IGN Streams Sonic Generations PS3

IGN has shared some of its playtime with the PS3 version of Sonic Generations via a live stream this evening. Team members Jack and Brian show off some of the game’s missions, Speed Highway, Crisis City, the Perfect Chaos battle and even the game’s intro.

You can watch the archived video over at Justin.tv.

Thanks to Hogfather, Jordonguy247, Thomas, fluttersoard and interface for the heads up!


    1. Yush, “complaints”… now I’m sitting here reading to myself… talking to myself… thats something to complain about… =p

    2. Oh my god! I can’t believe it! Sonic’s eyes are STILL GREEN! This is so stupid! I’m boycotting this game!

  1. i have seen sooo much of generations there might not be anything left to see when i get the game tuesday

    1. omg! you guys are just spoiling yourself. if you guys look at the whole walkthrough of stages more than 1 you just spoil yourself just look at the trailers.

    2. i must say i’m liking the extra missions so far.
      They are almost as the extra acts for Sonic Colors.
      They might amuse me for some hours ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. I wanna watch it, but gonna refrain myself, wanna leave some surprises for when I play it next week !!

  3. I skimmed through the ign stream. I watched crisis city and the person was good but there was a part where you had to quick step and the person kind of sucked. i sure hope he/she doesnโ€™t vote the game down because they suck lol. I didnโ€™t watch the cutscenes, i wanna save those for myself . the open your heart remix was pretty nice.

  4. So many videos. If I watched them all, I’d have seen the entire game. So yeah, no thanks! (but thanks anyway)

  5. Soo… Tempted to… Watch…
    Oh, it doesn’t work on my iPod? This is why I love my iPod and it not working with stream type stuff ๐Ÿ˜€ Yay for being too lazy to turn my laptop on.
    How much of a spoiler was it to those who watched it?

    1. IT was definetly alot of spoilers. Especially with ission types. I skipped some because i felt so guilty of watching it. The opening cutscene isnt much though

  6. At first i was like.. ‘I’m not going to watch this’..
    Then i thought, i have already seen most of the levels so i may as well watch this too!
    I mean, each level has different paths to take anyway.. I really wish i didnt do this lol


    I didn’t expected that charatcers to actually talk. I love the new open your heart remix.

  8. Green Hill – Tails
    Chemical Plant – Amy
    Sky Sanctuary – Knuckles
    Speed Highway – Cream
    City Escape – Rouge
    Seaside Hill – Espio
    Crisis City – Blaze
    Rooftop Run – Vector
    Planet Wisp – Charmy

    Two unlockable stages (maybe) or DLC
    Space Colony Ark – Shadow
    Kingdom Valley – Silver

    1. Who the hell told you there would be kingdom valley or ark levels as DLC.
      Why do people make assumptions and get stupid false hopes up for no reason, only to be dissapointed.

      1. lol he doesn’t have any idea.

        It’s just one of those things that people make up in a bid to convince people that it’s actually happening.

        Like how people got into their heads that they would announce Sonic Adventure 3 at SOS 2011, despite the fact there had been nothing said or even hinted at to suggest any such thing.

  9. I hate my life atm. There’s only a couple days before the games release and they are trolling by pretty much giving us everything we WANT to see before its out…fuck it im gonna spoil myself. I forgot what the Modern Green Hill stage looked even though i watched videos thousands of times.

  10. I heard you can play as silver and all of the other characters once you beat the game….PSYCHE! just kidding. that would be sweet though. maybe the PC players will hack that availability.

    1. What i did, was just skip through it, watch a minute or 30 seconds, then i’d skip through it some more. i didn’t watch the entire thing.

    2. I say do it, i only watched the parts i was most concerned about. I watched the PC fight up until the player died (music was epic and the layout was amazing). I skipped Speed Highway and watched Crisis City which i was mostly disappointed about because its mostly *spoiler* xxxxxplatformingxxxx but i enjoyed the tornado run remake. In all watch it, still wont compare to when you actually play it.

        1. No it doesnt are you kidding!?!?!

          It may be a lot of platforming but it looks liek in the video he took the low path the entire time. The high path is faster

          1. What the HELL!? Are people complaining about Crisis City because it HAS PLATFORMING!? Screw you bipolar mofo’s! You too damn confusing! >=( lol

          2. Im not gonna lie…i liked it better in 06 as well simply because it wasnt such a platforming stage.

  11. I only wanted to see how the actual game played out, not the levels or boss fights. And now I know you basically choose a level, and play it, even boss battles are as simple. You start the battle, fight, and when they die you end. No story attached. Just a sonic anniversary game where you get to play the old levels. Now I can see and respect why it was given an 8.5 by that german site. Def still gonna be fun, just a little bummed we won’t have any story to go along with the game. I was hoping to see scenarios play out all over again..

