*** IS THAT?!?! A 3.9?!?!?!?!
    Don’t be hatin on IGN,Black Knight and others deserve the score.
    Generations does to.
    Though I haven’t played…
    I guess its…

  49. I tend to think that gaming web sites such as IGN and GameSpot etc. are compared with beauty magzines, no matter what, you’ll still never be happy of what they show you (trash-mags I call them). I’m the kind of guy who looks at the cup and look straight though the water level percandicullarly. Example: Sonic 06; hated the loading, liked the Mach-levels.
    So to sum up, judge the game yourself, your the one who’s buying and getting it. Anything else is a subsitute for your lazyness (happens to all of us, even me to. FYI I am losy speller, sorry)

  50. you know what, after just reading the US review i’m pretty pleased with it. more often than not i find their total scores don’t necessarily add up to what they’ve written on virtual paper, so i’m going to take away the fact that the ign reviewers think this is a pretty awesome game, and one worth buying for fans and newbies alike.

  51. Even though its an ok score I still say..BULLSHIT MARIO GALAXY 2 GOT A 10 WTF…IGN FREAKIN HATES SONIC

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