Way Past School! Sonic Stationery Competition

Now quiet down class!

Thesummer is over, and a lot of you will be suffering a case of the back to school blues. Not only that, you’ve still got two months to wait until Sonic Generations is released! Fear not however as we have an awesome competition to totally pimp out your pencil case to give you the sweetest stationary set around!

Up for grabs is a cracking set of brand-spanking new Sonic the Hedgehog stationery, including pens, pencils, notepads, pencil sharpeners, rulers, erasers and a swanky pencil case to throw it all in – one lucky winner will be the recipient of the entire lot!

What we want you to do is come up with the best Sonic-themed classroom excuse! It can be anything from “Sorry Sir, I haven’t got my homework because my Motobug ate it.” to “I couldn’t come to class today Miss…I’ve had a bad case of the Mobian Measles.”

Be as creative and inventive as you can – the most original and comical excuses will have the best chances of winning. Post your entries in the comments box below; we will mark them in the Sonic Stadium Staffroom at lunchtime on Tuesday. We expect you all to get S-grades for spelling, punctuation and grammar.

You have until 5:00PM GMT on Monday, 5th of September to hand your homework in – the winner will be announced at hometime the following day. Failure to hand in your homework will result in you being send to the Dreadmaster’s office to explain yourself.

Good luck!

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Adam Tuff

With a decade under his belt, Adam is one of The Sonic Stadium's most seasoned writers, with interests in the music and merchandise of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Adam is the co-organiser for the Summer of Sonic convention.


  1. That would be great if I hand bought all this a couple of weeks ago. Good luck to whoever enters, though; that pencil case is the bomb.

    1. Ditto, I bought all of it for way too much, same with the 20th 5 inch Jazawares figures.

  2. Sorry I’m late sir. I didn’t get much sleep last night. I was waiting for Sonic 06 to load the next level.

  3. Sorry Miss I’m late to class because Shadow called me a faker and I had to hit him over the head for making such a stupid comment.

  4. I’m sorry, I did the assignment but then the period of time I did it in ceased to exist thus removing my homnework from the timeline. I tried starting again of course but found ITS NO USE!

  5. I’m sorry I wasn’t in class last week Miss, but because I look remarkably like a penguin, Robotnik used me as a living battery for one of his robots, I thought the Batman jokes were bad enough, but this is ridiculous.

  6. I’m sorry I’m late, Miss. I was on my way to school and all the physics had become unbearable, leaving me stuck on the side of a hill.

    It was the start of school as I’d truly imagined it.

    1. Oh, Iizuka jokes, you will never cease to be good. Had I known about this thing, I probably would’ve done “Sorry I’m late for class, I thought I’d try some ceiling-running, since I couldn’t do it any of these previous years, but then I got stuck. You guys should fix the physics in here, they’re horrible.”

  7. -shoves fake homework in teachers face- Get a load of this!!

  8. I’m sorry that I’m wearing loads of Jewellery today, Sir. It’s just, There are loads of Spikes, MotoBugs, BuzzBomers and more of Dr. Eggman’s robots ready to make me loose them!

  9. Sorry im late miss, i was up most of the summer furious that Big the Cat wasant attending Sonics 20th Birthday picnic…

  10. Yeah, school started 3 weeks ago, but It’s never too late, right? I would never bring that stuff to school though…

  11. Sorry guys, I’m late…
    I’ve just forgot my Chaos Emeralds here the last year, and so, this years I must come to school only with my feet…
    So It’s takes so long time with my feet… I prefer come into my Super form !

    Sorry for my english 😀

  12. Sorry I’m late sir but the traffic on the motorway was moving at a slow-mo pace. I soon found out why as Sonic asked for my help to fight Eggman as he was the one responsible for the slow moving traffic thanks to his robots. We won and we sent that egg-head packing so we celebrated by rocking out with Sonic’s band the Sonic Underground.

    1. Sorry for my lateness sir but the Tornado was having engine problems due to a Chaos Emerald overload which caused it to crash

  13. Sorry I’m late, I was attacked by a morbidly obese cat. He pushed me on the ground, jumped on top of me, and screamed at the top of his lungs, “I MUST SAVE FROGGY!!!!1!!!”

  14. Sorry I don’t have the assignment, some crazy 12-year-old was gonna destroy it unless I went on a date with her, and I mean come on. Who would want to go on a date with a 12-year-old?

  15. Sorry could’nt do the assignment cos I heard it was deadly and Shadow said “DON’T TOUCH IT!”

  16. sorry i was late i tried to play a game but it kept loading and then it stoped loading and crashed so i got a lazer to get here =)

  17. Here are 7 more from me:
    1) Sorry I’m late but Perfect Chaos was causing destruction in the city so I had to go Super and OPEN MY HEART to defeat him
    2) Sorry for not handing in my homework but it was blasted by a Buzzbomber on my way here this morning
    3) Sorry I’m late but my Extreme Gear needed to be serviced at the SuperSonic MOT Centre
    4) Sorry I’m late but a crazy truck was chasing me this morning so I strapped on my soap grinders and escaped from the city
    5) Sorry I’m late but I accidentally tripped and fell into a warp hole and ended up in a Special and I needeed to gather 200 rings to succeed and escape
    6) Sorry for not showing up yesterday but I had a bad case of the Chaos Flu
    7) Sorry for being late but I was called into the world of King Arthur by a wizard called Merlina

  18. Eh why not?

    Sorry I’m late sir, I had to stop a evil maniac from destroying the school. So, you should be thankfully that I saved you! Huh? What do you mean that evil maniac was your grandpa!? Aw dude, that’s no good…

    1. I got one more…

      Sorry I’m late, I was on my way in this morning when I remember that I forgot to pay my school bill. So, I had to go collect 50 rings, but in doing so ended up in a Special Stage. I may be late, but on the bright side I got this shiny Chaos Emerald! Oh, and I dropped my homework while I was spinning uncontrollably in the Special Stage….

  19. “Miss, today I was late because on the way to school a red echidna jumped on switch that made me fall all the way to Hydropolis. He also stole my homework along the Chaos Emeralds.”

  20. Sorry I don’t have my assignment on me sir, my computer was taking forever to load, and when it did load, it took forever for the word document to register each key i was pressing on the keyboard.

  21. “Sorry i’m late Miss. I was fighting against Eggman, but every time I beat him he ran away to the next zone.”
    [“I’m sorry, but the princess is in the next castle” – T]

  22. Sorry i don’t have my assignment sir, i was too busy trying to find the master emerald shards for Knuckles again.

  23. I don’t have my homework because I had to keep following the one ring rule while fighting some robots

    1. forgot to put this in the last post

      Sorry I’m late sir, I was busy running from a giant fire tornado that was throwing cars at me. I had to restart a few times.

  24. Sorry i’m late sir, i was busy chasing after my love sonic. What? Thats not a good enough excuse for you? *pulls out piko-piko hammer* Hows this for an excuse mister!!!!

  25. Sorry I don’t have the assignment sir, I’ve had a bout of amnesia and had to fight a horde of aliens to regain my memory.

  26. 1) Sorry I’m late, sir. Have I made a bad future for myself?

    2) Sorry I’m late. I was running to school when a Motobug bumped into me. I lost all my rings and then fell on some spikes! I caught the spike bug!

  27. The reason I’m late for school is because my modern sonic sonic desktop back round kept me awake because of those GREEN EYES O_O I tried getting here on time by grabbing a snowboard from a helicopter but the Airforce said I should stop doing that so I used a skateboard item box instead.


    (Real story from childhood) I was playing sonic 3 last night and couldn’t get past THE BARREL in Carnival night.

  28. Me: OH I forgot my homework! I was sick and uh…my hedgehog ate it!
    Teacher: You’re a faker.
    Me: Faker? I think YOU’RE the fake person around here!

  29. Sorry Im late, but a crazy madman switched my Super speed shoes with slowmo boots, So I had to run through a crazy labyrinth to rescue them.

  30. “Sorry I’m late, that pesky blue hedgehog ruined my transport again”
    “You use that excuse every week”

    “Sorry I’m late, spent the morning beating egg. I also had a big breakfast”

    My humour sucks. =P

  31. I’ve got a few

    Sorry I was late sir I was sucked into the world of The Arabian Nights by a mysterious genie called Shahra

    Sorry I was late but I was surrounded by a Blue Hedgehog being chased by a pink hedgehog which left me stuck in the middle and I was afraid to just leave incase I got struck by the big hammer which the pink hedgehog was holding attempting to hit the blue dude which was painfaul to watch.

