Best Buy Stores in US Break Sonic Generations’ Street Date

Twitter user Ceej64 has alerted us that she was able to buy an Xbox 360 copy of Sonic Generations at her local Best Buy in Dallas, Texas. Ceej64 shared a photo of the game (above) and her Xbox Live Gamertag PMS KillerKitty (as publically shown on her Twitter) currently shows the game is in use.

Our very own Brad Flick reports on Twitter that Best Buy in Burbank is also selling the game early.

Thanks to Ceej64 and Brad for the heads up!

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  1. Wow, and I got to wait until NOVEMBER 4TH.. Oh well that’s cool.
    By the way, if you go on the xbox website and check her profile you can already see the achievements she has unlocked!

  2. If he’s unlucky, he get banned from Xbox live..
    Some got banned because he played (an original) game too early.

    1. To be honest, SEGA don’t have much to lose at this stage. The game is being sold legitimately a few days early. It doesn’t have a multiplayer-mode, so no-one can gain a few days advantage. It doesn’t have a plot that they’ve been trying to keep secret.

      If the game was leaked onto the internet a few months early, then they’d sue. This isn’t really worth it.

      1. Yes they could go after them for releasing the product early. For instance the next titles release could be delayed being sent to them as a form of punishment.

    2. I work in a place that sells games and on each and every shipment is the street date and a message that reads “VERY SEVERE PENALTIES FOR SELLING BEFORE *insert date here*”

      Sega can, might not, but then again might sue. Or maybe make them procreate with a railroad spike.

    1. I think the havok engine is for the level design, the hedgehog engine is for the character models.

      1. Havok engine is a dynamic phyiscs engine thingie that is used in most of todays modren shooting games.

    2. Hedgehog engine is a graphics engine, so how things look. Havoc engine is a physics engine, so that’s the actual play of the game.

    3. The Hedgehog Engine is just a lighting system, the Havok Engine is the primary engine of this game, same with Unleashed.

      1. what i thought hedgehog engine was like the everything engine. from picture lighting model and not having the picture load whill going 200

        1. the hedgehog engine is a graphics engine havok only does physics and animation. just look at shadow the hedgehog it uses renderware but do see it on the case or when starting the game and sonic heroes uses it also but its on the back of the case and those two look exactly the same

    1. another sonic fan in jersey?!! what are the odds?!! and no i dont think well get them until at least after nov 1(or in the month thereafter…)

      1. think of it as the embargo for the ign thingy. then they get in alot of trouble if they realeased it before hand

  3. @ Irvin: I live in Tuscon, AZ. πŸ™‚ But since I just moved here, I have no idea if Best Buy has the game or not. I went to GameStop yesterday and they had a Generations poster w/ the Nov. 1st release date.

    1. Im gonna steal that poster. Im heading to every best buy tomorrow to see if I can find it! (or I can call, hehe)

      1. The first best buy i called said they had 12 copies and i was super excited..but my dad and mom got home at 8:45pm and it closes at 9:00pm so i had to wait till oct 28th. (just in case i called 2 other best buy stores and they said not available yet >_> the first one i called said they had them but i guess the news got around that they tried to cover it up or something :o)

  4. I sent an email to my local gamestop to see if they’re going to be releasing it early….doubt it lolz

  5. I called my gamestop and they’re playing by the rules. They said if any other store releases the game before the street date, they can be charged with a 500$ fine. lolz.

    1. I called my local GameStop and they aren’t breaking the street date either. I’m pissed that I won’t be one of the first to play the game now.

      1. At least we’ll be able to play it with other people in our hometown, you know? So not everyone in our hometown is going to get it early.

        1. I suppose you’re right. Plus, there’s one thing that we get that they don’t: the bonus DLC (assuming you pre-ordered too).

  6. What the hell is Gonzo? xD

    And lolTexas. Oh well. Just a few more days til it comes out anyways. :3

  7. my bestbuy (northpoint mall GA.) has 12 copies for sale like RIGHT NOW
    to bad im waiting for the PC versipn ;-;

  8. my bestbuy (northpoint mall GA.) has 12 copies for sale like RIGHT NOW
    to bad im waiting for the PC version ;-;

  9. LOL, just noticed Gonzo.
    Oh and that’s no fair! πŸ™ Having to wait a week myself, haven’t even pre-ordered it yet though.
    I wonder what Sega’s gonna think of this, they weren’t too happy about IGN previewing that massive bit of the game. Who’s to bet it’ll be removed?

