Gaming Clerks’ Sonic Generations Preview Shows Death Egg Robot Boss


German gaming website Gaming Clerks has released a nearly 12 minute long video preview of the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC version of Sonic Generations. In the video we see another playthrough of Classic Sonic’s Sky Sanctuary stage, as well as Green Hill Zone. Most interesting, though, is what we see at the 08:50 mark – the previously teased Death Egg Robot boss battle.

Check out the footage while you can, as we don’t expect it to stay on YouTube for long if SEGA sees it.

Thanks to BlueHedgehog92 at the SSMB for the heads up!

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    1. SAME XD I turned it up on my iPod since I was at my dance studio waiting between classes, and he coughed and I freaked out and everyone looked at me funny.

          1. damn it was so silent,i was quite enjoying the music but that cough scared the crap outta me(i was using headphones X(

  1. 43 lives?

    Damn lol, I bet you Shadzter that the dude got all those lives from playing Classic Green Hill on easy for an hour πŸ˜›

    1. Sonic games practically hand you 1UPs these days… A prime example being Sonic Colors. They’re mostly meant for kids now. They’re not meant to be challenging like in the 90’s.

  2. Looks fun and nice remix, but it takes only 4 hits to beat it? I’m guessing it’s that short for demo purposes right…right? Please someone tell me the fight isn’t going to be that disappointingly short.

      1. Less hits does not really equal easier. Robotnik bosses have always taken around 8 hits, so making it any less than that doesn’t really make sense. The fight looks easy no matter how many hits it’ll take. My money’s still on it being for demo purposes.

        1. I would imagine that the game is on easy mode, 4 hits does seem rather pathetic. I’m sure on normal and hard he will take way more hits, and if we are lucky maybe even use other/different attacks

          1. Man, I would wonder what would have happen if Modern Sonic was involved in the fight. I mean just four hits to beat it, that is kind of embrassing if it is that much of an easy boss. πŸ™

          2. If you played Sonic Colors… You’d know SEGA isn’t joking about how unhealthily easy they like to make Sonic games…. The bosses were killed in two hits… That’s pathetic.

            It’s so pathetic… That YOU, the player of the game, is surprised and in awe of the nothingness that took place beforehand. You think “Didn’t i have to beat a boss fight… wtf happened im already on the next level”

    1. It looks like it had a difficulty setting and was on Easy Mode.

      Also, it’s the second boss fight (first being Metal Sonic, aka a “Rival boss”. With Giant Mech being the “Era boss”)

      Besides, I think they just want to make the game as user-friendly as the originals is all. The difficulty setting will probably allow more “hardcore” gamers to have their experience too.

  3. That was a pretty sweet cutscene of the death egg boss. Remix is cool too. I’ll probably play this boss a lot just for the memories πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh man, this game is going to be so amazing. Also, that Death Egg Robot music. Fargin’ awesome. After all, Robotnik doesn’t forget a fargin’ face, kid. You icehole.

    1. Also, everyone should download this video, just because we all know SEGA will take it down. Pretty much do exactly what happened with that half hour gameplay video.

  5. i want to see the shadow boss fight gameplay already! and perfect chaos. i am a huge fanboy for the Adventure series.

  6. Hu, hu….hu….hu, hu, hu, hu.

    I hope the voice actor for that version of the game enjoys the one Euro he got for that one grunt he recorded.

  7. So, that bosskampf was pretty nice.

    Simple mechanics, bringing back the Sonic 2 Final Boss musicβ€”I like what I see.

  8. That little bit in the cutscene where Sonic fell on his ass and shook his head…Idk but it reminded me of Unleashed for a bit…as in his eyes. BUT HES SO CUTE OMFG *fangirl squeeeeeeee*

    fucking really? -_-
    Once again they fail to show us anything “NEW” except for Egg robo . Also it does look a bit pathetic for 4 hits if i must say. I hope this is on easy mode, cause in hard mode I want him to dish out everything he’s got.

  10. All the bosses I’ve seen so far have been rather disappointing and underwhelming. Big fan of the style, just dislike how quick and easy the boss is. Just not epic enough for classic sonic boss standards. I’m hoping this is just for demo purposes, and sega really wants to blow us away, but we can’t bet on it. Regardless, the game looks amazing overall, and I can’t wait to play it

    1. What are Classic Sonic boss standards? 8 hits? Just double the amount of hits it takes and we’re good? Because Classic Sonic’s bosses were definately not harder than this.

      Then again this is likely on Easy Mode anyways.

    2. I don’t think you understand just how easy Classic Sonic bosses are. The only difference here is that it takes more hits. And it was being played on easy.

  11. Has Youtube been painfully slow for anyone else the last few days?

    Anyways, this boss is looking pretty awesome, and I’m thrilled that they brought back the classic music!

    1. Yes….I was going crazy thinking it was just me..but even 360p videos take minutes to load…It’s quite a bother

      1. Yea, even 240p vids at like 1:00 in length have to stop and load frequently. Hopefully YT will recognize the problem. They’ve really been off their game lately.

        1. Think it’s because they’ve changed the style a bit now. I went on and when the video finishes it shows a lot more related videos than before.