    Sorry I was late miss but a mysterious black hedgehog kept yelling at me because he didn’t want me to touch my school bag with my equipment inside he kept yelling “DON’T TOUCH IT!”.

    I apologise for being late but I had gather all the chaos emeralds to turn invincible and to battle a metal hedgehog who transformed into Metal Overlord causing destruction and planning to destroy the world so I had to show him what I’M MADE OFF and I defeated him.

    Sorry I was late but I don’t have to reveal my private things to you It isn’t my fault that YOUR A SAD EXCUSE FOR A TEACHER! Even Sonic thinks your an oversized letter opener.

  32. “Sorry I missed the past week of school sir, I hit my head, lossing my memory, and had to find out who I am. I brought my father to explain the whole thing.”

    ”’Black Doom’s laugh”’

  33. These are my 3 Sonic-themed excuses.
    Sorry i’m late Sir/Miss but i…
    (1) was in the que for 20 days to get my hands on Sonic Generations for all 3 consoles.
    (2) stopped by some people at the entrance and kept saying ‘BUY SONIC GENERATIONS’. i said no but they kept following me and still said it and now he’s behind me wispering it while showing it in my face!
    (3) collecting sonic figurines and then i was the figurine.
    i would say no 2 is my fave!

  34. just a edit on no 2 of mine.
    Sorry i’m late Sir/Miss but i was stopped by a student at the entrance and he said ‘BUY SONIC GENERATIONS’ i said no but he kept folowing me and kept saying it and now he’s behind me, wispering it to me and showing it in my face!

  35. Sorry i was late i lost my homework while doing chaos control and had to teleport everywhere to find it and finally when i found it Dr.Eggman was using it to copy my answers down and then i had to fight him for it or he would’ve unleashed a terrifying mathematics creature that would’ve solved everyone’s Math homework and that’s why I’m late. So your welcome !

  36. “Sir, I can’t do PE today, I have a note from the doctor.”

    Dear Mr Bird,

    Hogfather was brought into my surgery late last night and it’s the most terrible case of Sonitus-hairy-narcus I have ever seen! His eyes appear to have turned green, he’s grown at least 3ft in the spate of an hour and for some reason he sounds remarkably like another patient of mine a Mr Chris Redfield!

    He wouldn’t stop turning into a ball and trying to attack my CPR doll that I have in my office, he claimed there was an animal inside and he was trying to get it out. Oddly a packet of Hola Hoops calmed him down, in fact anything ring shaped seemed to calm him down, I would advise he doesn’t do gymnastics for a while.

    Furthermore, until we find a treatment for this illness I am ordering that he doesn’t do P.E. For the next 6 weeks.

    And for the love of God do not make him do swimming! The mere sight of deep water makes him panic!

    Yours Sincerly

    Dr Ivo Kintobor.

    1. Hey, that’s my doctor, too! Heard he recently got fired for malpractice… Something to do with fake pacemakers or mechanical implants of some kind…

  37. Ah nuts to it here comes another one:
    Me: sorry I’m late but I was called to duty as the Knight of the Wind
    Teacher: you!? A knight? Don’t make me laugh (laughs)
    Me: what are you laughing about knave?

  38. Here are some of my Sonic themed excuses:

    1)Sorry I’m late for school, but I couldn’t find THAT DAMN FOURTH CHAOS EMERALD!!!!
    2) Sorry I was late for school, Eggman was trying to take the chaos emeralds again & THAT’S NO GOOD!!!
    3)Sorry I’m late for English class, cuz at Gym I was trying to show my friends THE REAL POWER OF TEAMWORK!!!
    4)Sorry for I’m late teach, Eggman once again split the world in to pieces

  39. 1. *Calling into school* I’m sick Mam’ I won’t be able to come in. It’s my green eye syndrome. It’s acting up again. I went to the doctor; he said the only solution was to “return to my roots”.

    2.No, I didn’t forget my homework, I lost it to a colony of wisps. First they DRILLED! through it then it got struck by a LAZER!.

    3. I’m sorry I wasn’t even later, but my Genesis broke.

    4. I’m sorry, I didn’t do my homework because Sonic’s Schoolhouse made you irrelevant.

  40. Sorry ma’am, I couldn’t complete my assignment on “The Pingas” as I couldn’t find the Computer Room, so I decided It’s no use!

  41. Sorry we were all late sir but the bus got stuck on radical highway due to there being a loop de loop in the middle of it

  42. sorry im late miss i had to run through green hill zone and collect some rings but then a buzz bomer shot me and i lost a life then ran through green hill again but then fell on some spikes but then as soon as i started green hill again then my mum came to me to tell me to walk my chao to kindergarten then i got here and had to defeat eggman and ive lost my rings!

  43. Sorry, students, but Eggman was trying to detroy the world again and I was traying to call Sonic and he was not answering so I tried Tails, but he was not answering either and then Knuckles, Vector, Espio and the others…
    But I forgot that they were celebrating Sonic’s birthday, so…I tryed to defeat him myself…
    I need to go to the hopital so no class today…

    1. Ahhh, I see I’m not the only Ricardo(Rickyrick) here! What’s your name? I’m Ricardo Gutierrez 🙂

  44. -“I’m Sorry I’m so wet ,Mrs!I had to go through the Aquarium Park to buy some fish and EGGs,but then I saw some huge man throwing water at me and before I see who it was my EGGs were stolen”
    -“That’s a good excuse to be late Peter.Now go sit next to Mr. Ivo Robotnik.He seems to have some eggs that you can borrow from him”

    I really want the notebook!Please let me win :S

  45. I’m not entering the contest because I already have a few of the notepads and that I’m not at school but I still couldn’t resist trying a few:

    Sorry I couldn’t finish my essay but there was a glitch in it.
    No way. I don’t believe this!

    So now we come down to the real write. The last student standing will be the winner.

    Of course I didn’t do my homework. Do you know how hard it is to write in Knuckles gloves!?

    So what if I didn’t come in? Who needs a music teacher when I’ve got Tails the Music Maker?

    I didn’t take a calculator into the exam hall. I took Nicole. It doesn’t say I can’t.

  46. “Please excuse my flashing blonde hair Miss, i double jumped by accident and Ive got to wait till it dies out.”

    “That’s not so much of a problem SS191, but do you have to wear so many rings and for the last 7 weeks you’ve been late saying that you were in a “very long tunnel”. At least you got here quicker today.”

  47. “Sorry, A red echidna popped out of the ground and stole every assignment I had complete as I was walking to the bus stop!!”

  48. Dear Miss,
    Please excuse SS191 from being late today. I took him to the hospital this morning because he was telling me he was seeing giant ladybirds and wasps and kept jumping up and down. We would have been quicker but when a nurse said “The Doctor Gregg Man will see you now.” he ran straight in and wrecked the place. When the Doctor ran out of the room and got in his car i had to stop SS191 jumping on the bonnet.

    It wont happen again,
    Yours, Mum191

    PS. Please let the Headmaster Robert Nick know about the incident, I wouldn’t want SS191 to try and pull off his Mustache.

  49. Umm, sorry professor some guy named Dr. Robuttnik – or something like that- turned all my friends into robots. I mean, who does that?! Seriously not cool…

  50. No ma’am, I wasn’t able to finish my math homework. Believe me, I tried, but all the numbers Look Alike.

    B-but Ms. Shepard, I had to hit Ivan! He was going to turn the pet hamster into a robot!

  51. “Sorry I don’t have my homework, but a psychokinetic hedgehog kept throwing me against the SAME wall and ring for hours constantly yelling ‘IT’S NO USE!!!’ and eventually threw me to the moon.”

  52. T-cher: Kjeld, your late!
    Me: Wha- me? Who are you, and how do you know my name?

    Oh oh oh, another one:
    “Sorry I’m late, there’s was a barrel blocking my way to school.”

