The Sonic Hype Giveaway!

The Sonic Hype Giveaway!

UPDATE: Some extra info.

Excited for Sonic Generations? Sonic CD? Mario and Sonic 2012? How about telling us why and getting rewarded for it?

Introducing the “Sonic Hype” Giveaway! Are you gyrating for Generations? Salivating for Sonic CD? Or are you going for the Olympic gold? Maybe you want it all? Tell us in one paragraph in the comments section on what Sonic game your hyped for this holiday season and why. The best comment will be chosen by yours truly on September 28. The winner will receive the following…

1. A copy of the San Diego Comic-Con Edition of Sonic #226 autographed by Ian Flynn. One of only 1,000 copies made!

2. A pair of Sonic Generations buttons.

3. An official animated cell from “The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog”.


All comments need to be made by Tues, Sept 27.

One paragraph! I have a lot of entries to read, so keep it short but sweet.

Only one comment per entry. One entry per person. That means if you comment more than once, you’re out.

I will ship to any country that allows giveaways. Some countries may be prohibited depending on laws.

I will judge the winning entry based on the quality of the writing.

TSS Staff members are non-eligible.

The winner will be announced on the front page on Wednesday Sept 28. I will then need the winner to PM me (jasonthejackass)

Good luck and believe the hype!

Update: Wanna second shot at winning 2/3rds of this stuff? Would you rather have some posters instead of an animation cell? Then check out the Sega Hype contest at Segabits.

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  1. Why am I excited about Sonic Generations? How could I not be excited playing a game that comemerates 20 years of my favorite hero. Looking back through the 20 years of Sonic allows me to look back through the 20 years of my own life. I have memories tied to each and every Sonic moment,Whether it was when I was a toddler playing Sonic 1 or a young teen playing Sonic adventure2. Playing through Generations will bring a great overwhelming wave of nostalgia over me.

  2. I am beyond excited for Sonic Generations to release this November. As a fan who was introduced to the franchise with Sonic the Hedgehog 2, I have a special place in my heart for Classic Sonic and his style of gameplay. On the flip side, my favorite Sonic games are Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Unleashed, games that are very different from the Genesis classics. What does this mean? It means that the ability to play as both Modern and Classic Sonic in a single game is the best possible thing to happen to the franchise at this point. I expect to feel a flood of nostalgia rush over me as I play through Green Hill Zone with Classic Sonic, and feel exhilarated by the crazy boosts and speed of Modern Sonic in Rooftop Run. It is my hope that Sonic Generations will bridge the “generation gap” between old and new Sonic fans after years of dissension between the fanbase. That is why I am most looking forward to playing Sonic Generations this holiday season, both for gameplay and for the union of Sonic fans young and old.

  3. What sonic game I’m hyped for? Hands down that honor belongs to Sonic Generations.

    Why: I was born back in the year 1993 so I didn’t play the first two games when they came out. I managed to get a genesis and get a copy of Sonic 3. When I put that cartridge in the genesis and played the game, I was simply astounded and amazed by the blue blur himself. It was my first time seeing a talking animal, my first time playing a genesis game, and the first game I ever had fun with. Later on I would get Sonic R for the PC and I would play that game to death. Since childhood, the blue blur has always entertained me and impresses me. Then later the dreamcast came out and naturally I played Sonic Adventure and enjoyed that game and so on and so forth. Sonic has always been that one franchise where I can play it countless times and just enjoy Sonic. Not just as a character, but as just something spectacular running on the screen. Even when Sonic went to the very bottom, I stuck by his side. He made my childhood wonderful, so I felt like I had return the favor and stay by his side. The blue blur will always have a place in my heart. Now with the release of Generations, seeing stages I played as a kid re-made, it brings joy to me. I’m can relive the moment, the fun, and the excitement of Sonic. Hearing old tunes remastered into new master pieces. Generations is a title that I absolutely can’t wait for. Rock on Sonic. You have already showed me what you are made off, now go show the world what you are made of.

  4. I have always considered Sonic the Hedgehog to be a great series, despite the scrutiny that follows it. It’s got great potential that has yet to be utilized to the fullest. This first step towards this seems to be Generations, with its re-imagining of past levels. I truly hope that Sonic Generations is the game that bucks every trend Sonic has followed thus far, and this is why I’m hyped for it.

  5. I’m excited for Generations because it’s going to be giving some more Recent games that have gotten a bad rep (like Sonic 2006 and Unleashed) a second chance at redeeming themselves by having some of their levels being put in the game and giving them a nice touch up on design. I also like how its giving characters such as Nack, Bean, mighty, etc a chance to be able to be in a major sonic game.

  6. I am hyped for Sonic Generations. Why, you ask? Its quiet simple, really. Its the perfect game.
    I’ve been a Sonic fan for… oh, I’d say 8 years now, and every time a game were to come out I would hype and hype, but my friends, whom we shall refer to as Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, always said would be horrible.
    “Why are the graphics so horrible?” asked Call of Duty
    “Why isn’t this like the better older games?” pondered World of Warcraft
    “Why isn’t SEGA making a good game?” they both raged in unison
    Even when I showed them, they hated it, no despised it. … until now. When the Generations Demo came out, I forced them to play it.
    “Why would this be so…” asked Call of Duty. And then the music started. And the graphics. And classic Sonic.
    “Why, this is just like my childhood….” said Call of Duty. As he ran through the nostalgic green hills, the memories of a lone, cold night in his basement, Genesis controller in hand, came back. World of Warcraft wasn’t amused, until he saw the GUN Truck from City Escape.
    “Why… this was the first game I beat!” he said, smiling from cheek to cheek.
    Sonic Generations isn’t just a game, its a thing of beauty. The nostalgia alone brought single tears to the two grown men on the couch. And that is why I am excited for Sonic Generations.

  7. Sonic generations is a Sonic fans’ dream. Every level represents the best of Sonic in the 20 years he has been around. The music sounds top notch, animations are so fluid and the levels are totally redesigned. I cannot wait! This release is going to be on par with Sonic the Hedgehog on the Genesis. The blue dude is wagging his finger on that title screen waiting for the fans to hit the game pad at top speed.

  8. I’m extremely excited about Sonic Generations because at last it seems we have the perfect blend of classic and modern Sonic. Sega has tried so hard for years to please both classic and modern fans, and I think they’ve finally found an excellent way to do it. Sonic Generations is also a wonderful way to celebrate Sonic’s history. By going back in time and revisiting all of his old levels and boss battles, from Sonic the Hedgehog 1 all the way to Sonic Colors, fans can truly relive their happiest memories of Sonic. Not to mention we get to see all those wonderful levels revamped with new, outstanding modern-day graphics. Generations is truly the best gift Sega could give Sonic fans, new and old, and I simply cannot wait for its release.

  9. I’m looking forward to both Sonic Generations and CD by the time they release. I fell in love with the franchise as soon as I first boarded down ridiculous declines in City Escape once I had the Gamecube for my birthday. Before I moved, I used to be a part of a little league baseball team [cute, huh?]. I’ll forever remember my coach as Coach Kevin. One time, we had a party at my place and he brought his kids over. His daughter lent me her pink GBA and I first played Sonic Advance. But when I finally had a Sonic game of my own, over all other franchises, I felt hooked. No, I became hooked. I fell in love with the Sonic franchise and wanted to play more. Hell, I spent over 250 hours on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. And I still play it to this day. Over the years, Mega Collection was added to my collection and then I was exposed to the Genesis goods. To this day, I played nearly each and every Sonic title already conceived. Sonic CD is the only one I haven’t really had a chance playing, so I’ll gladly pay double for it, for at home and on the go! I’ll finally get the chance to experience Sonic CD! Metal Sonic’s debut and Stardust Speedway! The different ways to beat the game, through Good Futures or Time Stones, or just run through a metallic madness of a Little Planet! Generations, on the other hand, I and nearly every other Sonic fan, long time and new, young and old, will share the same feelings for that wonderful blue hedgehog on November 1st, and by December it will be worldwide. Sonic Generations isn’t just a game, it’s a celebration of all the fun that we have been provided, of that sense of gaming that no other franchise can provide, of everything Sonic and what’s made Sonic the Hedgehog still unstoppable to this day. And I wish to enjoy it with everybody. Hell, to some this could be their first Sonic game! Like 1991, why not start off with a blast for everyone? Some fans have been around since the beginning and Sonic still has plenty more coming. With Generations being the culmination of everything Sonic, there’s no way people can’t enjoy this title. Sonic Generations, I count down the days until your release with great anticipation!

  10. I have been playing Sonic games since I was a little boy. Sonic Generations will make me feel like a little boy again, blasting through zones at the speed of sound. The re-release of Sonic CD being powered by The Taxman’s engine is the cheese on top of the way past cool chili dog that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

  11. Reasons are 2..
    1. I “don’t” hate that hedgehog! Honest! Regardless what anyone told you ‘COUGH’ Eggman ‘COUGH’
    2. ..And of course Sonic Generations. The only thing I hate about that is the waiting. Ugh! I wish this was November NOW!

    That’s all I have to say about that:)

  12. I am excited for this game because Sonic fucks bitches and gets money.

    And you know it to be true. And In Sonic Generations, There will be 2 Sonics, so you know it will be 2 times as good.
    I also just bought a Genesis, you know I’m hyped.


  13. I’ve been a Sonic fan since I was a little girl. I played Sonic 3 Knuckles on my old Gateway (and sucked it at haha) and have played every game since. I found my all time favourite game to be Sonic Adventure 2. I can’t wait for Generations because of the nostalgia it gives me. I’m especially looking forward to City Escape for obvious reasons. I will certainly be rocking out to all the sweet remixes of the fanstastic music as well. Overall, I’m going to be first in line on November 1st 🙂

    Thanks for reading!

  14. I am very excited about Sonic Generations because one character I am hoping to see is “Classic Amy Rose” fully rendered in 3D, she is one of the reasons I became a Sonic fan in the early 90s, it is time for her return. Thank you.

  15. Always been hyped for Generations~ I think the thing that got me the most hyped, though, was the trailer where we learned about City Escape. Being someone whom grew up with the Dreamcast games, it was really amazing seeing City Escape in HD and re-imagined. Then THE FREAKING TRUCK HAD SAWBLADES AND A JETPACK. Like SERIOUSLY. XD That scared/hyped the poopchute outta me! The music is god-tier too, and I think I might be more hyped for the soundtrack than the actual game… :X

  16. Well i am mostly excited for Sonic Generations but i gotta admit the Sonic CD port Looks really sick but the fact that Generations has levels from the past the just got Me psyched about this game so that is what I am most excited about.

  17. I’m most excited for Sonic Generations because of the endless possibilities of the gameplay. It’s finally showing the fans What he’s made of. We’ve lived and learned in His World and I can’t wait to experience it all over again. It doesn’t matter that his past games haven’t been a dream of an absolution this game will be awesome. Once this releases it will be a lazy day livin’ in paradise! 🙂

  18. Sonic is my favorite video game franchise of all time. Ever since I tried Sonic Heroes I fell in love with the characters, multiple settings, and gameplay styles. The “War” between the Classic fans and modern fans has been going on for ages.I cannot wait for Sonic Generations because it brings the community together. Another reason I cannot wait for Sonic Generations is because it brings back many memories and nostalgia not only for me but also for the many fans.This looks like a good year for the blue blur. Happy 20th Birthday Sonic!

