Get Your Sonic Generations Launch Trailer & Time Eater Artwork


SEGA Europe has today released a launch trailer for the console and PC versions of Sonic Generations, which release this week in the US, Europe and Australia. The video gives a look at all of the various stages and boss battles the game has to offer in both Classic and Modern flavours.

The publisher also released an hi-res piece of artwork of the mysterious force known as the ‘Time Eater’.

Sources: SEGA Europe and SEGA Press

Thanks to SSMB member Blur of Blue for the heads up!

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  1. Firsties! P.S. This is pretty late, Sega. Gettin too slow for your own mascot. The student has become the fasta-masta!

  2. got my money ready for this game, for xbox its out in my near by game store but im getting it for ps3

    1. game shop as in GAME the shop, or game shop as in just a local shop that sells video games lol
      cos if its a local GAME then im going to check them out first thing tomorrow near me lol

      1. The UK release date is Friday, so you won’t find it in a GAME until then.

        You could get it for Thursday if you buy online from an online retailer with a reputation for shipping new releases on the Wednesday, and choosing first class postage.

        1. Got the collectors edition with amazon for the fastest thing, so hoping that will come on wednesday or thursday lol
          Was just hoping GAME would slip up and id have a shot at it early lol i dont mind buying two copies because iv got a mate who said he will buy it from me if i end up with two.

  3. And we still haven’t received a release date for the retail PC version that will be available here in Europe! Come one SEGA! I can’t wait much longer, or I might spoil everything for myself by watching videos on YouTube πŸ™

          1. PC retail version has different release date from PC Download release. I guess the date is 25.11, since it was written in one of the reviews, I can’t remember which one it was.

    1. Today I went to my local game store and asked if the retail version would arrive anytime soon but they actually had no idea. It wasn’t even listed in their books or anything. So I decided to install steam now after all and will be playing the game via download instead.

  4. goin to the midnight release for the game. CANNOT WAIT! sorry….. i need a new pair of pants…..

  5. i love this part of jim sterling’s review of generations, “Seaside Hill is a sloppy mess of awfully designed platforming and Planet Wisp is repetitive and slow. As for Crisis City? The fact that it was allegedly a highly demanded level only seems to prove just how demented the Sonic fanbase has become, since it’s still the same sprawling mass of ill-placed chasms and confused homing targets that it always was” but he still gave it an 8. I’m picking my copy up at 10pm PST

  6. Rumors and i want you guys to spread! If you guys know Jakeiiiblade on youtube and for this site, after sonic generations rumors were saying that they are making sonic demensions for Wii U only! Which i am a bit mad becasue of this. its actually on TSSZ news. Are you serious!!! i am furious!

    1. Then buy a Wii U? You still got over a year to get U. I’m getting a Xbox/PS4 and a Wii U. Although the wii u will come first, so ya.. πŸ˜›

    2. i hear that is it a continuation of colors so it SHOULD be for wii. doesn’t mean it will πŸ™

  7. Also they said its a continuation story of sonic generations? WDF!!! I think Sega said that its the same thing sonic generations but different boss and stages. -______-. Thats what i heard spread the word! they also said its in the works!

    1. Rumours from an anonymous source. I could make up a rumour with as much credibility in a post on these forums. Sure, it COULD be true, but we have no way of telling for the time being.

      1. TSSZ news has been keeping up with a fairly reliable source, responsible for information later proven true (except for disclaimers about “works in progress” data).

  8. Imma be playin Generations all day! woohoo. can’t wait. wish the day would go by quicker πŸ™

  9. It didn’t help my anxiety with gamestop calling me today just to say my copy will be in tomorrow… lulz.

  10. I have just finish 100% of the Game (without S Rank and 2 achievement)
    Damn, it’s very not a long game, but I want to play, again, again and again ! πŸ˜€

  11. Soooo, excited! Tomorrow morning when my Gamestop opens at 10, I will be getting it! And play it..until I leave for work…but when I get home, I’ll play it again, all night! …Yeah…Excited, indeed!

  12. Can somebody clear something up for me? I know the physical PC version is gonna be released in Europe. But is it coming to the US? i wanna know before i put steam on my computer

  13. OMG ITS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!! 4 HOURS, 4 MORE HOURS INTO MIDNIGHT RELEASE!!!! (sorry for the caps)

    1. Midnight release?
      Here in Brazil we don’t have that,so basically this so called GameStop stays open untill the very midnight? And theres a promotion or something like that?