  53. I got a few of good ones
    Excuse1:I don’t have my homework because it broke into tiny pieces and my radar keeps screwing up the locations.
    Excuse2:A chao ate my homework and now it is home schooling me
    Excuse3:Who are you? Why am I here?What was I suppose to do?*starts freaking out*
    Excuse4:My laptop broke and I couldn’t find the computer room.
    Excuse5:Had a hard night beating up C-rank minions of a planet tearing super being.
    Excuse6:I couldn’t do my weather project because I’m afraid of lightning.
    Excuse7:Too tired to do my homework because I was too busy defending myself from the idiots called the closed-minded side of the Sonic fanbase

  54. Hey! My name is Bean the Dynami—oh. Sorry, wrong class…
    I’m sorry, Mr. Shadow, but I can’t allow you to make up this test.
    “But I had to—”
    I don’t care whether or not you were trying to save the world, missing test days will result in a zero.
    “…Chaos Control!”

    …Great work on that test, Shadow! You got the highest grade in the class!

  55. Okay, here’s mine. Just for fun.

    Sorry I’m late. A silver hedgehog ran towards me calling me the Iblis Trigger. He then proceeded to pin me against a wall with some sort of psychic power. Furthermore, he stole my homework, mistaking it for plans to revive a creature called Iblis. He then mysteriously disappeared.

  56. 1. Sorry froggy ate my homework…. or was it a chaos emerald? Either way the assignments not here and i’m sure it’s froggy’s fault so lets go with the first option.

    2. Sorry i’m late I…. ah who am i trying to kid i’m Sonic the Hedgehog i have no excuse.

    3. Teacher: wait wait wait. let me get this straight. it got incinerated by a giant laser in an attempt to shut down the space colony ark???
    Tails: ummm….yes?
    Teacher: Tails that’s the most unbelievable story I’ve heard from you yet. Now please sit down and don’t make me call your parents.
    Tails: It’s true! Sonic and Shadow almost died!
    Shadow: Who are you?? Who am I? What is my purpose?
    Tails: ….sigh i give up….. *sits down*

  57. Professor! Xavier’s not gonna make it to class today… He even transformed with the Chaos Emeralds to get here faster! But when he was speeding through Mystic Cave Zone, he got stuck in a spike pit. Did I leave him there? Well of course! It’s inescapable! Plus, I’m not messing up MY perfect attendance.”

  58. Sorry I’m late, a man tried touching me in a place and way that made me uncomfortable. And that’s no good. At first I said no, then I got out of there. Now I’m telling it to someone I trust; You, my teacher.

  59. Darn, all the good ones are already taken…hang on, let me think…

    1) Sorry I’m late, miss, I got chased by a giant GUN truck with saws coming out of it.

    2) Sorry I handed my assignment in late, miss. My pet frog ate it and I had to fish him out of a swimming pool to retrieve it…then he got stolen by a moustached evil guy and I had to retrieve him from an evil Chaos creature, to retrieve the assignment.

    3) Sorry I’m late, miss, I ran into a lamppost and ended up having to run through some bizarre half-pipe thing.

  60. You say my assignment is way past due!? Then I’ll need an extension because I’M WAY PAST COOL!

  61. “Sorry I haven’t been in for a few days miss. The thing is, I was catching hermit crabs left, right and centre. Trust me, it wasn’t a pleasant sight…”

  62. sorry i am late there was a huge loop in the road bridges were falling in front of me and i had to jump off robots heads to get across not to mention i had to find a giant ring with the word goal in it

  63. Contest is worldwide?

    Sorry Teacher I couldn’t do my homework because I was being followed by a giant black hole while I was destroying an amusement park in outer space.

  64. @XavierRussell
    LOL Professor and Xavier right next to eachother!

    But anyway how about this?
    “Sorry i’m late. I was driving down the street when a blue hedgehog riding what appeard to be a snowboard (There was no snow mind you.) slammed into a trolley causing a massive wreck and horrible traffic.”

    Or here’s a variation.
    “Sorry i’m so late. I was driving down the street minding my own business when a blue hedgehog riding what appeared to be a snowboard (There was no snow.) slammed into my car sending me flying and bouncing.
    I then went to the car dealership and got a refund because unbeknownst to me, my car was made of rubber.

  65. sorry teacher, I did my homework, but my chao ate it.

    I’m in late because I lost my DAMN forth chaos emerald while searching for the computer room in the 2nd floor.

    I couldn’t do the homework because yesterday I was busy making my Chao a Chaos Chao.

    Miss teacher! I couldn’t listen to the lesson because my mate is touching me in a way that makes me feel unconfortable! Help!

    I REFUSE to frequent this school teacher! They don’t serve chili dogs at lunch!

  66. “Sorry Im late miss. See, I missed the bus so I had to go through a Green Hill, Marble Zone, Spring Yard Zone, Labyrinth Zone, Star Light Zone, Scrap Brain Zone and the Final Zone to defeat Dr. Robotnik. But while I was doing that, I had to collect 50 rings in every location so that I can jump into a giant ring, enter the special stage and collect a Chaos Emerald in every Stage so that once I defeated Dr. Robotnik, I could use the Chaos Emeralds power in Green Hill Zone, to create a bunch of flowers and SAVE THE DAY! …But then I saw my dad who picked me up and brought me here. ……also, a Slicer cut my homework in half, miss.”

  67. Sorry, I’m late but you already know what I’m going to do but I know what YOU”RE GONIG TO DO!

  68. I ain’t gonna let you get to me, I’m just gonna cheat,
    Down in Cobble Hill, I gots to find myself some peace.
    I know I must be here, I have to grit my teeth.
    The unfair teacher won’t allow me to keel.
    I can’t stand a thing and I don’t really care,
    I’m gonna drop my head ’cause I can’t hold the tears.
    This is all crazy, crazy schoolyard theory,
    A jock tried to approach me and I got feary.
    Beg him a question and he punched me in a second,
    I’m dazing through tallies crying school in the alley.
    Never seem happy but they sure don’t try to help me,
    Tried to back them up with a fist, but they kept crackin’.
    I’m hearin’ e’ryone say you a chicken, best be scared!
    The teacher ran like the wind, then nobody wasn’t there.
    I shook and I shook as I leaned against the wall,
    Then I started to cry, My head dropped deeper!

    … I feel like I just ruined somebody’s life O.o

  69. Sorry i’m late, sir. A fat flying man has followed me on my way to school. I told him to leave but he just kept wanting my shiny jewels. After that he hit a schoolbus and he exploded and yelled: ”You’ll regret this!”.

  70. sorry im late professor. A talking two tailed fox turned my car into a biplane mech.

    and just for kicks
    Sorry im late proffesor. I just couldn’t for the life of me find that dang computer

  71. “Sorry I’m late Mr. Baldy McNosehair. You see, I was on my way to school, and…”


    “Stan, put down the #&@ing game, it’s the reason we missed the bus!” Clinton said, running side-by-side with a large boy. Clinton looked over at Stan, looking him up and down, not completely comfortable in his choice of garb; merely a pair of jeans, running shoes, and a Sonic the Hedgehog™ shirt depicting the spiky blue hero with his finger waving in the air in an obnoxious fashion. “I don’t get what you see in that game anyway.”

    “It’s fun,” Stan retorted, not once looking up from his game. He was fixated on the eye-destroying visuals of his Gameboy Advance, so much so that only Clinton noticed as Stan milled through some dog crap on the sidewalk. Clinton didn’t tell him.

    “Halo’s better.”


    “I said Halos’ better,” Clinton repeated himself. “It’s a superior game in every way. It has a rich story-line, advanced graphics, spot-on physics, online-multiplayer, and the campaign mode which doesn’t leave you scratching your ass and smelling it, wondering if there’s a “final story” to compensate for the time you just wasted!”

    “I can play Sonic in class,” Stan said.

    “Yeah w-…mmf-bl#@&%*-f@#&….” Clinton folded his arms in a scowl. “Sonic’s just Mickey Mouse with too much gel in his hair.”

    Stan stopped abruptly, stiff as a tree on the path he walked; the dog-smear on the sole of his shoe beginning to waft into his face. Clinton slowed to a stop eventually, looking back at his friend, who stared into infinity with the Gameboy at his side.

    “Stan, hurry up, I don’t want to be any later than we are! Stan? Stan…?”