  10. And I have to wait anouther week! How annoying! But I have collector’s edition so I’m making that a plus point- good things come to those who wait

  11. I got this ages ago. I’ve already completed the first 16 levels, i’m stuck on Final Eggmanland Rush.
    The Lava reef zone remake is awesome!
    On a more serious note, it seems the 3DS one is the one that still remains mysterious

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  12. Tempted to go to Best Buy.. but I just got home *puts feet up and has a coffee*

    Pre-ordered 2 copies.. but they’re both PAL so chances are they won’t work here.. but do I really need a 3rd copy thou? Guess I’d have to get it eventually.. dilemma dilemma …

    1. >.< Guess I have to break down and head over… I don't even know what the RRP is here.. but I can tell you what a copy goes for overseas πŸ˜›


      1. Good luck πŸ™‚ Some guy over at TSSZ, tried to get a copy, but the cashier double-checked the game, and apologized, and took it away from the guys hands. πŸ™ Poor guy!

        1. That guy got farther than I did.
          No, it’s not out at my local Best Buy… or Target… or Toys R Us.. or Wal*Mart… or *list goes on*

          Disappointing really.. I could get 100% on the game over the weekend before I leave on a 2 week trip overseas.

          Have fun whoever was lucky enough to get it

  13. Gaaaaah Classic Sonic’s little mime’s in the cutscene she showed were soooo cuteee!

    Man, I don’t want to wait till Tuesday :/ And I’m skipping school to pick it up and won’t even be able to play it till late at night :/

    1. I dunno about u guys,but we brazillians have a hollyday this fryday,a whole weekend and i’ll probably skip school monday so tuesday i can get Sonic Generations,it will be a long ass hibernation till then,well 4 days to be exactly now u guys be quiet while I try to sleep here okay?

      1. we have a narional holoday on the 1st and I’ve changed my steam account so that I don’t get it on the 4th

    1. -_-….your trollin aren’t you,We already had this discussion MIIIIIIILLIONS TIMES ALREADY, ITS ONLY F*CKING SINGAL PLAYER YOU TWAT! jesus christ!

  14. I should be grateful the Gamestop where I love is doing a midnight release but I’m tempted to run down to Best buy.

  15. The main game is beautiful. But I’m kinda dissapointed in the extras, Sonic Jam is still the king it seems. No history, bios are sparse and don’t even list the games the characters were in or first seen in. Only one unlockable game. No old ads or old artworks, and the store for upgrades seems rather empty too, unless more skills open later on. They could have really gone to town and added stuff like the figure 8, super peel out move among others.

    1. Keep in mind that it’s a new game, not a compilation. The only reason the compilations have those things is because Sega wants to keep up with the massive amount of content gamers are used to these days. Generations doesn’t need those things because it’s a new game that had tons of work put into it as it is.

  16. SEGA’s totally gonna sue Best Buy for this. I mean, we all know that Gonzo’s not meant to be available until November 1st! I’m sure this is violating some law!

  17. Aw come on! We both per-ordered on Steam… Dangit! Oh well, have fun, Texans! πŸ˜€

  18. I feel very gyp’d right now. I knew there was zero chance that i’d be able to get it first day anyhow but now a select few get the game early for no good reason. I honestly hope this results in Best Buy not being able to sell SEGA-published games and while i still will use the store for some things out of neccesity, i will not be touching their gaming section and avoid purchasing stuff there whenever possible.

    On a related note, tomorrow i’ll take a field trip there to see if mine is selling Generations (i’ll raise hell if so) and play that Super Mario 3D Land Demo.

    I’m a bitter old hypocrite, even i acknowledge it!

  19. Oh I see why its supposed to be released after Halloween.Halloween is the Horror of the Modern Era, and Tuesday is when the horror ends.But,as usual, Halloween makes a comeback.

  20. I just called my best buy and the lady said that its very strange that texas and burbank is selling it early because she siad that some best buys dont even have the game there yet

    1. Lol, that’s extra funny to me since I’m playing Sonic 06 as we speak. It’s not such a bad game, once you get past the load times and the dialog.

