First Sonic Generations Review is in, New Screenshots

German website has today provided the world’s first review of the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC version of Sonic Generations and the game earned a high score of 85%. The website praised its many unlockables and hidden secrets, its stage selection and the combination of 2D and 3D gameplay. Negatives include its “inconsequential story” and the controls. has also shared three new screenshots, which you can view below.

You can read a Google translation of the full review here.

Thanks to SSMB member Neon for the heads up!


          1. Please tell me that’s sarcasm, An 8.5 is a great score, not perfect, but pretty darn good none the less.

          2. I agree with your comment. an 85% game is not worth buying, ESPECIALLY at the 60 dollar price. Anyone who thinks otherwise, is merely a delusional fanboy. And as always, Sonic always suffers from crappy controls, and horrible platforming. I’ll skip this game and buy Uncharted 3, which earned a perfect 10 on IGN.

          3. I’m very much satisfied. But I’m saying that 8.5s are given away on a regular basis. Hell, the Ultimate Ninja games get that score. So it’s not even a big deal to me. I’m just buying the game and playing it regardless of what other people say.

          4. @REALISTICgamer
            IGN didn’t have a rating for Sonic Generations yet.He might get a 10 in IGN, but maybe not here.

          5. @REALISTICgamer: Yes, we’re delusional fanboys for thinking an 8.5 is a GREAT score which it is. I guess an Sonic game receiving an 8.5 is the new average score nowadays. It shows that fans are never satisfied. Videogames don’t have to score 9’s or 10’s to be great or worth your attention. Or better yet, people should play the game themselves and stop obsessing over numbers.

    1. These game sites are way too overrated,they hate sonic games,and the proof of it is that they always have to find something to criticise even if it doesn’t exist at all,so thats why sonic games are cursed to never receive a 10.0
      Wich is very sad.Sonic colors received a 8.5 too,but i think Generations deserved a higher score at least since it was an improvement.
      And they point out very ridiculous negative points
      Our dear IGN friends say it ¬¬
      They gave Sonic Colors 8.5 because it had ”way too difficult spikes”?
      I wonder if they even finished the game

      1. Sounds morel ike fans just have to have something to complain about. They didn’t give it a perfect score but they gave it a good score. So obviously it’s not because they hate it. Apparently we all just need an excuse to blame someone. Yeesh.

        1. thats not what i meant,if you’re going to review a game and you think it’s not perfect,then the least you could do its criticise something that MAKES SENSE!
          i mean…7 FOR GRAPHICS???
          i watch gameplay videos at my crappy band connection and it seems amazingly beautiful,how the hell is it gonna be worse in the actual HD console?

      2. To be honest, i completely agree with you, but i think they’re just doing their job. I’ve never seen any review give a game a perfect score, they have to give it a con or two, even if it is pathetic. Meh, what would i know, im not a critic xD

      3. Why would ANY Sonic game be worthy to recieve a perfect 10? They are always flawed all around, if not in controls, in gameplay etc.

        1. just to let you know mario galaxy 2 had a perfect score! its not fair! why can one sonic game have 10/10

      4. Here we go again……. because all these Sonic sites just happen to hate Sonic. They just happened to all graduate from the university of ‘Sonic Haterz’ and then disperse themselves accross the world of videogame reviewing.

        Or maybe Sonic has improved a lot but hasn’t been able to break into the over 90% bracket because his games haven’t been masterpieces. Games in the 80% bracket are still great, worthy of praise and defiently worth buying.

        If the control issues of Sonic Generations are true I wouldn’t be surprised if other websites/magazines gave it lower scores depending on what they think.

      5. Its still gonna be a best seller, sonic games are always seccessful despite what anyone says about them and IGN rarely gives 10s

        1. “IGN rarely gives 10s”
          Unless IGN is reviewing a Mario game, a COD game, or an Xbox exclusive.

        2. @NauseousePenguin
          Those dang techno guns and gadgets those kids be shooting with thease days witha fat plumbah

          1. I know, right? Well, you know what they say: You can’t spell “ignorant” without “IGN”.

  1. The story being confusing was already a given. I consider this game non-canon because inserting them in most stages and beating all those bosses again creates a lot of plotholes(why are there only 2 sonics?There should be a ton of them..). However, this does not mean the story is bad, it has just the purpose the celebrate the games. Just placing this game in a coherent timeline is impossible, if you get what I mean.