    I was four years old when I first pulled out that Genesis…I saw the blue creature on the box, running alongside an orange comrade on what appeared to me as red saw-blades beneath them; as was my deduction in such naive times. The console itself…sleek, black…like some alien weapon I would soon have control over. The wires made no sense to me, and the controller was frightening and strange.

    I’d be five years old when I first beat Sonic 2. The cut-scene depicting a saddened, but brave Miles Prower pulsated in front of my eyes in a slide-show which reflected off only the tears which cascaded down my small, wonder-filled face. The frightening menace that was Dr. Robotnik had been defeated, but…where was Sonic? I just saw him, running from the explosion! He was there, and then-”

    “YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!” Stan bellowed, tackling Clinton down a grass hill. The two boys tumbled and rolled over some picnickers, and finally onto a path below as cyclists and dog-walkers leaped away for their very lives. “MICKEY MOUSE IS AN ASS-FACED, BIG-BUTTONED, EMOTIONLESS PIECE OF CORPORATE FECAL-MATTER FOR A RACIST COMPANY!! AND HE HAS BUN SACKS FOR SHOES!!” Stan put his hands around his friend’s neck; feeling Clinton kick him in the side. “ROBOTNIK HAS BIG BUTTONS!! ONLY VILLAINS HAVE BIG BUTTONS!!”

    “Get off me you fat dumbass!” Clinton said, grabbing a rock and swinging; missing Stan’s head.

    “SONIC GAVE HIS LIFE TO SAVE THE WORLD!” Stan shouted as dozens of people stopped and stared. “TAILS WENT OUT LOOKING FOR HIM! YOU DON’T KNOW HIS PAIN! YOU DON’T-”

    There he was…floating back to Earth. But…Sonic can’t fly! How will he-…SONIC! Oh…Tails caught him. YES! YES, TAILS CAUGHT SONIC! Take THAT Robotnik, you fat idiot!

    I’d be twelve years old when I first got my gamecube. I played as Sonic for the first time in true 3D in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle…he handled so amazingly…and when I finally got to Final Hazard, and transformed into not one, but TWO SUPER HEDGEHOGS, I finally felt I had come full circle. With a controller in my hand, I was ready to help Sonic save the world once again, this time, from an even LARGER red bad-guy attached to a LARGER machine. It’s up to me-

    “Wake up you moron,” Clinton said, shaking me.

    “Nmf-?” I stirred, feeling the blood trickle down my brow. “Wahappn?”

    “I hit you in the face with the rock,” Clinton said, helping me to sit up. “Listen, I’m sorry I called Sonic a Mickey Mouse. That was cold…Mickey Mouse sucks.” He nodded with me. “I remember playing Sonic with you…it was never as fun as when you played Halo with me, but you never down-talked my games. You just played with me, and had fun. It was always about the fun of the game.”

    “But nowadays, even Sonic fans don’t enjoy his games…” I shuddered as Clinton sat next to me. “I don’t get why…there’s always something new to try…to play. New experiences and new challenges. Halo’s always the same thing.” I sighed. “But maybe that’s why the games are always successful…people don’t want variations of a style which obviously works.”

    “Stan…without people who take risks, and fail…we would never have found what works.” Clinton stood up, and helped me up with him. “Let’s go to class…and after school, we’ll go play Sonic 2006.”

    “Fuck you, Clinton.”

    [\end flashback]

    “So yeah, we were abducted by the FBI, and once they’d finished throttling us, they threw us in ditch ten miles from here, and we had to hitch a ride with a truck-driver I’m pretty sure was a pedophile.”

    “I’ll see you after class, Stanley,” Mr. McNosehair said, rubbing his fat belly. He then fiddled with his bit, round…

    “BUTTONS!!” Stan screamed. “MANIAC! AAAAARGH!!!” Stan threw his school supplies at his teacher’s head and ran away. He was expelled from his school, and in order to continue his education at home, he needs new school supplies.



  72. Sorry, I’m late because I was laughing too hard about the wish that Sonic asked at the end of Sonic & the Secret rings.

  73. sorry I couldn’t come to’ school yesterday because I had to help Dr. Eggman making a damn good plan for once!

  74. Sorry, I’m late. You see, after I got out of my house, Big the Cat ran and asked me to help him find Froggy again. The poor cat can’t keep it for a long time before he lose it. It happens every day…like that day, when Shadow knocked on my door and asked me “who am I?”. I told him to ask someone else but then, he explained that he doesn’t remember about his past. How could I know that?? He doesn’t even have any photo album! Then, Vector came. You see, I called him to fix my computer. I don’t know why he kept asking me to find it…it’s in my own room! How stupid that question was!!
    Back to my story, Big and I got near the swimming pool but it was closed: Sonic was taking swimming lessons because of the next Olympic Games. Knuckles was training him and he didn’t want people to come see that… well, except for Rouge. She was on that roof and Knuckles tried to impress her! Poor Knuckles. He didn’t know it was a fake Rouge. She put that doll there so he can’t see she’s finding a way to steal his emerald. You know his “Master Emerald” makes his island float? It’s amazing. I saw it once in the sky, a few seconds before it fell in the ocean. I don’t know what happened but it must have been some serious business!!
    And er…yeah, I’m late because of that…and Froggy ate my homeworks 🙁

  75. I got a few…

    1. Did I bring in a pet for show and tell? OF COURSE I DID!
    Here he is right here!
    King boom boo!
    *puts arm around the air*

    2. Sorry teacher…I was playing Sonic spitball!

    3. Paper Airplane? Me? Don’t be ridiculous!…that was the tornado 2 that hit you in the back of the head.

  76. Sorry I haven’t been to School for the past week sir, I watched an episode of ‘Sonic Sez’ and learned that there were 3 ways to not be stupid.
    1 was to stay in School
    2 was to stay in School
    and 3 was to not forget 1 and 2.
    Sadly I was already too stupid to remember that.

  77. Damn it! Some of you guys took the good ones.

    1) Sorry I’m late, I was stuck at the barrel for 3 years at Carnival Night Zone and it took me a while to understand how pass it through, so I went on YouTube to find out all I needed to do is press up and down making me stupid…wait your not my teacher!

    2) I didn’t do my homework sir as Chaos Control sent it to another world so you could say that someone stole it from me.

    3) Sorry I’m late this MASSIVE truck with buzz saw tried to kill me cause and they said they’ve been waiting for me for 10 years!!

  78. What do you mean I didn’t do my homework Mr. Smith? I CHECKED OUT THE CONSOLES just like you asked me to!

  79. Sorry I’m late and don’t have my homework, but I got mistaken for someone else who obviously wasn’t me, and got captured. I was on a plane on the way to a Prison with a -get this- blue hedgehog, who could not only talk, but he jumped off the plane in a hyper manner and escaped. Then, they forgot about me, and went to chase the hedgehog. As I tried to find who framed me, I was about to get into my car when the SAME hedgehog sent my car flying down the street, followed by a GIANT TRUCK! It passed by me, and I only found myself getting captured again. I got sent to a Prison Island, only to be evacuated because some idiot put a bomb there. I was proven not guilty by the way. I decided to go on a vacation to Egypt to get away from the madness, only to get chased by some ghost! It soon disappeared and was replaced by a GIANT ROBOT STATUE THING being controlled by some fat man in a hovercraft thing. I hid in a dark place and got sent up to space, only to find out the Space station thing I was on was going to crash into Earth! As I freaked out, A huge dinosaur lizard thing appeared from nowhere and the blue hedgehog (the same one from earlier too! Strange isn’t it!?!?!?!?) and some black and red hedgehog teamed together, turned yellow, and saved the world! Then the black and red one fell down to Earth and disappeared! I hope he’s okay… Huh? You want to know how I came in late with no homework? Well, I got stuck on the Space Station thing, (called the Space Ark by the way) and I thought, ‘No way will I make it to Misses’/Mister’s class…’ when I noticed a weird emerald thing on the ground, and picked it up. I remember seeing one of the hedgehogs using it, and yelled, ‘Chaos Control!’ and I reached your class! Just a few minutes late! The emerald disappeared though. And the homework? I left it on the Ark thing! Yep!
    I’m going to detention, aren’t I?

  80. Sorry im late a tornado carried my car away, and the news said that there was a chance for the whole city to be on fire so i didnt do it

  81. “Sorry I’m late sir, an old man with big bushy eyebrows invited me to his house for cucumber sandwiches, and I’m hardly going to say no to that, am I?”