  19. I’m so excited about Sonic Generations that I check the news on this site for news about Sonic Generations 5 times a day I think it looks like the best Sonic game ever.

  20. When I was 5 yrs. old I played my first Sonic game which was Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and 17 yrs. later I am still a Sonic fan by heart. It is only natural that I am thrilled for Sonic Generations since it celebrates the franchise in a big way by combining both old and new elements into one to offer the ultimate Sonic experience. Even though just a video game character Sonic has inspired me to do a lot of things like losing weight, helping people, and overall have a happy outlook on life. Most of the people that know me even called me Sonic since they know I like the franchise and have been wearing red shoes since I was very little. So that is why I am excited for this game since I feel like I am part of this franchise and by playing the game I can celebrate in a big way Sonic’s 20th anniversary.

  21. The Sonic Franchise has been in my life ever since I can remember. From the begging, I played nothing but SA2B and Sonic Advance, spending countless hours getting higher ranks and raising my chao. Then after Shadow the Hedgehog, I noticed a lot of my friends started leaving Nintendo and moved over to the Xbox 360; it was the new cool thing that every kid wanted. Everybody was playing Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto 4, and here I was with my Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic and the Secret Rings, two semi-good games that I obsessed over like a developer at the E3 presentation of Twilight Princess. You can imagine how many angry letters I wrote to Sega not bringing ’06 to the Wii, even though I would rather have Secret Rings any day. By the time Unleashed came out I had played all the Classic games, watched 3 of the 4 cartoon series’, and started playing the games more and more. In 2010 I joined the Stadium, being the very first blog site I had ever joined, and built up my hype for Sonic 4 and Colors. I even got that silly looking Sonic Hat because I pre-ordered it. Now I have a record in the Wii Leaderboards for 34 seconds on Casino Street Zone Act One, have 3 lovely Chaos Chao in SA2B, and have every single A and S rank imaginable. So, when Generations comes around, it’ll be way past cool!

  22. I am hyped for Mario and SOnic at the London 2012 Seeing How Long We Can Make the Title Olympic Games. I saw some screenshots for it, which contained a mode in which players are on a game board. Since Sonic hasn’t ripped off Mario Party for about ten years, this is a good time for some closure among those who enjoyed Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing. There is also a wrestling mode where Sonic can overcome his fears and face off against Mario. Tails is also growing as a person, dictated by his jubilation with swinging on bars like a silly ninny. Plus Mardic will have plenty of new material.

  23. I recognize what episode the cell came from – “Birth of a Salesman,” first appearance of Wes Weasley, Sales Representative for HDSVADL, palsies! That’s Handy-Dandy SuperVillain Appliances Distribution, Limited! And it was from the very end when the All-In-One Device of the Episode: The Super Stupendous, Tremendous, Horrendous, Hedgehog-Catching Vanquisher! That’s Darkinator, Freeze Banger, Gravity Stopper, and De-Atomizer, all in one! And I’ll never forget the words that Robonik’s team uttered at the end: “WE HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!”

    1. As for my entry, I’m hyped for Sonic Generations, because I decided to open my heart to the game. It doesn’t matter if I paid for it in full, but if I believe in myself, and reach for the stars, and wait for the game, it’ll be worth showing them what I’m made of, and living through the endless possibilities. This time, I won’t throw it all away, because Sonic is my sweet passion.

      1. My first ever game was sonic heroes on the PS2 and i loved so i cant wait to see seaside hill my favourite level from the game reamagined in generations i have been a sonic nut since i was i even put up with the sega vintage collection just to try the classics and i love all 3

      2. Here I thought I was the great evil Dr. Robotnik! Well played, sir! But you’re not gonna get awayyy with this! ALL SYSTEMS FULL POWER!

  24. I’m excited for Sonic Generations because it might finally be THAT game that turns the Sonic franchise around, back into the greatness that it used to be. THE game that might finally end the “sonic cycle” and prove to people that there can’t just exist great Mario-games in this day in age, but great Sonic-games to. A character like Sonic deserves glory and I really hope that Generations will bring some of that former glory back to this great character.

  25. Being that it’s the 20th Anniversary for our hero Sonic the Hedgehog, I’m excited to
    see the game Sonic Generations the most; I’m always excited and grateful to see new Sonic
    games come out, but this was different when seeing classic/retro Sonic pop out of nowhere
    when modern Sonc was leaping into the air after the shuttle loop scene from the first trailer. I
    didn’t realize how much I miss seeing classic Sonic’s design, though I love both designs, and
    Sonic will always be Sonic, it’s really special and nostalgic to be having both Sonic’s together in
    the most beloved zones and levels, it’s a chance to re-live the moments, but with new mixes!
    It gives a chance for the younger generation that missed out on the classics to see what we
    fell in love with. I have faith in this game that it will be the start of Sonic’s success once
    more. But the real reason I’m excited about the game is a little melancholy, but seeing how far
    Sonic has come and how much he’s been the biggest impact of my life, growing up with Sonic;
    ofcourse the 20th anniversary game is going to be the most exciting thing for me! Sonic was
    my friend when I didn’t have any and when I had nobody. He’s in my happiest memories, even
    the most simplest times of just playing video games of Sonic’s adventures, they brought me
    much joy and still do. And how just looking at a poster of Sonic, his cocky smile some how
    reached me, it saved me from my most sorrowful moment of my life. And even though he’s just
    a cartoon, he’s real to me. I just wish for Sonic to have as much of an impact as I did to
    others. Just complete happiness and how he’s still running after 20 years! I’m thankful for being
    able to be apart of this time and hope to see Sonic run another 20 years for sure! That’s why
    I’m so excited for Sonic Generations, seeing Sonic on his next big adventure! (And seeing that Metal Sonic will be a boss again!) 😀


  26. I am hyped for Sonic Generations, all for the great memories it’ll bring back. Back then, I really couldn’t afford a Gamecube, or a PS2, or an Xbox… So one day my oldest cousin had a garage sale, that fortunate day was when I laid my eyes on the Sega Genesis, which was (and still is, IMO) the greatest console ever, which came with my favorite game of all time, Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles. My mind was blown, I was amazed by the flashy colors, great controls, level design, and most importantly, the gameplay. Even today I play the hell out of that old blast processor :). When I finally got the money to afford the Gamecube, I got it along with Sonic Adventure 2:Battle. It still is one of my favorite games of all time, playing it felt like a rush of Epicness and still does today. Then, came the Dark Days. From the terrible Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic 06, to the absolutely ATROCIOUS port of Sonic 1 on GBA, I felt the series was doomed, but for some reason, I kept on, My younger inside self knew the greatness would come. Many of my friends turned to FPS’s but I kept on, no matter how much I was told to grow up, I sticked with Sonic. You know why? Because I grew up 🙂
    The faithful year of 2010 came, from the great Sonic 4:Episode 1, to the above awesome Sonic Colors, I knew SONIC WAS BACK BEBEH!!! (IGNorant reference) So with Generations coming out, I knew it couldn’t get better. I felt just like my past 6 year old self, gazing in awe and amazement to that Genesis. And Sonic Generations will take me back to the past, it’s not a game, it’s a present from Sega to my youth, On Nov.1, I’m gonna be that same kid who sat on a beanbag and smiled whenever he grabbed that controller and played his Genesis.
    Sega, thank you so much. 🙂

  27. I am hyped for Sonic Generations, all for the great memories it’ll bring back. Back then, I really couldn’t afford a Gamecube, or a PS2, or an Xbox… So one day my oldest cousin had a garage sale, that fortunate day was when I laid my eyes on the Sega Genesis, which was (and still is, IMO) the greatest console ever, which came with my favorite game of all time, Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles. My mind was blown, I was amazed by the flashy colors, great controls, level design, and most importantly, the gameplay. Even today I play the hell out of that old blast processor :). When I finally got the money to afford the Gamecube, I got it along with Sonic Adventure 2:Battle. It still is one of my favorite games of all time, playing it felt like a rush of Epicness and still does today. Then, came the Dark Days. From the terrible Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic 06, to the absolutely ATROCIOUS port of Sonic 1 on GBA, I felt the series was doomed, but for some reason, I kept on, My younger inside self knew the greatness would come. Many of my friends turned to FPS’s but I kept on, no matter how much I was told to grow up, I sticked with Sonic. You know why? Because I grew up 🙂
    The faithful year of 2010 came, from the great Sonic 4:Episode 1, to the above awesome Sonic Colors, I knew SONIC WAS BACK BEBEH!!! (IGNorant reference) So with Generations coming out, I knew it couldn’t get better. I felt just like my past 6 year old self, gazing in awe and amazement to that Genesis. And Sonic Generations will take me back to the past, it’s not a game, it’s a present from Sega to my youth, On Nov.1, I’m gonna be that same kid who sat on a beanbag and smiled whenever he grabbed that controller and played his Genesis.
    Sega, thank you so much. 🙂

  28. I could go on about what sonic games I like and which are nostalgic, but Id rather just get to the point. I had always played sonic games and they have always brought me comfort other games couldn’t give! Highschool was a questionable time for me on who I was until I played Sonic Unleashed. That very game made me say, “I know what I want to do!” Now I am in Florida all alone working through college to be a 3D lighter and shader for games and movies, and Sonic still is my inspiration. When Sonic Generations comes out My friends and I plan to buy it and not play it for 50 days. When the 50 days pass I will be with my original high school friends back home for christmas and we will be playing through the nostalgic history of what made us such carefree happy kids together! I am waiting eagerly for sonic generations, not only because its like a sequel to the inspiration of my career, but because sonic really did bring our little friend group together!

  29. This upcoming holiday, i would really like Sonic Generations. Why? Because i’m a big Sonic fan. I’m just gunna explode when it comes out! Not really excited with olympic games because it’s sorta making Mario and Sonic more gay then they were before.
    so ya.

  30. I Have Not been this excited about a new release game, since i bought Monster Hunter Tri Last year. Its Like the ultimate Thank you Gift From Sonic team to me, Having all the classic levels that i liked, plus some of the newer ones i never got to play!

    That And Sonic CD Style Races. WIN!

  31. I am really hyped for all three games, because i am a Sonic addict, proven by the fact that i bought a PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 with Kinect just to play all games.

  32. I’m hyped for Sonic Generations both Console and handheld. I don’t own a PS3 or 360 but I hope that it will come to the PC. I have been a fan of sonic ever since sonic 1 when I was 5 years old, I watch Sonic SatAM and Adventures of Sonic The hedgehog and would comment with my friends about the days episode at school. I even bought a Sonic doll and tails doll which were like my blankets to go to sleep. I even entered the honey nut cherrios contest so I could win a Genesis and a copy of Sonic 1. Then my parents bought me a genesis without sonic 1. Later at a garage sale I was looking at a collection of games, especially genesis ones, then there it was a copy of a certain blue hedgehog in a very green background pointing his finger. Since then I bought Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Knuckles on PC, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the hedgehog, Sonic Riders and Sonic Colors. The reason I’m also hyped for generations is that I can play through re-imaged stages from my favorite games like Casino Night, Chemical Plant, Mushroom Hill, Seaside Hill, Emerald Coast, Speed Highway, and Planet Wisp. I can also face some my favorite bosses/rivals like Perfect Chaos, Shadow, and Big Arm, while also experiencing bosses I have never fought like Classic Metal Sonic in Stardust Speedway and the Egg Dragoon. That is why I’m excited for Sonic generations.