    1. I hope at the end, there would be a cutscene where you see classic and modern separate, like a really sad but happy ending at the same time, you know?

  12. Again Tempting but as I said before I promised myself I wouldn’t watch any more videos in the future but this is SO HARD I don’t want to spoil for myself though I have a strong URGE TO CLICK THAT LINK I could do it right now ๐Ÿ˜› I’m still fighting it would help me better if I got off the site but I can’t GAAAH D: but not long till it’s out let it be next week soon ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. I want to but then I can’t argh I’m fighting against Temptation D: I want to see butt hen I’m gonna spoil it for myself so I’m torn but so far so good ๐Ÿ˜› I still want to click thougggh

          1. he meant to say
            but then Iโ€™m gonna spoil it for myself so Iโ€™m torn but so far so good.
            but + then not butt hen, he made a spelling mistake ๐Ÿ˜ฎ just saying

  13. Why do I get the feeling that the video was only created so IGN can brag about being able to play games that haven’t yet been released?

      1. Well, if that wasn’t why they were making the video, they would have captured the video directly, rather than showing some person with the game’s Blu-Ray case next to him and a TV that you can barely make sense of what’s on it because it’s being recorded with a camera and causing it to look horrible.

        1. My point exactly. The video was so blurry I couldn’t make out anything so I didn’t even bother. Take my advice. Wait for the game, or a a better video game.

  14. Who uhh… who’s hand was that? The one with blue nail polish? It wasn’t the GUY’S was it!?

  15. Anyone else notice the Balloon Park music from Sonic 3 during the Chemical Plant mission with Amy? It’s around 16 minutes in I believe ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. The song from Balloon Park is one of my very favorites among all Sonic songs. But I never dared hoping it would be in this game. It’s as if I’d won the lottery!!!!!! Now I can even hope for Star Light!

    1. Please stop moaning about IGN.

      Especially when you have no idea how they’ll score it.

      Also since when is 7.5 a bad score?

      1. ITs mediocre at best, and SG doesnt deserve anything under an 8 imo since it seems like Sonic Unleashed 2 and Knuckles lol.

      2. They gave Colors a 9 for difficulty spikes, but the game stayed constantly easy, even for bosses

        They gave Black Night a poor grade because they just didn’t like it. Though the story was short, the gameplay was fantastic, the music is probably only second to 06’s, and the graphics were beyond stunning.

    1. Sorry?

      They gave Colours an 8.5, the Wii version of Unleashed got a 7.5, do you want me to quote the handheld titles which usually get 9’s?

      And again I have to ask… how are they bad scores?

    2. Are you kidding? they are the ONLY people who gave Free Riders a decent score. All the others, they give appropriate scores.

        1. This is true, BUT I swear when the kinect, it WAS only one of the best games to play on the kinect other than all these stupid ass carnival games…jesus

        2. Free Riders deserves a decent score because the only difficulty issues were the fault of the Kinect itself, and it was more of a luck thing. If you were lucky it’d sense you find and you’d adapt to the gameplay fine. If you were unlucky then yest the experience would suck. So it’s not really a bad game or a great game. “Decent” seems fitting.

          And even if it wasn’t, it’s not really helping the argument that IGN hates Sonic games by giving a decent score to a supposedly under-decent Sonic game.

          Plus IGN IS EXCITED FOR GENERATIONS BECAUSE THEY LIKE IT. Yeah, they’re gonna give a low score to a game they seem to really like enough to show it off in a stream. THAT MAKES TOTAL SENSE.

          1. I just want this game to be fucking good. Because if it’s not im never going to buy another sonic game again

  16. I couldn’t stop laughing at the cutscene. Amy is just about really crossing the line. I mean I was fine with her in Adventure, Adventure 2, tolerated her in Heroes, Shadow and Riders, but now she is mentally insane with her delusional love of Sonic. ( this is by no means a diss to Amy fans it just my opinion.) Perfect Chaos seems to be a level in of itself instead of a boss battle. If I wasn’t mistake I think I saw a check point

    1. That’s the whole joke with Amy. A lot of the cutscenes are going to make jokes about the series. Can’t wait to see the one for Crisis City. “Man, this place looks terrible!” /jokes about ’06

      1. Yeah I mean i love the way Sonic just pushes her away with his hand and her face is very entertaining.

  17. For the first time since the spoilers have come, I’ve finally hit a brick wall. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the Perfect Chaos boss fight, I heard the music and… >w>

    1. Also, I want Super Sonic stuff. I want authorized footage of Super Sonic or music or… Just give me Super Sonic, I’ve already seen the videos where he’s been hacked into it, but I want more. I WANT MOAR SUPER SONIC.