    Anyway, such a high score is awesome, although I wonder what kept it at 8,5.

    1. My guess is both Sonics will be memory-wiped at the end of the game, or at least Classic sonic, as it’d lead to a paradox where he knows exactly what happens over the next 20 years.

    2. this is something i have been debating for awhile i am glad to see i am not the only one. hopefully the next game wont mention anything related to generations then it be really hard to see this canon an non canon

    3. Yeah, the story is simple because it is mainly a game. Like Aaron said on an interview, this is for 2 Generations of fans so there are 2 generations of story, going back to the early 90s style where in games it was cartoon style and you used your own imagination if there were no cutscenes. Sonic Colors had that style with its cartoony humor we remember in his first 2 cartoons. I like that style, the story may be confusing, but shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

      1. Ok, let’s go back to black and white films, so we could see the colors in our imagination once again. That will be cool.

    4. noone remembers anything but eggman who stares at a picture of his classic self and gets the idea to double up on firepower and ideas-taking over timezones (like with timestones) and filing them with bases and robots more than ever before

  2. Great score, I would be very, very happy if all the review scores were around this point considering the reviews for some recent Sonic games.

  3. 85% is brilliant! Of course getting in the 90s would have been even better but lets see what the other reviewers say.
    Buzzing off my head for this game, i cant wait to play through modern and classic sky sanctuary and chemical plant!!

  4. 85%?? This game is damn near perfect. It should have at least reached the 90’s! Oooh well can’t win them all

        1. So you have played one level. Most reviewers wait until they play the full game before writing their review.

          1. They were complaining about the controls, you only need to play ONE level to get a feeling on how the controls feel. And the controls felt perfect

          2. If you read the review properly, you’ll see they weren’t really complaining about the controls, more the level design of the last three levels, as they required very precise reactions.

            Look, you just can’t decide what score to give a game based on one stage. By all means pick a fight after you play the full thing, but you don’t have any basis to argue with someone who has played the full thing just now. It would be like me disagreeing with someone about a movie even though I’d only seen the trailer.

          3. Ummm yea they were complaining about the controls, if you look to the left at the end of the review it got marked down for the controls not the level design. They basically said the controls started messing up during the later(AKA harder levels). So the controls were fine during the early stages but they just happen to mess up during the later levels? That’s odd! It sounds to me that they just suck at the harder levels

        2. Yeah.mario games are difficult and that means they are fun,now if SONIC games are difficult its already a reason to be bombed.
          yea,it seems very fair to me ¬¬

          1. There’s a difference between difficulty where you feel enthused to try again and difficulty that makes you want to pull your hair out.

            Anyway, it was a minor negative at the end of a very positive review. Don’t overreact.

    1. Well, the reviewer’s opinion was that you can complete it in five hours if you want to, but that would waste it as there’s plenty to unlock 😛

  5. meh, I like the score that generations has got…85%…but its not that good enough to settle it. if it was in the ninety’s then I would love the scoring of it…..well its better than some other IGNorant scores that some game reviewers has been giving it.

  6. I just read the review in the google translate, it got marked down points for the story….yea the story *facepalm* and for the controls slightly messing up when they were platforming( AKA they fucking suck at the platforming sections) *falcon facepalm*!!!!

    1. The story is still an aspect of the game. And considering it still controls like Unleashed in Adventure styled platforming I can believe that. I still would’ve really liked the game and given it a higher score, but if reviewers were that forgiving it’d be pointless to make a review at all. They’re reviewers. They’re supposed to take gaming more “seriously” than everyone else. The game got an 85% and that’s the Germans. Most likely it’ll overall score just as high as Colors or more just like the Adventure series did. lol

  7. I’m not sure how the controls would be a con…the controls in the demo were perfect…I have not played the story so I cannot assure that a story is non-existent.

  8. 85 is a great score, no question. Let’s hope the good scores continue, or better yet, improve!

  9. I have no idea why everyone is overreacting about it getting an 85%, I honestly think thats a great score for it. Plus, I’ll be honest, the modern stages could use a little more work, since I still feel like all I’m doing is speed boosting in the 3d sections and no platforming until the 2d sections

    1. Agreed. I was disappointed with modern sonics levels as well. Should go back to the adventure engine. Levels would last a million times longer instead of making a long-ass level, where you mainly boost through with the new engine. Keep the unleashed engine on nintendo titles. And bring back the adventure engine for the other console games. Hoping the pc will get an adventure mod. 😉
      Regardless, the graphics are amazing. The best I have ever seen on a console since uncharted.. I was exasperated when I started up the modern sonic demo.