  33. I am extremely excited for Sonic Generations, because Sonic was, is, and always will be my childhood. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was my very first video game, Sonic Adventure was the first game I completed, I loved watching the old Sonic cartoons, and overall he was just my hero. I have countless fond memories, like getting Sonic 3 for my birthday, playing with Sonic action figures, and even playing Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine with my dad. Nowadays Sonic may have gone through his ups and downs, but even so I have stuck with him. I have been disappointed repeatedly, ranging from the average Heroes to the atrocious Sonic 2006, but when Sonic Colors came out last year I had a feeling that he was making a comeback. For the first time in about a decade, I felt like I was playing a game that truly did the blue blur justice, and I absolutely loved it. Sonic Generations looks fantastic because of the onslaught of nostalgia and fan-service, and I can’t wait to relive my childhood memories in glorious 3D visuals and modern gameplay. I have been waiting for an experience that lets me relive the days of when I was just a happy young guy who loved going on adventures with his favorite hedgehog, and I think SEGA is finally giving me that chance.

  34. I am so hyped for Sonic Generations hands down. I love how the stages from the three eras are nicely done and polished because it gives a new feel to the environment. I remember when the Sonic Franchise has ever been that interesting in my life when I first played Sonic The Hedgehog on Game Gear when I was a kid back in the 90’s, it was a cherished moment that realized me to play more Sonic games as I grew up with the NES, SNES, Genesis (never owned one, but heard of it in many places), and Dreamcast (used to own one, but sold it) when Sonic Adventure first came out on launch with a demo disc. I played the heck out of that game several times until I got better at it. That was my first 3D sonic game I ever encountered. While I still got older up to now as a young adult, playing through Sonic Adventure 2, then the dreadful Sonic Next Gen (’06), the Storybook series, Unleashed, and Colors, I was amazed with the graphics and gameplay of every Sonic game I buy and collect and see how they are done differently. I’m glad that Sonic is going well on his 20th Anniversary and birthday because he runs with the wind to his feet with breakneck speed. Always cooler with a good attitude, and never give up hope at all, you crazy blue hedgehog! I will always be with you in my heart.

  35. The upcoming Sonic game I’m the most hyped for is Generations. I’ve been waiting for a great Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2, and while Unleashed was pretty damn good, something was missing. Having a game coming out covering both the Classic and Modern eras of Sonic, with HD remakes of some of the best stages in the series, was some of the best news I’ve heard. I’ve been reading every bit of news I can on the game, whether it be an announcement of a new stage, or simply a post with some of the music. I happened to grow up with Sonic Adventure, but I’ll be damned if Sonic isn’t one of the series that’s stuck with me for years, going so far as to get a Genesis and a Game Gear just so I could play the originals. Why settle for emulated versions on the Xbox Live Arcade when I can have the original cartrides? There’s just so much about Generations that I’m excited for I can’t even fit it in this single paragraph.

    1. I just realized I should have mentioned my excitement towards getting to race Metal Sonic in the Stardust Speedway again but I had to screw up and forget it. How did I manage that? That was probably one of the things I was msot excited over when I saw his name as a boss in the leaked stage list ripped from the demo, even moreso than the prospect of a new version of Open Your Heart when fighting Perfect Chaos again, because that’s probably my favorite vocal song in the series.

  36. I’m excited for generations because Sega has finally brought classic sonic back for us retro fans. Playing generation will be like living my childhood all over again. 😀 Just thinking about playing through some of my all time favorite levels, old and new gets the fanboy inside me jumping up and down. lol I also pre order my copy and I’m going to the mid night release just so I can play all night long. xD Sonic also inspired me to become an animator which I’m going to school for. 🙂 Happy 20th Birthday Sonic!!!

  37. Sonic Generations is the title I’m most looking forward too this year. The Genesis/MegaDrive titles were some of the best games of its era. Seeing what love and care SEGA is putting in this game shows that they want to see Sonic succeed again. I can remember being a kid and just waiting for the next Sonic game to come out and when I finally got my hands on it I could play for days. Just for kicks I set up the Genesis/32X/CD just to have a quick play of the older titles. I love doing that every now and then.

  38. I Am Truely Hyped For Sonic Generations! I Remember The Spectacular Times I Had Playing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle For My Nintendo Gamecube. I Just Cannot Belive How Incredible City Escape Is Looking. My Nintendo Gamecube Broke And Lost Most Hope But After I Realized City Escape Was Going To Be A Stage In Sonic Generations My Emotions Changed From Hopeless To Tears Of Joy! Thank You Very Much Sega! I Appropriate All Your Effort You Guys Are Putting Into Sonic Generations! I Am Beyond Hyped To See All These Wonderfull Stages From The Past Re-Imaged Into One Spectacular Game. Watching City Escape And All Those Other Exciting Stages Made Me Truely Hyped! I Can Say It About A Million Times But, Thank You Sonic Team. Sonic Will Allways Be My Hero Sonic, Old Or Young! You Started My Gaming Adventures And I Just Want To Tell You Guys How Thank Full I Am For Sticking With Me Where Ever I Go. Thank You So Much!

  39. I am sooooooo excited for all the sonic games this year, sonic CD, Mario & Sonic and of course the most excited for the golden nugget of wonder that is- Sonic Generations. Sometimes when I check the news on TSS and I just see HD rendered green hill, Shadow and Sonic battling it out on the ARK or Sky sanctuary zone in 3D, it just leaves me speechless. And I’ll sit there, waiting until my little brother get’s home, and I’ll show him, and he will squeak with joy and I’ll just give him a massive hug. But one of the biggest reasons I’m excited about Sonic Generations is that I can reintroduce the classic games to my little 6 year old brother in a way he loves, understands and is completely used to-HD.

  40. I’m very stoked for Sonic Generations! Reason is, is because before Sonic Generations was even announced, I had thoughts of what SEGA would do for the 20th Anniversary game, one thought I had was that they would bring back the old Sonic (I’m not joking, I literally thought this) and they should do a compilation of the different Sonic levels to use as a memory lane to walk down the past 20 years of the best levels. To my surprise, when seeing the first teaser trailer for Sonic Generations, I totally thought SEGA heard my thoughts, and from what SEGA has shown us from what the game looks like, I am so excited for it. I’m ultimately excited for Sonic CD coming back, one of the FIRST Sonic games I owned when it released for SEGA PC. I played it over and over, being hooked to the Stardust Speedway Bad Future music and I loved the awesome Metal Sonic race boss and I’m excited to see it come back in Generations! Mario & Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic Games is going to be really fun, I’ve enjoyed them very much and I’m excited for this next one. It’s always interesting how SEGA will use different ways to use the Wii Remote and Wii Motion Plus with various sports. This is certainly the year of Sonic! Happy 20th Anniversary Sonic the Hedgehog! Way Past Cool Hedgehog!

  41. While the other games look fantastic one still continues to speak to me. Sonic Generations. I have loved and known Sonic since I was just a little boy watching my big brother blast through City Escape on Sonic Adventure 2:Batlle for Nintendo Gamecube.
    Since those days Sonic has always been an icon for me. No, not an icon. THE icon of speed,coolness,freedom,adventure,gaming ,etc. I have grown up going through many changes and such but the thing that has always been there,never leaving me was Sonic. The other games just don’t make me feel the way Sonic does. I feel like I can do ANYTHING when I run,spin,and boost through those levels… I have owned all the Sonic merchandise I could get my hands on. Walk into my house and you’ll know that a TRUE Sonic fan lives there. Not only has Sonic been there for me but I have in return stuck by him. Through the ups and downs I have continued to play Sonic. As a matter of fact Sonic 06 is actually one of my favorite games. I also don’t just play through a Sonic game once. I have filled up nearly ALL the files on Sonic Colors. And another thing, as a child I sat through the WHOLE Thanksgiving day parade every year hoping Sonic would show up. Naturally this being Sonic’s 20th Anniversary I am absolutely ECSTATIC! I have collected all of the Sonic’s 20th memorabilia I can afford including the fantastic Jazwares “Sonic through Time” line. I keep up with the fan websites and evrything! I’m even subscribed to many SEGA related channels on Youtube and a fan of various pages on Facebook. I look forward to the day all the Sonic series’ are on Netflix too! I even won a ticket to Sonic Boom but was unable to make it due to transportational issues… Well I could go on and on but i’ll try to wrap this up as to make it a somewhat easy read. Sonic I hope you keep going strong for 20 more years! Happy Birthday!

  42. I have never been more hyped up for a game since i was a little kid. I remember wanting Sonic 2 so badly and crying in Tesco’s because the little money i had was not enough but my Mum gave me the rest. I’m getting that feeling now like i did back then for Sonic Generations but this time i think i can afford the Collections Edition without begging for cash 🙂 The best thing about Generations though? It looks like how my child mind thought it did back then. Happy Birthday Sonic! What a great 20 years i have spent with you!

  43. On April 7 2011 Sega announced Sonic Generations and ever since then my heart has been pounding non-stop with anticipation. I have loved Sonic with all my heart ever since I was a child. I am so excited about Sonic Generations because to be able to run, jump, and spin dash with classic Sonic and to drift, sonic boost, and to use the homing attack with modern Sonic while playing through the best stages over the past 20 years of Sonic games . Those two gameplay types AND to listen to the breathtaking music Sega is putting together for Sonic Generations is just an indescribable feeling of happiness. I can never thank Sonic enough for all the happiness he has given my life and I will always for eternity love Sonic the Hedgehog!

  44. Ever since I was a little SPIKES I would look up to Sonic like a true hero. If there was a Sonic game existing and I hadn’t played it, I’d go straight into a FRENZY. I hate to repeat the Sonic Colours meme DRILL but I’m not exactly in a HOVER am I?
    Anyway, I’ve watched the Sonic Series ROCKET in popularity, then BURST and hit rock bottom for a while.
    I felt a bit lost, people started making fun of Sonic. I wanted to LASER their faces.
    What? No I did not give up on Sonic! What do you take me for, a CUBE?
    …VOID from Sonic Shuffle.

    My verdict on Generations is that it will be GOOD! GREAT! AWESOME! OUTSTANDING! AMAZING! Otherwise, “Money back guarantee you said!”

    Sonic was my best friend in those days, I grew up three years slower than everyone else so naturally I was immature while they mocked me behind my back. All I had to do was ask myself “what would Sonic do?” And it would seem to work for me somewhat.

    Sonic Generations brought a tear to my eye when I played the demo. I felt old, kids will be playing this game and possibly saying Classic Sonic is too hard or boring. I’ll just say to them “DON’T TOUCH IT”.

    Happy Birthday Sonic. But they say 21 is a special birthday too, so don’t eat too much cake now 😉 I wanna see more of that spin-dash drift!

  45. I’m so excited for Sonic Generations because I’m going to be able to relive all the great stages, boss fights, etc in a brand new and exciting way. Also I’m pumped for the Collector’s Edition (I live in Australia) mostly for the commemorative ring and I’m very excited to see the documentary and listen to the music hand picked my Sonic Team.

  46. I grew up with sonic my whole life playing him when he first come out on segas master system. I look forward to sonic generations due to the fact it would be my history as well as sonics in full HD

  47. 3 Eras, 2 Sonics, 2 Ways to Play, 1 EPIC Adventure. DAT SONIC GENERATIONS!!! *drools* Seriously i think this game is making history. Past & Present, Old & New, Nostalgia & Modernity, 2D & 3D. Everything a Sonic fan and not a Sonic fan could ask is in this game. I even send a tweet at SEGA to ship me a copy before release. 😀 Yes i am that excited for this game!