  12. What? Sonic can beat my greatest creation in only 4 hits? I really need to stop building my robots out of old pots, pans, and trash can lids.

  13. That makes sense Robuttnik!!! You just use old kitchenware and paint it!!! No wonder they blow up so easily! No wonder you can afford it!

    1. Nope.
      Anywhos, as long as there’s rings in this fight, I’m happy
      >Does Hard Mode
      >No rings
      >Oh shit…not again…

  14. Number one rule of being a boss….Never be too easy to beat, I tell that shit was pathetic and quick, I REALLY hope this was easy mode.

      1. Uh dude, I suggest you [DELETED] and [DELETED] somewhere,I [DELETED] know already what difficulty it has and so does everyone else, Im just stating the obvious, because if it is like this then the game will be too easy. [DELETED]

        Shadzter edit: Please don’t be abusive towards other people in the comments, regardless of if they annoy you or not.

  15. I’m lovin the animation in the cut scenes, Classic Sonic’s facial expressions and all the detail in them in general. Even tho they are rather short they are top notch πŸ™‚

  16. S RANKS ARE TOO EASY IN THIS GAME. That is my only complaint about SG, and also maybe the games length..

    1. Eh, it’s probably set to give the player automatic S ranks in the preview version they’re playing.

    1. Ah I guess that does prove that knuckles is in a stage and from the looks of it, looks like your supposed to race him.

    2. I could probably be considered a “kid these days”, and I beat it. I figured out that I had to spindash a foot or two away from the boss right when it lands on the ground. It took a hell of a lot of hits to beat, though.

  17. ……..So nobody noticed that those co-op missions are confirmed? If you watch before they go over to Metal Sonic, they select a mission in Chemical Plant which picture shows Classic Tails carrying Classic Sonic Like in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

    1. Dude, it’s not co-op. There’s another mission where you press a button to make Knuckles dig. My guess is you use Tails to fly up to places by pressing a button and then controlling yourself.

  18. WOW FINNALY THE FIRST GERMAN DUDE THAT QUICKSTEPS soryr to say but in that crazzy little half an hour spoiler filled video the dude dient even quickstep

  19. I am very curious about what version of Sonic Generations does Germany have? So far there’s been 2 videos showing a lot of content. It couldn’t possitibly be the full game because some things in the Hub World don’t look complete.

    1. -.- sorry buts thats the dumbest thing i have ever heared first of all the hub is supose to be white second why the fuck would germany get somthing diffrent

      1. I have seen Classic Sonic pass by Green Hill hub and Tails turned Classic, however Knuckles and Amy remained Modern in their stations of the Classic era. It makes me believe this version of the game was a beta, and those guys playing were beta testers. That’s my theory.

          1. Wow, the amount of misinformation in these comments…

            None of the press currently have the gold version of the game. Sega distributed a preview version a while back which doesn’t have all the levels, which is what all the previews we’ve seen are from.

            Plus do you really think Sega would release a Sonic game with 30-second loading times? ’06 may have been loading screen hell, but it didn’t have a single one that was that long.

  20. I see Classic robotnik will have a voice, seeing you hear his german voice in the boss battle. most likely Mike pollock will voice classic robotnik in english, but i for one would prefer separate VA,s or better Classic era remaining mute like classic sonic is., because classic era was mute and a voice could ruin them, example samus in other m.

    1. I wonder if it’ll sound anything like John Baldry did in AOSTH before he died. If it did, I would die of laughter. “Snooping as usual, I see…”

  21. Can someone help me? I’m thinking about pre-ordering Sonic Generations on PC, but I don’t know what controller to get with it. Does anybody know?


    Shadzter edit: For the third time, will you please stop typing in all capital letters? We don’t allow it here, as it comes across like you’re shouting. Don’t make me have to warn you again.

    1. TECHNICALLY, he is, in a limited way. Tails is playable for a single side-mission, where supposedly you have to fly Sonic to a high spot (as Tails) to complete the mission.

  23. man i love the DeadEgg one of fav sonic stages. i hope to see the death egg make a comeback in fulture sonic games. long live the deathegg. πŸ˜€

  24. The way Classic Sonic attacked the robot gives new meaning to the term “rape”. Hit on the rear and on the head by a tiny hedgehog? Eggman (Robotnik, excuse me) must feet so wrong in more ways than one. >.<

  25. hm, Now that I think about it, since the embrago is lifted, Does anyone have that 30 minute long preview of Sonic Generations?

  26. Fans – I want an awesome Sonic boss where I can kick Robotniks a$$ a thousand times!! Just shove my foot as far as it can go!! *Sonic Generations Egg Robo Boss Jumps Over Sonic And Bends Over* FAN SERVICE!!!!!! XD

  27. ~off topic here~
    *sigh* idk if this true or not but there seems to be 2 faggots on facebook claiming they hacked sonic generations and saying they removed Silver from the game, does anyone really believe this bullshit?

    1. probably not and if they “hacked”sonic gens they would only hack there version and other wise SEGA probably still have the orginal files on there computer and would put it back in

    2. Yes, it’s true. They broke into SEGA Headquarters and hacked every single copy of Sonic Generations to remove Silver from the game.

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