  14. Whee, picked up a shiney new PS3 today, and payed off my pre-order. Get my copy after work and get to play all week!

  15. Already preordered the PC version from…it’s even 15% off and available November 3rd at 5:00 PM PST. I wonder if that means we Amazon buyers can play the game earlier than those who bought the game on Steam.

  16. Why is everyone saying ‘TOMORROW!!’, I mean isn’t tomorrow Nov. 1st or Nov. 2nd (depending on time zones)? Or am I just losing it? xD I’m getting the PC version on the 3rd!! SO EXCITED OMGOGOMGOMGOMGOMOGMOMOMG!!!! *SQUEALS*

  17. I got my money ready for tomorrow’s release on this game at GameStop. I’m so excited! 360 version will be mine to keep and hold on to it til I get my console back on Holiday break, while I wait about three days for PC version on Steam to be installed after it is finally released.

    1. Maybe they can’t release it on Steam for the US only for a few days until the EU release, so they’re releasing it on the EU November 4th release day for everyone.

  18. I just beat the game it was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still some kinks though but little ones πŸ˜‰

  19. Hey Shad, when you guys get the Collectors Edition, you should make article, saying exactly what’s in. I mean, I would love to know what tracks are on that 2 disc CD.

  20. I’m 100% buying this game and I 100% love Sonic, classic and modern, there’s just 2 small things that are bugging me… First I don’t know what Sega have done but it doesn’t feel as fast as Sonic Unleashed and secondly, Sonic’s shadow is just a blob beneath him, in Sonic Unleashed his shadow was in the opposite direction of the light source, I’d think that after three years they’d improve the Hedgehog Engine, not remove some of the features. I know it’s minor things I can adjust too but still why remove some of his speed and his realistic shadow? πŸ™

    1. did sonic colours have good shadows-no
      did it get a good score,without having great speeds-yes

      1. I hear that but that isn’t my point, they could’ve easily left the shadows in even if not the speed, how hard could it be?

  21. Im soo excited Sonic Generations is on my Birthdate such awesomeness. Lol i just wished they would add about 15 stages for both versions of the game Console,Handheld. Because when i seen the playthrough on youtube it seemed like it would only take 1 hour to beat.

  22. my schedule for tomorrow is, go to school and do the same thing i do everyday, have my mom pick me up to go get it right away, and play it for the rest of the day non stop :DD

  23. Can’t wait to 4th of november! Sadly America gets it earlier (again) so I’ll have hard time avoiding those spoilers. Well, at least I get the Collectors edition.

  24. Its really weird….. i was in at GAME (UK) and i asked the guy behind the desk what time sonic generations for the PS3 would go on sell on friday but he told me the xbox and PS3 versions dont come out in the Uk until November 21st… :/

    1. i swear to god if thts true im going to drop the f bomb on the staff lieing to me but i live in ireland who knows

  25. I Pre-order 3 Version: Special Edition on XBOX 360 @ (before the website have huge glitches issues)
    Collectors Edition for Playstation 3 and 3DS Version πŸ˜† (both pre-order from with Prime Feature)

  26. Been playing sonic generations since midnite man it’s fricking awesome omg seriously best sonic game

  27. Cant wait to get my collectors edition! And on generations can you make classic sonic play a modern sonic stage or modern on classic?

  28. Oh no, I can pick it up today, but the storm in NH has left my PS3 (and house by extension) without power!

    1. That better happen for the 3DS version, I got it on play too. I’m only getting that one since I don’t have an Xbox or PS3. I’ll probably get it for Christmas.

  29. -.- well now i know the final boss but i just found that the physical version of sonic gens pc will be released on novmber 25th (atleast here in holland but uhmm i could also be the release date of the downloadebel version if you want a link just ask )

  30. Nice trailer.
    Still wondering why some people have the game week earlier O_o’ (like me and I don’t bought it on best buy)

    I’m finished with the game and I hope that there will be some DLC Stuff >.<
    way to short

  31. A Finnish Gamestop is selling some copys of Sonic Generations, too!
    I’ll go chechk if my hometown’s Gamestop has few copys, just to get more hyped B)

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