  48. Like many others… Sonic Generations and Sonic CD is giving my plenty of reasons to be excited for the upcoming Winter months. I’m going to be honest when I say that I may have been looking at the ‘Generations spoilers topics’ more than I would have liked to… Even with that, there are things in there that still surprise me and perhaps most importantly, make me smile (Suicide Motobug, I’m looking at you). Even in videos which have been on the net for months… I’m still noticing new things. Just like I keep doing every time I boot the Megadrive up and go down that path I haven’t thought to try before. For me, It’s “Welcome back to where it all began, it’s good to feel at home again.”

  49. For me, its Generations. I’ve been a fan since i was 4-5. I loved the feeling i got of how the games looked and played, i felt like that was what i was most interested in at the time, from there i was hooked, with the games and merch thats thrown to the fans. I played endless hours on the old MegaDrive games, to getting a MegaCD, 32x, DreamCast, Gameboy Advance, Gamecube, PS2, an Xbox 360,PS3, Wii, PSP, DS, 3DS for just sonic alone. Seeing some of my favorite levels, redone in stunning graphics, with the best of both Sonic’s in one game, is a enormous nostalgic trip for me. From what I’ve played at SOS and from the demo, they’ve nailed it. The little details are mind blowing too. At the same time, its nice to see CD be given some love and get ported to the Arcade.

  50. Sonic generations gets me SOOOO excited just cause it wins and it will complete me then I can be forever alone, hope no apocalyptic events happen that would be pretty stupid.

  51. im excited for sonic generation console version because it the first console sonic game since sonic adventure 2 that might actually be good

    and sega owes me this cas i bought sonic heroes sonic 06 sonic unleashed sonic secret right sonic black knight etc.

    sega owes me one

  52. I am so excited for Sonic Generations because its got all my childhood favorite levels into one beautiful HD game which I am sure is going to become the best sonic game in the GALAXY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. In all of my years growing up, Sonic has always been a majority of my life. Probably the biggest majority there is. With Sonic Generations coming out and more Sonic games to come, I finally get to look back at all parts of my childhood in one game. Just seeing how two different sets of Sonic fans can come together under one game chills me down to the very bone. I spent my life playing the Sonic series and Sonic Generations is sure to be a true fan favorite for years to come. As if it wasn’t enough, Sonic is a bigger part of my life than I have mentioned so far. Being a fan who has collected a great amount of the games, I decided to go to college and learn anything I could on being a video game concept artist for trying to one day achieve my dream job of joining SEGA’s Sonic Team. I’ve learned there is more to the job than that though. Roughly enough, I finally came to realization that I need to do more than be a concept artist if I ever hope to join the Sonic Team. I’ve come to accept whatever it is in life I need to do to achieve my dream, no matter what anyone thinks about me. Thank you Sonic for being the inspiration to my life. Thank you SEGA for giving me a childhood. Lastly, thank you fans all enjoying what can be considered the greatest gaming hero in history. Sonic is only as big as his fans, and I hope he continues to have fans for years to come. Long live Sonic. ~Solstice of Gravity

  54. I’ve been playing Sonic The Hedgehog since I was 5 years old.
    Instead of running outside I was running on screen.

    I need compensation. =P

  55. im hyped about sonic generations because it will be the first classic felling game of my time :
    when i became five sonic x started on tv i was so fucking happy and just seeing that teaser with the very own blue blur zooming by and saying (ill translate it in english ) : COME CHECK OUT SONIC X : and then he zoomed away leaving the sonic x logo behind :
    my first game is my fav game sonic adventure somhow my parents got a dreamcast for them selfs and well i somhow got sonic adventure for my birthday june 23 1991 :
    when i found out that my birthday and that of sonic were on the same day i just knew i was born to be a sonic fan
    when i was 7 i got sonic gems collection just for sonic the fighters (i played it in a caveteria one day ) and then i played sonic 1 and BAM totally in love with the little chubby blue hedgie <3 i found out my teacher was a sonic fan so she gave me her old megadrive with sonic 1 2 3 & knuckles and well im totally loveing at my 9th birth i got a ps3 and sonic 06 and well then i found out about the "crappy"sonic games so i started playing heroes riders and everything again and well thanks to that i can understand the classic fans but in 2008 i got unleashed for the ps2 and dident really love so i got the ps3 version and well dident like it at all and when is was twelfe i found out about you guys the sonic stadium after that i went looking for sonic news my self and i checked somwhat everyday on your website and just seeing all the new posts about the ne sonic games i couldent beliefe my eyes and well if it wasent for you guys i would have been one of those stupid fans who think they know everything but actuly only hes blue and fast but now in 2011 for my 13th b-day just for sonic's 20th anniversary i got a wii plus colors secret rings black night and the two mario and sonics plus downloaded sonic 4 so yeah sonic has been here all my life and now hearing about sonic generations i can finnaly feel what blast procesing is

  56. woot! go Sonic CD! i love that game! and Sonic Generations will be the best sonic game ever made! Let’s just hope like heck it be for PC.

  57. I am excited about Sonic Generations because it is giving everything to all generations of Sonic fans, those who prefer retro and those who prefer modern Sonic. Being a fan since the start I love all Sonic games, but this one feels special, a lot of time and care has gone into it and I know that it will be worth the long wait since it was announced.

  58. im hyped for sonic generations because its the first time we get to see poor ol shadow rendered in the hedgehog engine, thats probably why he looks so pissed in the game, and im pre ordering the collectors edition!

  59. I’m excited for Sonic Generations,because I really love modern Sonic gameplay and on top of that the chubby classic Sonic is there to make the experience 100% perfect!And only that,but the graphics are looking almost perfect!Also I’m excited ,because this will be my first Sonic game to buy and not only that,but this will be the first game I’m going to have being Collector’s Edition!Can’t WAIT!!!

  60. I’m desperate for sonic generations I’m not fussed about classic or modern cos i can deal with change I’ve been playing all my other sonic games just to handle my cravings I’m really looking forward for the music on the games because sega has never disappointed me with their way past cool tracks ^^

  61. The reason why I enjoy Sonic so much is because of how he changed the gaming industry. At the time (I admit) I use to play Mario games and before I played it at a friend’s house nothing seemed better at the platforming department. Then the day came where I played Sonic 1 for the first time. It was honestly amazing. The enviroments were much more vibrant, colorful and bigger then anything that I’ve ever played at the time (That’s not even getting to 3 yet!). The physics in turn with music made it one of my most memorable gaming moments of my life! Even in the 3D department Sonic Adventure in my opinion was done way better then Mario 64 and even though it was a new experience it was much more refreshing then anything else and you could see they took risks in gameplay to do so. I want Sonic Generations because I believe that he’s the gaming industry’s most phenomenon icon and even inspired other gaming companies a shot at creating characters with an attitude. Even if the games aren’t top notch or the fan base needs a little “Help” you can be certain that my Sonic pride remains untouched and I will always be looking forward to Sonic’s next adventure!

  62. I couldn’t feel more hype for Sonic Generations on PlayStation 3; Sonic has been a part of my life since 1992, and it’s amazing to finally see a game that is going to put there series back on trap and keep all the critics quite for a change so that everyone can remember just how great Sonic is!

  63. I am excited for Sonic Generations!! Why? Simply because it is another Sonic game to add to my collection, and that it celebrates the blue blur’s history all in one nice little package. Can’t wait for Sonic CD, simply because it is home to the original Japanese soundtrack which i have never had the opportunity to listen to. All in all, I’m too excited for the end of the year releases for Sonic’s 20th Anniversary!!!

  64. My reason that I am hyper of Sonic generations I do not know quite why. It’s Sonic that’s my only reason. Has now for many years been asked why I like Sonic and I answered that I did not know quite know why, I just do it. But when I think more into it, it’s probably what Sonic stands for that makes me like him. And I have pre-order Sonic Generations Collectors Edition, though I do not have much money. My mother encouraged me to it because I do not drink or smoke and do not take snuff. It’s something you really like mom says and my dad says the same thing and he was with me on Summer of Sonic this year! I love my parents because they respect my hoppy and I think they like Sonic as well.

  65. I was a Sonic fan when I was a kid. I played on my MegaDrive Sonic 1-3 like a mad kid! Then when we bought a Playstation I forgot about Sonic. Even when the PS2 had 3D sonic games, I played them and I didn’t like them for some reason… But now, when I played the Sonic Generations demo on PS3 it all came back to me. The Sonic fan was sleeping inside me. I played again the old Sonic games, and now i want to play the new ones that I missed on PS2/PS3! Yes, I’m a Sonic fan again, and I dont think it will “go” again! So I’m SUPER SONIC HYPED for Sonic Generatios because thanks to that game, I’m a huge fan again!

  66. I consider Sonic top be a very disfunctional seris now. I mean when I play Sonic Colours for example, before I started playing Sonic the hedghog 2006 and boy was I disappointed. So after I though the sega genisis days way be better so I started with sonic two which I hear is the best. I had lots of fun and cheap slicer deaths. but just at the beginning sega was doing great. But after that sonic must for slowed down. But with these two Great looking games, a fan base that survied the worst, devolpers now not playing around, and lots of chili dogs I belive sonic for now until we get more new crappy developers who break the seris apart, Sonic is back and better than ever

  67. Sonic the Hedgehog was the first game I ever played, so I naturally played the games my entire life. From the time I first beat Green Hill, to finally beating Carnival Night act 2 (you know what I’m talking about). Playing the Sonic games really helped me through hard times with my family divorcing over my Aspergers. I would enjoy Sonic Generations so that I can have a nice recap of my life of video games through the AGES. Going through some of the most breath-taking parts of my favorite games, all bundled up into one disc.

  68. Sonic Generations is my most anticipated game of the year, and my most wanted Sonic game in history (though I say that about every other Sonic game.)
    There is just something so special about all of the games, the cast of characters, exotic locations, great story telling. And Now Generations is set to re-imagine and re-define everything we love about Sonic.
    It’s so inspiring to see so much content in each and every game, and the dedication from SEGA/ Sonic Team to strive and evolve the characters against all of the oppression out there from the media and fans.
    Thanks to the Sonic, I was inspired to strive to become an artist in the hopes that one day I might be able to bring about fantastic ideas and inspire others.

    Having followed Sonic through the 20 years of our lives, I’m proud to be part of this community.

  69. I’m all hyped up for Sonic Generations. It seems like the best of old and new merged into one. The sheer amount of nods to old and new games alone make it worth the purchase. Sonic Generations should be every Sonic fan’s wet dream. Old bosses, new bosses, crazy, over the top levels, Sonic Generations has it all. I hope it succeeds so we can have more games like this in the future.

  70. I’m super ultra mega explodingly excited for… ermm… that game, the one with the blue thing in it because I… er… like games where you… ummmm… shoot aliens and soldiers, match three colours together, wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care, drink a cup of tea, do the hokey Pepsi and… what were we talking about? Oh yes, I don’t care who gets evicted from Big Brother next, they should all be booted out and replaced with sacks of potatoes with funny faces drawn on them. *Goes back to sleep*

  71. I’m very hyped for Sonic Generations. It’s like all Sonic games re-imagined and put together. It’s great way to celebrate Sonic’s 20th anniversary. Sonic Team had some bad moments after Dreamcast era, but now they are doing great job. Generations is bringing all Sonic fans, Classic and Modern, play same game, no other Sonic game will do same. Someone can still find something to complain about, I can’t. I’m sure I will enjoy that game.

