CNET’s Sonic Generations Video Preview Shows Lots of New Gameplay Footage


SEGA’s Aaron Webber (aka RubyEclipse) stopped by at CNET recently to demonstrate the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC version of Sonic Generations on their preGame show, and to answer questions about the game. The video preview includes new gameplay footage of both Classic and Modern Sky Sanctuary Zone and Seaside Hill stages, as well as another playthrough of the Death Egg Robot boss.

Do you like what you’ve seen of Sky Sanctuary Zone and Seaside Hill? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: CNET

Thanks to Anon7906 for the YouTube upload and thanks to STrainer for the link to said video!

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love all the hard work and the fan service going into this game.If this doesn’t please the fan base and the blogs/critics Idk what will.

  2. Wow Modern Sky Sanctuary and Seaside Hill blows the Classic version out of the park. Still both Classic and Modern Sonic’s levels literally have alternate paths on top of more alternate paths. This is the best sonic game ever!!!!!!!! No lie

    1. I said spoilers because some people might not want to see any more level playthroughs at all. If I wasn’t working on this site, I don’t think I would want any levels spoiled beyond the first two. SEGA’s been ridiculous in how much of this game they’ve been spoiling.

  3. So did anyone else notice that the Modern version of Seaside Hill’s theme was actually both Seaside Hill AND Ocean palace mixed together? I only have two words to say to that: HECK YES!!!

  4. Hmmm…… 20 missions, 2 acts each world, but pretty much you only have to do 1 mission to keep going to what, next world already, wouldn’t that be quick, but st least there is a bunch of things to do, wishing for more acts tho

    1. I recal an interview back in June in which they said there would be more than 2 acts per Zone… It’s possible they were referring to missions, but we can hope.

  5. When Renzy commented on the Modern Sky sanctuary before I watched it, I squealed like a little girl because I was hoping to see that gameplay :D.

  6. I really want to see Classics actions to talk with people ever since that video of him playing guitar came out.
    This seriously made my day…again XD

  7. Aaron Webber kicks ass! “Uh, I don’t get A’s man” lol. I was about to go to sleep but after watching this I feel like playing some Sonic 3 and heroes xD My hype lvl is beyond insane. I want to run in the middle of the night!

  8. @jord: I think the final trailer will show a little bit of everything. Maybe next friday? Gosh, waiting is painful

    1. yea he ran on water in sonic 3 and knuckles in hydrocity zone so i would expect him to be able to run on water

    1. Wow, that sort of a let down. I mean I can understand no Classic Amy, given her update history, but no Classic Knuckles. πŸ™

      1. Its funny because he mentions that M. Sonic, M. Tails and C. Sonic, C. Tails work together and Knuckles is left out once again xP So much for Sonic Heroes 2

  9. They put in the Seaside hill weird CART RIDES! That’s awesome.

    Honestly, I can’t tell which half of this game is going to be more fun for me- the classic, what-should-have-been-Sonic-4-but-totally-isn’t game play that’s absolutely incredible and plays like a faster-paced version of the original games, or the hectic, slightly-more-exploratory modern levels with their crazy visuals and cool little intricacies. The only thing that really kills this game for me is that there’s nothing new- it’s all old designs. Beautiful designs, don’t get me wrong, but there’s no new, unexpected twists in the level select- it’s all stuff we’ve seen before. That, in my opinion, is what made Sonic Colors so good- we got to see all these new concepts for levels be explored in full.

    Still, this game looks absolutely fantastic. It’s a definite buy for me, no doubt.

    1. Nothin new? Are you BLIND!? Since when can you blast down a spiral glass floor in Sky Sanctuary?? Since when can you run on water in Seaside Hill? Since when can you actually go underwater in Seaside Hill?? Since when was Seaside Hill or Sky Sanctuary soooo fucking big!? It may be the same level or theme from the old games but none of this fantasic shit has been done before.

      1. I think he means the fact that all those traits come from existing games.

        BUT STILL!!! Isn’t “new” getting a little old? We always get something new. Yes that’s a good thing, but for Sonic’s 20th anniversary it needs to stand out and be different, and it does so by making new versions of old things. And it does it in way more ways than one. With new levels, there’s no memories attached to them. They can’t be revisions because they never existed. But this game has memories attached, references, easter eggs, and is still a completely new game built fom the ground up.

        It does so many accomplishments.
        1- It revises old memorable stages.
        2-It puts stages from multiple games into a single game.
        3-It allows you to play 2D versions of 3D stages and 3D versions of 2D stages.
        4-The 2D versions of the Classic stages and 3D versions of the 3D stages are severly revised.
        5-The 3D versions of Classic stages and 2D versions of 3D stages are even MORE revised.
        6-It brings back Classic Sonic.
        7-The 2 versions of Sonic meet each other.
        8-It’s a mainstream game that includes many of the Sonic cast (and without getting in the way)
        9-It references other non-included stages.
        10-It improves the formula of the current-day Sonic games (as this game IS still a 2011 game)

    2. What the hell are you talking about? The level designs are COMPLETELY different. There are tons of unexpected twists, because the levels are literally completely new.

    1. It shows the full acts of Classic Sky Sanctuary, Modern Sky Sanctuary, Classic Seaside Hill, Modern Seaside Hill and Death Egg Robot Boss. That’s it.

        1. Okay. Well rather than getting spoiled, just take my word for it.

          The stages look AMAZING. Especially Modern Sonic’s. It makes Sonic Colors look like linear crap. lol

          In 17, 21 or 37 days I hope you enjoy the game. lol (What am I saying? You will enjoy it. XD)

    1. Sonic Retro actually just posted a thing about how to properly say it :/ Aaron apparently said it wrong, and the proper way is Hydro City not Hy-droCity. But yea, you can still say it however you like.