      1. dude 3d sonic games couldnt have run on the adventure engine forever and from what i see modern sky sacturay isnts boot to win nethier is city escape there very platforming in 3d sections those levels and crysis city is looking great as well. theres no more looking back man sega willl keep moveing and never stop just like sonic ^^

    2. Your judging modern Sonic’s gameplay solely based on the demo I presume? Well take a look at Modern Sky Sanctuary, City Escape, Seaside Hill, and Rooftop Run. Those levels pwn everything in the adventure games

      1. 1. Graphics don’t make a game.
        2. Gameplaywise, Modern sonic is pretty shallow. I will admit, that Green Hill is not the same as the other levels. However, I have watched almost every modern sonic level’s full playthrough. City Escape is the only level I felt was done right. I felt the rest were too much about boosting. But no, I was not using the demo to solely base my opinion off of. Honestly though, I’ll be playing in a week, so it doesn’t matter. I’ll know for sure then. But I will still always prefer the adventure engine myself

        1. That’s what he meant. lol Modern Sky Santuary totally looked like a blend of SA2 and Sonic Colors gameplay. And Modern City Escape, ironically, looked like a blend of Sonic Unleashed and SA1. Both stages allowed you to be ABLE to boost sure, but not for very long without running AROUND and platforming. Of course some sections or some stages are more boosterific than others because that IS Modern Sonic’s gameplay in Unleashed and some ppl like it. It’s not all one thing and none of the other. There’s a bit of both.

          1. Correct I’m saying that I prefer the moments that aren’t boosting. But it’s not like it matters what I think because they are sticking with this engine for good. I really enjoyed the daytime stages in unleashed though.


    Reviewer said that in Skill Shop you can buy “crisp levels”! However it might be google translator error but it would be cool to have new levels like Sand Oasis.

  11. I don’t think they’re criticising the controls, more the precision required in the final three levels. I’m hoping the difficulty is more in line with Colours, rather than some of the harder stages of Unleashed, because they took the mickey.

    Also, I don’t think they’re criticising the plot, just mentioning that it’s not that important.

    So you can get through it in five hours in a rush? That’s to be expected. But then you have the red rings to hunt down, and the missions to complete. I’d guess we’re looking at something under 30 in total? Or more if you’re the crazy all-S-ranks kind of guy.

  12. That’s stupid…. It will be at least 94% in my book… The ONM review is the only one I care about

  13. 85% is fine, I’m sure there will be worse reviews so brace yourself. There’s a lot of game reviewers that just don’t like sonic too much. If all the reviews are similar or above sonic team’s mission will have been accomplished. Sonic games on the Mega-Drive/Genesis didn’t get amazing reviews, good but not outstanding. No one acknowledge that statistic?

    1. Colors got 85% once. Generations getting it is just sad. Screw what the germans said, this game will be awsome! So it looks like even if Classic Sonic is in this game, it can never be perfect again :/

      1. Nooo this is only slightly lower than the Classics, which only scored so high for being revolutionary (special for it’s time). Sonic is normal now so it doesn’t have that advantage anymore. But this and Colors are getting scores close to what the Adventure series got. This game getting a score around the one Colors got isn’t that suprising when you’re NOT judging it based on the nostalgia factor.

  14. To everyone who is annoyed about a Sonic game getting a great score: why don’t you wait until you play the full game before getting angry? This guy has played the full game. You haven’t. Until you have, you have no right to question his score.

    This game must be good if fans think an 85% is too low…

    1. Agreed. Crysis 2 got good reviews, and that game was a disgrace to the crysis name. You can’t trust a reviewer. It’s only what you think that matters. That said, I think it probably does deserve the 8.5, and I am fine with that.

  15. inconsequential story?
    It’s Sonic Colors all over again…
    Good gameplay + minor story = Thumbs down

    Sorry that’s my opinion. I fell in love with Modern Sonic games (starting with SA) because of their great stories combined with great gameplay. If Sonic Generations, an anniversary game involving time traveling to previous stages and facing legendary boss battles again, won’t have a great story I will be very VERY disappointed.
    I hope they’re wrong and are just being picky…

    1. I think it is the latter. It’s possible we will never see a SA3 game. Or even one similar, which is a shame, because the story modes of SA and SA2, were 2 of my all time favs.