    My first Sonic game was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I was so excited about it. When playing City Escape I fell love with this cool blue hedgehog right away. I have been playing Sonic games since that. No Sonic game isn’t good as Sonic Adventure 2. Not even those MegaDrive games you have been praising. It can be good, great, awesome, outstanding or Amazing, but it won’t be good as Sonic Adventure 2. That’s what I thought, but when Generations came around. I knew I were wrong when I heard new Escape from city and saw some City Escape gameplay. I have been always teased for thinking that Sonic is cool, for thinking Sonic is better than any other game. But when I play any Sonic game I know they are wrong.

    Long live Blue Blur. Sonic the Hedgehog!

  72. I’m really excited for Sonic Generations, not because it is a new Sonic game but because throughout the years, I’ve played a lot games, but playing Sonic games gives me a strange, beutiful feeling that is hard to explain. The story, the characters, the music and locations, make Sonic games what they are. And I’m sure Sonic Generations will do the same as the original Sonic the Hedgehog, as Sonic Adventure, as Sonic Unleashed: It will make have that feeling again.

  73. Generations has me hyped for many reasons. I began really playing in 2001 (Mainly) and the first time I saw the renewed City Escape for Generations actually made me feel like I was 10 again. I have loved every Sonic game that has come my way (bit of dislike on Riders n Unleashed but still liked them) and this one is set to please! Also my hat must come off to Mr Jun Senoue. When I met him he defied the “Never Meet Your Heroes” logic and now with this soundtrack, he has given me more reason to love his work. Simply, Sonic Generations is for the 10 year old in me who loves those pumpin tunes.

  74. I am so excited for all three of the titles! Sonic Generations first and foremost because it takes all those Sonic levels I knew and loved over the past years and puts them in a mash up between Classic Sonic levels and Modern Sonic levels (which btw I loved Sonic Colors..played it recently and loved it!). Secondly I’m excited for Mario and Sonic at the London games both Wii version and 3DS version. I’m excited for the Wii version because finally I’ll have a new game which is casual enough for my whole family to play including my sister who hates playing video games with me. As for the 3DS version I’m excited because I played the M&S Winter Olympics DS story mode and was quite blown away at how it all worked out and I’m looking forward to another great story mode in the 3DS version to keep me busy for a while. Finally I’m excited for Sonic CD mainly because..I’ve never played Sonic CD before. Sad but true but I must say there looks like there’s more to it then what I’ve normally seen through Sonic 1-3 and even 4.

  75. I am very excited to play both generations and CD. I’ve always loved playing Sonic since i was 3 i think, i was so young i can’t remeber when i first moved that hedgehog. To experiance old levels in HD and 3D is like a dream. SEGA listened out to there fans and us fans got want we want. I never got to play Sonic CD as i never had a SEGA CD but now thats coming out it would be a blast to play it, playing a brand new Sonic is a great feeling, learning the levels for the next playthough is a real challenge on some of the harder levels. Sonic’s one of the best video game franchises and SEGA never gave up on him, even with all the angry fans, and i’m glad they didn’t!

  76. I’m really looking forward to sonic generations for 3DS because I can’t wait to see classic sonic run through a loop in 3D 😀

  77. i am excited for sonic generations for all 3 consoles because i can revisit the old stages from 20 years ago and play them how i was a little boy in the 90’s 🙂

  78. The Sonic game releasing this holiday season I am extremely hyped up for is Sonic Generations. Sonic the Hedgehog has been in my life ever since the year 1997, when I was four years old, in all of his classic glory. Seeing him (Classic Sonic), along with all of his old school gaming elements gives me great nostalgia and makes me feel like a kid again. I feel that this will be the greatest Sonic game ever made from what I’ve seen and played so far. The music, character designs, level designs etc. of this game, is proof why Sonic is one of the best, if not the best, video game franchises of all time. Can’t wait for this anniversary masterpiece and here’s to the next 20 years.

  79. Sonic The Hedgehog, 2, 3, Sonic CD, Sonic and Knuckles, Knuckles Chaotix, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Adventure, 2, Sonic Shuffle, Sonic Drift, Sonic Riders, Sonic Heroes, Shadow The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 06, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, Sonic Free Riders, Sonic Colors, Sonic The Hedgehog 4, Sonic Advance, 2, 3, Sonic Battle, Sonic Pinball Party, Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic and Sega All-stars Racing, Sega Super Star Tennis, Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood, Sonic Rivals, 2, Super Smash Brother Brawl, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic Underground, Sonic Extreme, Sonic X, and Sonic the Comic. Sonic is my favorite gaming icon, my best friend, and my hope. I’ve been a fan for 21 years and still going strong. Thank you
    Sega, and The Sonic Stadium crew. Coming soon Sonic Generations, Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games games, Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 2, and many more to come…………(Sonic Adventure 3)

  80. I’m excited because Silver and Blaze are going to be in “Sonic Generations” and the “M&S Olympics” game.

    And hopefully, Silver will get better at becoming one of Sonic’s greatest rivals (next to MS and Shadow) and Blaze’s origen might be revealed once and for all in this very AWESOME game! 🙂

  81. I am very excited for Sonic Generations, because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to relive Sonic’s history in a new, but nostalgic way by reinventing everything from the 20 years of the franchise’s existence, including the most recent adventures, in an almost brand new way! When I found out this game existed, I was more excited than I ever had been before for a Sonic game- not because the others were bad, but because this one seemed to be the all-encompassing, definitive experience fans and non-fans alike could experience and know that “this is Sonic the Hedgehog, the way it is meant to be- bright, colorful, not too serious, and most importantly, fun!”. This game may be the one game that actually triumphs as my absolute-favorite, and that’s because it’s a nice blend of new and old while trying its hardest to represent the original playstyle in the original games (Sonic 1, 2 and 3 & Knuckles, and even CD) as accurately as it can, and also give us the best of the modern playstyle as well, with an improved drift, and improved controls at slower speed, and even more 3D and platforming! With each piece of info revealed about this game, officially or accidentally, I find myself becoming more and more excited, and was lucky enough to even play the game, not only on the PS3 with the limited home demo that’s expired by now, but also the 360 and 3DS versions at the Penny Arcade Expo. This game represents what it means to be a Sonic fan to me, and I couldn’t express my joy any better than saying that Sonic Generations is the ultimate celebration of a franchise.

  82. Im excited about Sonic Generations because its reimagined of past levels and bringing back Classic Sonic with Modern Sonic teaming up with him.

  83. I want all of them, not just because it will make me look cool, no, because i am a major sonic fan, its great fun, and seeing sonic go back to his old roots, is amazing.

  84. Because gosh darnit, Sonic Generations is my childhood, my adolescence and now my adulthood combined.
    I’m loving this game as much as a I love Sonic himself.

    That is all.

  85. For me, there’s only one Sonic game coming out in the foreseeable future, and that’s Sonic Generations. It really seems to be a love letter to anything and everything in the series, game-wise, and the chance to play classic-themed stages in 3D, and vice-versa is something I’m really looking forward to, especially with the reveal of Sky Sanctuary (which has perhaps THE best level music, ever). And as a fan of both the classic and modern eras, I’m hoping the game will at least douse the flames of the fanbase, and make them realize what made them love the blue blur in the first place.

  86. Sonic Generations…THAT’S the game I’m so excited to get for the holidays. I’ve been a Sonic the Hedgehog fan since…like when I was 5 to 6 years, and I played Mario games back then, but after I met Sonic and played one of his games…BEST EXCPERIENCE EVER! I LOVED his games, there were so fun and entertaining! Now this year he’s 20 now and I can’t believe he made it this far! Even still I’m a Modern era fan because I got Sonic Heroes as my first Sonic Game, that doesn’t mean I never played the classics, PFF I even played the classics in my phone! Sonic 1, 3, 3 and Knuckles were great games! SA1 and SA2B were AMAZING! I got SA1 on my Computer and SA2B but the GameCube port. I have to give a million THANKS for SEGA for making an awesome series and an awesome character. Sonic has been my favorite game hero since EVER and I never get tired of playing his games. He was my INSPIRATION of drawing again. Even though his game series hasn’t got any good reviews but, after Colors…I got faith that he’s coming back, and he is! Sonic Generations is got to be the best game in this year and the whole sonic history in my opinion, and when I saw classic sonic in the teaser, I was so amazed! I was crying of joy that classic sonic is back, Green Hill looks amazing, so dose Chemical Plant and Sky Sanctuary! City Escape, Seaside Hill, Rooftop Run, Planet Wisp, the bosses, OMG it’s my childhood coming back to me! The music is awesome, the gameplay is outstanding, AND THE GAME IS AMAZING! I don’t really know why are there people complaining about this game, ITS JUST WHAT US FANS WANTED! An adventure plataforming game that has the best of both worlds! BECIDES, THIS is the game that celebrates Sonic’s 20th anniversary! I always wanted to go to the game conventions to get to have a chance to PLAY the demo and play, but I can’t because I live in Puerto Rico, but I don’t care, because one day I will be in the E3, or Games Con, S.O.S, etcetera , because I know I will get the chance. Sonic, Sega, you’re the best! Thank you for everything! Oh, and happy anniversary sonic, for like the 3rd time, and this, is why I am excited for Generations, because I want to celebrate Sonic’s 20th anniversary, AND have fun with the best game EVER but with the best experience that any other Sonic fan would have! “20 YEARS AND STILL RUNNING…” Sonic Generations.

    Keep on running, Sonic the Hedgehog…

    .|SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 1991 – 2011|.

  87. It is hard to put into words how excited I am for Sonic Generations. I am a Genesis-era Sonic fan who has followed Sonic through his Dreamcast days and rocky 3rd-dimension adventures. Ever since Sonic Adventure I’d imagined how much I’d love to see Sonic 3 and Knuckles remade in 3D. I imagined how amazing it would be to fly through Angel Island and Flying Battery. After many disappointing 3D adventures, I had endured the laughter whenever I would mention how much I love Sonic. I had sensed things were amiss when I was forced to play Sonic Heroes four times over to finish the game. I figured this was a misstep and things would get better. They would, but not until Sonic Unleashed revealed the beautiful visuals and gameplay of the Hedgehog Engine. Whatever flak the game got for its werehog sequences was undeserved. They were actually fun, and the regular Sonic sequences were the best in years. Sonic Colors continued it, but the lack of HD was disappointing. So I’d been waiting for a gorgeous new HD Sonic title. I knew the 20th Anniversary was approaching and was hoping SEGA wouldn’t forget. They didn’t, and when the rumors began swirling of a 3D Sonic throwback title I was convinced that my dream of Sonic 3 and Knuckles 3D was about to come true. Now that the game is approaching full level list is leaked I am amped!!! It’s not quite Sonic and Knuckles, and the glaring omissions in the level list leave a lot to be desired. BUT this is the only title that I’m hoping SEGA DLCs the heck out of! I would gladly buy the level packs. But really, what is most exciting to me is the music. I am a huge fan of Sonic music, and hearing my favorite tracks remixed is one of the things I am most excited about. Luckily, what I have seen so far has not disappointed me.

