History of the 1st Stage and 20th Anniversary Best Track List Updates

Via the Sonic 20th Anniversary Twitter, SEGA Japan has revealed the back covers and thus the full track lists to both editions of the Sonic Generations History of the 1st Stage Original Soundtrack albums.

The Blue Edition (3DS) contains:

1. SEGA call
2. Mushroom Hill Zone
3. Toxic Caves
4. Botanic Base
5. South Island
6. Seaside Hill
7. Leaf Storm
8. Plant Kingdom
9. Metal City
10. Sand Oasis
11. Camelot Castle
12. Tropical Resort

The White Edition (Xbox 360 and PS3) contains:

1. SEGA call
2. Angel Island
3. Splash Hill
4. Palmtree Panic
5. Green Grove
6. Resort Island
7. Emerald Coast
8. City Escape
9. Westopolis
10. Forest Falls
11. Wave Ocean
12. Windmill Isle – Day

You can get these albums by pre-ordering Sonic Generations at Amazon Japan.
PS3: ¥ 5,946 (with Original Soundtrack White Edition)
Xbox 360: ¥ 5,990 (with Original Soundtrack White Edition)
Nintendo 3DS: ¥ 4,242 (with Original Soundtrack Blue Edition)

In other news, HMV Japan has revealed 4 tracks for the Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Anniversary Best album.

1. Sonic Drive
2. His World
3. Endless Possibility
4. Reach For The Stars

You can pre-order the Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Anniversary Best album at HMV Japan for ¥3,500. We’ll let you know when more tracks have been revealed.

Sources: SEGA Japan’s Sonic 20th Anniversary Twitter and HMV Japan

Thanks to Rabid-Noodles and Hogfather for the heads up!


    1. I didn’t know. I don’t follow the music news and from here on out, I’ll leave it to someone who does, so I don’t further make a tit of myself XD

  1. …South Island? like Sonic OVA South Island? =D

    I thought the soundtracks would have the songs from Generations. These are just Random (but still good) songs.

      1. At first I was like ‘Which game is South Island from?”

        Then you revealed the truth and I was like “Oh. THAT game.”

  2. hmm guess they excluded sonic advance but they have rush so that’s cool

    I was looking at this list like “O_o ??? I never heard of a good amount of these stages” turns out I haven’t played a lot of those games in a looong time.

  3. I think know why these songs are in the soundtracks: it’s because it’s supposed to celebrate the very first stages for the Sonic games represented. (I just known this now TT)

  4. At first I thought this revealed some stages, then reading the “360-PS3” version I gathered it wasn’t. (why are they given versions anyway, are they like pre-order items?)

    I find it strange that the SEGA jingle is a track…

  5. South Island if I remember is the name the Japanese manuals gave the island Sonic 1 was set.

    And Southern Island is where Marine the Racoon lives in case there some bad typing error.

    1. Its hanging out with Emerald Coast outside. Green Hill told the bouncer that if Emerald Coast was wasn’t allowed in, he’d split too. They got into a huge argument and the owner came down and showed them both the way out.

    2. Sonic 1 and 2 music stands on sensitive legal grounds. If I’m correct, the original composer owns the rights. That’s why we rarely see remixes of the original tunes (as SEGA has to pay for that kind of thing), and music pieces such as the main theme of Sonic were abandoned from Sonic 3. Also, the Sonic 1&2 soundtrack was published under a different label than all the other Sonic soundtracks. I don’t know exactly how much of this is true, but that’s how I understand it.

      1. Lets not forget about Spinball. the peeps that bought us spinball tried that and almost got sued for it.

  6. So History of the 1st Stage isn’t a true Sonic Generations soundtrack? When are we getting a full-blown OST for Generations?

    1. Also, I hope they have the full version of “Look-alike” and “Fastest Thing Alive” on that best of album. That was a big mistake, leaving those out of True Blue/Colors.

      1. I think it’s coming some time next year. Nothing’s been confirmed, aside from Jun Senoue saying it’s coming.

  7. I think Sega wants to leave us hanging till the full OST track listing is released. This one is just a sampler.
    Can only imagine what Jun & friends are coming up with.

  8. Its very interesting to see Metal City from Sonic Riders to be included. My money is if the 3DS has alternate music as well it will be in place of Radical Highway

  9. Camelot Castle? That’s the SECOND level in Black Knight! Also, which Green Grove do they speak of? The Genesis or Saturn version, cause the Genesis soundtrack was WAY better than the Saturn version’s…

  10. they SHOULD put in the song metal sonic by howard drossin.

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