    2. Its odd, Sonic Generations looked like it would be pretty decent story-wise.
      Couple of more days > > Soon you will be in my hands….

    3. Despite the fact that I am a fan since 1994, I fully share your opinion and I think that Sonic games should have a decent and fairly deep plot. I am opposed to the views of those who believes that game is primarily a game, and don’t need a strong story. I believe that such views has become outdated. In addition, the main part of my sympathy for Sonic games are the characters and universe, and it pains me to see how they degrade in games like Colors.

    4. i just hope for the love of god the story is not like sonic colors, it should be more like sonic unleashed, pr sonic hedgehog 06

      1. Sonic 06’s story was a wasted potential (on top of everything else that was broken in that game) so if a Sonic game were to try and be like that game again I’d prefer it be something that doesn’t get rushed and becomes a Sonic 06 Part 2.

  16. Why do people still want the Sonic series to return to the Adventure-style of gameplay. The Sonic games has always been about high-speed gameplay the Adventure series were awesome to play with, but the speed in those games are slower than a snail compared to the Unleashed-style of game play. Also considering that Sonic has gone through some had times I think that 8.5 is a wonderful score and I hope that the scores are higher from other video game websites

  17. the story i can understand it lostt point for , even for me it kinda did, but i prefer it be short and simple then the over complicated stuff of previous games, though they could combined both. but the score isnt bad though i say thats perfect when the last time you seen a sonic game get a 85 on the first review(dont count colors or nintendo power) so yea its above average and to me that means that even though they still have some flaws to work out the games are getting better, and if it takes simple short non canon continuous stories to put sonic back on top, its more then welcomed in my eyes.

    just please sega/sonic team if the game aint canon say so lol

  18. I KNEW IT! The main game is just too short!
    That’s my only complain.. and that S ranks are too easy.

    Apart from that, this game is ‘Way past cool!’

  19. Are people never happy? 8.5 is a great score, plus, you shouldn’t pay a whole lot of attention to reviewers anyways, there’s a good chance your thoughts and feelings are gonna be different than theirs.

  20. I feel that this game is just an ode to the Sonic serious (quite obviously). I wasn’t going to take this game seriously as a canon Sonic game, so a non-perfect score doesn’t bother me. Besides, 85% is a great score, and reviews are just one person’s opinion.
    If I gave it a 1/10 and said that the controls were difficult to grasp, graphics were poor and the music annoyed me, would that make it a bad game? No, that’s just what I would have felt while playing the game.
    Come on, the reviewer gave the music an 8 and the graphics a 7; when we already know that these are amazing re-imaginations of classic pieces of music through Sonic history, and the hedgehog engine was really pushed to it’s limits here. The graphics make the environments perfect and faithful to their originals and pack so much detail in at the same time; they obviously deserve over an 8 at least.

    Reviews are only worth watching/reading when they’re made by funny and well-known Youtubers. 🙂

    1. They gave the graphics a 7?!!! WTF?!!! No, I’m not accepting their review then. Those are the best console graphics I’ve seen since uncharted 2.

    2. “Reviews are only worth watching/reading when they’re made by funny and well-known Youtubers. :)”
      Is that somebody NickonAquaMagna2 ;)!

  21. 85%? RUINED FOREVER!!!!!!

    But seriously. Its good score. Main story is pretty bshort but thats partly good. I will clear game on weekend and then replay it for like 6 months.

    Story? Well I expected this. This review actually proves one point. People think that Sonic isnt about story but about gameplay. They think that if we focus on story then gameplay will be shite! Why? SA1 and 2 had good stories, Was gameplay shitty? NO!

    Why some people cant understand that Good Gameplay+Minor/Non complex story/bad story=Good Game but Great Gameplay+Great/complex/well written story=Even Better game!!!

    Thats why I always criticized Colors story. Maybe gameplay was good but story was really… Minor, Lazy etc. Some cutscenes felt pointless (Ahoy Bosses cutscene where Sonic talks to Robots when he knows they wont respond! Its stupid. I am glad that 4/6 Bosses in Generations have ability to comunicate with Sonic so we might get something interesting). But I said “Well. I think thats what they could do with just 3 Main chars, An Alien and 2 Sidekick Robots” but hey! Here they have almost WHOLE Modern Sonic cast!!! If story will disapoint then I will be first to sign “Get those writers out of there” petition! Well MAYBE I will give them one more chance after that. Depends on how the story feels.