  88. I am most hyped for Sonic generations, as it is the game i’ve always dreamed of. For years i’ve fantasized about a remake of iconic stages such as the wonderful ‘City Escape’, and a faithful reproduction of Sonic’s glorious 2D era. Well, it goes without saying; Sonic Generations came out of the blue (pun intended) with a concept which married my two dreams together to create one beautiful package. I’m still in shock (in a good way), and may never recover from it. I just want the best for the little hedgehog, and it pains my heart to see his games mercilessly assaulted by reviewers and even the very fans of the series. However, 2010 revived a glimmer of hope as Sonic Colours broke us free from the ‘Sonic Cycle’. Hopefully Generations will cause us to forget that such a thing even existed.
    Happy 20th, Sonic the Hedgehog…

  89. I have always been a Sonic fan, but despite this, I have not played a main series Sonic game in some time for various minor reasons (whenever a Sonic game that I think I would enjoy gets released, it is either released for a console that I do not own, or it is very poor in quality). That being said, I am highly anticipating the console version of Sonic Generations. The main reason that I wish to play Sonic Generations is its two different styles of gameplay. I have always been partial to Modern Sonic-styled gameplay as seen in the Adventure titles. Also, I feel that an anniversary title such as Sonic Generations will be an appropriate starting point for an old fan getting back into the games themselves, due to the varied gameplay styles and the reimagined stages.

  90. Everybody loves Mario games, boys love Mario games, girls love Mario games, kids love Mario games, adults love Mario games. I often have friends, co-workers and acquaintances over to my place to play Mario Party, Mario Kart and other Mario games along those lines. The only Sonic game I can ever get friends to play with me is the party mode in Sonic and the Secret Rings. I am extremely excited for “Mario & Sonic at the 2012 London Olympics” because it has a new party mode that I can reel in my friends with and try to get them to love Sonic the way they do Mario. Long live the Hedgehog!

  91. If there’s one game that I’ve felt the most hype for in a long time it’s Sonic Generations. Ever since it was first announced I knew it would be special. SEGA is shrugging off all of those bad critic reviews with this one. Shaking off all of the impossible to please fans. They are building a game for us. The fans who actually let them know what they wanted. I know what I asked for, and this is it. This game gives me the feeling that Sonic colors could only try to do. A feeling that SEGA has cleaned there drawing board, and right now they are drawing a pretty good picture of Sonic the Hedgehog.

  92. I am most hyped for Sonic Generations because it’s looks like the game I’ve been wishing for for the last ten years. When I played the 3d level of Green Hill Zone on Sonic Adventure 2, I was over the moon. Despite having to play every other level more than once, to complete the challenges, to unlock this level, this would ultimately be the most played level of the game for me. From then on, I always thought, “all they need to do is create a game that remakes the old levels, and I will fall in love it it.” Ten years on, they created it, and I have fallen in love with it. Having played both classic and modern Sonic demos, I am already sold that this will be the game of the year for me!

    PS- I really want that animated cell from ‘Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog’, long live Long John Baldry’s Rrrrrrobotnik!

  93. I am most looking Forward to Sonic Generations for the obvious reason, it’s all my favorite parts of sonic’s life all cram-packed into one monstrously mind blowing action packed game! getting to see my childhood hero sonic go through some of the stages from all of his famous adventures again is truly a dream come true! This is going to be a phenomenal game, no It will be a digital masterpiece to go down in the books!

  94. I’m excited for the slew of new Sonic games coming out this holiday season. The one I’m particularly excited about is Sonic Generations. I can’t wait to race against Metal sonic and escape from the city again!

  95. I am most certainly hyped for Sonic Generations as I want to be able to celebrate Sonic’s 2oth Anniversary with style re-visiting some of the best level’s in Sonic’s history and facing off once again against many rivals, as I race against time to save….well, erm….time!? Look out Time-eater, cos here I come….I’m up, over and goooooooooooooooone!

  96. I am very, very hyped about Sonic Generations. The reason is because I have a very big Sonic fan and i am ready to see all my favorite zones returning all in one game and all the awesome remixes the game has to offer. with the gifts that will be sent, if I win I will pin the Sonic pins and wear them in pride. I think that sonic Generations is going to be one of the best games in the Sonic franchise. I am also saving up for an Xbox just for this one game. And one thing for sure is I will always be the Number One Sonic Fan!!!

    1. here we go again not get a war but there is n such thing as a number one sonic fan and imo all guys who said that are somwhat 8-9 year olds who think they know everything but only know hes blue and runs fast and im not saying your 8 or 9 but just dont sya such things in a fanbase there will always be a dude who thinks he knows it better and starts arguing

  97. I’ am excited for Sonic Generations not because it’s a new game, but because throughout the years I’ve played a lot games, but none of those games have gave me that strange, beutiful , hard-to-explain feeling I have when I play Sonic games. That’s the main reason I want to have this game, because it will do what the first Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Unleashed did: give me that feeling.

  98. I can remember very well the first time I saw the blue blur. I was around 6 or so and I was at my cousin’s house, watching my brother play it. I’ve been wanting to have my own console since my brother owned an NES. It just so happens my first game on the Genesis was Sonic 3 and I loved every minute playing it. It was truly wonderful being in a world full of colors and speed. As I got a little older got to play Sonic CD, however, sadly, it was a port on the PC. I played the heck out of it because it really captivated me. The boss fight with Metal Sonic was truly fun and exciting with Stardust Speedway being a massive trial to overcome as I’ve ran from Metal Sonic. Of course, I stopped playing games for a while but it was only Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 that brought me back into the gaming world. I’ve played games of his constantly. Whether I took a break from games or not, I realize Sonic’s been there for me my whole life. I look forward to the future with the blue blur, especially Sonic CD. Sonic Generations only adds to my fondness for Sonic since I get to take a dip into the past, remembering the memories I’ve had with him and shrinking back into my younger self while I pick up the controller and squeal with joy. Truly, the blue blur lives within all of us. I can acknowledge that.

  99. I LOVE Sonic the Hedgehog! My first game was Sonic advance. I guess you can say I wasn’t a classic fan growing up, but
    I love him anyway.I extremly excited for Sonic Generations that doing the first few days of when it was annouced I searched and searched the interwebs looking for more info about it. Now, this is the game that will keep me up at night for years and years to come.

  100. Simple, I am hype about Sonic Generations . It’s just the sensation about like, watching sonic’s past but remastered and amazingly crafted on beautiful 3D is very good. Watching Sonic Generations reminds me of my past, when I was about 6-7 years old, the very first game I played was Heroes. I remember when I passed those mornings playing as Team Dark, playing over and over on Seaside Hill, now Seaside hill is remastered and it looks so awesome I can’t barely know if I’m watching an old location or a totally new place. Also, I am hype about Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 olympic games. It looks very good, team sonic includes my favorite sonic character (silver) and the sports looks awesome. Simply, I have the sensation I must have those two games, or if not, I’m gonna die. Then, that’s the two sonic titles I’m hype of.

  101. Sonic is awesome. now would some body put that in paragraph form for me? oh wait that’s what all the ones above me are ’bout. XD

  102. My first ever video game was Sonic the Hedgehog and i immediately fell in love. Ever since then I have been a total Sonic Nerd. Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heros, I just loved them all. Sonic Generations is going to let me relive my childhood in a way I never thought possible. The old sonic that i grew up with and the modern sonic that i have now come to love. My favorite band ever Crush 40 will also be helping with music in the game. Sonic Generations is much more than a game to me, it is my childhood on a disk and i cannot wait to relive it.

  103. I’ve always enjoyed the Sonic series, and when I heard about Sonic’s newest adventure, I was brimming with excitement! Sonic Generations is the game that takes the best of each of the blue blur’s past adventures, and combines them into an epic cluster of Sonic-y goodness. From the rolling green hills of South island, the bustling streets of Station Square, and the floating paradise gently hovering above the skyline of Angel Island, to the melting towers in the chemical plant, and the smoldering inferno in the distant future of Empire City. Playing the demo for the first time was a truly breathtaking experience for me. I now dawn my Sonic baseball cap, and slowly accumulate dollar bills in my Sonic wallet, anxiously anticipating one of the best games ever created.

  104. I am excited about Sonic Generations because, 1) you only get on time a year to experience another Sonic game. But this isn’t any Sonic game. This is his 20th anniversary! This won’t be like his other epic titles, such as Sonic Colors or Sonic 2 and much more.. Oh no, this will be THE Sonic game and it will be THE game of the year 2011 for its epic story, game play, and the characters. I remember playing, like other Sonic gamers, the classics when I was VERY young. And I still adore them very much. And so, that’s why Sonic Generations will be the game I cannot wait for.. I’m very glad i won’t have to wait until the 16th of November like I did last year for Sonic Colors… But that game, too was great for Wii game.

  105. I cannot wait for Sonic Generations this November. This game is just for me because I love the new gameplay style of Modern Sonic because it is just such a huge joy ride and it gets the blood pumpin’. I think it is absolutely wonderful that we get to see classic stages like Chemical Plant and Sky Sanctuary in full HD and 3D! The enviornments and the graphics of this game are extremely polished and are pure eye candy for any Sonic fan alike. Then we have good old Classic Sonic coming into this adventure. I really miss the classic Sonic style of gameplay and finally we are getting a game with that style. Fans (including me of course) have been begging for a game like this and they finally got it! I cannot wait to see how the classic and modern characters interact with each other so I am very excited for the story also. I cannot wait to buy the PS3 and the 3DS versions of this game. I hope everyone enjoys the game when it comes out as much as I will!

  106. Sonic Generations has completely captured my attention right now. Sonic the Hedgehog was the first game I ever played. Sonic games only got better from there, and climaxed when Sonic Adventure 2 came around. To my, and many other fans’ disbelief, the quality of Sonic games rapidly declined over the years to come. It seemed all hope was lost, until a sliver of light appeared: Sonic Colours. Afterwards, Sonic Generations was announced, claiming that both modern and classic Sonic would make an appearance. I was obviously skeptical at first, but after playing it, and watching others play, I have realized how beautiful, polished, and actually fun this game is. I cannot wait for the release, and I hope future Sonic games attain a quality as high.

  107. Sonic the hedgehog was the very first cartoon character and video game character I was exposed to, and so my grandfather bought me my very first issue of sonic the hedgehog issue 8 that got me hooked on sonic, I played every game dozens of times and after years of collection Ive spent a lot of time and money in trying to fill in that gap in my collection my O.C.D demands fulfillment! now that my grandpa has passed on I feel the need to continue in my hunt for the obscure collectors items but its more than just collecting item, I love what I collect because of who it represents, amazing artistry and sound of Sonic the hedgehog always gets me excited and pumped for every new sonic game!

  108. I am personally super hyped for sonic generations because in one word it screams awesome ever since i could walk ive been playing sonic the hedgehog and now that all the satges that i played throught my childhood are coming back remasted i just say Wow!!