  82. “Ah, Raptor. Did you complete the homework I gave you last night?”
    “No sir.”
    “And why not?”

    “Your sick note says you were off with a bad stomach?”
    “Yeah, I asked my mum for a poached egg, but she made me a Death Egg.”

  83. Sorry I’m late; I didn’t know we had class today. Last I heard our Professor was kidnapped, but then Dora told me he was just on vacation in Shamar. That, and what with the world being blown apart and everyone just standing around outside the university I figured class was canceled or something.

  84. “Oh, I’m sorry, sir! You see, I was visiting my old home over the summer, but an army of birds decided to…show up and invade the place.”

    “My apologies; once I had finally found the computer room, I found all this Sonadow fanart loaded onto the one I logged onto. Here’s my pass from the nurse.”

    “Sorry, ma’am; I was in the Olympics this year, and there was some fat plumber with a red hat on my swim team.”

    *doesn’t know if the Tails Adventure one or the Sonadow jab is the best*

  85. 1) I’m sorry, but I was too busy pointlessly arguing over who is the best voice actor for Sonic.

    2) I’m sorry, I would’ve done my homework, but Calculus makes me cry, and I didn’t want to unleash the Flames of Disaster.

  86. “Sorry I’m late. A blue hedgehog literally dropped out of the sky, went street-surfing down the road and knocked the trolley I was in flying…”

  87. I have some excuses.

    1st one:

    “Sorry that I dont have homework but when I tried to do it on my computer one strange guy with white hair appeared and screamed “IBLIS TRIGGER!!!” I responded that there is no such button as “Iblis Trigger”. He said “Find Iblis trigger!” so i began rolling at the speed of sound on keyboard pressing every button and then my computer exploded. I still had my keyboard and I pressed some buttons but white guy grabbed my shoulder and said “Its no use””

    2nd one
    “Sorry I dont have homework but that guy that looks just like me said yesterday that he has the “Ultimate Rank score” and that he is the coolest because of that. So I said that I’ll make him eat those words and played that stage till beat his score and he said that I never cease to suprise him.”

    3rd one

    “Sorry that I am late but I was walking with my 2 bros. to school and then my fangirl with pink hair and BIG hammer appeared and mistaken my bros for me so I had time to run. Still I waited for a while because I feared the hammer. I still hope my bros are ok”

    I domt think I will win but Its always worth a shoot. Oh and is it only for British fans or you can ship it? I live in Poland so just asking.

    Oh by the way Great idea!

  88. Sorry sir that I don’t have my homework I was too busy comparing Sonic and Goku, Shadow and Vegeta, Silver and Trunks and so on so much it just slipped my mind!

  89. Sorry I’m late, Teach! I was out camping with Sonic last night, and we set up a fire that I just wanted to leave ablaze, but Sonic told me to put it out, saying, “Don’t leave anything to burn!” I just flipped him off, and left. Soon after, I was watching the news, being informed that the same, exact fire that I left erupted into flames and caused a CRISIS in the CITY!

  90. Sorry I couldn’t come to class yesterday, Teach! I was flying to school in my X-Tornado when all of a sudden I was caught in Hurricane Irene! When I woke up, I found out that I was on an Island in the middle of Wave Ocean, and I unfortunately crossed paths with an annoying Australian raccoon named Marine, who kept begging me to fix her ship! I fixed the ship, but jacked it at the last minute and left the island and that annoying-ass racist-coon!

  91. Sorry I didn’t come to class, I had a rough night. I had nightmares about a redheaded human kissing a blue hedgehog.

  92. 1.Sorry that i was late, is that an eggrobo was causing traffic and made me get late, and about the homework… it fell down and it got spindashed by a blue hedgehog.

    2.Sorry teacher, is that this black hedgehog almost killed me with a gun!

    3.Sorry that i was late professor, is that i was trying to pass Sonic Unleshed on the Wii and i died 10 times.

  93. “Sorry I haven’t done my homework, Miss – I was busy correcting the webmasters of SonicStadium.org on the correct spelling of ‘stationery’.”

    1. You should never correct your teacher, it will only mean you will be writing “I must not correct teacher” 100 times after school.

  94. first one is — ” Sorry miss, i had to find that damn 4th chaos emerald” (although its shadow…)

    second one is –” Sorry miss , i just found out i can fly without wings (thumbs up)”

  95. Sorry I haven’t done any of my work today Miss, but you see, because I’m wearing this Sonic the Hedgehog T-shirt that Buzz Bomber outside the window won’t quit staring daggers at me and I’m afraid if I look down at my work next time I glance at the window it won’t be there, and you’ll have more than just me not doing any work.

  96. The phone rang and the teacher responds Vanilla Rabbit! Hi, I’m Elizabeth! Unfortunately, I can not come to school. You can not have you become ill? Prompts Vanilla. No i am not but when I was going to school the ground shook and before me there was a crack and the ground opened. Oh my! Are you al right you are not injured! Vanilla say worried. I’m okay but I lost my homework and it disappeared in the lava that was in the crack … Vanilla did not hear the rest of it when her daughter Cream that goes in a different class came running up. Eggman has divided the world into parts she says and jumps on the spot. Teacher you still there? Elizabeth ask. I am still here dear Vanilla say whit a with a shaky voice. Then Elizabeth here how hear teacher screams dam Eggman! He only teaches children bad things and Cream back to your class! Cream is looking really scared on her moder and run ut of the room. Elizabeth have dropped hear cell phone from the screaming and had her hand over the ear because of the pain. She had forgotten that she still stood at the edge of the crack and see how her mobile fall into the lava. Hell also, she said and snapped her fingers.

  97. Another:
    Sorry I don’t have my Physics homework, I played some Sonic 4 then tried to do my homework, but I couldn’t go on because it felt like no use to me, or Sonic Team for that matter.

  98. Sorry I didn’t do my homework. My dog was sick and we had to have it roboticized.

    Sorry I didn’t do the assignment. I heard that Dr. Eggman was the substitute the day it was handed out, so I figured I was better off staying home that day.

    Sorry I’m late for class. On my way home yesterday, I accidentally walked into a Giant Ring, and it took me this long just to find my way back.

    I did my homework, but on my way to school, a black hedgehog swiped it, mumbled something about “finding the truth”, and warped away with it.

    Sorry I was absent yesterday. I finally beat Sonic 06, and my first therapy session was yesterday.

  99. “Sorry i couldnt make it to school today but the countdown hit zero before i could get an air bubble.”

  100. Miss , Sorry Im Late for class but my doctor wanted to see me at his new office in his theme park death trap since I had a case of lycanthrope disease and could stretch my arms way too long.

  101. I had to stay home sick yesterday. That’s the last time I eat at Dr. Eggman’s sushi restaurant…

  102. Sorry Miss, I couldn’t get my homework done because when i was on my way to school a Warp portal popped up And Sent my Homework Back in time.

    1. Here’s a better one.

      I couldn’t do my homework last night because Shadow told me ”DON’T TOUCH IT!”. If I didn’t listen, he would Chaos Blast me in the face.

  103. “I’m sorry that I have poor attendance. The road I use to drive to school has a load of killer robots, loops and bottomless pits on it for some reason. Do you know how hard it is to drive through that?”

  104. Look, I’m sorry I couldn’t show for class today, Professor.
    But my schedule’s really busy this semester.

    I’ve got places to go, and my adviser told me to follow my rainbow, so I can’t stick around.
    I have to keep moving on to my next class.

    Don’t worry, I’ll make it through the hustle and bustle next time.

    Oh yeah, I forgot. I almost got hit by a truck the other day. It chased me through the street like it was pissed at me for some reason…

  105. “Sorry I couldn’t make it in time, I had to grab my other pair of sneakers to get past traffic.”
    “Because of the time stones, I missed my last class. Now what about my homework?!”
    “My chao ate my homework”

  106. Sorry I’m late, teach. This blue furry thing and a giant truck were holding up traffic today. Oh, and some big purple cat stole my biology project.

    What do you mean I’m full of it?! Haven’t you seen what goes on in this city?!

  107. I’m sorry I need to leave class early today, I have a very serious procedure, a robotomy.
    Here I even have a note from my physician, Dr. Robotnik.