      1. I agree with you. But, anyway, luck ducks…Oh well, I can be patient…I ahve until Tuesday….*twitch*

  21. I’d go see if mine has it, but I have it preordered at gamestop, and I want that Casino Night. Oh well.

    Hopefully someone rips the music soon, it’d be nice to listen to the remixes while waiting for the game.

  22. I can check tomorrow at my Best Buy, but seeing the ‘success’ stories here, I doubt I’ll be able to get my hands on a copy. >:|

  23. One Man…
    Three more Best Buys…
    A chance of a life time (togetagameaweekbeforerelease)

    Jix Hedgehog stars in – Generations Of Hunt.. the Revenge! … 2

    1. Gd 4 u, i’ve gotta wait a week. πŸ™
      Although I do get the dlc so I guess that sorta makes up 4 it, damn u america! πŸ™‚

    2. UPLOAD SOME CUTSCENES…or something. Can you upload the Shadow or Silver boss please? Also, let me know how many cutscenes are in the game Jack says there are 30, but in that video by Ceej, it said “3/13” pleasee responddd. Lucky bastard πŸ˜› jk.

  24. Eh even if they were to sell the game early here in the UK, i pre ordered at Amazon, just hoping it doesn’t take too long to get here.

    1. Don’t think it will, my DBZ came today and it didn’t have a release date delivery option, as long as you paid express or 1st class it’ll come on release maybe before release

  25. Personally, I have pre-order the collector 360 edition on Amazon for 128€, and I pre-order too the PC Steam version xD
    So, for me that’s the 4rd November πŸ˜‰

    1. The 4rd November? I assume it’s ab all-wheel-drive SUV of some sort, capable of making it through rough, autumn landscapes?

      1. No xD, I said 4rd november, buty for the downloaded PC Steam version xD
        I must receive it between the 5th and the 7th.

  26. SEGA’s official website says “PC – Out Now” with the rest of the platforms (including ‘PC Download) having dates! I’m not sure, I’m viewing SEGA Australia (can’t access others..) Could someone check their official SEGA Generations page? I have a screenshot of it, if it’s just Australia’s website or something.

    1. Yeah it does, i just checked the french siteand itsays tht the pc version is out now :L it might be a glitch, though

    1. why arent they, because best buy released it 5 days before from the actual date? for selling their own product? because even though it wasnt supposed to be on sell, all of the gaming reviews are spoiling the shit out of it? Or is this about Money?
      Honestly, who gives a crap about if it was released early, thats good for the person who got.
      “If people keep making a big deal about, and decides to go snitch on Sega and let them recall the game and people wouldn’t be able to play because, yes once again, People are getting so up-roared about this”

      1. I wouldnt have thought they would like this actually, or all of the other retailers selling this game, it is really selfish and stupid of best buy to start selling this nearly a week before the release date, to the people that have preordered to get theirs first and now someone else has, and also people may cancel their preorderes and run to grab this from the shop now, possibly losing money for sega and other stores. Still think its ok ???

        1. its ALL ABOUT THE MONEY dude, and who gives a damn if they cancel a pre-order? THEIR STILL GONNA BUY THE DAMN i want you to look at this way, and i REALLY dont give a damn if someone gets it before me, as long as i get to play it im good. now you gaming reviews like Ign and gaming clerks already having a own full copy of the game,Why weren’t people complaining then??? people were wanted to sit there and be spoiled, or want to see what review is posted and (if given a bad review they will spam insults to them knowing that they dont give 2 shits about your opinion) so tell me something is there something wrong with that? can you see the point im trying to make?

  27. OK so who has gone to their Best Buy and actually bought the game or who has gone to their best buy and the employees said it will come out tommorow

      1. I liked it πŸ™‚

        I would rate the cutscene a 9/10 because the cutscene went by *snaps finger* like that. I’ve already seen 3 cutscenes, and all of them went by fast. I wish the cutscenes were like Colors again :S

        1. oh you saw the first three with the hub world and *WARNING C.J* the chemical plant cutscene. and the colors cutscenes you mean by corny jokes, repeated repeatedly, etc. or other?

