1. In Sonic Universe #8, Sonic’s 4/5 year old kids managed to defeat a variation of Perfect Chaos without going super.

      So I could see Sonic smashing him, no problem…

      1. Comics ~= Games.

        Frankly, the only reason I see Sonic being able to do this is because when he boosts, he runs on the water, just like Super Sonic…did…

    2. Well, he could beat his other forms just fine, and the original fight as Super Sonic was easy enough already. I guess he used the emeralds cause they were there… (Oh yeah, and something about calming him down by punching his brain six times successively, or whatever)

    3. Easy modern sonic is just as powerful as super sonic. I.E. Boost= Temporary invincibility. Boost is also used a a defensive & offensive move [when on the ground. In the air on generations however, is a completely different story.] So to be honest it’s actually common sense that modern sonic can beat perfect chaos with having ANY chaos emeralds, it’s just awesome to play as super sonic while going against perfect chaos! 😀

  1. Nice, obviusly they need to save the best till last, the best being Super Sonic and the last being the last boss. Although Super Sonic is playable through the stages (so i’ve heard) i’m gonna assume that they’ll have a Super Sonic climax, just like Doomsday Zone. Think of it this way, its going to be a different boss, well… Different in the way you beet it. I’m a little confused as too why Chaos has little bits of Green on him, it wasnt like that in Adventure, was it? Maybe its just me. Maybe they stole some of the Blue out of him to make the 3DS tittle and replaced it with Green 🙂 (get it?)

  2. In the Dreamcast Era, Sonic couldn’t go as fast as he could in Modern times. Now that he has boost, he doesn’t need to go Super Sonic to stay above the water.

  3. seeing as Super Sonic will be unlockable and playable, I’ll SO go Super during a second play-through of Perfect Chaos! xD Not being Super Sonic makes this battle even more epic, though!

  4. Don’t freak about the absence of Super Sonic here, I’m sure after all the emeralds are obtained… That is, if it’s not like Colors was, where you can’t go super during boss fights.

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