  18. I just hope it’s a good game overall. AND IT LOOKS SO FUCKING FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. post the vid on youtube my moms hoging up the com. and im on my play station 3 Sucks man!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. All I did is minise the window that video was on and just listen to ‘Speed Highway’ classic song. SOOO EPIC!! me want MP3! Me-John, big tree! (‘Airplane’ movie reference)

  21. Usually when it comes to spoilers, I’ll whatch em. Some little guy in my head is telling me to steer clear of this…

  22. I lol’ed when he flagged the game off when he died in Chemical Plant,

    He pressed Air Boost rather than Homing Attack, A common mistake ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Exactly. They are going to blame the blame for their many deaths and mistakes even though it’s the gamers fault. They expect everything to be perfect. If it’s not an FPS shotter, it’s not perfect to them

  23. Anyone notice that Amy’s voice sounds different? It actually sounds pretty good now, as opposed to th Minnie Mouse soundalike from before.

  24. For the whole 45 minutes, I only listened to it. Besides the hub world and city escape, I didn’t see a single ounce of new material that I haven’t spoiled for myself already, xD. I had to mute it though once the cutscene came up, lol

    Its cool that knuckles, cream and amy will be in some of the missions. the super sonic racing and balloon park remixes sound amazing, I want to dance to the speed highway remix, and they were successfully able to mix all four parts of the crisis city music into one epic remix

    1. Honestly, the modern version of Crisis City isn’t as good as the original. i was hoping for a huge orchestral piece. Oh well. At least the Classic Speed Highway remix is EPIC

      1. You know the game has a change music option, so maybe you can use the original on the level ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. I said the same bout the Crisis City music. I was hoping they’d use the music from the Modern Era Trailer…

  25. DAMN IT!!! I watched ’em, I tried so hard not to!! Still theres the rest of the game to be spoilt yet. I’m dreading the days inbetween 1st and the 4th, i’ll get my copy on the 4th and i know theres gonna be loads of footage out inbetween those dates! I may just have to get someone to hide my internet router!!… Knowing my friends they wont tell me where it is, EVER!!!…

  26. That is way better then that crappy preview they posted in their website,i didn’t see this one coming at all
    I don’t think i would say it but…
    Sorry IGN ๐Ÿ™

    1. Unless it’s about sonic, please stop spamming :P. i said please in the nicest way possible ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. lol at all the people with no self control. I feel like most are just typing comments like that to fit in and be funny. Because it was perfectly easy for me to simply not watch it. The only thing I looked at was a clip someone made of Amy in a Challenge Act at the very beginning so we could hear her voice. Otherwise, the game comes out pretty much over the weekend, and I’d feel stupid if I had an “urge” to watch a video of a game before it’s out. I’m not doing that with any of the other games I plan to get this season. Why should I find myself an ADDICT? Screw that. lol

  28. I bought the game at Best Buy today ๐Ÿ˜€ I had been avoiding watching the full-play videos for spoilers but I’m so amped to finally play it ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Where’d you get that pic from. You questioned it already on how he could of bought it already when best buy didn’t have anything on it.

        2. Well i’m not going to believe it. I need a video of this person holding the game AND the receipt ;). It’s not exactly fair for someone to get the game before the release date, in my opinion of course.

  29. Question, if you pre-ordered the game (like at a gamestop store like I did), do you actually get it like a day early or something? Or do they just hold onto it until you buy it?

  30. Aw, Classic Sonic doesn’t get to go down the building.
    Trust me Classic Sonic, you don’t wanna go down that building.Just saying.

  31. at my gamestop there is… Im pretty sure there will be a midnight release because Uncharted 3 comes out the same night

  32. The only thing I’ve watched from this is the Perfect Chaos battle, and I’ve got to say that I’m very, very impressed at what they’ve done with it ๐Ÿ™‚ Even without Super Sonic, I’m surprised at how well they’ve recreated the fight and given it a new twist in places. I’m especially impressed that they used the original Chaos roars again as well as the remix of Open Your Heart. Too bad I won’t be able to play it on my PC… ๐Ÿ™

  33. That guy is duchbag you dont flip off sonic generations cause you dond got skill i have the game and im ownin ot

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