    I still think that storybook/Adventure writers are A LOT better. I mean their stories have great balance beetwen Serious and lighearted moments, stories have some twists, and Character personalities are… I mean better represented.

    1. i dont care about the story being short i just dont want it to be like sonic colors, i want the story long and epic scenes like sonic unleashed

  22. yea, 85% is pretty good. but it’s just one person’s opinion you know. I don’t listen to reviewers anyways. But i do understand what the person was saying about timing in the controls. like in classic green hill at the start where you had to hit the buzzbomber at the right time to get on the next platform above. It was kind of hard at times but it was well worth the practice in the end.

        1. Oh yea, my bad. The green had me confused until I saw some clouds in a tiny hole in the bottom left corner.

  23. Why is everyone upset? o.o this is a good score and yes 90% could be even better but this isn’t so bad though I am a little worried about the story I don’t want it to be too short like Colo(u)rs >_> just Balanced, not too over the top either just balanced and right similar to what the Adventure series/Storybook/Unleashed had. Hopefully there are many more suprises in store so I’m hoping for the best 😛 this is an okay review there could be more reviews which are even worse comming up soon so we better brace ourselves if you think this is bad then this is only the beginning D: I’m sure the story will go somewhere full of seriousness, a mixture of humor, action and thrill. 😛

    1. I hope when you beat the game, that you can watch the cutscenes over again, like select them from a menu or something you know?

      1. Yeah definitely great idea just like past games 😀 Experience it again and once again I hope that happens in Generations too…

        1. lol you say the same thing i said, im worried about the story being short , i dont want it to be like sonic colors , i want it to be similar to unleashed with epic scenes.

  24. Can’t wait still. Super excited. But on the same hand, I’m GLAD they are being held accountable for story. Someone needs to let them know that having a decent story actually DOES matter. I appreciate this.

    …Having said that, I really REALLY want this game right now. 😀

        1. Since it’s not a first person shooter, it automatically looses 3 points in the graphical department

  25. I just noticed at the Perfect Chaos screenshot. Sonic is reflecting from the two tenacles….now that’s some good work from the graphics.
    How could they give SOnic Generation’s graphics a 7?!??!?!?!!? Don’t make any sense!

    1. Yea I noticed the reflection too. Color me impressed. I don’t know what the guys were smoking, but these are top notch graphics

  26. I don’t mind that it got an 85%. What bugs me more is how the graphics got a 7 out of 10….I know graphics are subjective… but I’m sure many people can agree that this is one of the best looking 360 games out there, and I don’t have to play it to know that.

  27. Playstation the Official Magazine had a short review for the game in their december issue. They gave it an 8 out of 10, but since it was around a one-paragraph review there isn’t anything specific on why it was marked down, just all positive. One odd thing about it is that for some reason they used a screenshot of mushroom hill, aka a 3DS stage.

      1. Its the US one, I haven’t checked if they have an online version of their reviews yet, I guess I could take a picture or something…

    1. IGN gave colors a 9.0 I think (or a 9.5) and they’re more excited for this game than Colors. They might give this game as high of a score or higher.

      1. Yea, but IGN’S wii people is different from the “next gen crew”.
        Remember the unleashed scores.

        1. The Unleashed review was crap.. I have a friend, who’s not even a Sonic fan, he’s a COD fan, and even he says that review was bad.

  28. Yo Robuttnik, what you doing a fansite for me??? P.S. I know Im not really Sonic Im just being silly. And I really don’t listen to reviewers, if I like it I’ll play and I love this game!!!!!!!!

  29. 7 for graphics? I’m not a graphics type of person, I still play 2d games but damn I was blown away of how Sonic generations look. It’s simply beautiful.

    1. Now come on, I’m sure that’s not the case besides this is just one review 8.5 is a good score 😛

  30. 8,5? A fair score for a game that ignore for complete Sonic the hedgehog 3 as a separately game and leaves Classic Knuckles as a rival out.

    1. actually you can delete my comments, people have already linked this video in the comments above xD

  31. reviews and scores are a waste of time in my opinion. as long as i enjoy/love the game the reviews and scores won’t matter to me.

  32. I think I can understand the story criticism, but not sure about the controls. The demos seemed like there was nothing wrong in that department to me. ..