  108. #1: “Sorry, sir (or ma’am)… You see, I don’t have my Physics II homework (HINT: on Electricity and Magnetism), because this maybe-albino playgirl stole all my joules.”

    #2: “Wait, the homework is due today? Darn it, I shouldn’t have spent that many minutes in the Twilight Cage…”

    #3: “Yes, sir (or ma’am), I know that the paper I just handed you is only Assignment 3a. You see, I was typing the other assignments up — numbers 1, 2, and 3b –, and the problem is that every time I shut my computer down, they wouldn’t save. Only Assignment 3a would. Yeah, I know, right?”
    (EXPLANATION: Sonic 1, Sonic 2, and Sonic & Knuckles don’t have save features. Only Sonic 3. Yeah, I know, right?)

    #4: “Sorry that I don’t have my English homework today, sir (or ma’am). You see, I needed to get some help from a tutor, so I went to the tutoring center… and the tutor that they assigned to me was a young girl with a bad Australian accent. The only thing I understood was that she liked jet-skiing.”

    #5: “Sorry I don’t have my Anatomy homework, sir (or ma’am). You see, the model I was working with — Yes, sir, Mr. Eggmann. Yeah, I got frustrated, because he doesn’t look like what we have in our textbooks at all!
    (BTW, “Eggmann” is an actual last name in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. No joke.)”

    #6: “… Homework? Due today? *moment’s pause* How many days are there left in the semester? SEVENTY?! Oh, ♪ Can’t hold on much longer… ♫ ”

    #7: “Homework’s due today? It doesn’t matter.”

    #8: “Sorry, sir (or ma’am). I was on my way to school today when I thought I was Edgar Winter…”
    ‘Edgar Winter? The albino 70s rocker?’
    “Yeah, the guy that did ‘Frankenstein’. Love that song. Well, anyway, I thought I was him, but it was only an albino hedgehog trying to look for the “Iblis Trigger” or something like that…”
    ‘So, where’s your homework?’
    “… Well, I got the hedgehog to sign my homework paper, so I’m not going to turn it in. I’m pretty sure it was actually Edgar Winter, in disguise, so I have his autograph!”
    ‘Well, you know you could…’
    “No way I’m turning it in for extra credit.”

    #9: “Sorry I don’t have my Ecology homework, sir (or ma’am). But I did bring some mean beans…”

    #10: “I couldn’t finish my Biology homework on stem cell research, sir (or ma’am). I did take some nice notes about the Sonic hedgehog proteins…”
    *teacher looks at notes*
    *at the top is this*

    #11: “I didn’t bring my Physics I (HINT: on Dynamics, Forces, and Gravity) homework in today sir (or ma’am); I just couldn’t work on it. My Ark of the Cosmos ran out of Gravity Points…”

    #12: “I didn’t want to bring in my Computer Science term project today, sir (or ma’am)… You see, it starts going crazy if anyone or anything shows it its power…”
    (Obscure Emerl reference)

    #13: “I couldn’t bring my Biology project in today, sir. The one where we needed to catch some bugs or insects or whatnot. Well, I found this HUGE butterfly with rainbow-colored wings, but since it was trying to swallow the universe into Subspace, I had to ‘clip’ its wings. It was too slow; it should’ve stepped it up. Darn shame really. But everyone was really grateful that I did that, for some strange reason.”
    (Brawl reference)

    #14: “Is my girlfriend’s lazy-eye bothering you, sir (or ma’am)? Yeah, there’s not much that could be done about that. The programmers just forgot to fix her before they hid her. *turns to GF* It’s okay, Honey. By the way, have I ever told you that you act a lot like my last girlfriend, Amy?”
    (Sonic the Fighters reference)

    #15: “Sorry for giving you 14 excuses already, sir (or ma’am). You see, there are two sets of seven Emeralds (HINT: 14 = 2 x 7) that I had to get. Thanks for being so understanding.” *big smile, but fiddles with joy at making it*
    *teacher stares at him, unamused* ‘Mr. Miles, please don’t go hyper on me.’

    1. corrections on #8: “Sorry, sir (or ma’am). I was on my way to school today when I thought I saw Edgar Winter…”
      ‘Edgar Winter? The albino 70s rocker?’
      “Yeah, the guy that did ‘Frankenstein’. Love that song. Well, anyway, I thought it was him, but it was only an albino hedgehog trying to look for the “Iblis Trigger” or something like that…”
      ‘So, where’s your homework?’
      “… Well, I got the hedgehog to sign my homework paper, so I’m not going to turn it in. I’m pretty sure it was actually Edgar Winter, in disguise, so I have his autograph!”
      ‘Well, you know you could…’
      “No way I’m turning it in for extra credit.”

    2. How did I not finish #10: “I couldn’t finish my Biology homework on stem cell research, sir (or ma’am). I did take some nice notes about the Sonic hedgehog proteins…”
      *teacher looks at notes*
      *at the top is this*
      *I give a big grin* *teacher is not amused*

  109. I’m sorry my Physics paper was not as good as it should have been, but as you can see, my eyes are green.

  110. “Sorry for bringing my homework in late Mrs. Omochao, but I was on my way here this morning when I almost fell into a bottomless pit without warning. When I made it across Shadow stopped me, and said he wanted my lunch money or else. I was saving up for a Chaos Emerald too, but he stole all 50 of my rings. To make matters worse, I accidentally touched a Wisp, and turned into an orange rocket. When I floated back down to Earth, I fell through a warp, and went into the Special Zone. That’s when my ADHD kicked in, and I was distracted by a bunch of brightly colored balls. Fortunately, I won a Chaos Emerald, but Knuckles ended up taking it, saying some lame excuse like it was his “duty as a guardian” to guard it (I think he just wanted it to impress Rouge). Needless to say, that’s when I finally made it to school, but it was already last period by that time. I’ll do anything just don’t send me to Principal Robotnik’s office! Please!! I can’t stand his constant egg puns or freakishly long moustache!”

  111. #16: “I didn’t actually bring in my Geography report… but I DID go visit those places that we had talked about in class: you know, Holoska, Spagonia, Adabat…”
    ‘So who is your friend?’
    *looks at purple dog-fairy floating next to hm* “Umm… he’s my… my… –”

    1. #17: “I’m afraid I can’t sign up for that night class, sir (or ma’am). You see, strange things happen to me when the sun goes down… Well, for starters, I turn into a werehog…”

      1. #18: “I’m afraid I couldn’t concentrate during that exam, sir (or ma’am). I was feeling some strange energy.”
        (SA2B reference)

  112. “Sorry i’m late Miss.
    I’m stuck on an infinate loop in the labyrinth zone!”

    “Sorry i’m late Miss.
    I’m stuck on an infinate loop in the labyrinth zone!”

    “Sorry i’m late Miss.
    I’m stuck on an infinate loop in the labyrinth zone!”

    “Sorry i’m late Miss.
    I’m stuck on an infinate loop in the labyrinth zone!”

    I think you get the idea!

  113. Hmmm….I think I got one!

    Sorry I’m late sir, I was walking to school but then I heard a loud semi-truck coming up behind me and I freaked out and started running away from it as it was chasing me, causing me to escape from the city which then lead me Angel Island. Then I got hit by an echidna and lost my Chaos Emeralds and I NEEDED to get them back so I had to search hard for the giant rings that took me to the special stages and I couldn’t touch ONE SINGLE red ball only blue ones and you can only go in a line. I eventually got them all back, but couldn’t find my way off the island. But then I saw an elevator in the shape of a snail wondering if it’d take me off the island but it didn’t, it took me to Dr. Eggman’s Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park and saw aliens called Wisps (ya I’ll just stick with aliens if that’s ok with everybody), and I needed to save them or else Eggman was going to use them all for his mindcontrol weapon. I defeated Baldy McNosehair (Dr.Eggman) using my color power and ran down the elevator shaft but barely made it so the Wisps (no Wisps with a “W”) helped me down to Earth. I still couldn’t find my way back to the city. So I called my two best friends to help me, we used the super power of team work to get back. But once I got back I saw a person who looked like me and called me a faker but I told him he can eat those words and I left, as I was getting SO close to the school, a 12-year girl was kidnapped and I didn’t like that because I play by my own rules when someone is in need of help so I chased the kidnapper and ended up being robot that look MUCH similar like me it’s scary, it’s was a look-a-like! The robot had hit a sign that said “Past” and went into a time portal going to the bad future of the city, I went after him but when I got there he had her tied up and wanted to race me to her, first one there gets the girl! So I accepted the challenge. The race started and as I was racing I noticed Robotnik behind me with a laser beam shooting downwards, so I did a Sonic Boom and won the race! I got the girl but she kept hugging me and followed me and begging me to marry her, which I kept rejecting but she wouldn’t let it be. We got back to the present and I left her. When I got back I saw I was five minutes late so I whipped out a Chaos Emerald and used Chaos Control so I could slow time down to make it and I’m here now! 😀

    Hope I get some credit, I thought this whole thing up on the spot! 😀

  114. Sorry I haven’t finished my homework sir, Robotnik was snooPINGAS usual you see, and I just couldn’t concentrate.

  115. ‘what do you mean that being stuck on a barrel until my time ran out is not a valid excuse for not finishing my exam ?! ‘

  116. Sorry Miss, I didn’t clean up after Art & Craft class because a green hawk told me, “Ah, the dirt suits you so well!”