        2. Oh I can’t wait to see it next week I hope it’s as good as you said πŸ™‚ I really hope it’s not like Colors though :L

  28. I think this is really unfair on everyone else that has to wait. Every retailer that sells games should surely have to wait until the actual official release date, otherwise its really unfair to everyone else who has preordered to get it first, yet still someone has got it like 4 days earlier then the release date !! And surely it will make other companies lose money as people will cancel their preorderes and go get one now rather than wait. Really selfish and unfair of best buy to do this. Maybe 2 days before release date would be acceptable as most preorders are shipped then, but 5-6 days ?!? Come on !

    1. you know best buy will get in trouble w/ sega most likely but then again sega probably not care cuz it’sclose enough to the release date.

    2. and i thought i was getting it before everyone else btw unknown, Best Buy will get in trobule with SEGA i think, they released a shipload of spoilers before release day

      1. What are you idiots saying? Why would they get in trouble for selling a product like 5 days away from the release date? ive seen plenty of stores do things like this and no one seemed to mind. Stop making such a big deal over, As long as Sega is making the money then it’ll be fine

  29. Never pre-ordering another Sega product from Gamestop again unless the item is as epic as the UK/AUS Collector’s Edition. Sega made a huge mistake not releasing the Collector’s Edition in the US. Wouldn’t be surprised if Sega is behind all of this.

    Calling every Best Buy in my area as soon as they open.

    1. Your not buying another sega product because they didnt bring the CE in america, some fan you are.
      They didnt release it in america because MOST people dont give a shit about it and instead worry about CoD and shit. Sonic has a MUCH MUCH MUCH larger fanbase in Europe and thats why they brought it out over there. In a way, America is Mario’s country and europe is Sonic’s, in a sense.Stop being so selfish.
      You couldve also ordered it from a european retailer but as i can see you waited too late. Just stop complaining and deal with.

  30. One question, guys…I pre-ordered it on Amazon, and it says, “release date shippment” What does that mean? Will I get it on the release date?

    1. well yeah man! release date shippment means the date when it’s shipped out to you πŸ™‚


  32. Entire soundtrack leaking as we speak.
    Okay, just one song. (listens)

  33. anyone know if best buy will still have it out tomarrow? (the 29th)
    i wasnt able to get there today D:

  34. Just got back from 3 different Best Buys in California. Nothing at all πŸ™

    I have about 4 hours worth of play time on Tuesday before I’m gone for 2 weeks..

  35. I live in texas, so i’ll head over to my local one tomorrow to see what I dig up. If they have it, which they most likely don’t, i’ll post back.

  36. Way back when the Walmart in my town ‘unleashed’ the 360/ps3 version of Unleashed a week before it’s date. I’m guessing they were confused since that’s the day the wii version was supposed to be released. Best day of my sad, sad life.

  37. Gave up and placed a 3rd pre-order on Sonic Generations..
    *sigh* … if anyone wants me I’ll be on the floor drinking beer out of the new Sonic glasses

  38. Son of a *censored*.

    I have to wait ’till Tuesday, which I had a MIDTERM and a test…I won’t get home until after eight. Then, because my stepdad gets up early, I can’t play the game until Wednesday.


    At least I get the DLC…Ever since I played the demo(s) a few days ago (on a PS3. I fail at Playstation…Heh…”Modern” Sonic died twice oops), I can’t wait to get this game.

    Maybe after I do my homework, I’ll go back and play SA2B, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic Colors. Maybe throw in some Zero Gravity and Chronicles. (Heh, maybe I should do those three levels I skipped in Shadow’s game…Darn time limits!)

    And yes, I disappeared for a bit. I’ve been avoiding spoilers like the plague – at least, picture wise. I don’t know all the levels, I know a few bosses, I don’t know what the Time Eater looks like (save that for the game, eh?)…But I’m fine with it. Can’t wait <3

  39. Well all I got say is lol best buy is retarded they gonna get fined and it doesn’t matter now what happens… I still get my theme and casino night zone pack ha ha ha Getta a load of this

  40. Best buy is fucked dude torrents of the game r bein upload to file sharing sites and ppl on YouTube are spoiling things damn

  41. i’ve herard romurs that best buys are recalling the game but it was on a game forum site so i don’t know if it’s true

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