  33. Come on guys, it’s only one review with a “good” score – 8.5 (I admit I’m a bit disappointed)
    You should wait until more reviews are out before getting worked up.

  34. I think that’s a good score, but at the end of the day (GOD I HATE THAT PHRASE, but it’s the only way to put it…) it’s down to the individuals experience.

    Besides, what games are perfect nowadays? The last game I saw reviewed with a perfect 10 was GTA IV, which was good, but in my honest opinion didn’t deserve a 10.

    Anyway, it’s wrong to play games based on reviews alone.

  35. I just saw a sonic generations commercial here in the US lol it had speed highway, green hill, and city escape footage.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, but there’s not really any info there that we didn’t know already. We’ve known the same rivals and the Time Eater are going to be in the 3DS version too for a while now thanks to the game’s official Japanese website. As for the images, we can’t post them up because we don’t post up scans. We’ve had bother from the publishers when we’ve done it before.

      Thanks anyway, though 🙂

  36. 85% is an outstanding score! This isn’t some dumb-ass high school assignment, kids, this is real life, and in the real world, 85% is pretty much an “A”. Now stopping making “A”s out of yourselves and wait for some more reviews…goofs.

  37. Damn Germans. I mean 85% is a great score, dont get me wrong. It’s just when rehashed games like CoD get over 90% just because its CoD, it bites my butt

  38. 5/10 is the an average game that will ammuse to an adequate standard. 8/10 is far greater than this average so stop saying it’s a bad score or just good when it’s fantastic news. People here really need to remind themselves where the average really lies on the scoreboard.

  39. I knew the story would be a problem, story sadly and annoyingly has become so key in todays gaming, don’t get me wrong i love a great story (Uncharted games) but sometimes i like to play a game where story don’t matter like the golden days of gaming.
    but i guess we have to move on lol overall 8.5/10 seems good i hope it gets at least a 9 from me or better a 10, but we will see after Xmas, since thats when ill be playing it.

    But lets face it people , games today if its colourful and cartoon it wont get higher then 8.5 or rarely a 9, people are (mainly kids weird enough) are more into there bland realistic shooters, no offensive to shooter fans but shooters are bland compared to the colourful creative universe of sonic.

  40. 85% is a great score, and I appreciate the positive reviews. The thing is, I want to see the first 3D Sonic game be rated at least 90% once. It doesn’t have to be a perfect score. Just a 90% for a 3D Sonic game. Hell, 91% would make me a happy man forever. I’m not saying that the gaming media is screwy and are all Pro-Mario gamers. (Even though the gaming media is kind of screwy sometimes.) Just one 90% on at least one Sonic game, and I’m fine with it.

  41. For me, anywhere between 8 and 10 (80% to 100%) Would fit this game. So, this score I’m okay with. If it was higher, then great. We just have to wait and see what other sites say. Not that it really matters, all comes down to your own opinion and taste, but still.

  42. >.< Why are those reviews so important for some people here?
    Just buy the game play it and make your on preview for yourself!

    I really don't enjoy new mario games (I'm not anti-mario or something) and it allways gets superb scores

    who cares?

    Just play it

    I enjoyed almost EVERY sonic game doesn't matter if IGN give them 4% or 99%!

  43. An 8.5, really? You guys are mad that they gave it an 8.5?

    All of you must hate getting an 80-89 at school, am I right? A “B” is such a horrible grade.*sarcasm*

    You must not buy many games if you only get ones with 9’s and 10’s. This year you should only buy Fifa, MLB: the Show, Portal 2, Batman, Uncharted, Gears 3, and Skyrim, going by that logic.

  44. I at least thought it would at least get a 9. but no… just because its not call of duty, nobodys gonna give it a 9… I mean seriously who put these guys in charge! look at this game that weve been waiting years and years for and they tear it with an 8.5. sure its still a good score, but still. Somethings not right. i think the graphics are 10/10. not 7

  45. Hmmm, this is unexceptable. I felt this way about Other M, but then I played the game, and felt the game actually desearved only an 8.5. I really hope this game is better then Other M, which is a good game, but not a great game

  46. Anywho this will be the highlight of the Sonic Series 😀 But After Generations Whats Next.. Besides Sonic Playing some Sports with Mario and Ruling the City of London And We Still have to Show Off the Rest of the 3DS’s Sonic Generations Levels But I Already know it could be Leaf Storm (Pirate Island or Haunted Ship for the Rush Adventure Level)

    1. according to my research you might hate it or get mad and sayy ohhh heeellll noo! Sega of Mexico has stated 3 games will come at that will be sonic 4 episode 2, another sega allstars game, and another story book of sonic. I dont know what allstars or storybook will be?

