Has SEGA Confirmed The PC Version of Sonic Generations?

UPDATE: SEGA’s now removed the listing.

SEGA might just have finally confirmed the much rumoured PC version of Sonic Generations in a new entry on their blog about the new Modern era trailer for the game. The end of the blog entry lists the 3 known platforms along with the PC platform, all for a November release. We’ve screen-capped the listing just in case SEGA removes it.

We’ll let you know if any more information about this version is released.

Source: SEGA Blog

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  1. They keep adding the PC version to the GAME website then removing it a day or two later too. And in a preview, the guy messes up and almost says PC.

    1. Another mistake? I think there were TOO MANY FREAKING MISTAKES ABOUT PC VERSION. Still getting it for PS3 though.

      1. nonoononono. I’m not against there being a PC version. Heck, I wishing there is a PC version cuz I’m not wasting 250-300 on a PS3/Xbox360 just for one game.

  2. If they make a PC version, which they’ve pretty much confirmed like five times, all accidental (I’m looking at you, Steam Beta), then it will be amazing. Since SEGA probably won’t make DLC for it on any system, people can hack in new stages. SOMEONE BETTER MAKE MARBLE ZONE AND HYDROCITY ZONE.

  3. I don’t understand why they are making the PC version such a big secret? What’s the big freaking deal? Just make it public, we all know it.

      1. That has nothing to do with having a PC version. Plus I rrrrrrrrrreally doubt that DLC there will be new Level DLCs. Maybe it will be like Unleashed with adventure pack things. And don’t come at me with the Casino Night DLC cuz that’s only a pinball game.

        The reason I think that there are no new Level DLCs is that Sonic Team might have to go through the process of polling its employees, fans, and taking more history moments to select levels. On top of that if said new levels are your cup of tea. Sega would then make more at which point it would be better to make a sequel Generations.

        Plus remember theses words. Once Generations is globally released and we’re in 2012 Sega and Sonic team will only be focus on Sonic CD’s re-release and full Sonic 4 ep II promotion and any new sonic venture and Generations will all but be a memory.

    1. i use to but it got 1,000,003 viruses on it so we took it to best buy and we got a new harddrive on it to a windows 7 so i say they shoud have for xp and above

    2. dude vista only came out only like four years ago. and xp came out even earlier and like all the schools still use em

  4. SEGA, just announce it to us NOW! theres been too many “mistakes” your just pulling a BUNGiE on us now

  5. How foolish can someone be? It seems quite impossible to write PC into a device list by mistake!!! Whats that for a company? Everyone knows Sonic Generations is not coming to PC but SEGA doesen’t. Great!

  6. O_O *rolls on the ground with happiness* 😀 this is fantastic! now all i need is for them to make it for the mac and my life will be completed for generations!

  7. I don’t know… If it were coming out for PC next month why would they keep it a secret? It might be a typo. Not that I don’t want a PC version…

    1. how can two letter that like that be a typo. That’s called a cover-up. Some one yet again let the cat out of the bag and now Sega’s going all Men in black on us trying to erase our memories with the device from the movie. only its not working.

  8. This has happened a million times before in every possible way…there is no way a pc version isn’t coming out now.

  9. Seriously SEGA, get your act together. You’re screwing over people like me who are going to buy a new console exclusively for this game if it doesn’t come to PC. Just say yes or no. Enough is enough

      1. I don’t have the money to just waste on a console I ultimately won’t need so that’s not an option at all

    1. You idiot! Why buy a new console when you can easily get a 3DS or pay like $20-40 for a pirated version.

      Although some will degrade you for playing a pirated copy

          1. nope he’s right the 3DS version is crap because of the crappy physics of modern sonic adn dare i say it the homing attack of classic sonic so dimps f*ck you

  10. Im sure that the reason Sega is being tight lipped about a PC version is to give the other console versions a chance, JP Im gonna buy a console and PC version anyways. My PC hungers for Hedgehog engine.

    1. it aint as fast as unleashed so don’t be disappointed when you play it if you’re wantin to go ————————————————————————————ZZZZZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

  11. The levels of sadness demonstrated by some people here over the reaction of the letters P & C accidentally being typed onto a blog page is extrodinary…

  12. Again? D: YES OR NO…we’re back to Square 1 O_o I don’t believe there is a PC Version wouldn’t have they confirmed what it was one earlier and before I hate to say it but I don’t think there is a PC Version coming out as it’s been removed

  13. I know there gonna announce it the last week or so, if it’s coming to steam they have enough reason to. People will freak out over a tf2 sonic promo hat so not just sonic fans will buy it but lots of those crazy hat collectors.

  14. SEGA I hope your company will shut down running out of money. Seriously!!!
    First we have this stupid thing of releasing Sonic Generations CE only for Europe and now all this soap opera for the PC release. What a bunch of stupid and lame directors SEGA might have…

  15. hhh aaaahhhh hhhhh aaaahhhh (breathing)…….. WHOOOOOAHHHH! Why Sega Whhhay! I can’t live with that stupid news. PC version confirmed, canceled, confirmed, canceled, confirmed, canceled, confirmed, canceled, confirmed, canceled, confirmed, canceled, confirmed, canceled, confirmed, canceled, confirmed, canceled, confirmed……CANCELED! Can’t you just decide and make this game for PC?! Stop annoying me.

  16. I think they want everyone who wants it to be for PC to die……
    of suspense.

    (Or maybe we’ll all just go Super Sonic~)

  17. heh his clock is military time, the volume cranked up, he has a vista, has only one window open including tab, and his vista has a little different setup of the internet toolbar area place thingy and looks different than my old one.

  18. has any body wondered what the theme song is. no not tenderoni. that ain’t it. maybe it’ll be just a medley of all themes

    1. Have you seen the previews yet? I believe the result screen music may be derived from the game’s theme song.

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