  117. To the people who organised this contest:

    I find it unfair that some people are able to post multiple entries. Wouldn’t they have a higher chance of winning compared to others who post less entries or even 1 entry?

    (By the way, this is obviously not a contest entry)

    1. Nope! Just because some people have posted loads doesn’t make them any more likely to win! You could win this competition with one really well thought out short excuse!

    2. This contest is about creativity, not just drawing names at random. You could have 100 entries, and they could all suck, thus getting you nothing. On the other hand, you might only have one entry on here, but if it is the best one, you’ll win.

  118. Sorry I couldn’t do my homework Miss, I was traooed in space for a year and everything’s changed.

  119. Sorry Sir I wasn’t in School on the 23rd of June. A friend of mine invited me to a picnic for his 20th Birthday . Oh! And I am so very sorry for not turning up the few weeks following. I had been sucked through a portal that sent me back in time to 1991 and then the years had flown by! It felt like I was in A game of some sort…

  120. Mr. McNosehair: “WHere is your homework?”
    Shadow: “Chaos Control!”………..(flash!) “Got it!”
    Mr. McNosehair: ?!

  121. sorry i’m late. i tried to run up a wall, but i couldn’t run upside down. i won’t be able to do that until summer 2010…(checks iphone)…make that fall 2010.


  122. 1.) Sorry, Teach! A fanboy ate my homework on why Mario is bad for you!

    2.)Hey teacher, YOUR TOO SLOW!

    3.)Sorry I’m late, Tails kept dropping me on the way to school!

    4.) Sorry I’m late, But this hills physics are messed up!

    5.) Sorry I’m late, But Knuckles blew up the bridge!

    6.) I’m late only because I had to Run home to get a Chili Dog for Breakfast!

    7.) I got to school late cause I lost my Art homework of Robotnik D. Eggmavelt

  123. Sorry I’m late, But I didn’t have money to pay for lunch, So I got some rings! But then Big ran into me and I lost them all!

  124. Sorry I’m Late, sir. Didn’t realise that school started today, until a nice man with a silver moustache told me to “Get ready to be Schooled.”

  125. Sorry my assignment was late, but some hedgehog named silver accidentally teleported me to the past you see! Yeah! Needed help taking care of something called….what was it?…the iblis trigger! Right! So, if you could give me an extra day on my assignment please?

    Sorry I’m tardy, I had to stop at the student store, I was late and I was short 50 rings for a new pencil, So I had to take a lap around the school and find some.*show’s the teacher the blue pencil*

  126. Sorry I’m late sire, I couldn’t get rid of this pink girl who mistook me for a hedgehog called Sonic.

  127. Can I do multiple?
    1. “Sorry professor, homework is way past uncool!”
    2. “Sorry sir, I was at the hospital..it’s my dog..it was robotocized..*sobbing*..they say it’s irreversible! So I had to be by his side the whole time so I didn’t do my homework..I hope you’ll understand..”
    3. “Sorry sir, I was busy trying to collect the chaos emeralds and freeing animals from robots trying to stop this fat guy from taking over the world..you know how it is.”

  128. Sorry I wasn’t in School yesterday sir. Some idiot split the world apart and I was left hanging on the edge of the Continent to stop myself from falling into a massive lava pit.

  129. Sorry I’m late, M’am, I had the runs from waaaay too many chili dogs last night…

    (Hope this wasn’t already done, I didn’t read them all…)

  130. Science teacher: Okay class today’s “Basic Biology – Bremsstrahlung effect” homework has to be handed in today!

    Way past cool student: Oh no! I left my “BBBE” homework in the Tornado! However, I do have my homework about Chemical Plants with me!

  131. I’m sorry I didn’t come to class yesterday Miss. I saw a blue hedgehog driving by on my way to school and I had to go back home to lie down.

  132. My excuses:
    I was late for school because
    1) a giant killer whale chased me on the boardwalk on the way here
    2)a monkey came out of a tree and threw coconuts at me
    3)a fat guy in a ship abducted my best friend
    4)a genie pulled me into the world of the arabian nights
    5)Me: i was super-charging my warp ring!
    Teacher: What on earth are you–
    Me: *Warps out of the room*
    6)froggy ran away. AGAIN
    7)I was taking the interdimensional highway back home from Mobius, and my Metal, Anti-Hero, and Other-Worldly evil counterparts attacked me, and i was arrested by my police counterpart.
    8) I was WAAAAAAAITIIIIIING for the ceiling to turn upside-down in my night palace

    1. 9) That new kid Spencer Nilson redid all the music on my new Sonic Soundtrack, so i had back to Japan and get another

  133. Sir … I’m sorry that I never got the chance to pass in my typed report, I couldn’t manage to “FIND THE COMPUTER ROOM!”

  134. Incase if this contest allows more than one entry, here’s another…

    Sorry, ma’am. I tried to figure out what the question pi times square ment on my math paper but found out, “it’s no use!”

  135. Sorry I’m late, I had to jump in the pool in the middle of the night to save a drowning hedgehog then I decided to stick around for 78 episodes and ruin a series that had potential.

  136. Sorry I couldn’t make it. I had to spend all day scrolling through the Sonic Stationary Contest entries to see if someone had already thought of my idea.

  137. “So, here’s the deal, miss. Of course I’m sorry that I’m late, but I think YOU should be sorry when you hear my way past cool explanation!
    Well, I was at my place trying to find my power ring. You know, that little shiny ring… No? Oh, never mind then… So, back to my story… I was trying to find that ring. I ran, jumped and spin dashed all over in my house, but I didn’t find that ring anywhere!!!
    Well, I needed to get a new one. Why? Because it gives me super powers, so I can think and act faster! That could really boost my school performance, doesn’t it?
    But do you know how hard is to get a new power ring? First, you have to travel all the way to Knothole. That’s one way past cool place really, REALLY far away. And because it’s so far away, I thought I’ll need a Chaos Emerald to do Chaos Control. Chaos Conrolling is kinda like teleporting.
    Well I started searching that Emerald. And first I needed to go to the Special Zone, where Chaos Emerald are. Then I started to go through some zones to get to the Special Zone. When I finally got to the Special Zone, I grabbed the emerald just under the nose of Feist, the God like being who likes to entertain himself by playing with mortals. When I got back to the Green Hill Zone, Baldy McNosehair showed up and challenged me. I guessed a little bit of fun before doing homework never hurts anyone.
    Then I kicked his big-old-butt and I laughed a long laugh after that. I t was just so hilarious to hear he saying again: “I hate that blue hedgehog!!!” After the battle I used my Chaos Emerald to do Chaos Control to teleport myself to Knothole.
    No-one was there, in Knothole. Absolutely no-one. I even checked it before I started waiting for the power ring.
    You see, power rings come from the Lake of the Rings. One power ring pops out from the lake in every 24 hours. So sometimes it could take like almost 24 hours to get one single ring! And I HATE waiting. But I had to wait. So I wait… and wait… and wait… That waiting almost drived me nuts!
    And when I thought to give up, one of those rings popped out from the lake. I nearly grabbed it, but then someones hand showed up and grabbed it just under my nose. “Hey that’s mine!” I shouted. “Oh, too bad, FAKER!” Shadow said and hit me in the face by his Chaos Spear.
    When I woke up, first thing that I noticed was that my Chaos Emerald was gone. Dang it! And my power ring… it was in my ring-finger. Then I heard “Oh Sonic dear!” I slowly turned my head and then I saw Amy Rose. She had
    a ring too in her ring-finger. I have got MARRIED when I was knocked out. That was and that is the MOST WAY PAST UN-COOL THING EVER!!! I started to shout as noisy as I could and suddenly…
    I was in my bed. And it was morning. It was half past eight today. And I needed to ran to school if I am going to be there before bells ring. And I didn’t make it. Oh man…” I telled.
    “So, your explanation is that you are late, because you overslept this morning?!” teacher said angrily. “Pretty much like that… Am I in detention now?” I asked. “Oh no you don’t. You’ll just have to save the whole world!” teacher said.
    “Really?!” I asked with huge smile on my face. “No! You’re in detention!” teacher shouted. “Is there any kind of food in the detention. I prefer chili dogs-“. “No! There is no food in detention!” teacher shouted angrily.