  109. Two words, Sonic Generations
    As I sit here remembering and jotting down the best moments of my childhood, many are filled with the colorful pixilated zones of Sonic the Hedgehog. If it was one thing I loved as a kid it was speed, so much so that my family and I used to be hooked on racing our ATV’s while we spent weekends camping by the shoreline somewhere in Ensenada, Mexico. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the first video game I ever owned, I remember plugging in my fresh-out-of-the-box Genesis and putting the cartridge in. The first thing that came up was a licensing screen for Sega’s hardware and what followed after was one of the most iconic presentation screens in the golden age of video games. A blue blur shoots to the left and right of the screen at high-speed, the television chants Sega in a static harmony, the screen darkens and then begins to sparkle, and a familiar Blue Hedgehog pops of out of the title emblem with his two tailed friend. At that moment I smiled and pushed the start button, the rush of flying down the long grassy stretches and the checkered corkscrew bridges of Emerald Hill was some of the most fun I had as a kid and after days of memorizing every cheat code and learning about the different secret pathways. I took a heavy interest in the creative design of the series, I would desperately attempt to draw Sonic and capture the speed he obtained going down the steep incline in Chemical Plant Act 2 with a cheap golf pencil and a dozen sheets of white copy paper. I was 5 years old and 14 years later I’ve applied to the Art Institute here in my hometown of San Diego, CA hoping to major in Illustration and Animation. Sonic Generations brings back so many cherished memories, watching the initial trailer practically brought a tear to my eye. Playing the demo of the classic and modern Stage at the San Diego Comic Con was breath taking. It’s everything old and new fans dream for. As I wait impatiently for the release of Sonic Generations I think of the different games I’ve played in the franchise and how we as sonic fans have been through the great and the ugly (I put a huge emphasis on ugly) of the series and have finally been treated to a great renaissance in the series. Sonic is making his return back on the gaming scene and I know Sonic Generations will set it in stone.

  110. What am I waiting for? Well, I have Sonic CD on Sonic Gems so I know how that plays. The London Olympics looks like fun, if anything the trailer still gives me giggles and can brighten up a damper day. So, I guess I would have to say I’m most excited for Sonic Generations. Not to make myself sound special or anything, but I didn’t grow up with Sonic like seemingly most older fans have. Originally I was on Team Mario from about age five or so, even hating Sonic even though I hadn’t the slightest clue who he was, I just felt that Mario was better. Fast-forward ten years, I discovered Sonic Adventure 2 by a friend of mine that needed help beating it. The rest was history to say the least. At first I was saddened though that Sonic wasn’t on any Nintendo consoles at the time, but when I heard about Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and Sonic Advance, I was sold! Since then, whatever I could afford, I bought all the Sonic games since then. (Not to mention I’ll never be able to shake him since I found out we share the same birthdate!) Thanks to the Mega Collection on the Gamecube, I had the chance to go back and play the classics that everyone so meticulously cherished. (Needless to say one of my favorite Sonic games is Sonic 3 and Knuckles.) Later on I even bought a 360 just so that I could keep up with the future to come! And while people will have their opinions on what games worked and what games didn’t, whatever Sonic game I find (and choose to own), I try my best to enjoy it for how I can since it’s best left a personal experience. With Sonic Generations, I’m trying to keep myself in the dark as much as possible so that when I do experience this game, it’ll be as fresh of an experience as it can be. (Though, to pull that off completely, I’d be better off staying off the internet. Sadly I like the internet too much.) To a fresh new experience and a long lasting 20 years that’ll hopefully continue on strong just a little bit longer~

  111. I have been a longtime collector of Sonic and Sega related memorabilia ever since i was a child, i guess it all started the moment i picked up a Sega Genesis remote and played Sonic 2 hours on end. Ever since then, i have been fascinated with the little “Blue Blur.” Every game, i have had patience , from train-wrecks like Sonic Labyrinth , to Such amazing games like Sonic Colors/Colours. I have been there for every moment of his adventures, i i will for the next 20 years, Happy anniversary Sonic.

  112. I’m excited for all three really(or should I say all five including the 3DS versions).I’m been a Sonic fan for years now since 4 or 5 years old when I started,now I’m 22 and I’m still a fan.The cartoons started me as a fan really(same with Mario cartoons :),any).For Sonic Generations(PS3 & 3DS), I’m more hype over this one,because of playing as both Classic & Modern Sonic,and the classic & modern levels & bosses.For Sonic CD,I been waiting for virtual download of this,my first Sonic CD was for PC,but after that it got crack(don’t how it did now) & couldn’t play it or listen to it.Later on,I got Sonic Gems Collection to play it again(and other cool Sonic games) & the Sega CD(at the time I only had two games for it) disc of it,so I’m looking forward for this virtual download of it.For Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games,well I already had the first & second Mario & Sonic games for Wii & DS,so I be adding both versions as well.Also, I’m a Mario fan as well,my fanness for both characters are equal,you can say I was one of the guys in the middle of the 16-bit war(however my mom bought me a Super Nes back then,but I was still a Sonic fan because I like the cartoons & have merchandise mostly pencils & a book maker(I still have it), but now I have better Sonic merc t-shirt,toys,comic books,etc.).Whenever a new Sonic game comes out I never put it down,because its about Sonic.I don’t idolize Sonic, I just like him because he is one of my favorite cool video game characters.Also,the games & comics got me to like chili dogs. lol

  113. I am really really excited for Sonic Generations on ps3 and 3DS and on the 3DS Generations I am going to pwn everyone on it’s online and I am also excited about MASATL2012OG on because it’s going to be soooo awsome to see Shadow in The Synchronized Swimming event. XP

  114. I am very excited about Sonic Generations because I grew up with Sonic , I have played almost every game , seen every cartoon and animated series , and read ALL of the comic books and started collecting them last year , and that Sonic Generations will be a combination of all the great and amazing stuff Sega and Sonic Team have created in the past 20 years and that have made my life so good . I am surely the #1 Sonic Fan in my country ( France ) , not a day passes without me visiting all of the Sonic related websites , checking all the different updates . Sonic is my favorite character in all exisiting media , and I will make sure that he keeps this status in my heart until this heart of mine stops beating !
    Thank you Sega for bringing this little blue hedgehog into my life !

  115. I can’t wait to see Dr. Robotnik’s face when i beat two centuries of the baddest bosses in one game. Time Eater is gonna pay for not eating this time to November 3rd. Ohhhhh November 4th come sooner.

  116. I am ridiculously hyped for Sonic Generations. This game will be the full embodiment of not just a series of games, but a lifelong friend. Ever since I saw Sonic speeding along the screen in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 as a child, my love for this franchise has never dissipated. Throughout my almost 20 years of living the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has been one of my greatest sources of joy. This game has shown SEGA’s true intentions to really make this one of the most influential games in the series to date. Be it the remarkable score, the attention to detail, or the huge amount of fan input being used, Sonic Generations is definitely my most looked forward to Sonic game ever.

  117. Hi there

    Well, I am looking forward to Sonic Generations since as it has 2 different versions of Sonic going through many worlds and zones from previous games that I played whilst growing up. I am hoping to expect additional downloadable content, including new zones. All this would be both a blast of nostalgia and awesome fast speed action!… Oh yeah, and getting the Collectors Edition is indeed the cherry on top of this cake of awesomeness!


  118. im soo excited for sonic generations because i was really happy that they brought back all of my childhood stages i that grew up with ^_^ and when i heard Roof top run’s Modern version remix i was really shock and happy and when i heard escape from the city classic version i was really happy i was a sonic fan ever since i was 5 years old and even right now and hes my childhood hero my all time favorite blue hedgehog i will always love sonic i grew up with sonic i play all of his games and they are really fun when he turn 20 years old this year i really cry really hard and look back the days when i first play sonic adventure for the sega dreamcast and when i first met sonic and i wish i could run as fast as sonic and im really glad that i met sonic and sonic will always be the unbeatable hedgehog and the fastest hedgehog alive we all love u sonic and we always will ! ^_^

  119. Why am I excited about Sonic Generations?, Simple, My mother used to play Sonic allot, when I was still in her womb. They say babies can hear the outside world while they are still inside (Or so they said before not sure). She used to play it with passion. And I bet that I could hear every sound, every detailed music. When I was born she had to stop playing to take care of me, as I grew older they gave me the Genesis as a hand me down. Still very young I was always amazed by the game Sonic the hedgehog and Sonic the hedgehog 2. I played it none stop, until my younger sister broke my system. I was devastated, but years passed slowly until I could get my hands on another Sonic game. After so many years I got to play Sonic again with Sonic Adventure 2 battle. From there on I bought EVERY Sonic game possible SPECIALLY the collections! To be able to play the old games again was wonderful. To experience the games once more and to this day I still LOVE Sonic games with passion. And to see a Sonic game that combines old elements with new elements into one its just like going back to the past and enjoy things from the present games is just amazing!!!, and Maybe with this game ill finally get her to play Sonic games again and this time with me besides her!

  120. I’m excited for Sonic Generations because it explains my childhood to my young adult years. I grew up with the blue blur with each year of a newly released title. I went through some harsh times through my childhood and Sonic was one of the many ways that cheered me up. Each game reminds me of the happiness they brought to me and with Sonic Generations having the majority of them, I’m almost certain I would feel it. I sometimes relate myself to Sonic as being a hero who goes through tough challenges then reflect back at what I’ve accomplished, what I’ve gained and lost. Smiling back at where I am today and sometimes it doesn’t hurt to go back to see how you went through it. I hope to experience this again in the upcoming anniversary game.

  121. On June 23, 1991 a little blue hedgehog changed the way we saw and played video games with his speed and attitude blazing past in a blur of color and sound. Gaming enthusiasts around the world were no longer limited to one brick busting, pipe sliding, mushroom munching, overweight, mustachioed & blue overall clad Italian stereotype. As time passed he grew and evolved into the next generations of gaming, although not as gracefully as his fellow mascots. Though despite multiple failures and an insatiable fan base, he has somehow found a way to grow, mature, overcome, survive it all and still remain one of the most iconic video game, comic book and cartoon characters of all time. On June 23, 1991 the world of video games changed. On this day, I discovered that there was much more to save than just a princess and that you didn’t need to be a human in some kind of outfit to do it, but being super fast with bad-assed blue badnik busting spikes sure didn’t hurt none…well, except the badniks. On June 23, 1991 the world learned who Sonic the Hedgehog was; On June 23, 2011 I remembered who he’s been, has become and will always remain: The True Blue Dude With the ‘Tude Moving With the Quickness Since 1991 and come November 4th we’re all going to see just how far he’s come and how much farther he’s going to go, Sonic Generations “Up, Over and Gone!” I hope you’ve all got your seats reserved because I know this is gonna be one one Way Past Cool show you won’t want to miss a Sonic second of, and after still being unstoppable for 20 years, whatever you do; Don’t. Blink.

    To see my complete Sonic tribute, you can read it at and come check out The Sonic Boom Project on deviantArt

  122. I am hyped for Sonic Generations because it features a incredibly accurate physics system for Classic Sonic (at least compared to Sonic 4 anyway), plus it’s bringing back what’s possibly one of the best gameplay styles for Modern Sonic, mixing in great remixes, gorgeous graphics, and…well, it’s just awesome. There you have it.

  123. Why am I excited for Sonic Generations? Because I have been with Sonic since Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast and Sonic 3 and Knuckles which I think is the best sonic game ever made is my favorite game of all time. So I am fan of both classic and modern Sonic and i’m not one to complain about the stupidest things like sonic 4 sonic having green eyes. Because of that i’m such a big fan of Sonic at birthday party coming up in a few days instead of pin the tail on the donkey it is pin the ring on the Sonic. And finally seeing classic Sonic and Modern Sonic together is just amazing and that is why I will not go one day knowing Sonic Generations is on shelves and I don’t have it

  124. It’s been twenty years. Twenty! That, by anyones sandards, is an impressive amount of time. But to be famous successful and popular for twenty years? Thats just down right brilliant. And what better way to celebrate two decades of the Blue blur then to cherry pick the best levels from all his games and mash them together, not only in the newer, fast-paced and 3D way, but also in a true to roots, classical, side-scrolling way also? Sonic Generaions looks to satisfy every member of the fan-base in one fell swoop; regardless of what colour eyes you like or if you’re a 2D or 3D fan there will be somthing in this game for you. That’s why I’m excited about Sonic Generations, finally we can all rally behind a game and in unison yell “Look! Sonic the Hedgehog OUR favourite character!” Because that’s wha it comes down to in the end. We all love Sonic for different reasons and now that all those reasons are being mixed up into one game, we can all bcome the united fan-base that many have longed for for so long. So come on Sonic Generations! Take all the hype because you deserve it! Ride it high and pull us, your loyal fans, up with you! Be the game we’ve wished for! Because we know in our hearts that you are. The best Sonic the Hedgehog game EVER!