  47. sonic is so overrated, even those retro fans who bitch about these new sonic games still buy them while still worshiping the old sonic games, and modern fans will bash anyone who says anything negative about any of sonic’s new games, sonic games always sell successful despite what anyone says about them and i swear everyone in the entire fan base(which is pretty damn big) believes sonic is underrated, open your eyes!

    1. If you hate the series so much, why are you even here? Correct me if I’m wrong (and I’m sure you will), am I detecting a troll here?

        1. I hate the majority of the fanbase as well. They’re never happy with what they get. I’ve enjoyed pretty much all of the games. Heck, I even liked Sonic 06, for the most part. I wouldn’t say the games are overrated, seeing how the fanbase does nothing but complain about them, but there are a lot of people out there who don’t see the brighter side of anything.

          1. i don’t really see anybody on this site complaining dude, you’re talking about retro sonic fans: sonic fans who believe every sonic game than after sonic 3&kunckles is absolute shit no matter what (yet still buy his games). Then there’re modern fans, who consider themselves “true sonic fans” believe none of the modern sonic games have ever had any significant flaws at all.

            I hate fans who don’t modern sonic just cuz his are green eyes and I hate fans who think physics doesn’t matter in a 2D sonic game. So you can just say i hate everyone who’s ever liked sonic 🙂

    2. You know what, now that i look at it this way, People who call these games and others “overrated” , means the games are going to be fun as hell, who cares if its cartoony or “not mature, has guns or bloody enough”. IMO overrated games are the best games instead of the same old shooting fps WWII games that do the same fucking thing every time and which in fact the gameplay is EXACTLY the same as the others, These games are a waste of time. I LOVE OVERRATED GAMES, that just means their the best and more entertaining

  48. You guys do realize that the score is 15% away from being a 100%, right? I personally can’t wait for this game. As for those last three levels, well, you just gotta practice them a bit. Where’s the fun if there’s no challenge? Also, I think the stories in the sonic games are gonna be simplistic for quite awhile. If you guys want detailed and characterized stories, give the Sonic Archie comics a go. Their quite interesting.

    1. if you look at it that way its like a B grade, and thats good enough for me, at least its not in the 70%

  49. Some of you commentors are being RIDICULOUS! 85% and higher always means that the game is fantastic! How could anyone not believe that? Plus, fans of the particular franchise are likely enjoy the game even more than the review would suggest, as most of them tend to pay more attention to the positives, anyway, meaning the score might as well be a little higher.

    1. Exactly. I don’t know what everyone is going on about. It’s a good score. Sorry if it can’t be like Mario or a FPS when it comes to ratings.

  50. thats because Ign and every other game reviewer loves mario and FP shooters. I at least want this to get a 9.0 thats all…. I mean seriously im happy with the score, but its .5 off from me getting really REALLY excited. I guess i’m so hyped up for this game ii’m desperate. Lets just wait and see when more reviews come…

  51. I’m very happy with this score! ^.^ it’s a shame that its a short game, I hope I take forever to finish it xD I expected the story to be a little off (most time travel related things are) and it’s the same writers a Colours.Do all 9 stages have at least 3 acts? It’s not actually straight up 18 levels + bosses and unlockables is it? Because I’d prefer 27 levels + bosses and stuff. 🙂

  52. You guy’s are fucking idiots, an 8.5 is a great score, and not to mention you haven’t even PLAYED the full game, who knows, maybe after Green Hill Zone the game turns to a glitchy mess, you don’t know. 8.5 is a great score, what do you want a 4 out of 10 like 06? They are just doing their job, and you aren’t forced to share their opinions. God I hate this Fanbase sometimes

  53. sure its still a good score. But some of the things on there are fucking stupid. Graphices 7/10???

  54. 7/10 is good TBH. considering the game runs about 20-30fps max.. this is a complete let-down. Sonic should be 60fps as standard. the crap framerate affects the gameplay, makes it very sluggish. Good job the PC version is coming to play it at a proper framerate, just like All-stars racing. 60fps.

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