  138. I am sorry ,Miss, that late for School. That friend of mine, that one who I visited for his 20th birthday picnic, was in hospital and needed someone to be by his side. Apparently, he was in there because he had once again fell from the sky and landed face first on the floor. I’m still surprised why his head has not been badly damaged!

  139. New one: Sorry I’m late teacher, but I had to watch my idol Big the Cat in concert. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear his latest hit “FWWOOOGGGYYY!!” But I did get you those DAMN fourth Chaos apples you always liked 🙂

  140. Sorry I’m late, on the way to school I saw a giant floating ring in the air. I touched it and suddenly I was spinning in a trippy maze until I somehow found my way to the centre and collected some shiny thing that looked like candy. Then I fell out of the ring and hit my head on the pavement, and I only regained conciousness half an hour later. I went home, and had a lie down until I felt better, then came back.

    (Not read all of the other entries, so if this has been done, you may slap me)

  141. 1. Sorry I don’t have my homework sir, but my dark Chao ate it….along with three of my fingers….

    2.I will be unable to take part in the planned Rugby lesson during P.E this week as I don’t have any rings on me right now, so if I’m hit even once it’s game over!

    3.Sorry I’m late miss, but I got the wrong train this morning from Station Square and ended up at Mystic Ruins! ^_^;;

    4.I won’t be able to attend school tomorrow, or at any point in the future.Why?Because you’re facts are irrelevant to me as I AM THE ULTIMATE LIFE FORM!

  142. sorry i’m late teacher. I was running here at super sonic speed when i got to labyrinth zone. i continue through the deadly maze sliding down water falls that somehow unexplainable led into the same water fall, i fought off deadly badnicks, i even dodged dangerous spears trying to shishkabob me! Finally i was less than one minute out of the level when water starts filling the room i’m in! i looked and looked for an exit but i couldn’t find one. i was slowly running out of air. I started to hear the drowning music. my heart started racing as i looked for air. there was only one second left on the clock and i finally find an air bubble, but by the time i reached it it was too late…..i got a game over and had to start over. -sobs-

  143. “Awwww…don’t be mad mister sorry I dint brought my homework, I had too much badniks to smash and well hey I dont really like slowing down, especially when it comes to homework!”

  144. Sorry I wasn’t able to hand in my homework on time; once I finished it, it told my try again while showing me seven chaos emeralds.

  145. #1- Dear Teacher, please excuse our son, Big T. Cat from your frog dissection lesson today. Big is very sensitive about frogs and he freaks out if anyone hurts his polliwog pals. Ever since he lost Froggy he has always been careful about keeping him and all other frogs safe so it would traumatize him to have to cut open a deceased frog. Maybe Big can do some extra credit work like feeding the class fish to make up for the lost points.
    P.S. Don’t make him work too hard because he just treats every day like a lazy day.

    #2- ” But coach I’ve really been practicing for the track meet.”

    ” You don’t look very conditioned. How exactly have you been practicing?”

    ” I’ve been constantly playing Sonic the Hedgehog games hoping that I’d pick up some skills from observing the fastest thing alive. I bet I can even boost right past the competition at over 1000 miles per hour now!!! I can’t wait until we show the other team the super power of teamwork when…………. ”

    ” Your off the team.”

    “AUUUUUGHHHH, waaaaaaaaay past uncool man!!!!”

    #3- “Teacher I’m sorry for making fun of the new girl Elise, but have you seen her!!!!!!!! She has carrot legs, she never cries, and she’s disturbingly obsessed with animals.”

    ” Just because she’s different doesn’t mean that you should make fun of her.”

    ” Did I tell you that one day during recess she made out with a piece of road kill???!!!!”

    ” I’m calling the school therapist!!!!!!”

  146. Sorry Sir, i didn’t cut the onions during cooking class because if I cry, I would end up releasing an entity destroying the whole world! T.T

  147. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to find the computer room in time, Ma’am. I was trying to find a crazy gadget to use for the assignment! But can I make it up to you by letting you press my circle button to slide through your tight space?

  148. Sorry I don’t have my homework Miss, I handed it to Sonic and when he started running the speed caused it to catch on fire.

  149. “Sorry I turned in my homework late Mrs. the Bat, but a freakishly cute floating imp ate it. I thought about waiting to get it back, but you and I both know what condition it would’ve been in had I turned it into you…”

  150. “Sorry I’m late to class Mrs. the Bat, but some fat Theodore Roosevelt impersonator reject in a floating metal egg stole it, and said he wouldn’t give it back unless I gave him a Chaos Emerald. You know how hard Chaos Emeralds are to come by in this economy? Does he assume a guy wearing only red and white striped shoes and nothing else could afford a Chaos Emerald?! So to make a long story short, I said he could keep it. Not like I actually finished it anyway…”

  151. Teacher is collecting homework from the students. When she reaches Sonic he doesn’t have a paper ready
    Teacher: Sonic, where is your homework? Did you do the assignment?
    Sonic: Oh, I did the assignment all right, but, before I could turn it in, my CHILI DOG ate it!
    Everyone laughs
    Teacher: Hahaha… Two weeks of detention.

  152. Sorry Headmaster for stealing that interactive whiteboard. I thought it had the Eggman Industries Logo on the side so i decided to take it home to make sure it was no massive robot!

  153. Teacher: “Alright Zonic, why didn’t you turn in your Sex Ed homework?”

    Zonic “Sir, there’s nothing more cool than learning a subject you like, but if a subject tries to show me to touch myself in a place or in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable, that’s no good. It’s my body, it has no right to tell me how to touch myself if I don’t want it to. So what did I do? First I said NO, then I got that book outta there! Most important, I had to tell someone I trust, like the janitor, the lunch lady, or the cross walk guard!”

  154. Sorry I’m late sir, i had to go and make sure Mr.Yuji Naka was safe from the riots all over Westopolis.

  155. “Sorry I’m late Teach, but I was busy saving all of continuity from Hyper Metal Jason by using MY VOICE WHICH GIVES ME SUPER STRENGTH!!!!”

  156. sorry i’m late i got chaos controlled into a robotocizer and all most lost my free will, my homework, sorry my uncles dog grabbed it, i could have caught him but there was a way past cool amount of chilly dogs my unc made and i got distracted.

  157. Sorry I’m late. The bus broke down and some blue hedgehog told me he would give me a ride but we had to wait like 30 min in a line at some chilidog stand.

  158. Sorry I’m too slow, teacher. I tried to take a shortcut through the carnival, but I was trapped by a floating barrel. Want some chocolate?

  159. Sorry I’m late, I had to wipe like 50 buzz bombers off my face because I blasted through green hill zone to get here.

  160. “Sorry, Teach. I was juicin’ to school and got caught up in some MEGA MUCK!”

    “I know it sounds crazy, but I was waiting for the bus when some creepy Chihuahua ate my homework and then offered me chocolate. When I declined he stole my bus fare to buy ice cream! He bit me… I feel a little strange.”

  161. Sorry I’m late teacher,
    An fat evil scientist who looked like an egg created robotic duplicates of me that I had to fight off.

    (I know this doesn’t count, I just felt like sharing my idea.)

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