  125. I’ve decided sonic generations cause since i was 5 sonic was everything to me and i’ve played every each zone that will be in sonic generations this game will be The best game ever I’m so exited for playing sol égide zones again i even bought collectors edition
    One last words: happy 20th anniversary sonic!

  126. The game I anticipate the most is Sonic Generations: it encapsulates everything that Sonic means to me. With the anniversary, this is more than just “Sonic 2011”, and it shows; you can see merchandise for Classic Sonic in so many places now more than ever and so many industry writers hyping the game, it’s clear I am not the only one looking forward to it. We all want SEGA to succeed with this title; this is SEGA’s chance to show the world Sonic is still alive, and will live on forever. I love Sonic, and I will love Sonic Generations .

  127. Like OMG! So it all started with like this CG short; Sonic was like running around in Green Hill but a lot of it was all white and stuff, like the CG animators didn’t want to put in colors or anything (bet it saved a ton of time and money…), anyway he was doing all these cool jumps and stuff when suddenly after he runs and jumps from a loop-de-loop there’s like another Sonic jumping next to him! And it’s like Classic Sonic! There were also some green leaves there and the image sorta made me think of Naruto’s shadow clone attack or some other ninja double attack (LOL Sonic makes Classic Sonic Clones!). Anyway the 2 Sonics then look at each other then run past the camera with a Srwoooom sound. Then there’s like some text that says the game’s coming out in 2011. That’s this year! So yeah, I’m TOTALLY hyped for this game now because, like, everyone keeps complaining that Sonic should stay 2D and like SEGA announced that Classic Sonic’s levels are 2D. YAY! Also they redid old music and stuff so it sounds real cool and I totally want the sound track to the game. Rock on! Sky Sanctuary! Da Daaa da da da da da Da Daaaa!

  128. In this year marking the 20th anniversary of the first video game saga I’ve touched in my life 20 years ago, I had to say that I’m very interested in the game which will mark this anniversary and I hope it will have the same impact as the one which marked the 10th anniversary: Sonic Adventure 2. Since Sonic 2006, one of the pillar of the platform/action-adventure genre have been greatly criticized and dissapointed many fans around the world to the point that loyals fans begun to look away from the blue blur, something we could never have imagined during the Genesis golden age where Sonic ruled as a true king of video games and giving us pleasure and adventure so I put all of my hopes in this game for two reasons: first, it will mark Sonic (and Robotnik :p) 20th birthday confirming that he’s still on he’s wheels despite being beaten by medias and fans who complains about adjustements on the universe over the years (green eyes, boost, etc…) and secondly, it will be a medley of many things that marked all of us during 20 years from the green hills to an extraterrestrial planet passing by a space colony or the world’s capital city so Generation will probably be one of the best gift possible to the fans as it was thought as contrary to SA2 which was a game during the 10th anniversary and not the game for the 10 anniversary thus making the difference and probably being the better way to please us and proving that SEGA and the Sonic Team still care about us and about him.

  129. I’m hyped for Sonic Generations because it’s FINALLY a Sonic game where I won’t have to see all his annoying friends again.
    Oh, wait…

  130. Am I hyped? You bet I’am!! I have been a sonic fan for 19 years since Christmas of 92 when i was young 7 year old,when I got my Sega Genesis with Sonic 2. I have played most of the old school sonic games from sonic 1 to sonic spinball good times I had on those games. i have also watched both of the old school cartoons (Satam and AoSth)I proudly own the dvd set of Satam which i love!! When the dreamcast came out my mind was blown a way when I played Sonic Adventure 1 especially with that breathtaking whale scene just wow! I have played both Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 which are both fun games that enjoy and also i have played the sonic advance and sonic rush on gba and Ds. I also love Sonic colors fun game. As you can see I’m a total Sonic Fan XD This is the first Sonic game that im totally excited for in while!!! I hope Sonic Generations blows everyones minds with the new and old school sonics together in one awesome game!

  131. 1:5 missions 3 eras 2 sonics 1 epic adventure now thats a game!
    2:whos gonna win london 2012? you/me/all decide!
    3:can’t wait for sonic cd but i want the EUR/JAP verison it’s got better music

  132. I’m so hyped and DRILLed about Sonic Generations. I just can’t wait to see all those 2D stages in amazing 3D! That’s going to be awesome! And I hope that Shadow is going to be squeezed into 2D! That would really prove that he really is “the ultimate life form”, who can do almost anything!

  133. The anticipation for Sonic Generations has been killing me. However, the slaughter in my mind that this game has been doing is something I can endure. It’s a type of pain that you like to get – perhaps you can call me a masochist, because surely the anticipation for Sonic Generations has turned me into one. The other two games are okay; I have played Sonic CD once before and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics requires too much work for me. Sonic Generations has been praised by many, and it already sounds astonishing. I don’t mean to demean the Wii when I say this, but the fact that it’s going to be only on the PS3 and 360 (excluding the 3DS, because that’ll have awesome differences) makes it sound impressive. Just think of all the things those two consoles can do that the Wii cannot! Sonic Generations will be my drug… my medicine. It will cure me of the suffering I’ve been enduring for this title’s release. When first placed in my hands, I know it’ll feel like I have suffered an eternity for this; and eternity does not, and will never compare to the amount of excitement Sonic Generations will give me once I obtain it.

  134. I live with two brothers. Both of them don’t like Sonic, they say he’s stupid and his games suck. I will admit that sonic games in the past have lacked many things. But when I got Sonic Colors, my hope of better sonic games rose with triumphant joy! Soon Sonic Generations was announced, I was extremely excited! Finally when I saw the first trailer, I knew, that this would be the best Sonic game so far. And that my brothers could not say anything bad about it, because it would blow them away. I myself am a terrible gammer, it took me months to be Sonic Unleashed. But even though it takes me so long to beat Sonic games, I am still proud to be a sonic fan. And this game, will blow every one away, because this is what Sonic is meant to be.

  135. I am super hyped for Sonic Generations. I may not have started back at Sonic the Hedgehog; instead, Sonic CD was my first video game. I used to play it as much as I could–I’d get really into the game, and my parents are reminded of how I used to cry when I heard Sonic’s drowning music. When I bought a Sega Genesis in 1995 (I never really did care about being up-to-date, unless it meant catching up on a series), I played Sonic 2, and then Sonic 3 and Knuckles, and if Sega hadn’t already made a lifelong fan out of me, they sure had me in the bag now. I started remixing Sonic music, and buying all of the soundtracks. Over the years, I’ve sat through great Sonic games and Sonic games I haven’t enjoyed quite as much, and I have my hopes very high for this game. This time, though, I expect that Sega’s going to set the bar even higher this time around. I will not say I deserve it any more than the other awesome people here! I’d just like to say that as a huge supporter of the blue blur and and a fanatic of his consistently upbeat, catchy music, I would love the chance to see real Sonic memorabilia in person.

    Thanks, and I hope you enjoy Generations as much as I will!

  136. I’m super excited for Sonic Generations on November 4th!Why?Because I’ve been a Sonic fan since I was 4 years old; I played the games, I read the comics, I watched the cartoons and even wore the official vests and socks!Sonic has always been running alongside me(or more aptly, ahead) as I’ve grown up and he’s helped me “live and learn” things that have made me into the person I am today.So, this November I’m super excited to be celebrating the 20th anniversary/birthday of the fastest hedgehog around by marathon playing Sonic Generations through the bonfire night celebrations and secretly pretending that the fireworks are part of the party!I’m also looking forward to revisiting much cherished old turf in Generations from some of my favorite games, as well as the new challenges they promise^__^(the GUN truck didn’t get me 10 years ago, and it won’t be getting me now!!!).

  137. I’m really looking forward to sonic generations the 2 main reasons are because city escape is in it wich is the first stage from the game that made me a sonic fan, and still my favourite after all these years. And the songs… I can’t stop listening!
    Also I can’t wait untill the 3ds version gets released, it was really fun to run through wi-fi against other sonic fans at sonic rush. And also a big challenge to become better. 😀 I’m really looking forward on doing this again.

  138. Oh geez! I hope I’m not too late! I totally forgot about this until now! As for my entry, here it is:

    Asking me to choose one game that I’m hyped about is kinda like asking someone to choose between children. However, I’m probably gonna have to go with Sonic Generations. Why? Well, it all goes back… See, I’ve been captivated by the Blue Blur ever since I first saw him, in an ad for Sonic X. I know, I know, horrible show, but whatever. Seeing him run across the screen was awesome, and I immediately stopped watching my Saturday morning cartoons and went and told my mother of the awesomeness that had just graced my 6 year old mind. I ended up getting both Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle a bit later. Due to this, I’ve never had a problem with Classic and Modern. They’re just two playstyles, two different but amazingly fun playstyles. For crying out loud, I didn’t even know there were different designs! I just thought that was how Sonic was drawn in sprite form! But I digress. For years, Sonic has been an intergral part of my life ever since that one day. Seeing as I’ve never had an older sibling, Sonic filled that role for me, teaching me many things. To see him hit that roadbump with Shadow and 06 (Heroes is debatable) really hurt me, and I always hoped for the better. Sonic Generations is a celebration of 20 years for Sonic, but for me, it’s a celebration of the one who has made me who I am today, through his games and his character. My friends may think that Sonic’s too childish, but I disagree, because he’s given me so much. So here’s to Sonic, and another 20 years of all things blue.

  139. I am looking forward to all three games. There is nothing better than the beautiful feeling of the anticipation of a new Sonic game. I can’t wait to play through Sonic’s time-traveling adventures during his glory days again in Sonic CD. The wait for Sonic to meet up with his classic counterpart in Sonic Generations is killing me. And seeing Mario and Sonic celebrate their rivalry through friendly competition in the olympic games will also be a nice treat this holiday season. To this day, Sonic CD has always been my favorite Sonic game, I simply love the level backgrounds, color scheme, and soundtrack. It represents my childhood in a nutshell being the only Sonic game that I could afford on the PC when I was young since my family didn’t have any Sega consoles. Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games will also be a blast seeing the two video game legends compete once again for the gold, though when this game was first announced, I had some negative opinions about since I feared that it would interfere with the development time of Sonic Generations (much like Secret Rings did for 06) and I do apologize for that, so now I’ve had a change of heart and can’t wait to see Mario and Sonic compete once again. And of course, Sonic Generations will be a huge milestone for the Sonic franchise celebrating Sonic’s 20th birthday and reintroducing his classic design to the world, something that Sonic fans have been asking for years is finally making history today. Thank you Sega for creating this wonderful character that we’ve all come to love, may he continue to stay unstoppable for many more years to come! Happy 20th birthday Sonic! Run as fast as you can because no matter how fast you run, I will always be running by your side, with a controller in hand that is. 🙂

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