  10. 30:28: the pc version was the best kept secret of the year. >_> Uh, right.
    This looks like a modern classic though, literally πŸ˜›

    1. Okay than take this. Classic Super Sonic’s incomplete model was once found, Classic Super Sonic and Modern Super Sonic poses were found, screenshots of both of them in Green Hill were found, and the Chaos Emeralds have a counter at the top of the hub world letting you know how many emeralds you’ve collected.

      There. Now you don’t have to worry about silly little hints. lol

  11. I’m not feeling the boss battle, but the actual levels look amazing. This might be the first truly great Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2.

    1. To be fair, it also turned into an Ocean Palace section as he was being chased by a giant wheel. And his friends have joined the party too. lmao

      1. Check when their on Speed Highways hub, and check the sign, it has that and Exit My Self or something like that.

  12. Wow, this video is awesome. Aaron Webb is doing a great job showing off Sonic Generations and telling the truth without hurting Sega!

    I’m really looking forward to all easter eggs. This really looks like Duke Nukem Forever, but this time with promises made true and making the best out of best.

    I have to say. When I watched this video, and as soon as watching the death egg boss part… I was really proud to be a Collectors edition purchaser. I’ve been wining about it’s price for weeks and finally purchased it a few weeks ago, but now i’m confirmed that yes, SEGA can have all my money!

    20 DAYS LEFT for the 20th anniversary game. Time to get my sleeping back and start sleeping in front of the stores.

  13. I’m not gonna watch this I don’t wanna spoil it for myself πŸ™ I’ve seen enough I don’t wanna see more full levels until the game actually comes out Tempting to press the play button but I won’t, my speakers are broken anwyay πŸ˜›

  14. Wait, only one classic act and one modern act per level? Man, if I had known that, I wouldn’t have spoiled all of City Escape for myself. πŸ™

  15. THE MODERN LEVELS WERE SO EPIC!! SO IMAGINATIVE AND MANY ALTERNATE PATHS!!!! To the guys who do not want to spoiled I am telling you to watch this because with the amount of different routes, you will not be spoiling yourself that much.

  16. F*** YEAH! i want to see those whining fanboys complaining about the so called ”boost to win” modern levels.
    I’d pay to see their faces when they showed modern Sky Sanctuary and Seaside Hill!:D:D:D

  17. Just one thing bothered me from thsi video…and it has nothing to do with the game, haha. The game is just amazing!
    But, coming from someone who volenteers at a TV station, soon to get a job there, I think there is a few to many spots, where we see someone, who isn’t talking. I would of went straight to the person talking, not keep it at someone who isn’t doing anything.
    But anyway, that just a nitpick at the video itself.

  18. This is the video that got me by far most excited for Sonic Generations! Now, for the first time, I truly believe that Sonic Generations could turn out to become my favorite game of all time!

  19. is there a demo today? i can’t check it out in the moment,
    and i wonder what kinda eastter eggs are in the game ( sonic the hedgehog 1) i hink we are getting at least 1 or 2 more trailers left, maybe one about a little bit everything about the 2 ways to play, re-imaged levels, 3 eras, bosses and rivals,
    like a launch trailer

  20. When he selected the Sky Sanctuary level early on, I saw x was “skill customization.” Any word on what that means? I didn’t finish the video yet, so excuse me if he explained it.

    1. The only thing shown that is upgradable is the boost meter(in length).
      If you want proof, take a look at the screenshots released alongside the PC reveal.
      Then, look at videos of Modern Sonic
      You can see that the boost meter differs in length

  21. there are enough multiple paths in seaside hill to say my head is spinning!
    and i didnt see the adabat reference or the emerald coast whale that ign says is there-if theres enough paths to hide those two…!!!! they could be missions but ign made it sound more like the whale chase was in the actual level

  22. It looks as if Aaron mentioned (by context) that music can be changed to its original or remixed music. That “change music” option in the over-world menu may just be that

  23. I met Aaron Webber at the New York Comic-con and got to really talk to him quite a bit about Sega’s work and all things Sonic. There is a lot of love and pride put into this game. But yea, rubyeclipse, really cool guy.

  24. So… I’ve been doing some thinking.
    Classic Sonic’s “Skills”:

    Elemental Shields (Sonic 3)
    Insta-Shield (Sonic 3)
    Modern Sonic’s Homing Attack
    Super Sonic

    Modern Sonic’s “Skills”:

    Light Dash
    Bounce attack
    Classic Sonic’s Spin Dash
    Super Sonic

    Just an idea though

  25. OH hell yes!!! i LOVED seaside hill when i was 7 and first played heroes ( my first sonic game :D) and i love sky sanctuary too the remixs are EPIC especially the seaside hill and ocean palace one!

  26. *sigh* And here I was hoping the other characters would be playable too.

    Will we ever get another Sonic game where we can play more characters than just Sonic? I miss Sonic 3 & Knuckles because it offered so much replay value from different characters, just playing as Sonic isn’t as thrilling anymore.

  27. I just notice something….


    The pig icon in the demo files is Porker Lewis from the comics :O

    1. Kind of off topic

      The Embargo seems to be lifted, so can anyone who downloaded the giga gameplay video upload it to YouTube and post the link here? I just wann see the full metal sonic race and dome parts of the hub world :O

  28. Having classic sonic as modern sonic’s son didn’t even phase my mind. It would of been kinda ridiculous xD

    Also kinda somewhat off topic, I was just watching one of Gamefly’s newer commercials and the box art for Sonic Generations is now in that random list of games that they show.

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